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Disappointing Run for ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’

‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ is ending with a whimper.

The drama series starring Bea Alonzo and Paulo Avelino will officially conclude their run later tonight. ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ will be replaced by the Filipino adaptation of the Korean series ‘Two Wives’.

Premiering on June 16 amid high expectations, ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ failed to replicate or even surpass the success of its predecessor ‘The Legal Wife’. This despite the fact that the show is a constant trending topic on Twitter, and a ratings winner according to Kantar.

The high point of the series came on the September 19 episode. The kissing scene between Emmanuelle (Alonzo) and Patrick (Avelino) not only became a top trending topic on Twitter nationally, but also globally.

The momentum continued on the September 24 episode, where Emmanuelle finally confessed to Patrick that she is indeed his ‘dead’ wife Rose. Like the September 19 episode, it trended both nationally and globally on Twitter.

Still, despite its social media success, ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ only managed to score a 15-20% rating in every episode, a far cry from the 25-30% that ‘The Legal Wife’ managed during its run.

Making matters worse, rival ‘Ang Dalawang Mrs. Real’ began to turn things around. The recently concluded GMA series gave ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ a scare, both on Kantar and AGB Nielsen.

Even though they recaptured the momentum with the entry of ‘Hiram na Alaala’, the damage has been done. ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ proved to be a letdown from the success of ‘The Legal Wife’.

Now ABS-CBN hopes that ‘Two Wives’, starring Erich Gonzales, Jason Abalos and Kaye Abad, will be a huge improvement over ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’. The upcoming teleserye, as mentioned earlier, is an adaptation of a Korean series that aired in 2012.

As for ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’, it was a good series, but not a great one that would rank among the Kapamilya network’s greatest teleseryes. Indeed, they are a disappointment.


21 thoughts on “Disappointing Run for ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’

  1. Nasa lineup din kasi yan minsan, before, TLW is after G2B mababa ang ratings nun kasi from kilig serye to heavy drama. Itong SBPAK is somewhat similar sa IL, dhil parehong powerhouse ang cast at complex ang storya kaya siguro dragging ito sa audience. HK is also not faring well despite new additions given a good timeslot, they should have repeated the Annaliza formula before na ilagay ang mga storya with kids as lead before tv patrol and put a kilig serye show after tv patrol it might help set the tone for better ratings for the rest of the primetime shows.

    • In short, a big cast of characters won’t work anymore. Parang hindi nila binibigyan ng chance to others.

      Thing is, may formula na kasi sila regarding their lineup. Yung HK nilagay talaga yan after TVP dahil parang similar siya sa style ng May Bukas Pa at Honesto. Right now, though, wala masyadong substance itong lineup nila since their other teleseryes are going for a different direction. Wala ngayong kilig-serye sa primetime dahil mas serious yung mga subjects na tinatackle ng mga teleseryes sa ABS.

      • Right now IL will end in two weeks to be replaced by Forevermore. Sana itaas na lng nila ang HK at gawing after TVP ang Forevermore.

      • Won’t happen, kasi they’ll always insist that value-oriented stories like Hawak Kamay will air after TVP. After all, similar programs like May Bukas Pa and Honesto were aired on the same timeslots as HK. Saka confident pa sila despite the slumping ratings.

        As for Ikaw Lamang, good to end it soon. Eight months is too long now for a teleserye.

        By the way, saan mo ilalagay yung Pure Love based on your said proposal? The show is rating so well kaya there’s no reason to change its timeslot.

      • Supposedly kasi Pure Love was after TVP originally and HK is before TVP. Kaso nag last minute switch sila. May inkling na sila to put HK, considerin the succes of Andrea’s last soap was before TVP. Tama ka values oriented/pambata ang after TVP, pero binabagay din nman un sa storya, nagkataon lng na tho tweens ang market ng Pure Love eh mas may tiwala sila sa cast ng HK to rate that timeslot. Anyways patapos na din ang PureLove so ok na rin.
        I just feel na mas angkop lang na ilagay ang Forevermore after TVP,kasi bago and can breathe new life as an opening salvo after TVP. Tpus Cathy Garcia Molina pa. Kung ilalagay mo after HK, bka mababa ang ratings. Mas nauna lng ang Ikaw Lamang at establish na kaya nde sila apektado masyado.
        Ang HK ay more of family drama na, nde values centered unlike Honesto, 100Days at MayBukasPa na alam ng viewers sa simula na values show ito. HK is centered sa journey ni Gin as a man to fatherhood. Manipis ang linya na nagseseperate from values and family drama. Well malapit din nman syang matapus yata. But for now mejo mas maganda na ung show ni Cathy Garcia Molina ang ipang opening na nila after TVP.

  2. FHHTHRT says:

    Oh, how cheap is the execution of the CG explosions in the final episode (what a startling one indeed)! (WTF with that second bomb revealing out of nowhere!)

    I have seen a pattern in recent dramas churned out by Dreamscape (which is rumored to have one drama in their production to be aired before the year ends), the production team behind ‘Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon’, that seems to be love triangles, important characters with dark pasts, usually a rather stale middle, the plot having turned out as one mainly of revenge, and the villain’s resorting to kidnapping/bribery/shootouts/other common crimes. That formula should be relaxed for now as tested but tired.

    The Filipino adaptation of ‘Two Wives’ is under Ruel S. Bayani’s unit, which has a penchant with stories that are diverse in scope and plot and remakes of foreign dramas aired in the past by ABS-CBN. I hope that this Filipino adaptation, if successful enough, will reach the original’s episode count.

    • I hope so too. ABS should now bank on Two Wives to reverse their suddenly slumping ratings.

      And I agree that Dreamscape should change course ASAP. SBPAK is definitely their weakest effort yet, and it showed in the ratings despite all the efforts of the netizens to help trend the show.

      • Sa totoo lang mas magaling ang Star Creatives sila ang nagproduce ng Annaliza, TLW, PrincessAndI, G2B, BCWMH. May tumatak din nman kagaya ng Juan Dela Cruz,Ina Kapatid Anak at Honesto, pero when it comes to content mas magagaling ang direktor ng Star Creatives. Two Wives is under Star Creatives.

        Dreamscape is shooting the show Nathaniel which is slated to replace PureLove.

  3. Ang dreamscape magaling lng sa title like Sana Bukas Pa Ang Kahapon, Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala at Muling Buksan Ang Puso. Ang Star Creatives nman simple lng ang title like The Legal Wife, Got To Believe at Two Wives

  4. maria jacaranda says:

    Many are excited about Forevermore: a popular leading man, a personable and humble young woman. After several weeks the “hits” on the web are not high in numbers. Can a soap still be a hit even if the netizens do not say so? What can be done by Liza Soberano’s and Enrique Gil’s fans to help make the soap be a popular one? Are pre-showing web results the primary indicator of future success? O should they be taken with a grain of salt. Thank you.

    • We don’t know. Right now Forevermore is still being pre-produced, and its too premature to say that it’s a potential bust, considering that it’s only been talked about online and that its hype has temporarily waned.

    • Like in any business its a gamble to put a new tandem on board. Ganun din nman nagsimula si JL and Sarah and Sir Chief and Maya. The magic is in the director. Tpus na ang era na artista ang nagdadala. Nasa Director na un kung papaano magiging click ang loveteam. Bea is an established actress pero di naging click ang show similar with the comeback soap nila ni JL na A Beautiful Affair. Lahat ng loveteam nagsisimula on something. Task na ung buong production to make a show a success.

  5. BANAA says:

    Pure Love (should end this year)
    TV Patrol
    Hawak-Kamay (will not end this year)
    Forevermore (?)
    Two Wives
    Angel Eyes (should end this year)

    @marcus Two Wives is under RSB (Ruel S. Bayani) unit and will be directed by FM Reyes (whose TV drama directoral credits are dramas by Star Creatives and RSB units; most recent directoral credit is Moon of Desire, from RSB unit).

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