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A Sad Ending to Ilustrado, Plus Second Chances Moved to Early 2015

The highly-budgeted but low-rated GMA bayaniserye ‘Ilustrado’ will end this Friday . (Photo credit: GMA Network)

‘Ilustrado’ ends this Friday with little to show for.

GMA’s so-called ‘bayaniserye’, which was produced by the News and Public Affairs department, failed to impress in the ratings throughout its run. This despite the fact that it boasted a more hi-tech production and added a more educational approach to the story.

Figures from both Kantar and AGB Nielsen showed that ‘Ilustrado’ was way behind ABS-CBN’s ‘Two Wives’ in the ratings for much of its run. ‘Ilustrado’ also failed to make an impact on social media, as netizens focused more on the intimate and hostile scenes between the characters of Jason Abalos, Erich Gonzales and Kaye Abad rather than Alden Richards’ portrayal of Jose Rizal as a student in Europe.

‘Ilustrado’ premiered on October 20 amid high expectations. GMA gave the show’s producers a big budget, investing on the latest computer technologies to digitally recreate the look of late 19th century Europe.

But the big investment did not translate into ratings success, even though more advertisers pitched in to help recover the losses. That said, expect GMA to lose more money after the disastrous returns of ‘Ilustrado’.

With ‘Ilustrado’ about to leave the airwaves this Friday, a new series will come to the Kapuso network starting November 17.

Contrary to earlier reports, ‘Second Chances’ will not be the replacement for ‘Ilustrado’. The teleserye, starring Jennylyn Mercado, Rafael Rosell, Raymart Santiago and Camille Prats, will now air beginning the first quarter of 2015.

Instead, ‘More Than Words’, starring Elmo Magalona and Janine Gutierrez, will replace ‘Ilustrado’, but not at the latter’s old timeslot. The series is expected to move at an earlier time.

Like ‘Ilustrado’, ‘Second Chances’ is expected to be a big-budgeted series. For the second consecutive year, a series starring Jennylyn Mercado will lead a list of GMA’s first quarter offerings, with the first being ‘Rhodora X’.

The move of ‘Second Chances” to an early 2015 premiere should boost its chances somewhat, as the series’ producers will now use the time to improve the story, production and character development.

This does not mean, however, that ‘Second Chances’ will be a potential hit. As it has been proven time and time again, GMA’s overreliance on its veterans have cost them both ratings, young talent and ad loads, and this latest venture shows how poor GMA is at managing and developing talent.

As 2014 winds down, expect yet another down year for the Kapuso network, both in financial health and in viewership. And it only gets worse.


45 thoughts on “A Sad Ending to Ilustrado, Plus Second Chances Moved to Early 2015

  1. Heard that GMA might place More Than Words against Forevermore, the logic is they dont want to sacrifice Strawberry Lane the only teleserye that is rating more than 15% based on Kantar Media. The Cathy Garcia Molina teleserye is wreaking havoc in primetime, same as Two Wives. If I were ABS i will put Forevermore after TV Patrol as a replacement to Hawak Kamay since its now hitting the 30% mark so it can pull the rest of the primetime bida show upward.

    • Better not change a thing. Maganda na ang performance ng Forevermore sa timeslot nito, and besides, yung mga kakauwi lang sa trabaho or school ang mas makikinabang rito. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Wala namang rason para ilipat ng timeslot ang Forevermore kung lumalakas ito.

      • Rumor has it that ABS still hasn’t decided which Teleserye to put after the strong following of Forevermore and how to maximize it. There are 3 shows(BCWMH, HK and Pure Love) ending this month with 4 possible shows that could fill in with the gap: Give Love on Christmas, Bagito, Flordeliza and Dream Dad. It will be interesting how the kapamilya network will play their cards. Currently Forevermore is pulling Two Wives ratings upward.

      • Normally kasi mas marami ang nakakapanuod kpag after TVP.
        But Bagito trended last night so it might be in the running to be on Primetime

      • They havent aired any trailers for Dream Dad or Flordeliza as well, teaser yes but a full blown trailer like Bagito wala pa, so I suspect mauuna ito than the others.

      • Pero lugi pa rin ang GMA kasi coffee prince ang pinantapat nila hopefully Zanjoe can rub good luck to Dream Dad from his previous pre TV Patrol show Annaliza. I rather see Bagito after TVPatrol kasi kung FlordeLiza na naman puro bata na ang bida.

      • Hindi pwede. Bagito tackles a more mature issue, kaya mas nababagay ito sa 9:15-9:30 slot. It may carry an SPG rating for most of its episodes so it will be better if it airs much later.

        Better watch the trailer on YouTube to see what I’m talking about.

        As for GMA’s decision to air Coffee Prince, lugi talaga sila. Pero anong magagawa natin? Dinelay na nila ang Second Chances to 2015 just to give it some time to prepare, thus only one local teleserye ang maieere sa Siyete to end the year, which is More Than Words. Again, as I told you, gusto talaga nilang umiwas sa sibling rivalry, since Dream Dad has Maxene and MTW has Elmo.

      • Well may point ka bka Give Love on Christmas ang ipalabas nila to replace HK, kasi ung FlordeLiza similar ang kwento sa Two Wives, pov lng 2 bata on having the same father but with diff mothers.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Illustrado should have been aired on GMA News TV. Another investment that GMA squandered.

    It was even worse than Sa Puso ni Dok. Perhaps airing Illustrado on Sundays against Gandang Gabi Vice wouldn’t have worked in GMA’s favor anyway.

  3. KG says:

    Highly very educational and recomended for the students (in public schools) but discontinued due to low ratings. Sad ending for Illustrado.

    • Not to offend anyone but I rather see a more forward tjinking series from these series, shows that will provoke social change. Let’s leave teaching history to schools where they could put emphasis on the importance of such event. History books cant be and shouldn’t be skewed. Artistic interpretation gets into the ways of things tsaka mas maganda kung tuturuan natin ang mga bata na magbasa kesa sa manuod ng tv. Just my 2 cents.

      • Jason Raz says:

        wow. may site pala na ganito ang bitter sa GMA.. napansin ko lang lahat ng post gustong ibagsak ang GMA.. low rating raw ang ilustrado at natatalo ng counterpart ng ABS.. papano nya yun nasabi..KANTAR ba? hindi pa nagsimula ang ilustrado sinabi na ni ALDEN na short series lang to at hanggang 20 episodes lang..

      • Low-rating naman talaga ang Ilustrado. Go take a look on PinoyExchange and see why. Mapa-Kantar o Nielsen man, talo talaga siya sa Two Wives nila Erich, Jason and Kaye.

        And sorry, hindi pa handa si Alden na maging big star sa showbiz. However I don’t intend to destroy GMA, pero the truth is, sila mismo ang nagpapabagsak rito. So don’t blame me; blame the inept and clumsy executives who are not working hard enough to change GMA’s standing as a ‘poor man’s ABS-CBN’. These are just my personal opinions and do not reflect the views of any network.

      • Hi Jason, I admire your tenacity and mind you I am not pro any station, most of the comments are intended to help GMA, if you have been reading which you should have, we suggested the new timeslot for More Than Words. This might surprise you but we were not connected to any network. What we do is give honest assessment to shows any network is showing, those comments might look biased but the truth is our opinions are logical ang strategic. We are not claiming that GMA’s latest move to put More Than Words are ours but we came to the same conclusion that MTW best chance is to go against HK, and Kapuso network’s best bet against Forevermore is Strawberry Lane. Before you judged that this blog is anti GMA, read first like what you shouls have done. You want to protect your station? Help them dont be a cheerleader but be a critic, because coaches are not there to cheer they are their to help athletes like GMA, and whether you believe the ratings or not, every athlete has a weak spot. So help GMA, because its not fun when there is no competition at all.

  4. Martin Danza says:

    GMA is reported to have earned more than P400 Million for the 3rd Quarter. Hence, I highly doubt that they would lose more money.

    For me, it “may” be another down year for GMA. (They still have a chance to fix things before 2014 ends) But, I doubt that it would get worse.

    • However, the P400 million may not turn to a profit after all. They still have a lot of expenses to worry about, both in programming, production, other departments and maintenance, and if that’s the case, it’s still possible that they’ll end 2014 in the red.

    • What GMA should have done is answer the allegations on labor practice, when they publish their net income is not good for the case filed against them.Come December 31, most of their behind the camera will end their contracts, and that Php400 million profit is everything the TAG group needs to make a case that their network can afford to regularize their employees. Bad move for them.

      • GMA’s legal department should have talked to their PR department before they released any statements. A Gag order shall be issued againat The Talent Association of GMA or TAG on posting their sentiments online and to the public, because anything they will say can affect the negotiations. The statements TAG made online can be seen as made in bad faith what they should have done was discussed it in court because Php400 Million for a quarter is big enough to support employees for their regularization

  5. James Ty III says:

    GMA is counting on its broadcasts of Manny Pacquiao’s billiards tournament tomorrow and his fight with Chris Algieri next Sunday morning and evening to at least break even financially. We’ll see as ABS-CBN has lined up some big specials in the coming weeks starting with Pinoy Pride Boxing and Bench The Naked Truth tomorrow.

    • They’ll only get a partial amount on the Pacquiao fight since they’re just a mere blocktimer to Solar Sports. In short, not even that fight will help them improve their financial standing. And I doubt if the Pacman billiards tournament will do any good.

      Also, hindi lang naman Sundays ang batayan ng pagkita o pagkalugi ng isang network. Better understand that Mr. Sunday. All days of the week have equal correlation when it comes to viewing audience. Sunday may be an off-day work-wise, pero marami pa rin ang lumalabas ng bahay para mag-shopping o mag-lakwatsa. This explains the fact that malls and other tourist spots receive the most pedestrian traffic.

  6. Jake Jacinto says:

    I think one reason why GMA is unstable these days is their owners, Gozon, Duavit, and Menardo Jimenez. I suspect that the 3 owners didn’t have any experience in owning or operating a TV station like GMA, since Gozon is an attorney of the Stewarts (original GMA owners), while Duavit worked for Ferdinand Marcos in the 1970’s, if I’m not mistaken. Meanwhile, I do not know what experience does Menardo Jimenez have.

    It’d have been better if GMA today is still owned by Uncle Bob Stewart, but that’s already impossible, because of a constutional law.

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