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ABS-CBN Takes the GMA Route in Re-Airing Princess Sarah

Once a rival, always a rival.

ABS-CBN recently announced that the popular children’s anime ‘Princess Sarah’ (Filipino title ‘Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa’) will be re-aired on the Animazing block starting October 13. The series, based on the Frances Hodgson Burnett novel ‘A Little Princess’, was first aired in Japan in 1985, and was later picked up by ABS-CBN in the early 90s.

The rebroadcast of ‘Princess Sarah’ was intended to capitalize on the recent popularity of internet memes that are related to the series. Most of the memes focus on Sarah, Becky, and potatoes.

In addition to ‘Princess Sarah’, ‘Marcelino Pan Y Vino’ will also be re-aired on Animazing. The two shows’ timeslots will be announced within the weekend.

In a reversal of roles, ABS-CBN is beginning to copy rival GMA’s own style of re-airing old animes in the early morning slot. And a lot of it has to do with their lack of success in this particular viewership period.

Whether it is Kantar or AGB Nielsen, ABS-CBN always falls prey to a more unconventional approach that GMA employs in this slot (sorry ‘Kris TV’ viewers). Even though GMA’s rebroadcasts of old animes deserve a whole lot of criticism, the fact that anime loyalists continue to enjoy such shows over and over again attests to their continued success.

On the other hand, new animes (or new seasons of existing animes) on ABS-CBN failed to garner any viewership, mainly due to constant preemptions in favor of events like the recently concluded 2014 FIBA Basketball World Cup. Worse, the Tagalized ‘Spongebob Squarepants’ and ‘Mr. Bean’ are heavily edited, giving additional reason for viewers to tune out.

As a result, ABS-CBN decided to do the most unthinkable way possible, by re-airing ‘Princess Sarah’ and ‘Marcelino Pan Y Vino’. In doing so, they realized that in order to win back viewers in this timeslot, they need to copy someone else’s style and re-air some of their classic animated series, something that GMA has always been doing for years.

Whether or not they will succeed in the imitation of another station’s style remains to be seen. But for ABS-CBN, desperation is starting to sink in.


8 thoughts on “ABS-CBN Takes the GMA Route in Re-Airing Princess Sarah

  1. Bandwagon sa Dos? Is Mam Charo peeling potatoes with Atty. Gozon?

    But is the NBA deal continued or confirmed for the incoming season? The tipoff will start on October 29 local time but if the NBA on free TV continued, it will once again take over the usual Team Animazing Block.

    • ABS recently re-signed with the NBA for free TV rights. But most likely the majority of the games will be on S+A, while Channel 2 will air some weekend games delayed. Weekday games may happen late in the season and during the playoffs. S+A may also not air NBA games on Mondays during December and January, similar to the case of the former Studio 23.

      Better not worry about the NBA first since it’s still preseason. Better start worrying about it come playoff time.

      As for ABS joining GMA’s bandwagon, it is a likely scenario since they don’t rate so well in the early mornings. Not even Kris TV can beat GMA’s repetitive animes.

  2. Unless something changes, that timeslot must have the most distinct type of audience. I am not that hopeful, but considering that ABSCBN, aired Sailormoon and the likes before and nothing still hasn’t happened. How I wish ABS would focus to improve KG, which is definitely a more lucrative timeslot

    • Mornings have fewer viewers, at doon lang nananalo ang GMA sa bahaging ito. And ABS wants to dominate every timeslot possible.

      Yung core audience ng ABS ay absent dahil nasa opisina at eskwelahan ang karamihan sa kanila. That explains why Kris TV can’t rate well, dahil pang-mayaman ang focus imbes sa mga simpleng tao. On ther other hand, nananalo ang GMA sa mornings dahil mas tinatangkilik ito ng mga d and e classes na either unemployed, katulong o mga batang hindi nakapagaral.

      • Logre says:

        Wow ha… hindi na nga nakapag-aral ung bata sa tinging mo may tv sila? hindi naman binibilang ang ratings sa dami ng manunood, kundi sa dami ng household na nanunood… gumagawa ka ng sarili mong estorya… saka walang time ang mga katulong manood ng “anime” mas gusto pa nila makinig ng radyo(in their 30s kadalasan ng mga katulong, may cable ung pinapasukan so I don’t think so din)… wag kang gumawa ng kwento… kung unemployed mas aagree pa ako kasi for all ages ung anime and they might be ones who grew up with it.

      • May mga katulong rin kayang nanonood ng anime, kung may free time at lumaking nanonood nito. Saka yung mga walang pera para makapag-aral, siyempre mabo-bore sila, hence they watch them.

        I’m not making stories here, I’m just stating it from experience. Saka yung ratings, pwede pa rin mabilang ang karamihan ng taong nanonood. Hindi lang sa mga bahay pwedeng magtala ang ratings.

  3. BBT says:

    It is confirmed that starting October 13, on ABS-CBN, ‘Princess Sarah’ will air at 9:30 am, ‘Marcelinn’ at 9:45 am, and ‘KOMIKS Presents The Adventures of Pedro Penduko’ (live-action) at 10 am. (Note that all these three shows are reruns.)

    ABS-CBN confirmed that the official Filipino dubs of ‘Naruto Shippuden’ and ‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ are renewed for a seventh and third season, respectively.

    • Di man lang naglagay ng Koreanovela sa 10 am against Return of the Wife, like in the past. Puro reruns sa umaga, talagang gumagaya na sa GMA.

      As for Naruto Shippuden and Kuroko’s Basketball, good for them to renew for a new season. Pero dapat iere na nila yung Fairy Oddparents kapalit ng Spongebob. Long overdue na kasi yang show na yan to air on free TV, considering its popularity.

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