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Thoughts on the New NBA TV Contract with Solar/ABS-CBN

A new television contract between the NBA, Solar Entertainment and ABS-CBN should bring in more games to the viewing public. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN News.com)

New contract, new hope, and new expectations.

This is exactly what happened when the NBA, Solar Entertainment and ABS-CBN signed a new television contract last Friday. The contract signing, held at the NBA Cafe at Taguig’s SM Aura, featured NBA legend Darryl Dawkins, along with NBA Asia Managing Director Scott Levy, Solar Entertainment President and CEO Wilson Tieng, and ABS-CBN Narrowcast head March Ventosa.

Under the terms of the new deal, Solar Entertainment (through Basketball TV and NBA Premium) and ABS-CBN Sports (through ABS-CBN Channel 2 and ABS-CBN Sports+Action) will air around 30 NBA games per week throughout the regular season. In addition, highlights and special programs like ‘NBA Action’ will continue to air on each channel.

While the new contract deals seem enticing enough for NBA fans, there are still some old problems to face with regards to the game broadcasts.

One is the ongoing issue regarding tape-delay broadcasts. These scenarios will remain prevalent throughout the season, either due to programming constraints, broadcast limits, or game scheduling conflicts, and as such, are unavoidable.

Two is the questionable selection of games. The NBA always has the authority to select the games for its international partners, but for some reason, fans have continued to balk on some of their selections, especially when a game between either one or two rebuilding teams is picked over a more compelling matchup involving big-name teams and players.

And third is the game presentation. While NBA Premium will continue to air games uninterrupted and without the aid of local advertising, the same cannot be said for Basketball TV and ABS-CBN Sports. As such, expect the latter two channels to continue their rabid placement of advertisements in every game, quarter to quarter and highlight to highlight, even if it takes cutting the broadcast short just for these.

So heading into the new season, the same old problems will once again await both Solar and ABS-CBN. Still, expect more of the same intense action that the NBA has always offered, from the regular season all the way to the championship.

Notes: In addition to Basketball TV, NBA Premium and ABS-CBN Sports, Fox Sports Philippines will also broadcast a select number of NBA games this season. They even went as far as picking the games themselves, contrary to the NBA policy of selecting its games for its international partners.


15 thoughts on “Thoughts on the New NBA TV Contract with Solar/ABS-CBN

  1. Which of the following games will ABS-CBN (and Sports and Action) broadcast next Wednesday: Orlando vs New Orleans, Houston vs Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas vs San Antonio?

    Will they be delayed?

    It would have been OK if S+A should scrap the morning cartoons out or else, Christian Anasco is fuming like a Mayon volcano ready to erupt.

  2. Exoect the same thing will happen with this deal on ABS-CBN. Delayed games, delayed playoff games, delayed eastern conference finals, and finally, delayed NBA Finals for 4 more years! Dont expect that they will stop what they are doing with the NBA coverage, which is screwing every NBA fan in the country.

    • Some NBA games on BTV will still be delayed, and NBA Premium will have cut-to-live and delayed games as well. But playoff games will definitely be live, so both channels will be a better option for fans with money for cable.

      Pwede rin NBA League Pass, for fans who really want live games without any hassle.

  3. James Ty III says:

    ABS-CBN will not air Sunday NBA games on Channel 2 because their 10 am time slot is reserved for boxing coverages. Kapag walang boxing, Disney animated movies will be shown on that time slot.

  4. James Ty III says:

    If I may add, airing NBA games on Sundays on Channel 2 may delay the start of ASAP especially if the game goes into overtime. ASAP is one of ABS-CBN’s prime moneymakers on Sundays.

    • Even Showtime will be affected on Saturdays because of NBA overtime games. The best they can do is to start their cartoon block at 7:30 and get rid of the repetitive Chinese comedy Honey Watch Out.

      • James Ty III says:

        ABS CBN moved the Channel 2 games to Saturdays kasi Sundays will be reserved nga for boxing coverages like Pinoy Pride and Donaire’s next fight.

      • Then get Honey Watch Out out, since they’re airing it over and over again. Pwede namang 11:30 magsimula Showtime every Saturday para at par sila with Eat Bulaga.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Actually, Ralph, it’s better for ABS to air the NBA on Sundays than Saturdays. Remove some of the cartoons and the Disney movies and air Matanglawin after Salamat Dok.

      • James Ty III says:

        I agree with that. ABS kasi wants to air those Disney movies against GMA’s Tagalized movies. GMA has already scrapped Superhero Sunday and now airs back-to-back movies from 11 am to 2 pm. The Bonakid show with Drew Arellano is for only 15 minutes.

        And those boxing cards on ABS-CBN come only once a month yata or once every two months.

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