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A Halloween Special: GMA’s Dark, Cruel, and Twisted Weekends

Call it one scary Halloween this year for the folks at GMA.

For much of 2014, GMA has been airing not one, but two horror series every weekend. Anyone who became a fan of both ‘Tales of Horror’ and ‘True/Asian Horror Stories’ must have their hairs raised from all that fear.

Both series have one thing in common: they air nothing but Far Eastern (particularly Korean and Japanese) horror flicks. In addition, both ‘Tales of Horror’ and ‘True/Asian Horror Stories’ occupy the mid-afternoon slots.

These two series were symbolic of how bad GMA’s programming has been through the past several years. Both ‘Tales of Horror’ and ‘True/Asian Horror Stories’ were considered inferior efforts on the part of GMA to stay relevant on weekends, and had no answers to rival ABS-CBN’s programs.

There was a time when GMA used to rule the weekends. Those who grew up in the ‘glory days’ of the network must have heard of shows like ‘Kakabakaba’ and ‘Wag Kukurap’, two locally-produced shows that once helped GMA win the ratings war against its ABS-CBN counterparts like ‘Oka Tokat’ and ‘Nginiig’.

That was then. Now, it looks like the ghosts of programs’ past are beginning to haunt them.

Case in point: the movie-infested daytime slot (e.g. ‘GMA Blockbusters’) on Sundays. Why? Because they are too repetitive and are overly dubbed in the Filipino language, in the process scaring away viewers at every turn.

For GMA executives, the fear of being upstaged by an archrival is real. Whereas before they had the ability to counter and outdo what ABS-CBN is doing, now it seems like they are hiding away from it.

As Halloween approaches, the mood inside the Timog headquarters appear dark and frightening. And for those who know all too well about GMA’s programming every weekends, there is always a reason to feel scared.

Announcement: From the Tube will take a break from October 31 to November 3, in observance of Halloween and All Saints’ Day. The U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 songs for November 8 will posted on November 4.


14 thoughts on “A Halloween Special: GMA’s Dark, Cruel, and Twisted Weekends

  1. HappyHalloween says:

    The Halloween atmosphere fits GMA the most among the major Philippine TV networks because of multiple factors (the relentless airing of Tagalized movies from both sides of the Pacific, GMAAC’s troubles, recent high-profile talent departures that were stated in previous From the Tube articles, the overabundance of [usually rerun] animated programs in the mornings, GMA Telebabad’s consistent ratings losses, SAS, the network’s unclear financial future, etc.).

  2. James Ty III says:

    I don’t understand why Iya Villania moved to GMA. Apparently, she became a bit insecure because of so many stars in ASAP.

  3. James Ty III says:

    Another sign of GMA’s Dark, Cruel, Twisted Weekend: FOUR Tagalized movies this Sunday, November 2. SPY KIDS 3D at 11 am, CASPER at 12:30, GHOST with Patrick Swayze at 3:30 pm and DISTRICT 9 at 10:40 pm. GMA never learns, really.

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