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GMA’s Answer to TV5’s Wattpad Presents

TV5’s ‘Wattpad Presents’ now has a new rival.

Starting October 6, GMA’s new anthology called ‘Seasons of Love’ will air on the timeslot that will be vacated by ‘My BFF’. Like ‘Wattpad Presents’, ‘Seasons of Love’ will focus on one particular love story each week, and will air for a month.

The first story under the ‘Seasons of Love’ banner will be ‘Soulmate, Soulhate’, and will feature Ruru Madrid and Gabrielle Garcia in their first lead roles together.

Both Madrid and Garcia currently appear in ‘My Destiny’ in supporting roles, and will continue to do so while ‘Seasons of Love: Soulmate, Soulhate’ is ongoing.

‘Soulmate, Soulhate’ will focus on two teenagers whose personalities change following a meteor shower. Soon after, they met and eventually forged a romantic relationship.

Three other upcoming stories under the ‘Seasons of Love’ banner will follow suit, with titles and cast yet to be determined.

Curiously, ABS-CBN also aired a romantic anthology called ‘Seasons of Love’. Not to be confused with GMA’s own upcoming series, ABS-CBN’s version aired as a weekly program every Sunday afternoon from 2004 to 2005.

Going back to GMA’s ‘Seasons of Love’, the short-term series will definitely carry a lot of expectations, since it will feature some of the Kapuso network’s up and coming young stars. In addition, the series will go up against the Kapamilya network’s highly-rated teleserye ‘Pure Love’, which has demolished ‘My BFF’ in the ratings.

‘Seasons of Love”s rivalry with ‘Wattpad Presents’ will also be followed closely, though not at the same timeslot. ‘Wattpad Presents” third story, ‘Poser’, will premiere hours after ‘Seasons of Love: Soulmate, Soulhate’ debuts, and based on the success of ‘Wattpad Presents” first two offerings, pressure will definitely be on ‘Seasons of Love’ to come up with a better story that will interest viewers.

With that, let’s wish GMA good luck on ‘Seasons of Love’, and hope this short-term series will pay off.

‘Seasons of Love’ premieres this October 6, and will air every Monday to Thursday before ’24 Oras’.


15 thoughts on “GMA’s Answer to TV5’s Wattpad Presents

  1. I just wish ang opening salvo nila is much a stronger and recognized pair. But then again diba ganyan din ang tema ng Strawberry Lane which is young love? Kung ako sa knila mejo heavy drama na weekly anthology, since un ung plot ng Annaliza before.

    • Alos says:

      After the failure of ABS-CBN’s Seasons of Love, and after a few replacement programs, the network finally launched two romantic anthology series Your Song and Love Spell that were able to bring Love to Love to its knees. In 2008, GMA launched another romantic anthology called Dear Friend which was replaced in 2010 by the very short-lived Lovebug (another romantic anthology). Their competitor Your Song stayed strong until that same year (though Love Spell ended earlier). The debut of Tween Hearts marked an end of an era to Sunday afternoon romantic anthologies on Philippine TV, leaving GMA’s Maynila, which is currently the longest-running romantic anthology series on Philippine TV, as the sole such show that exists on the airwaves until now (sort of).

      I think GMA’s Seasons of Love may serve as another platform for several lesser-known GMA talents to prove themselves on the small screen. I also think a replacement for the upcoming show may be a new local drama, or another K-drama (given those types of shows has been aired by GMA before 24 Oras).

      • It is possible that they’ll again go to a local drama to replace Seasons of Love, which is just a temporary replacement.

        Then again, ABS always airs a local series before the news so GMA is more likely to counter with another local series.

    • anonymous says:

      Same to Love Hotline on GMA but it is a talk show, suggest that to make it as a drama anthology. Better to match to LUV U.

      • Enough of the dramas. Ang dami na yan sa Philippine TV. You’re only making it worse.

        And besides, Love Hotline is a more pleasant version of Face the People. So tama lang yung talk show format sa Love Hotline, parang Confession Sessions na more appropriate to children.

  2. This might be the start of the downfall of GMA’s afternoon to early primetime lineup, not that its better now, but veering away from a five day format to a four to give way for a currents affair show about the supernatural is a bad move all over.

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