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Be Careful’s Rivals Revisited (Part III)

Since debuting in April 2013, ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ gave ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ an even tougher challenge. (Photo credit: Eat Bulaga official Twitter)

‘Be Careful with My Heart’, ABS-CBN’s long-running ‘kiligserye’ series, ends this Friday, November 28. As a tribute to its unexpected success and longevity, From the Tube will look back at ‘Be Careful”s rivals and their performance against the said late morning drama series.

After vanquishing rivals ‘Kusina Master’ and ‘Cielo de Angelina’, it seems like no one can stop the reign of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ in the late-morning slot.

And for much of February and March 2013, it appeared that GMA has already given up facing ‘Be Careful’, as old movies via the ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ took over the timeslot opposite the aforementioned ‘kilig-serye’.

But on April 1, an episode of ‘Eat Bulaga’ gave GMA some glimmer of hope.

On that episode, host Vic Sotto gave child star Ryzza Mae Dizon a memorable and extremely special gift. That reward came in the form of a microphone and a new show called ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’.

A week later, then seven-year-old Ryzza and her eponymous talk show would make its much-awaited debut on the Kapuso network, opposite none other than ‘Be Careful with My Heart’.

As expected, the pilot episode of ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ had a shaky start, posting ratings of 11.7 and 17.5% according to Kantar and AGB Nielsen, respectively. On the other hand, ‘Be Careful’ posted numbers of 24.4 and 23.4%.

Despite the slow start, it was clear that ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ was holding its own against ‘Be Careful with My Heart’. Even though ratings of 10% or better remain a regular occurrence, the show was able to last longer than either ‘Kusina Master’ or ‘Cielo de Angelina’, simply because GMA and producer TAPE, Inc. kept its faith on Ryzza and her growing talents.

With ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ providing a tougher-than-expected challenge, ‘Be Careful with My Heart’ tried to find new ways to increase their ratings. In November 2013, the wedding of Maya (Jodi Sta. Maria) and Ser Chief (Richard Yap) gave ‘Be Careful’ an impressive 27.2% rating, but the show’s ratings soon declined below 20% as audiences grew tired of its slow and dragging storyline.

While ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ was unable to beat ‘Be Careful with My Heart’, it did give the latter fits. The fact that viewers grew uninterested on the latter may have provided a bit of a spark on the former, as evidenced by the shrinking gap in the ratings of both programs.

Having said that, it was a big achievement for ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’ to last over a year. The talk show may have not been victorious, but at least it gave audiences a new reason to watch.

As for ‘Be Careful with My Heart’, the two-year ride ends this Friday. With that, From the Tube wishes the show the best of luck.

‘Give Love on Christmas’, a three-week Christmas special, premieres on December 1 on the soon-to-be vacated timeslot of ‘Be Careful with My Heart’.


11 thoughts on “Be Careful’s Rivals Revisited (Part III)

  1. Carp1 says:

    The Ryzza Mae Show’s ratings are single-digit nowadays while Be Careful With My Heart’s ratings are back to those the show had during its first months. I expect that the final episode’s ratings may be on par with Primetime Bida’s dramas.

    ‘Give Love on Christmas’ will last for six weeks (two weeks per story).

    • Perhaps dahil patapos na, hence the increase in viewership. Usually there’s an increase of hype and interest whenever a teleserye is on its final few episodes. Mas gusto nilang panoorin ang ending.

      Blessing in disguise talaga ang Be Careful sa late-morning. Kung andyan pa rin ang Kris TV sa late-mornings today, malamang talo ito kay Ryzza.

  2. Nameless says:

    Good suggestion din to have Ryzza an entry to Guiness for being the youngest talk show host, facing a huge number of audience inside the Broadway Centrum. Pero nowadays kasi, mukhang nagsasawa na rin ang maraming viewers ng Ryzza eh, kahit ako. Mas maganda kung mag-guest din siya ng mga personalidad na medyo malapit sa age niya. Puro 40+ na ang edad ng mga nagiging guest niya lately kasi. And sana may new segments naman.

    • That’s the problem with the state of Philippine TV nowadays. ABS and GMA are always overprotective of their talents; this so-called exclusivity is hurting the industry. Sa US nga, most, if not all, actors work independently, as in walang pakialam kung saang istasyon sila magtrabaho.

      Shows like The Ryzza Mae Show, GGV and even Medyo Late Night are facing such handicaps nowadays; they can’t even invite guests who work on opposing networks due to conflict of interest, unless they’re independent or may promotional project. And remember What’s Up Doods? They only aired for four months simply because they were unable to invite more famous personalities in order to keep it alive.

      • Nameless says:

        Eksakto. Such bigger celebs like Marian Rivera and Daniel Padilla are example of this system. Pero di ba, they have their own managers. Kumbaga, “untouchables” ang peg. Kaya nga mas lumalala ang network war sa Philippine showbiz and TV. That’s why mas hanga ako sa Hollywood kasi “sports” sila. No matter what if you’re from Fox, ABC or CBS. Look at Ellen show, various big personalities from different industries ang guests niya everyday. Medyo Late Night seems to be an amateur show na lang for me.

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