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‘Bet on Your Baby’ Replaces ‘Pretty Man’ on ABS-CBN

The hit game show ‘Bet on Your Baby’ is back.

ABS-CBN officially announced that the second season of ‘Bet on Your Baby’ will air starting September 22 on the Kapamilya Gold block. The game show will replace the Koreanovela ‘Pretty Man’ on its timeslot.

‘Bet on Your Baby’ will again be hosted by Judy Ann Santos.

The season premiere of ‘Bet on Your Baby’ will mark the return of the game show to weekday afternoons, something that has not happened on Philippine television since TV5’s ‘Jeepney Jackpot: Pera o Para’ last year. It will also be ABS-CBN’s first such venture since ‘The Price is Right’ in 2011.

A total of eight millionaire child-parent pairs were produced in the first season of ‘Bet on Your Baby’. The game show first aired on Saturday nights from September 19, 2013 to May 17, 2014, earning high ratings on each episode.

Now ABS-CBN must hope that the show’s latest season and its five-a-week scheme will produce the same, if not better, results.

Looking ahead to Monday’s premiere, it was a huge gamble on the part of ABS-CBN to replace a short-lived Koreanovela in ‘Pretty Man’ with a game show like ‘Bet on Your Baby’. Their last weekday afternoon game show, ‘The Price is Right’, did not even click with viewers, and was forced to move to Saturdays due to low ratings.

Fortunately for ‘Bet on Your Baby’, they will be facing little pressure on their timeslot. The game show will go up against GMA’s re-run of ‘Full House’, which is not expected to be a factor in the ratings.

As for the end of ‘Pretty Man’, it was unfortunate to see another Kapamilya Asianovela go. The conclusion of ‘Pretty Man’ means that they are back to airing just one Asianovela, and that is the primetime series ‘Miss Ripley’.

In addition, Kapamilya Gold will only have one drama series in its arsenal, which is the telenovela ‘Ana Manuela’. The lack of dramas, especially local ones, in this block is a sign that ABS-CBN is now trying to save some money for next year’s projects, at the risk of losing viewers and ad shares.

And with that, good luck to ‘Bet on Your Baby’ on making things interesting every weekday afternoons.


33 thoughts on “‘Bet on Your Baby’ Replaces ‘Pretty Man’ on ABS-CBN

  1. Mid 4th quarter lalabas ang mga bagong show ng Dos, Two Wives and Jane Teleserye will be in the Kapamilya Gold Timeslot. I think tatapusin lng ung Ana Manuela para sabay sabay ang launch. Ung mga bida ng soap na ito ay di kasama sa mga shows abroad, kaya bka October malaunch na sila. While MyAppBoyfie, Forevermore, Bridges, Passion De Amor, Angel Eyes will occupy the primetime slot

  2. GGEE says:

    Today (from the time of this comment’s posting), ABS-CBN has abruptly announced that ‘Ana Manuela’ will end its run on the network on September 19, 2014 (Friday). Alas, that severe butchering by ABS-CBN of ‘Ana Manuela’s’ Filipino dub version, given the drama’s 100+ episodes.

    The second season of the Filipino version of ‘Bet On Your Baby’ will for sure air after the N&CA block, and there’s a chance that ‘Pure Love’s’ timeslot may change a little earlier.

    • Telenovelas are less popular today than they were before. Nabago na kasi ang panlasa ng mga Pinoy dahil sa mga Asianovela.

      To be honest, wala nang lugar ang mga telenovela sa ating kasalukuyang panahon. And ABS-CBN, sadly, made a bad decision in bringing back and then abruptly end a telenovela like Ana Manuela, which is totally unacceptable.

      Kung dapat sana hindi na lang nila inere ang Ana Manuela kung ganito pala ang gagawin nila. Nakakahiya naman kasi ang pag-cut ng drama series. Kung gawin din kaya nila ito sa mga Asianovela at teleserye na hindi nagre-rate, will they do the same thing?

    • Angel Eyes is a new Koreanovela, while Two Wives will be a remake of the Korenovela that aired a few years ago. The latter is the only one of the ‘Wife Trilogy’ series (alongside Temptation of Wife and Return of the Wife) na hindi kinuha ng GMA.

  3. Alpha844 says:

    Kapamilya Gold’s last schedule update two weeks ago saw the return of ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’, changing the timeslots of almost off other shows in the process. Then the week after, GMA Afternoon Prime had a reshuffle in light of the network’s re-airing of ‘Full House’. And now this?

    Kapamilya Blockbusters
    N&CA block
    Bet On Your Baby (confirmed timeslot is 5PM [4:30PM in some areas])

    With ABS-CBN’s butchering of ‘Ana Manuela,’ I’m sure that most of the later character development and sub-plots (especially an additional male love interest) were omitted in their dub.

    The production of the Filipino remake of ‘Two Wives’ has churned out only a few finished episodes currently, so airing it this month is impossible.

    The promotions for ‘Angel Eyes’ (no air date announce at the time of this posting) are so full-blown that they imply the airing of that K-drama is coming very near to Philippine TV sets..

    Back to ‘Ana Manuela,’ these are the possible legal options to air all 137 episodes of that drama in the Philippines:
    – Put the Brazilian drama on the ABS-CBN Mobile service (which has one foreign drama that is currently running in Filipino dub), assuming that ABS-CBN is still willing to air ‘Ana Manuela’ in full.
    – Air that drama on the TeleNovela Channel (which is apparently competent to see all the dramas it airs keep their respective original episode order), but the catch is the channel’s voice talent roster is different from that of ABS-CBN.

    • Mas ok sa Telenovela Channel. Wala na kasing commitment itong ABS when it comes to telenovelas. It goes to show na hindi na relevant ang telenovela sa Philippine free TV.

      And with their now-current afternoon lineup lacking any dramas whatsover, parang hindi na talaga golden ang Kapamilya Gold. Better bring back the Hapontastic block instead.

  4. James Ty III says:

    The Star Awards for Music held last week at the Solaire Casino will be aired on ABS-CBN’s Sunday’s Best tomorrow after GGV. Kapamilya Blockbusters will be back tomorrow at 10:15 am before ASAP with Toy Story.

    • Again, irrelevant comment to the topic. If you don’t have something to say regarding weekday programs, then don’t post here. This is all about Bet on Your Baby, not Sunday movies sir.

    • Ang bilis pala matapos ng Miss Ripley, much like Pretty Man na isang buwan lang. May tendency na talagang mag-edit ng sobra itong ABS-CBN when it comes to their foreign dramas, unlike GMA na minimal cuts lang sila sa Koreanovelas.

      • FFw865 says:

        Both Miss Ripley and Pretty Man originally aired for 16 episodes each.
        * Angel Eyes (has 20 episodes originally aired) will replace Miss Ripley on September 29.

        Starting September 22, Kapamilya Gold will be down with 3 timeslots (CONFIRMED). I think KB may last only weeks because ABS-CBN has plans to air at least one local drama and some K-dramas on Kapamilya Gold in Q4 2014.

      • Ok. Mukhang mas priority na ng ABS ang mga short-run Asianovelas at old movies, para lang magtipid sila.

        Regarding KGold’s current schedule, I guess they are no longer aiming for ratings domination at this point. They can let GMA dominate weekday afternoons, as long as they’ll continue to win over primetime.

      • Sayang. Pero the thing is’ ABS is now using Wansapanatym as a launching pad for up-and-coming teen and early adult talents. For example, si Inah Estrada na anak nila Janice de Belen at John Estrada, binigyan ng starring role in one previous story on Wansapanatym, and now she’ll star in one episode of MMK.

      • Yeah, pero sana inilagay na lng nila sa Kapamilya Gold block khit after showtime. Since the project is under dreamscape same production team of Ikaw Lamang and SBPAK. It was originally slated as a teleserye, khit ung mga taga Dos, was shocked when they decided to put a wattpad story in wansapanataym

      • Very unfortunate indeed. But the thing is, they decided na magiging slow and gradual muna ang integration ng JaDine considering the depth of Star Magic. Hinay-hinay lang muna sila as they adjust bilang Kapamilya talents.

      • Quite funny though BOYB used to be on weekends and now will be aired on weekdays while MyAppBoyfie that is originally a weekday/night program will now be on weekends

    • Iba ung scheduled sa biglaan, no offense pero I just wished na tangalin n nila ung KB at palitan ng locals dramas sa hapon. I mean I understand kung di pa nila ma launch ung show dhil sa hectic ang schedule ng artists, but not all of them are. Pero like any other decision I know there are bigger reasons behind this, sana lng di na nila binoroadcast as teleserye.

      • Thing is, nag-KB ang KGold dahil tinatalo sila ng mga GMA teleseryes sa hapon. After Meteor Garden and Moon of Desire, balik-mediocre ang KGold, and what they ended up now were short and unpopular material.

        They can let GMA dominate afternoons, as long as they win primetime, which has more viewers.

  5. anonymous says:

    Adjust the timeslot of Pepito Manaloto after the said program or cancel Horror Stories to fit their schedule. Marian’s dance show is not a good player in terms of ratings and more viewers are turning to watch Talentadong Pinoy, Wansapanataym or other sister networks. Marian seems she is not popular from now on except from the past years and also for GMA News, they always praise and told Marian Rivera is the Primetime Queen. That is bad for the other celebrities in praising Marian Rivera because she is not alone in GMA Network.

    • James Ty III says:

      GMA is set to air Illustrado soon. It will most likely replace Sa Puso ni Dok which ends this Sunday.

      Regarding Marian, she has no daily show and her dance show is only once a week. She only appears more than once on weekends when she guests on Sunday All-Stars.

      • For now, Marian’s dance show will keep her busy, regardless of its ratings. Kung wala siyang show, it won’t help her.

        Like I told you, Pepito is doing fine in its timeslot. Just leave it as is. Pag dinagdag ng isa pang show si Bitoy on the same day, assuming he still appears on Eat Bulaga in addition to Pepito, malamang overexposure at overwork na yan.

        And by the way, ang bilis pala matapos ng Sa Puso ni Dok. Tamang-tama, since Dennis Trillo will move over to Hiram na Alaala which premieres tonight.

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