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A Homecoming for Jolina and Maxene That Further Hurts GMA

Jolina Magdangal returned to ABS-CBN after 12 years with GMA. Magdangal blossomed as a Kapamilya artist during her teen years. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN Official Facebook)

It only gets worse for GMA and its roster of artists.

Yesterday, ABS-CBN confirmed that homegrown star and former Kapuso talent Jolina Magdangal has rejoined the network for a reunion project with fellow ‘laking Kapamilya’ Marvin Agustin. Their project, ‘Flordeliza’, is expected to premiere on the first week of December as a late-morning romantic series.

This was after Magdangal teased a return to her original network back in July, when she visited the ABS-CBN Broadcast Center in Quezon City.

Magdangal blossomed under the watch of Star Magic’s Johnny Manahan, appearing in shows such as ‘Ang TV’, ‘Gimik’, ‘Labs Ko si Babe’ and ‘Arriba Arriba’, and in movies like ‘Hey Babe’, ‘Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang?’ and ‘Gimik: The Reunion’. Her initial team-up with Marvin Agustin became highly popular among adoring fans.

But after departing ABS-CBN for GMA in 2002, Magdangal was gradually reduced to a mere bit player. While she was given major roles in shows like ‘I LUV NY’, ‘Unang Hirit’ and ‘Iglot’, she was increasingly upstaged by GMA’s own homegrown artists, particularly those who blossomed after ‘StarStruck’.

This was in contrast to another returning Kapamilya artist, who will be seen in an upcoming project late this year.

For Maxene Magalona, a return to ABS-CBN opened a new opportunity. After all, while she began her career as an ‘Ang TV’ kid, it was on GMA where her career truly blossomed, beginning with the long-running sitcom ‘Daddy Di Do Du’.

Maxene later proved her worth as a villain in various Kapuso teleseryes, particularly in the afternoon block. Her last project with GMA was ‘Mga Basang Sisiw’, which aired for much of last year.

Her recent guestings on shows like ‘It’s Showtime’ and ‘The Singing Bee’ were simply a hint of things to come, though she has yet to specify which project she will work on.

The departures of both Magdangal and Magalona proved to be another blow on the part of GMA’s artist roster. For a network who’s becoming increasingly overdependent on its older but still serviceable stars, this is a bitter pill to swallow, considering the lack of development among its younger artists.

That said, expect more of GMA’s disgruntled stars to leave and find opportunities in other networks. And for the leadership group in both the entertainment and talent divisions, it is time for a change, all in hopes of regaining lost credibility among loyal viewers.


41 thoughts on “A Homecoming for Jolina and Maxene That Further Hurts GMA

    • We’ll see.

      May rumors rin daw na lilipat si Polo Ravales sa ABS after Ilustrado, tapos magte-test si Nadine Samonte doon sa Kapamilya, according to the tabloids and forums.

  1. Adding more hurt in Timog, I read a LionHear.TV article about an open letter of a fan of Julie Ann San Jose seeing the management’s snub of the top talent’s concert this December.

    I’m not surprised that SNBO barely covered concerts of their own talents than the rival network’s Sunday’s Best.

    • Again, blame it on Rasonable and her staff for the pitfalls of GMA of late. If there’s anyone to blame for GMA’s overall enterainment failures, it’s her, no matter how many awards they win just to salvage themselves from further humiliation.

  2. Nadine is already in Hawak Kamay, Maxene to star in Bagito. Big blow ang pag alis ni Jolina since as far as I know her husband is either a part of GMAAC or a management partner of GMAAC
    Again like what Ralph has said GMA should fire Rasonable and GMAAC head. Its about time these fantards wake up and rattle their network. Hihintayin pa ba nilang umalis sina Dingdong? The mere fact that their brightest stars are not under GMAAC is a clear sign how poor their talent arm is. Their entertainment department, is a house of flops right now so as their overall programming lineup.

    • Sooner or later, their younger talent will leave for greener pastures in order to improve their craft and to fit in with a better working environment, something the Artist Center is not providing right now.

      Even older talent whose stardom appear to be fading at this point are in line to move on. If ever, give them a different role to play. For example, if Jennylyn Mercado wants to move to ABS (unlikely now due to Second Chances), pwede siya maging kontrabida against a Kathryn Bernardo or any younger star on that network, just for a change. After all, she had that experience thanks to Rhodora X.

      • Polo Ravales will be part of Pasion De Amor. He is slated to move this November. Wala kasing program, wala pang growth. Eh sa Dos may world tour at pelikula ung mga sikat para ung mga upcoming stars magka show. GMA and TV5 are in the same boat now

      • Sometimes, nasa artista na yon kung gusto niyang lumipat para sa ikabubuti niya. Kung hindi ka na niya mabigyan ng bagong proyekto, chances are lilipat ka at maghahanap ng ibang raket. Pero in GMA’s case, may proyekto na nga sila, pero yung kinabukasan ng mga artista nila, nganga.

  3. KG says:

    Baligtaran naman sa GMA. Kakasign na ng contract si Iya Villania, may mga hakang-haka lilipat din sina John Prats at Empress.

    • Not to be rude Iya, John and Empress are not big of a star. The thing is ABS has a lot of prime stars and not so prime stars, those three are members of the latter, while on GMA and TV5 they barely have stars so these three will help them but not will not affect ABS. Unlike the departure of JayR, Jolina, Maxene and Polo.

    • Iya was still a developing talent when ABS signed her. And she’s still a developing talent, though nadevelop na ang hosting skills niya due to her experience as a MYX VJ and ASAP host.

  4. KG says:

    GMAAC Head is Arsi Baltazar, formerly from Viva. (remember his endorsement of Arsi sa isang pampapayat na product ng Value Vision)

  5. Civil Engineer says:

    This I think is the reason why they are using Starstruck again as a way to create new stars. They are feeling some of their stars are already going to other networks.

    • Perhaps. They can’t afford to lose anyone at this point. However, they should start changing their ways so that they can keep these deserving artists, otherwise, we can expect a majority of them to get out.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Arsi Baltazar has been with GMAAC since before pa. I remember, nakasama niya si Iwa Moto sa autograph signing ni Iwa sa FHM some years ago when Iwa was still active sa GMA.

  7. James Ty III says:

    Iya Villania just sent some tweets saying that she misses ASAP a lot. Well, we cannot blame her because her exposure on ASAP began to dwindle when the winners of ABS-CBN’s reality shows became regulars on ASAP.

  8. Akuaku says:

    Jolina had her first TV interview on ABS-CBN since rejoining that network on ‘The Buzz’ last Sunday, and will return on ‘ASAP 19’ on November 8 (that episode is ASAP’s first live episode after 4 taped episodes in a row). Meanwhile, Maxene will make her first leading drama role on ABS-CBN with her portrayal of a nurse rapper on this Saturday’s episode of ‘MMK’.

  9. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I have a question to ask: What if there will come a time that two of GMA’s veteran talents, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera, might eventually move to ABS-CBN, like what Maxene and Jolina did last year?

    • We’ll never know what happens next. And besides, Marian and Dingdong are not the only big stars of the network. They still have Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo. The worst-case scenario for GMA is that they lose all of them, and they would collapse.

      • James Ty III says:

        Marian Rivera will have a new Sunday noontime show on GMA starting August 9, titled Sunday Pinas Saya. Ai Ai de las Alas, Wally, Jose, Julie Anne San Jose and Alden Richards will be with her in that new show which will replace Sunday All-Stars.

        So at least, Marian will stay with GMA for a while. Her new show is produced by her manager Tony Tuviera’s APT Entertainment. It will be a Sunday edition of Eat Bulaga since APT is also a blocktimer.

  10. James Ty III says:

    Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo will have a new soap together on GMA titled My Faithful Husband, which will start airing next month.

    • Redundant response to a question by Jake. We all know they will have new shows on GMA. It’s about asking IF they go to ABS in the foreseeable future. Get that?

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