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The Voice PH Returns, Poses Huge Challenge to Bet ng Bayan

A new challenger awaits ‘Bet ng Bayan’ this Sunday.

The second season of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ will air starting October 26 and every weekend thereafter on ABS-CBN. The popular reality singing show will replace ‘I Do’, whose finale is set tomorrow night.

The first season of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’, which ran from June 15 to September 29, 2013, was won by Team Lea’s Mitoy Yonting. A spinoff, ‘The Voice Kids’, ran from May 24 to July 27, 2014, and was won by Team Sarah’s Lyca Gairanod.

Returning as judges for season 2 will be Sarah Geronimo, apl.de.ap, Bamboo Manalac and Lea Salonga. Toni Gonzaga and Luis Manzano will reprise their roles as hosts, while Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga will join as its ‘V-reporters’.

Since it premiered in June of last year, ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ became one of ABS-CBN’s highest-rated programs. TVPH season 1 finished in the top five in both Kantar and AGB Nielsen, with ratings usually hovering over 20% or better.

The success of the show (and its spinoff ‘The Voice Kids’) was so tremendous that GMA’s attempts to tweak their programming on weekends always backfire. Not even the entry of ‘Marian’ helped GMA’s dire weekend situation.

Perhaps due to apparent jealousy over ABS-CBN’s reality show success, GMA finally decided to create their own talent show, which became ‘Bet ng Bayan’.

Nevertheless, GMA’s weekend problems continued even with their latest creation on board. ‘Bet ng Bayan’ was pitted against ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, easily GMA’s biggest weekend threat, and as expected, the former struggled in the ratings.

Without a Saturday show to begin with (‘Bet ng Bayan’ has a 15-minute recap show on weeknights instead), it is clear that ‘Bet ng Bayan”s chances against ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ won’t be any better. Considering TVPH’s overwhelming ratings success in Season 1, it will be a very daunting task for GMA to overcome this juggernaut.

The season premiere of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’ should give GMA every reason to fear. Better act now, or else.


46 thoughts on “The Voice PH Returns, Poses Huge Challenge to Bet ng Bayan

  1. Well get ready for more tagalized english movies on GMA. Currently they 4 every Sunday, 2 back to back before Sunday All Stars and another one after and SNBO if there’s no new episode of MP Sports Science, I’m expecting a fifth one after The Voice’s second weekend. GMA might as well become a tagalized movie channel.

    • 900neo says:

      This Sunday, URCC (25) will be aired for the first time on GMA via SNBO, matching up against ABS-CBN’s free TV airing of UFC 179 on Sunday’s Best. The movie that airs after SAS is a horror flick from East Asia.

      As TVoP 2 will premiere this Sunday, I Do will air its last 4 episodes on its Saturday timeslot (a correction). It is still unclear that TVoP 2 may air on Saturdays.

      • Ok. At first glance I Do is ending tonight, based on this teaser, but as it turned out, they said ‘simula October 25’ instead of ‘sa October 25’ in this video. Thanks for correcting.

        TVPH Season 1 and The Voice Kids aired on Saturdays and Sundays in the past, so we can also expect Season 2 to air on Saturdays as well once I Do ends.

      • James Ty III says:

        900neo, GMA is airing The Witness tomorrow starring Gwen Zamora, who dubbed her own voice in Tagalog for this movie. It airs after SAS.

        Rocco Nacino and Philip Salvador also lend their voices to the movie.

        Rocco is also covering URCC 25 together with Mark Zambrano for GMA.

      • James Ty III says:

        GMA is airing two movies from 11 am to 2 pm tomorrow after the Bonakid show with Drew Arellano and before SAS. I don’t know their titles because the GMA website has not posted them yet.

    • James Ty III says:

      At least GMA is making an effort to show some specials when there is no MP Sport Science on SNBO like the Miss World Philippines and URCC 25.

      • What specials? and in what time slot are these specials air? The Bonakid Batang May Laban is a 13 episode product endorse show, so technically block timer ito similar to EB and TRMS, movies can be bearable but 3 movies in a day but tagalized ones, cmon, cheap tricks na yan. Similar to KB these movies should be a once in a week thing. I expect that GMA will air more bec of TVoP

  2. James Ty III says:

    What I mentioned is that GMA is making an effort to air some specials on SNBO like the Ms World Philippines and URCC 25. MP Sport Science will be scheduled on those Sundays when GMA has no specials to air. Their Tagalized movies on Sundays will be focused on the noontime and afternoon slots.

    GMA is also making an effort to boost their Tagalized movies by tapping some of their stars to dub the voices like Gabby Eigenmann for Miracle at Cell No. 7 and Gwen Zamora for The Witness.

    It would be interesting to see how Gwen gives justice to her own movie using her own voice dubbed in Tagalog.

    • Like what I said their effort to use stars as dubbers to tagalized movies was not well receive and as if we cant understand english. Stars are artist they are not dubbers, professional dubbers can give justice since its their craft. MP is not even special since its a tagalized version of Sports Science like Kaps Amazing Stories which they just acquired and rewrote the script in tagalog. They didnt even produce URCC, MW is once a year, and concerts they cant even produce Julie Ann Jose’s concert in the Big Dome. For a station that claims to be big, those efforts are cheap.

      • For a network that cant even produce a succesful noontime show we are giving them credit for saying that they are making good effort in producing specials, it can be said that their deal with EB is smart but we all know that they dont own EB, am I being too critical-maybe, but that doesnt change the fact that what I said was true

      • James Ty III says:

        Julie Anne’s concert is at MOA Arena this December 13. It will be aired on GMA probably two weeks after.

      • James Ty III says:

        URCC 25 is a joint effort of GMA and the group of Alvin Aguilar which tapped GMA to air the event because ABS-CBN already has UFC. It’s the same set up as GMA blocktiming the Shakey’s V League for News TV.

      • I stand corrected regarding Julie Ann’s concert but my point was, they cant produce concerts regularly. I wish Julie Ann the best but GMA should realize than more than shows they should concentrate in building their stars, they may have more talented stars than sa mga sikat sa Dos, pero di sikat. Sad but true.

      • Kaya sila nag artista para umarte nde para mag dub, kung fan ka what do u want for your artist a show or a dub movie? Diba insulto un? Tsaka tagalized movies is an insult to us.

      • Sorry for GMA fans pero yan ba yung proud and sila ung network na nagbibigay respeto sa viewers dhil sa Ilustrado? Tpus ung ABS daw puro masa nasa isip kaya cookie cutter ung show, eh anung tawag nyo sa tagalized movies?- pang class A, parang nakakabobo at loko. Wala daw originality ang ABS dhil sa TVoP, eh franchise kaya yan, mahal at pinagkakagastuhan, anung tawag nyo sa Kaps Amazing Stories at MP? Diba tinagalog lng un? Bet Ng Bayan is produced show kaso nga lang di maganda ang pagkakagawa, thats a fact. Kasi kung maganda people will rave about it.

      • Both networks definitely have weaknesses, so let’s leave it that way. Hindi lahat ng network perpekto. Saka colonial mentality na ang nangyayari sa kanila out of desperation hence these franchised programs and remakes of foreign series.

      • I rather see humility in these networks kesasa payabangan, I admit that I watch ABS kasi i dont see a better alternative, im excited by the entrance of CNN Phil, though. But when it comes entertainment i rather watch US series, its nit colonial mentality kung wala nmang maganda at maayos na alternative. Scandal, How To Get Away with Murder are some series na pinagisipan unlike some of our shows. Sana magfocus ang mga networks in producing quality shows, puro mediocre eh

  3. James Ty III says:

    It’s strange, Ralph, that ABS-CBN launched The Voice Season 2 barely a few weeks after the end of Voice Kids.

    And I wonder if ABS-CBN will continue with the new season of X Factor Philippines.

    • Both TVPH and TVK held simultaneous auditions early this year. They launched TVPH Season 2 just to keep the momentum going.

      As for X Factor PH, masyadong uncertain na because of TVPH.

      • They are holding on its rights to keep competition out. ABS has the money to do that,it might be unfair, but they have every right to do so.

      • Oo nga. That’s why GMA can’t afford these well-known franchised shows. Yung Don’t Lose the Money nga parang budding franchise siya rather than an established one.

      • Khit hindi successful ung franchise di p rin nila ni rerelease, nakakatawa nga for a company that claims (accdg to fans) walang utang sila ung walang pamfranchise. They are bring big trouble pagktpos ng new studios ng ABS sa bulacan.

      • James says:

        Re: PGT, that show was in need of a much deserved break after airing seasons back to back (for 2 and 3), with S4 was only more than a year go. If ratings were strong last year, no doubt ABS will bring it back at some point.

        As for PDA, second season was just overwhelmingly bad. Bad choice of a winner, technical difficulties, lack of strong mentors, and the cast were not exactly on top form during the live shows (may pumiyok on live telly!). If viewership reflected everything else that was wrong with this season, then there’s no doubt why it’s defacto canceled.

        I rather they just keep every other format that’s worth investing (The Voice, Pilipinas Got Talent), while giving a much needed reboot for Big Brother once it comes back for the show’s 10th year. BB has grown stale after 10 seasons, and last season was just disappointing over-all. Buti bumawi na lang sa winner, or else a Jane win would have been predictable, boring and turn long-time viewers off.

      • The problem is that PGT got in the way of Showtime. Kung baga, parang magkaribal ang dalawa kahit nasa parehong istasyon. Showtime offers a similar approach to PGT, which is to feature various talents from humble roots.

        And besides, they are still open for a reality show franchise that doesn’t involve singing, dancing or even living inside a home with heavy security. Perhaps they can acquire Survivor from GMA just to make it different, total they have the money to produce that.

      • These franchises has a lifespan kaya keeping them is smart so that ABS will keep the competition away from having a break. ABS will not produce a show that will not produce potential stars who will make money kaya nga ung PBB nasisira na ung integrity ng show kasi hinahaluan ng challenges na pang artista search. Sooner or later mauumay na rin ang tao sa reality series so mas advantageous na ikeep ito ng ABS. Strategic smart but of course unfair.

  4. James Ty III says:

    I think we may no longer see X Factor Philippines back. Both X Factor and TVP have almost the same premise — discovering new singing talents.

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