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Back to ‘Normal’ Ways for AksyonTV

AksyonTV brought back reruns of programs such as ‘Cocktales’ following the conclusion of the 2014 Asian Games. (Photo credit:

After sharing the coverage of the 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup and the Asian Games with TV5, it is back to ‘normal’ for the embattled AksyonTV.

The conclusion of these sports events means that re-runs of old AksyonTV and TV5 programs were once again occupying the network’s vacant hours.  Other than the ongoing NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the rest of AksyonTV’s content reverted back to where they were in the summer of 2014.

AksyonTV’s return to a rerun-based programming does not help their cause at all, and it is clear that they are in extremely bad shape to compete against the likes of ABS-CBN Sports+Action, 9TV and GMA News TV.

Back in May, I wrote about the need to improve AksyonTV’s programming. In summarizing the needs of AksyonTV to improve in order to be competitive, here are my suggestions:

  1. Eliminate the dependence of simulcasting TV5’s newscasts, and produce their own that do not conflict with the mother network.
  2. Make Radyo5’s ‘Orly Mercado All Ready’ as the main morning show of the network.
  3. Produce more original programs.

Since then, however, AksyonTV’s programming quality got even worse, despite the return of Radyo5 programs ‘Aksyon Solusyon’ and ‘Remoto Control’ to the fold.

In July, the network stopped producing ‘Aksyon Breaking’ and ‘Aksyon Weather’ updates, as well as ‘Andar ng mga Balita’ and ‘Balitang 60’. Then in September, old programs such as ‘Cocktales’ and ‘Wasak’ were brought back.

In addition, the network decided not to air new episodes of ‘Demolition Job’ and ‘History with Lourd’, as well as a new program called ‘Unang Tikim’. Instead previous episodes of KBO were re-aired, much to the dismay of its viewers.

For AksyonTV, this is an already alarming situation. Instead of trying to improve the network’s programming quality, it seems like the management is becoming extremely casual in operating the lackluster station, especially when there are no sports events to cover.

If TV5 wants to upgrade and improve the status of its UHF counterpart, the management should start acting on this matter right now. Otherwise, AksyonTV’s days will be numbered, to the point where a permanent sign off is difficult to resist.

AksyonTV is definitely a good network to watch. But with the kind of programming they have right now, this will not help their standing among the other major UHF networks.


18 thoughts on “Back to ‘Normal’ Ways for AksyonTV

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  2. Reges says:

    AksyonTV had apparently aired some portions of the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympics.

    The chances of AksyonTV airing a boxing event are almost nil maybe because of these developments despite the available airing space. However, the channel might air replays of games of the upcoming PBA season (several days to go!)

    • Thanks for the added info.

      I’m not sure about the PBA replays though. They already have a cable channel in Cignal called Hyper that airs replays of Sports5 events like the PBA. It won’t make any sense if AksyonTV joins in the act.

  3. James Ty III says:

    PBA games will not be aired live on Aksyon TV anymore. Replays will be on Hyper which is only for Cignal subscribers.

  4. Calculus says:

    I think they should start to revert to just Sports channel like what they did in ABS-CBN Sports and Action, especially the channel Aksyon TV is kind of appealing for sports from the word ‘Aksyon.’ With these one, they don’t have to worry about scheduling sports games and other leagues with TV5 and they can kind of revert back to the AKTV style. Plus, with reruns in Aksyon TV would just not elevate the viewership of the channel.

    • If only they can add more sports events to their schedule and improve their signal, that would be better. And besides, they named the station AksyonTV as homage to their flagship news program, so there’s still no problem placing some news programs here.

  5. anonymous says:

    By the way, according to AGB Nielsen Philippines, Aksyon TV and ABS-CBN Sports+ Action are almost tied-up in National Urban Television Ratings depend on the sports events.

  6. anonymous says:

    There is a big rumor that 9TV Philippines ends in January 2015 and becomes a CNN Philippines. I hope to FOX Philippines is also watch on Free TV, whether in VHF or UHF Channel.

    • BHH says:

      One word: CONFIRMED.

      From yesterday’s formal launch of CNNPH:
      – RIP 9TV in Q1 2015; to be replaced by CNNPH
      – Nine Media Corporation is owner of 9TV
      – will be launched also soon
      – CNNPH will not replace CNN International on local cable providers
      – It is implied that CNNPH will have some entertainment shows

      • Safe to say that 9TV is just a transitional brand rather than a permanent one. Now if they can just improve some of their journalists, that would be better in the long term.

        With that, good luck to CNN PH next year, and hope they make their reporting and presentation as smooth and as crisp as possible.

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