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GMA Responds to ABS-CBN’s Throwbackseryes

‘Bantatay’ will be re-aired on GMA starting November 10, replacing ‘Return of the Wife’. (Logo courtesy of GMA Network)

The so-called ‘throwbackserye’ has taken over GMA as well.

After ABS-CBN decided to air re-runs of previous teleseryes in the mid-morning slot, GMA answered back with one of their own. The Kapuso network’s response was ‘Bantatay’, a drama-comedy-fantasy series starring Raymart Santiago, Gelli de Belen, Jennica Garcia and Carl Guevara.

‘Bantatay’ first aired from September 20, 2010 to February 25, 2011 on the then-extended GMA Dramarama sa Hapon (now Afternoon Prime) block. The series garnered high ratings throughout its run, despite facing intense competition from the likes of ‘Kokey @ Ako’ and ‘Sabel’.

Unfortunately for GMA, the timing for the rebroadcast of ‘Bantatay’ came at a not-so opportune time. The series’ lead star, Raymart Santiago, is currently enduring various issues involving himself and his estranged wife (and former GMA talent) Claudine Barretto, and re-airing ‘Bantatay’ may not be a good idea after all.

In fact, it would have been better if GMA extended its anime block to the 10:00 a.m. slot rather than responding to ABS-CBN’s own programming strategies. As far as they are concerned, it is the animes, no matter how repetitive they are to viewers, that are lifting GMA every morning.

Going back to ‘Bantatay’, the series proved to be one of the last GMA programs to date that rated well with viewers. Since ABS-CBN adopted Kantar as their ratings provider, the tables have turned to the latter’s favor, and have not looked back since.

In fact, in what used to be ‘Bantatay”s old timeslot preceding ’24 Oras’, the succeeding GMA teleseryes that followed have flopped consistently against ABS-CBN’s seemingly superior products. Whether it’s ‘Aryana’, ‘Annaliza’ or ‘Pure Love’, GMA seems to have no answers to ABS-CBN’s own fare.

That said, the sadness and shock that is permeating beneath the bosses in the corner of Timog Avenue and EDSA is undeniable. And now they are resorting to these responses just to keep themselves in the hunt, which is not a good idea.

‘Bantatay’ may be back, but for GMA, this is not the time for resorting to such a feeble call.


34 thoughts on “GMA Responds to ABS-CBN’s Throwbackseryes

  1. Their logic might be Bantatay is too smilar to Kath Bernardo’s Wansapanataym which is back to being a once a week program. They should have aired other successful telebabad’s such as Marian’s TOW or MHL just to be different and to counter the strong following of Pedro Penduko

    • BRW34 says:

      ‘Bantatay’ (which is about a dog possessed by the spirit of a dead veterinarian-father) aired four years before that new Wansa special starring Kathryn Bernardo entitled ‘Puppy ko si Papi’ (which is about a girl coping with his overprotective father who is being transformed to a dog by some magic spell). For Wansa, I think the cause of its return to just Sundays is of TVoP2 airing on Saturdays starting tomorrow (as of this posting) while ‘I Do’ (the first season; recently renewed for a second one) is down to its last 2 episodes. There is no confirmation yet from ABS-CBN of the permanence of Wansa’s airing only on Sundays after the first season of ‘I Do’ ends. Also, Wansa’s next special after ‘Puppy ko si Papi’ will star Julia Baretto and Inigo Pascual.

      If the situation of bad ratings across GMA’s own dramas continues to be uncontrolled, GMA may opt to bring about re-airing some of its recent hits. Note that several of GMA’s past dramas are airing or were aired on the cable channel FOX Filipino.

      • Sabi ko similar parehong naging Aso ung tatay regardless of circumstances. What GMA is doing is preemption which is a good technique on TV. Nag Kambal Sirena sila nung nag Dyesabel (sirena show) nag Strawberry Lane nung nabalitaan ung Forevermore (shows na sa Baguio setting), nung nagka Mirabella meron din sila. Kpag naumay ung viewers sa plot nawawalan ng interest ung manunuod sa kbilang network. If done correctly it can destroy a show’s potential.

      • So far, they’re not there yet. They don’t even have the artists to counter a Kathryn, a Daniel, a Julia or a Quen. That will be a huge concern for the entertainment department on how to make it all work.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Ramon Ang owns only a minority stake in GMA so he cannot do anything about the network’s programming. Much of it is still run by people under the Gozon and Duavit families.

  3. Y2J says:

    Someday, GMA will rise up from this crisis. It will take time again. Right now, I am observing that ABS-CBN got the upper hand again. But after sometime, people will get tired of ABS and would revert back to GMA just like last time before when GMA got the upper hand from ABS-CBN.

    • Then again, ABS will get the upper hand once people get tired of GMA. There’s always a pattern going.

      However, what they need at this point is a more organized management committee and new ownership to pump some life to the struggling network. Ramon Ang may have acquired minority shares, but he’s a non-factor; unlike ABS and TV5, GMA is not owned by a conglomerate like the Lopez and MVP groups. Perhaps a conversation with the Sy family of the SM Group, which is by far the most viable option, may help them at this point.

      • The Sy will not be interested in GMA, considering almost all of their endorsers are from ABS. I rather see how TV5 will step up from competition. Without any business partners GMA will loose the multimedia competition. The Sy knows that GMA’s weakest point is promotion which is the biggest consideration in affiliating with a network

      • Right now, though, TV5 is far behind despite these available resources. But give them time, and they’ll rebound.

        If GMA can’t find a financial backer, sooner or later they’ll end up bankrupt.

  4. dy/dx says:

    Ang maganda lang sa GMA ay ang kanilang news and public affairs. Walang makakapantay pa rin sa kanilang news coverage na dahil mas dun sila kilala sa fair and unbiased reporting.

    • Correct. That’s why they decided to create GMA News TV, kaso like its parent network, nalulugi rin siya, hence you’ll see movies and QTV reruns on that station.

      Businesswise GMA is not doing well, depsite the success of its news division.

    • The news department is also struggling at this point. The recent reformat is proof of that. Dpat kasi si Jessica Soho na lng ang mag headline ng primetime news nila.

      • dy/dx says:

        Yup. I noticed that. Just recently today, they reformatted 24 Oras. It didn’t look that good unlike the old format they used to. I think they should create an article regarding the News and Public Affairs reformat of GMA News. Thank you

      • Their so-called ‘News TV’ is also a reflection of those struggles. They previously tried a radio simulcast of DZBB in the mornings, but it failed for obvious reasons. They also tried a morning talk show, but failed too. Right now, movies occupy that slot. They even air reruns from the QTV days.

      • Somehow the reformat wasnt that good. Madilim ung studio plus the commentaries on certain news items feels awkward, mas may lisensya mag commento ang TVP since ang banner ng ABS ay panig sa katotohanan panig sa bayan(hopefully im correct) GMA kasi walang kinikilingan walang pinoproteksyunan

      • That’s reflective of the being the cheapskate station that is GMA at the moment. Dahil sa sobrang pagkalugi, they made the reformat much cheaper on paper.

      • I dont get the point bkit kelangan gayahin ng 24Oras ang logo at commentary style ng TVP, eh mas maganda nman ung sa knila dati. Lalo lng nila sinabi na talo sila sa isang field na dikit ang laban nila in terms of viewership

  5. James Ty III says:

    The state of the GMA news employees is really saddening. No wonder Jessica Soho left the network as news head.

    By the way, Manny Pacquiao’s billiards tournament held last September in Gensan will be aired on SNBO this Sunday night, a week before his fight with Chris Algieri. Apparently, this is still part of MP Featuring Sport Science which is under GMA News.

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