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TV5’s ‘Weekend Do It Better’ Revisited

‘Wow Mali’, now under the ‘Lakas ng Tama’ tagline, is one of three ‘Weekend Do It Better’ programs on TV5 that are still on the air today. (Title card courtesy of TV5)

It’s been over a year since TV5 decided to change the network’s programming approach.

Under the leadership of president Noel Lorenzana, the Kapatid network overhauled its programming lineup in a way that it would favor a younger and a more active audience. These initiatives resulted in the ‘Weekend Do It Better’, ‘Everyday All the Way’ and ‘KBO: Karunungan, Balita at Opinyon’ blocks.

The first of these blocks debuted in September of last year. The first block, ‘Weekend Do It Better’, initially consisted of the following programs:

  1. ‘Showbiz Police’
  2. ‘Tropa Mo Ko Unli’
  3. ‘Killer Karaoke: Pinoy Naman’
  4. ‘What’s Up Doods?’
  5. ‘Pinoy Explorer’
  6. ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’
  7. ‘Wow Mali Pa Rin’
  8. ‘The Mega and the Songwriter’

Of the eight, only ‘Tropa Mo Ko Unli’ (now ‘Tropa Mo Ko Nice Di Ba’), ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ and ‘Wow Mali Pa Rin’ (now ‘Wow Mali Lakas ng Tama’) remain on the air. The three shows were the only ‘Weekend Do It Better’ stalwarts to survive TV5’s most recent transformation, that of the ‘Happy Ka Dito’ era, and their success and viewer loyalty were a testament to that.

On the other hand, ‘What’s Up Doods?’ and ‘The Mega and the Songwriter’ were cancelled just before the end of last year due to low viewership numbers. Then in the first half of this year, ‘Showbiz Police’, ‘Pinoy Explorer’ and ‘Killer Karaoke: Pinoy Naman’ were also cancelled, with the first two having moved to new timeslots in the middle of their run.

The ‘Weekend Do It Better’ title would be deemphasized by February 2014, but in the minds of the Kapatid network, it was only the beginning of further experimentation and constant rebuilding. New programs would be unveiled within the next few months, with the hope of making TV5’s weekend lineup even more formidable.

Today, the experiment continues, but for TV5, ‘Weekend Do It Better’ marked the start of bigger and brighter things for the still-No. 3 network, one that would carry them for the next few years.


66 thoughts on “TV5’s ‘Weekend Do It Better’ Revisited

  1. It seems to me that TV5’s biggest challenge in stabilizing their program line up is their Sports Programs which are erratic and doesnt fit the normal schedule the Filipino audience are used to. As of now no channel has claimed and maintained its number 1 position because of PBA, it will never happen. What TV5 must do is create programs that are interesting and will not disrupt the normal viewing habits of the people. With the advent of iWanTV, If I were them I will create weekly series during weekdays, why? Because weekly series has the best chance to steal viewers from ABS and GMA if people will just miss one episode rather than a whole week. Instead of beefing up weekend programs which has less viewers than weekday primetime viewers, I will concentrate more on weeknights. When schedules are erratic you loose viewers which is bad especially if you just have a handful of them.

    • Weekly series will only be successful if people stay patient. A week’s worth of waiting is just enough time for the writers to formulate new stories. But as it stands, daily series will still be the norm, simply because the viewers are always impatient, thus adding pressure to the writers.

      • They can mix it up, shake it up and work around it. They have to cut off the arm(SportsPrograms) so the patient will survive. Why not put Talentadong Pinoy on a Monday Night? Amazing Race on a Tuesday, Wattpad Series on a Wednesday, and other series on a weeknight. GMA has already having problems on Daily Series what makes them sure they can overcome it? Unless they can steal audiences from ABS and GMA and offer a better alternative other than Sports then they will end up where they are now, number 3. Lets face it ABS got primetime teleseryes in the bag.

      • TV5 should realize that they should stop being ABS or GMA and offer something different. Put their efforts from weekends to weeknights. They should maximize the weakness of iWanTV on Teleseryes.

  2. James Ty III says:

    I think TV5 should concentrate on sports. The PBA’s current time slots are more convenient to televiewers and sportswriters. A good suggestion is for TV5 to bring Sports 360 to free TV and air it as pre-programming for the PBA instead of Tagalized movies.

    And TV5 should bring back the 4-8 pm timeslot for the PBA on Sundays. Air WWTBAM at 8 pm, Quiet Please at 9, Amazing Race at 10 and Wow Mali at 10:30.

    • No offense but PBA doesn’t command much audience and fandoms, if PBA will drop the commercialization and give teams the local pride similar to what MBA did then they might have a chance in regaining the much fandom they had before, mas may fandom pa ang mga taga UAAP. Kung localized ung PBA mas makaka identify ung mga tao kesa sa ang branding ay pintura, margarine, alak, gasolina at gatas.

      • However, it will be a logistical problem kung ginawang mala-NBA ang mga PBA teams. The MBA failed because of that.

        If there’s one thing to consider, it is that the PBA, despite the fact that it is older than the Euroleague, has always been snubbed in the FIBA World Basketball program. Yung Top 10 highlights nga, puro Europe lang, konting NBA and other Asian leagues, but you can’t see even a single PBA highlight on that program. Even though Gilas reached the Worlds this year, the PBA is and will always be underappreciated by FIBA.

        Overall, sports is just one aspect that TV5 has thrived upon. Pero dapat may konting halo rin ng ibang formats, even if it means sacrificing high ratings for more quality programming.

  3. James Ty III says:

    TV5 can come up with a lot of quality programs. All it has to do is remove those Tagalized movies and leave those to GMA.

  4. muning says:

    ayaw kasi ng tv5 makipagsabayan sa abs cbn at gma, para maisip naman ng madla na kalaban din ang tv5 sa abs cbn at gma, malay mo pag ginawa nila yun, didikit na sila sa ratings ng abs cbn at gma

    • James Ty III says:

      TV5 should be an alternative channel. Kaya nga the station is airing PBA four times a week on primetime. Their old teleseryes did not rate well.

      • muning says:

        gawiin na lang nila ay palakasin ang coverage ng aksyon tv. humina ang ratings ng tv5 dahil sa sports coverage

      • Nameless says:

        ‘Yung “Babaeng Hampaslupa” lang ang tumatak na TV drama sa tv5 because of Alex Gonzaga and Susan Roces. I was an avid viewer of that show when I was in HS.

  5. muning says:

    at hindi lang ang tv5 ang may alternative programs, pati ang mga sister stations ng major networks, government stations at iba pang minor network ay may alternative programs din

  6. muning says:

    nakakapagtaka lang , kung ginagawa pa rin ito para sa loyal viewers, bakit sports at pelikula na paulit ulit ang pinapalabas nila, diba magsasawa rin ang mga loyal viewers sa tv5 sa nakakasawa nilang pauli ulit na programa

  7. muning says:

    at pati ang mga tv ads , iilan lang at karaniwan, tulad ng unilever, selecta at mvp group of companies. siguro ang iba ay nagsasawa na sila o hindi sila mabenta sa tv5.

  8. Mr. Cnor/Muning, kung pwede sana ipagsama mo na lang ang lahat ng sinabi mo into one or two comments? Ang dami mong sinabi, hiwa-hiwalay pa ang comments.

    TV5 is now an alternative station thanks to this block. Ratings are no longer primary for them. The best that they can do now is to provide better and more high-quality programming that will please other sectors. For now, they still air movies just to fill in airtime, since they are still adjusting.

    If there’s one station that needs to follow TV5’s lead, it’s GMA. Granted na talagang talo na sila sa ABS, it would be better for GMA to bring alternative programming instead, if they really are saving a lot of money due to various issues. But as it stands, the ownership remains as defiant as ever in becoming a No. 1 station, which unfortunately won’t help them.

  9. Jason says:

    Just cut-off the tagalized movies and strengthen their entertainment and sports show. OK na sila. Dapat hindi nila kalabanin yung ABS and GMA,mas okay nga sila bilang alternative tv station baka makakuha pa sila ng viewership nun

    • Indeed. But from the looks of it, they’ll continue to air those Tagalized movies in the event there is no replacement for a program that is either cancelled or on season hiatus, or an event that concluded recently. That was the case since yesterday when the Tagalized movies returned in lieu of Face the People and Let’s Ask Pilipinas.

      • James Ty III says:

        In fact, Face the People has been axed because Edu Manzano is no longer with TV5. He is returning to ABS-CBN and will star in a new teleserye for the Kapamilya network.

        I won’t be surprised if Tintin Bersola also leaves TV5 so she can be with her husband Julius Babao who is still with ABS-CBN News.

      • Much better ang Shop Japan Infomercials kasya sa mga Tagalog Dubbed Movie na yan, at nakaka-turn off talaga sa mga viewers ng ABS-CBN, ang better way dyan ay ipalabas ang Shop Japan ng 10:30 AM to 12 Noon tapos 1:30 to 3 PM sa timeslot ng Movie Max 5 at ibalik na lang sa 45 Minutes ang Aksyon Sa Tanghali at T3 Reload kasi napapanisin ninyo noong last week at ibinalik sa 30 minutes ang 2 programa ng News 5 at hanggang 12:15 at simula 1:15 ang mga movie na yan at sana’y i simulcast agad sa Aksyon TV at Radyo 5 ang naturang 2 programa at i-request po ng ilipat ang Relasyon nila LCV at Atty. Mel sa bagong oras, at pag walang PBA Games ng Monday and Thursday ay i-occupied ito sa Replay ng mga Weekend Shows nito. Kaya tiis muna sa iba at papalit na ang mga bagong shows sa TV5 at mas magiging improvement pa next year.

      • I don’t think TV5 will like your suggestion. Very total joke ang pag-ere ng infomercials sa umaga at hapon; remember, hindi na sila yung ABC-5 na dating umeere ng Venta5 tuwing siesta hours.They are a major/alternative network now. Mas bagay na talaga ang Shop Japan sa madaling araw.

        Regarding the now-30 minute airings of T3 and Aksyon sa Tanghali, eh patapos na ang taon kaya kakaunti na lang ang ibabalita. Saka may year-end episodes ang T3 pagsapit ng Pasko at Bagong Taon, so at this point, may ginagawa na silang pre-taped episodes for the occasion bago mag-bakasyon ang mga Tulfo brothers.

        As for Relasyon, hindi papayag si LCV at Atty. Mel diyan. Kung ililipat ang Relasyon, malamang apektado ang iba pang programa ng Radyo5, lalo na ang Wanted sa Radyo ni Tol Raffy. Saka yung proposal mo ng replays of weekend shows during non-PBA game days, I don’t think that’s a good solution to that, lalo na kung ang focus ng TV5 ngayon ay ang maging isang ganap na sports-entertainment channel.

        Kung ako sa’yo, magtiis ka muna ng konti.

  10. James Ty III says:

    Amy Perez also left TV5 because of her disenchantment with the network. Same with Alex Gonzaga. Both ladies returned to ABS-CBN.

  11. KG says:

    They have a trade launch yesterday at Sofitel (UNTV supporters know this) in coincidence with the network’s 5th anniversary under MVP’s helm.

    Can you make an article sooner for the newest shows?

  12. James Ty III says:

    I wonder what happened to TV5’s plan to do a Philippine version of Pretty Little Liars. The station’s planned teleserye for Ogie Alcasid, The Gift, was scrapped due to its decision to air PBA games instead.

  13. Nameless says:

    Sayang talaga ‘yung Weekend Do It Better na ‘yan, pero maganda na kasi ‘yung line-up eh pero biglang nawala ang majority ng shows. For me, as always naman, bawas-bawas (or tanggal-tanggal) din ng movie blocks ‘pag may time. Instead, they should replace it with some PBA-related shows, as well as dapat i-air na ang #NCAA09 volleyball in order to help boost the spike industry sa PH sports. For now, tv5 is a good player sa industry, no mainstream but more alternative.

    • They’re not airing NCAA volleyball for a reason: they think na hindi ito papatok in the same way that UAAP volleyball did in the past few years. And besides, matatapos na ang kontrata ng NC sa TV5, which also explains why some of NC’s on-air staff were now promoted to the PBA in anticipation of losing the former’s broadcast rights.

      If there’s one thing TV5 needed, it is to produce Kwentong PBA during the season, if they have the money to produce, that is.

      • Nameless says:

        Ah. So parang tv5 is now waiting for its expiration. Oo nga eh, nothing can stops UAAP Volleyball. At ngayon ko lang nalaman sa’yo na may Top 10 chart pala ang FIBA for Best Plays per week. So sad na hindi pala tayo kasali sa kanilang chart. And PBA should do an action for this.

        Interesting suggestion. Para malaman din ng fans ang every background ng every player, each day. Or produce a show similar to Sports Unlimited. Or what if kung ibalik ang kanilang Anime line-up like the AniMEGA before? Medyo humina na kasi ang Anime fever dito sa ‘Pinas, despit na may Cosplay nang naguuso.

      • TV5 used to air Astig, formerly hosted by Chiqui Roa-Puno and then Paolo Bediones. Kaso wala na siya, puro replays na lang ang ineere.

        TV5 has no plans whatsoever in bringing back animes via AniMEGA. That’s ABS and GMA’s job now; ayaw nga makisawsaw ang TV5 sa buhay mainstream. AniMEGA has been thrown out since Lorenzana took over.

  14. James Ty III says:

    James Velasquez of Sports5 told me that TV5 will air the NCAA volleyball starting the single round semis and finals.

    And you’re right, Ralph. I always see a lot of the NCAA talents at the PBA. Some of them are even acting as stand-by announcers at the Radyo Singko booth like Mara Aquino and Apple David.

    Renren Ritualo, who did analysis for the NCAA, is now a radio panelist for the PBA on Radyo Singko.

    Meanwhile, TV5 is launching a new sitcom with PBA players Gary David, Beau Belga and Willie Miller plus Ritz Azul as their leading lady. Jinkee Pacquiao and some PBA players’ wives will host a mid-morning show that will replace Face the People.

    • As I said, TV5 is bracing for the worst, hence the promotion of the NCAA talents to the PBA.

      A new sitcom featuring PBA players, and a talk show with the players’ wives? Very intriguing to say the least.

    • Nameless says:

      It’s so nice to hear talaga that tv5 is now trying to build sports-showbiz connections sa kanilang programs. Lalo na’t Mr. MVP is a well known sports patron. Pero ‘yung ilang hardcore basketball fans, I feel na parang kontra sila sa ganitong system. Anyways, finally at magiging busy na ang Pacquiao couple sa kanilang respective networks for their shows. At balik-TV na rin si Danica after so many years na, mula ‘nung sitcom stint niya with Duday and Maxene.

  15. James Ty III says:

    To that Carlo guy, please be reminded that TV5 is now under a new leadership. The shows that you have mentioned were under the old ABC 5 administration before Manny V. Pangilinan took over.

  16. James Ty III says:

    Let’s not also forget that a lot of TV5 stars watch the PBA games live at the venue to promote their shows with the channel. Eula Caballero and Valeen Montenegro of Lokomoko did a halftime dance number during one PBA finals game for league sponsor PLDT last season.

    Viva TV also did that when it covered the PBA games for IBC 13 from 2000 to 2002.

      • James Ty III says:

        Ritz Azul also watches a lot of PBA games and she even appeared in the old AKTV Center in the IBC studios when Sports5 was a blocktimer on Ch. 13.

        A former PBA import even had a crush on her.

        Regarding Wow Mali, Joey de Leon has hosted that show for a long time pero I wonder how he got the rights to the old episodes of the show when ABC was still in existence.

      • Perhaps copies of those old episodes ended up in his home as archives. Whatever the case, there’s no way TV5 under the current administration would air old ABC-era programs like those of Wow Mali.

  17. James Ty III says:

    Wow Mali, as far as I know, is a creation of Joey de Leon kaya nga it has lasted on Channel 5 from ABC until the TV5 time. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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