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Be Careful’s Rivals Revisited (Part I)

‘Be Careful with My Heart’ easily overwhelmed ‘Kusina Master’, hosted by Chef Boy Logro (above), during its first few months on the air. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

‘Be Careful with My Heart’, ABS-CBN’s long-running ‘kiligserye’ series, ends this Friday, November 28. As a tribute to its unexpected success and longevity, From the Tube will look back at ‘Be Careful”s rivals and their performance against the said late morning drama series.

On July 9, 2012, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ debuted on ABS-CBN’s late-morning slot. The then-debuting series introduced viewers to the characters Maya and Ser Chief, portrayed by Jodi Sta. Maria and Richard Yap, respectively.

In its maiden episode, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ registered ratings of 14.1 and 15.2%, according to AGB Nielsen and Kantar figures, respectively. The series defeated its first rival, the then-dominant GMA cooking series ‘Kusina Master’ of host Chef Boy Logro, who ended up with paltry ratings of 13.5 and 8.8%, respectively.

Soon after, ‘Be Careful’ began to overwhelm the once-confident ‘Kusina Master’, and by October 22, the latter show had been demoted to an earlier timeslot, in favor of ‘Cielo de Angelina’. At this point, ratings of 20% or better were a regular occurrence for ‘Be Careful’.

However, on November 12, ‘Kusina Master’ returned to its original 11:30 a.m. timeslot, thus facing ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ for the second time. But it bombed even further in the ratings, and on February 18, 2013, it was moved back to the 10:00 a.m. timeslot, this time for good.

Make no mistake, ‘Kusina Master’ had been a force to be reckoned with prior to the entry of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’. Chef Boy Logro’s unorthodox and fast-paced cooking style were a hit with audiences, and his ability to interact and entertain with the viewers helped him become a household name.

But once ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ entered, it was all downhill for ‘Kusina Master’, to the point that it was demoted again to an earlier timeslot, and then reformatted in the final year of its run. Still, the show was fortunate to have lasted over two years, thanks to its loyal viewers who kept the show alive.

‘Kusina Master’ was cancelled on May 9, 2014, and was replaced by ‘Basta Every Day Happy’.

Tomorrow on Part II, From the Tube will look back at ‘Be Careful with My Heart”s next rival, ‘Cielo de Angelina’.


4 thoughts on “Be Careful’s Rivals Revisited (Part I)

  1. James says:

    I wouldn’t say the show ending this week meant they’re conceding to competition. ABS made the most of the limited premise the show had for the three years it was on the air, and rarely does a Pinoy soap even last long past the first year with continually sustained high ratings. If it was more of an ensemble-based community soap opera like Days of our Lives (going 50 years), Emmerdale (42nd year), and Neighbours (on the way to year 30 very soon), it could probably last decades and still be popular.

    The feat that Be Careful achieved would hardly be repeated by any other succeeding teleserye in this day and age when “compacting” soaps lasting for 13-20 weeks has become the norm at the cost of allowing a story to unfold by itself.

    • It was an achievement for Be Careful to last that long. But you’re right. Such a long teleserye will never happen again, considering the exhaustive nature of making one today in the Philippines. No one will ever repeat a similar feat as Be Careful, or an even longer one like the original Juday-Gladys version of Mara Clara.

    • It reminds me back in the 90s, when ABSCBN used to make a ton of very lengthy teleseryes like Marinella, Esperanza, Mula Sa Puso (my family & I used to watch this before), among others. And I somewhat agree that lengthy teleseryes like these rarely happen nowadays.

      • Making teleseryes today are very exhaustive. They don’t want a repeat of the same plot over and over, so it’s a huge pressure for them to deliver a more distinct teleserye.

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