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The Singing Bee Returns Anew, Responds to Don’t Lose the Money

All hail the quick return of ‘The Singing Bee’ on ABS-CBN.

After taking only a two-week break for the 2014 FIBA World Cup, the hit game show resumes today with a brand new season. Again hosted by Roderick Paulate and Amy Perez, the latest season of ‘The Singing Bee’ will now employ an updated format from the previous season.

A new round called ‘2 Beecome 1’ will be implemented, in which the contestant with the highest cumulative score from the ‘To Bee Continued’ and ‘Beedeoke’ rounds will face the defending champion. The survivor of the said round will win P20,000 and will also proceed to the ‘Final Countdown’, where as always, he or she will have to correctly guess three of the seven missing lyrics in order to win the day’s pot money.

‘The Singing Bee’ will also air on a new timeslot. The game show will now be seen at 10:30 a.m., with a running time of over 60 minutes.

The return of ‘The Singing Bee’ was in response to GMA introducing their own morning game show called ‘Don’t Lose the Money’. Hosted by Kapuso hearthrob Tom Rodriguez, the upcoming program will air starting September 22 at around the same time as ‘The Singing Bee’.

Prior to ‘Don’t Lose the Money’, GMA aired the talk show ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ on the timeslot opposite ‘The Singing Bee’. However, the program proved to be a mismatch from the start ratings-wise, mainly due to GMA’s bone-headed decision to place ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ in the late mornings as opposed to a more favorable early morning slot, where they would have served well against the lowly-rated ‘Kris TV’.

Now GMA will pin their hopes on ‘Don’t Lose the Money’ to fare better against ‘The Singing Bee’, which has demolished not only ‘Basta Every Day Happy’, but also ‘Tunay na Buhay’, and ‘Startalk’ during its earlier run on Saturdays. Whether or not ‘Don’t Lose the Money’ will be an improvement over ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: ‘The Singing Bee’ has a worthier rival now.


16 thoughts on “The Singing Bee Returns Anew, Responds to Don’t Lose the Money

  1. Nameless says:

    Mas maganda sana kung ibalik sa English version yung theme song ng The Singing Bee which was used to be its main song during Cesar Montano era on the said show. But the duo Kuya Dick & Tyang Amy should boost their tandem again like nung 90s at early 2000s. Dahil sila talaga ang isa sa mga tunay na tatak-Kapamilya eh.

    Basta Everyday Happy seems to be a reincarnation on SIS but however, they should stop it na rin. Medyo non-sense na rin ang format eh. And that Yum 3x chef should focus na lang sa cooking show niya. Same with Kris TV, na unti-unti nang nagmumukhang travel show, hindi sila consistent sa format nila.

    • Sisihin mo si Kris Aquino at ang kanyang ‘iron-clad’ na kontrata. No wonder ang daming nagreklamo na NBA fans dahil sa kanya.

      Unfortunately, ABS cannot cancel Kris TV this easily, even if it’s struggling against GMA’s old animes, dahil sa demands ni Kris. As for BEH, it’s definitely a candidate for cancellation, because GMA made a bad decision in placing the show in the late morning as opposed to early morning, thus it suffered ratings-wise.

      • Nameless says:

        Yun nga eh. Parang nagka-“Traffic Congestion” din sa Kapamilya channel ‘nung nasa Finals na ang NBA dahil sa isang “malaking truck”, which is Kris TV. But yes, hindi nila ito mai-cancel dahil you know, lakas ng influence ni PH Queen of Talk.

        Yes, BEH should be cancelled. Wala na rin kasing nanonood ‘nun eh. Mas attractive pa dati ‘yung SIS nila Janice, Gelli at Carmina. And GMA should stop putting hashtags too sa lahat ng shows nila. Halatang desperado na sa ratings at social media exposure.

        Regarding DLTM, parang mash-up lang ito ng Moneu Drop at Minute To Win It.

      • In short, Kris Aquino will always be a demanding customer to ABS-CBN. regardless of her shows’ performance.

        But here’s a thing: BEH can still be saved, if GMA can place the show against Kris TV. That’s their best option for now.

        As for hashtags, yes I agree. GMA is on desperation mode. But then again, ABS also displays hashtags during programs, albeit for a short time only.

        And I agree that DLTM was a mashup of Money Drop and Minute to Win It, even if it originated in Germany.

  2. TTFF says:

    The announcement of the return of The Singing Bee was done earlier than the announcement of Don’t Lose The Money’s first air date and timeslot.

    ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ was supposed to last for about two months, but was extended for reasons I don’t know. The talk show will now air next week before Don’t Lose The Money.

    @Nameless: ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ and ‘SiS’ share the same director, Mr. Louie Ignacio, which is also the director of ‘Marian’ which was in turn recently extended until December of this year.

    • ABS decided to bring The Singing Bee back upon realizing that GMA will introduce its own game show (DLTM) in the late mornings. TSB only had a two-week break because of the FIBA World Cup.

      Basta Every Day Happy would have fared better if it went up against Kris TV and not TSB; the latter is not doing well in the ratings against GMA’s old animes, while the former is struggling against TSB.

  3. John says:

    ABS just cant let NBA or any other programming touch KrisTV for the fact that the show is generating a lot of money from ad revenues. KrisTV revenue is more than triple of all the anime shows from gma7 combined possibly including TV5 counterpart shows. Ang problema sa sports coverage mahabang slot na ang kinakain konting ads lang pwede whether in game or regular ad spots.Tska 9:30 am lang ang available slot na pwede nilang ibigay.

    • Despite that, only a few viewers are watching Kris TV these days; mas pabor ang mga GMA anime tuwing umaga ratings-wise kahit konti ang ads nila. Kung kumikita ito ng malaki, bakit hindi ito pinapanood ng marami?

      And again, this stems from Kris Aquino’s contract that has so many demands and clauses written under it. No wonder some would rather call ABS-CBN as the ‘Kris Aquino Television Network’ because of her influence.

  4. muning says:

    Ang nagpaangat kasi sa ratings sa hapon ng GMA 7 ay ang Eat Bulaga, pero mas maganda ibalik nila ang Kapuso Movie Festival bago mag Ryzza Mae Show at bawasan na nila sana ang pag-ere ng Anime sa umaga. Maiba naman sila, wag na lagi tatapatin ang ABS CBN.

    • Pero magmumukhang TV5 ang GMA kung ilalagay pa nila ang KMF sa umaga, considering na puro movie at teleserye reruns sila sa Linggo.

      And besides, hindi magkakasya ang KMF sa morning slot since they already have Basta Everyday Happy and Dont’t Lose the Money next week.

  5. James Ty III says:

    ABS-CBN will bring back Disney movies on Kapamilya Blockbusters starting this Sunday now that the FIBA World Cup is done. Toy Story will be aired on Sunday morning.

    • Mr. Sunday I almost forgot. ABS is re-airing Precious Hearts Romances: Midnight Phantom every weekday mornings. Along with the weekday afternoon Kapamilya Blockbusters, they seem to be saving their new projects for next year.

  6. Due to commitments on shows abroad, kaya mejo nadedelay ang mga new shows sa Dos, The only reason why KrisTV has an iron clad contract its because of ABSCBN itself. Kaya nman nya nagagawa un dhil na rin hinahayaan ng ABS syang gawin un. KrisTV was moved to early mornings due to low ratings dpat kinancel n nila un, atleast Kris is one of the producers of the show. Kaya sila nakakagala kung saan saan, may pera sya to produce a show, unlike other stars na walang cash to create a show on their own. Kung di natin type ung show nya, then wag natin panuorin at sisihin ung network as if nman ung 730AM timeslot ay ang laking bagay sa atin,

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