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No Sibling Rivalry in Premieres of Dream Dad and More Than Words

There will be no rivalry between the children of the late ‘Master Rapper’ Francis Magalona on Philippine television.

Fresh from re-signing with ABS-CBN, Maxene Magalona will co-star alongside Zanjoe Marudo and child actress Jana Agoncillo in ‘Dream Dad’. The series will also star Beauty Gonzales, Yen Santos, Ana Feleo, Katya Santos, Ketchup Eusebio, Ariel Ureta and Gloria Diaz.

‘Dream Dad’ will focus on an orphan who searches for a loving family, and a bachelor who tries to mend a broken heart by focusing on his family’s welfare. Ultimately, their lives would change after they cross paths with one another.

(Due to unforeseen circumstances, the full trailer of ‘Dream Dad’ on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s official YouTube was taken down as of November 14).

Over at GMA, younger brother Elmo Magalona will reunite with ‘Villa Quintana’ co-star Janine Gutierrez in ‘More Than Words’. Also starring in this series are Rey ‘PJ’ Abellana, Leni Santos, Jaclyn Jose, Gardo Versoza, Yayo Aguila, Enzo Pineda, Stephanie Sol, Mayton Eugenio, Mikoy Morales and Coleen Perez.

The story of ‘More Than Words’ will revolve around two individuals: a teenage boy whose memory was lost following an accident, and a daydreaming female student who created an imaginary ‘dream boy’ in one of her blogs. After finding the supposed boy of her dreams, they would grow fond of each other, while the boy begins a new life with his adoptive parents.

While ‘Dream Dad’ will premiere in its expected timeslot, the same cannot be said for ‘More Than Words’. It was supposed to premiere November 3, replacing both ‘Seasons of Love’ and ‘Elemento’, but GMA management wanted none of the possible sibling rivalry between the Magalonas, and as a result, they hastily re-aired ‘Coffee Prince’ on the timeslot that was supposed to be filled by ‘More Than Words’.

Then in a somewhat surprising decision, they moved the premiere date of ‘Second Chances’, which was supposed to replace ‘Ilustrado’, to the first quarter of 2015. And to top things off, both ‘Strawberry Lane’ and ‘Hiram na Alaala’ will now be moved to later timeslots, paving the way for ‘More Than Words’ to occupy the slot after ’24 Oras’.

Thus, ‘More Than Words’ will go up against the soon-to-conclude ‘Hawak Kamay’ while ‘Dream Dad’ will face the re-airing ‘Coffee Prince’ on their respective networks.

It will be interesting to see how both Magalonas fare in their respective new series, but even in different networks, they will always be family off-screen. Good luck.


10 thoughts on “No Sibling Rivalry in Premieres of Dream Dad and More Than Words

  1. GRW222 says:

    BREAKING NEWS: ‘Bagito’ will premiere instead of ‘Dream Dad’ on Monday, replacing ‘Pure Love.’ So it is assumed that the premiere of ‘Dream Dad’ has been moved to next week, replacing ‘Hawak-Kamay.’

    • I don’t understand. They’ve already made it clear on their press release, tapos at the last second, they change their mind? Wow! Nakiki-gaya na rin sila sa GMA pagdating sa mga last-minute changes.

      • Well sabi nga ng source ko di pa tlga decided ung management. Natuwa daw sila na maganda ang reception ng Bagito. Nde rin nila alam kung papaano mamaximize ang ratings ng Forevermore. Pero as of now Dream Dad will replace HK. Infidelity din kasi ang topic ng FlordeLiza, eh maganda nman ang ratings ng Two Wives.

      • But too mature for a 5:50 start time. Let’s just say we were caught off-guard by this announcement. Yung Bagito around 1 week lang ata prinomote, it’s like they made it more low-key para may surprise factor.

      • Forevermore is a light teleserye, kaya di rin appropriate na heavy drama ang show before this referring to FlordeLuza and Bagito. Kaya they put Dream Dad instead of moving Forevermore. FlordeLiza might replace BCWMH

      • Ibig sabihin, same timeslot ang magkapatid na Elmo at Maxene na sa magkaibang istasyon na.

        Well, with all the teleseryes that ABS is launching before the end of the year, mukhang hindi pa gaanong planado ang kanilang first quarter plans next year. Yung GMA, may isa nang confirmed, eh yung ABS kaya? Abangan na lang natin.

      • Second teleserye ni Lyca post-TVK. Mukhang mas mauutilize muna siya sa acting kaysa sa singing; usually mga sikat na singers sa PH around teenage years na silang nagsisimulang mag-train.

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