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GMA’s ‘Bet ng Bayan’ Premieres This Sunday

The schedule for ‘Bet ng Bayan’ is out.

GMA announced this week that ‘Bet ng Bayan’ will start on October 5, replacing ‘Sa Puso ni Dok’ in its timeslot. The talent show will also have a 15-minute ‘daily strand’ show on weeknights.

‘Bet ng Bayan’ was promoted in advance by the network, with auditions running throughout August and September. Initially, the show was to have a Filipino-themed logo featuring the ‘three stars and a sun’ motif, but in mid-September, a new, more futuristic logo was revealed on its Facebook account, and was duly promoted during commercial plugs.

‘Bet ng Bayan’ will also award three different winners instead of one. There will be one winner each in the singing, dancing and extreme talents categories, which will be determined week after week until the grand finals.

Looking ahead to the show’s premiere, things do not look good for the Kapuso network. ‘Bet ng Bayan’ will go up against the successful yet controversial ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, and based on the show’s overwhelming success against GMA’s other programs, this is a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Had they cut ‘Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho’ to an hour (similar to rival ‘Rated K’), ‘Bet ng Bayan’ would have fared better against ‘I Do’. Instead, they are placed on a timeslot that is unfavorable to talent shows.

Also not looking good is ‘Bet ng Bayan”s overall schedule. Instead of airing a Saturday edition, GMA decided to utilize brief 15-minute updates every weeknights.

The aforementioned ‘Bet ng Bayan’ updates will take on the Kapamilya network’s ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’, thus giving GMA Telebabad equal footing to ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida. But it remains to be seen if the 15-minute tablet approach will pay off, considering shows like ‘Pinoy Idol’ and ‘Protege’ never became successful when utilizing this format.

‘Bet ng Bayan’ is definitely GMA’s latest attempt towards making a successful talent show. Having seen ABS-CBN and TV5 step up a notch with the likes of ‘Pilipinas Got Talent’ and ‘Talentadong Pinoy’, the pressure is now on ‘Bet ng Bayan’ to deliver the same kind of success as the two aforementioned programs. This is a hit or miss situation for GMA, so good luck to them.



16 thoughts on “GMA’s ‘Bet ng Bayan’ Premieres This Sunday

  1. Gr0w says:

    There are some complaints on social media concerning Bet ng Bayan’s timeslot, mostly as “late.”

    I think Bet ng Bayan’s edge is having three separate categories of competition considering that there were complaints that PGT allegedly favored singers (which were the winners in the past four seasons despite fewer singers participated in the fourth season itself).

    • No doubt. Its timeslot is definitely late for a talent show like BnB. PGT and The Voice usually start at around 8 pm.

      But the good thing is, BnB is giving fair treatment to different kinds of talent. This is what PGT lacked. Good thing for ABS, they shelved PGT because, had they continued, baka ma-criticize pa sila ng mga netizens.

  2. Its quite sad that it has to go against GGV, not only they are competing to a strong show, but also a dead timeslot for a reality talent competition show. You are right that had they moved it a little more then it might fare well against I Do. The 15 minute insertion is again a bad move, for the same reason as above. How I wish they just switched Marian and BNB, and let Marian talk more, afterall her frankness is what GMA Sunday lineup need, which is spice.

    • Yung KMJS na halos two hours na ineere ang nagda-drag down sa BnB. Also, hindi naman kailangan ng 15-minute updates araw-araw, pwede naman siyang i-singit sa Saturday and move one of the existing Saturday shows to the timeslot of Blockbusters on Sundays.

  3. KG says:

    Bahala na lang basta dont compare this to PinaSikat on Showtime and Talentadong Pinoy. 🙂

    BTW, may ilang PGT contestants tulad ng El Gamma Penumbra na sumali sa Asia’s Got Talent ng AXN na ipapalabas next year.

    • I guess ABS stopped producing PGT so that AXN can produce an all-Asia version of Got Talent.

      Honestly, hindi talaga maiiwasan ang mga comparisons between BnB and shows like PGT and Talentadong Pinoy. Ang maganda lang rito sa BnB is they’ll give equal opportunities for singers, dancers and other special talents, thus the three winners. But it remains to be seen kung magiging hit ito since GMA decided to pit this show against GGV.

  4. Nameless says:

    Yung daily BTS bulletin ng BnB, dapat kinansela na lang ‘yun. Since the viewers naman can visit its social media pages para lang makiita yung mga behind the scenes ng show. Tsk3. Another waste of time.

    Yung main show, masyadong nightly nga ang timeslot. Eh kung ganun, KMJS should reduce their timeslot too at dapat wala nang SNBO. Ryan Agoncillo should be the host of this show instead, since he already left Talentadong Pinoy eh. He is a veteran na rin kasi sa mga talent shows eh.

    • Thing is, they really wanted Telebabad to be as closely replicated as Primetime Bida, hence this 15-minute BTS show that is up against Aquino & Abunda Tonight. Pero yes, it’s a waste of time, and unnecessary overall.

      Mas pwede siguro kung yung I-Witness sa timeslot na lang ng GMA Blockbusters every Sunday. Then they can have a Saturday edition of BnB instead. And on Sundays, a one-hour KMJS para mapaaga ng konti itong BnB. As for Ryan Agoncillo, pwede rin, if only he can move on from his TP mentality.

  5. KG says:

    Tutal naman na malaki ang sinayang na gastos ng GMA para gumawa ng parang “Talentadong Pinoy” ang peg na talent search.

    Ang grand finals ay sa December 28 pa.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, I agree with you that Jessica Soho’s show should reduce its timeslot. It’s getting too long for comfort. Regarding I Witness on Sunday afternoons, that won’t work against The Buzz. GMA should have kept Startalk on Sundays.

    It seems that GMA is afraid of ABS, which is why it has no showbiz talk show to compete with The Buzz and Sunday All-Stars’ quality is getting worse since its move to the 2 pm slot.

      • James Ty III says:

        I won’t be surprised if GMA will air Tagalized movies on the last two Sundays of the year on SNBO. ABS-CBN is scheduling an FPJ docu and its news yearender on Sunday’s Best for Dec. 21 and 28.

        Unless GMA airs another two episodes of Manny Pacquiao’s Sports Science.

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