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So Long, ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’

TV5’s ‘Face the People’, along with ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’, bid adieu on November 21, 2014. (Photo credit: TV5)

The last remnants of the original ‘Everyday All the Way’ block are gone.

On Friday, November 21, 2014, ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’ aired for the final time on TV5. Three days later, ‘Movie Max 5’ took over the slot vacated by both programs.

And in a related development, both ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ and ‘T3: Enforced’ were once again cut to 30 minutes. This was in anticipation of the latter program’s year-end reports that are slated to air during Christmas and New Year’s week.

‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’ returned with a second season on July 7, albeit on the late morning slot rather than the afternoon and early evening slots, respectively. The move to new timeslots paved the way for TV5 to air two PBA games on weekdays beginning in mid-October.

As a result, ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’ served as an appetizer to TV5’s noontime newscast ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’, which debuted the following week.

The two shows also carried new hosts; ‘Face the People’ mainstays Gelli de Belen and Tintin Bersola-Babao were joined by Edu Manzano, while Ogie Alcasid replaced Aga Muhlach on ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’.

In all, 100 episodes were aired on both ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’ during their second seasons, which was not a bad run.

‘Face the People’ marked the swan song of Edu Manzano on the Kapatid network. On September 14, it was announced that Manzano will rejoin ABS-CBN following the completion of his obligations with TV5.

Meanwhile, Gelli de Belen and Ogie Alcasid will have new projects come next year, as TV5 recently announced its upcoming slate of programs for 2015. As for Tintin Bersola-Babao, it is unclear if she will stick with TV5 or move to another network.

With the cancellation of both ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’, TV5 now has an opening for any of their upcoming programs. For now, though, the same ol’ boring Tagalized movies on ‘Movie Max 5’ will take over the slot, albeit temporarily.


78 thoughts on “So Long, ‘Face the People’ and ‘Let’s Ask Pilipinas’

  1. Being temporary vacant for one month, it would be impossible to carry any anime, as those ignoramuses and fantards yearn to return.

    A little spoiler: For the whole year, TV5 made a hard time to say “no” to sports coverage and was ended up preoccupied.

    • Dakchigo says:

      Care to explain why those who wanted anime back would be “ignoramuses and fantards”? I’m not sure why the tone of this comment had to be like that for seemingly no reason.

      Personally, I think every general programming channel (like what TV5 used to be) should try to keep things diverse. Without diversity, it’s the audience who loses. If TV5 does become a “sports-entertainment” channel, I don’t see why anime should not have a place in programming. Still makes more sense to air one or two series, if only to remove a bit of the saturating effect of the movie slots, since they’ll probably take the same resources dubbing-wise.

      Besides, TV5 has shown that its forte is picking the niche anime that have strong fanbases (GMA goes for the masa anime while ABS-CBN… has a baffling repertoire that doesn’t seem to take notes from Hero). If I were TV5, I’d go for allotting even 30 minutes in the late primetime schedule and show weekly anime offerings (hint: “Sword Art Online” and “Attack on Titan” would do really well, even if the former is a steaming pile of shit), instead of doing reruns of “Face the People” or whatever it is they’re now showing after “Aksyon.”

      • Sorry for the ill comment but the reason why I called anime fans “ignoramuses and fantards” is becuase I gave me a headache for close-minded netizens on Facebook who never accepted the move of TV5 that they are moving on.

        The second paragraph is somewhat true, but TV5 wanted to go out of the box from the Mother Ignacia and Kamuning Empire. However, again, it’s all about the effect of preoccupation and difficulty of saying “no” to sportscasting.

        Third, you have a good program scheduling proposal but then, the final decision lies on Sir Noel Lorenzana.

      • Regarding the non-airing of animes on TV5, it looks like you and the moderator of A&R Community are on a collision course. Here is his response with regards to your criticisms:

        “To admin of Ibalik ANG AniMEGA sa TV 5:
        Alam na po namin ang admin at ang may-ari ng Timow’s Turf na nagpapasimunong sirain ang pagsuporta at pagkilala sa Anime at J-Pop, walang iba kundi ang admin ng turf na iyon ay si Timothy John Liwanag Paragas (A.K.A. Timow Paragas) na siya ring dahilan ng lahat para sirain ang page ng mga Anime/J-Pop sa iilang Social Media Page.
        Kaya huwag ninyong tatanggapin ang mga mensahe ni Timow Paragas at ng mga anime/j-pop haters na nag-like sa turf-page ni Mr. Paragas.
        Message By: Anime & Religion Community “A&R Community” Philippine/Worldwide Official Your Ally.”

      • Time and again, my WordPress and my Facebook page does not hate, IN ANY WAY, anime or J-Pop. But I had enough of this baloney, so, I decided to post a response note of one of his “issues.” You can read it on my Facebook page (the link of A&R Community’s note is included)

        A&R Community’s nonsense yet verbose discourse attacked indirectly not just myself but also Pinoy Nostalgia founder Gabby Hernandez, James Ty III and of course, you.

        The moderator is close-minded and tries to shoot the messengers by destroying our reputation and coercing us to watch new anime and to listen new J-pop.

        I respect your (and everyone on the Turf and FTT’s) tastes and opinions but not for him.

        I summoned him for a debate to end his ignorance and to convince that he cannot be pleased to everyone on his agenda.

      • Time and again, my WordPress and my Facebook page does not hate, IN ANY WAY, anime or J-Pop. But I had enough of this baloney, so, I decided to post a response note of one of his “issues.” You can read it on my Facebook page (the link of A&R Community’s note is included)
        A&R Community’s nonsense yet verbose discourse attacked indirectly not just myself but also Pinoy Nostalgia founder Gabby Hernandez, James Ty III and of course, you.
        The moderator is close-minded and tries to shoot the messengers by destroying our reputation and coercing us to watch new anime and to listen new J-pop.

        I respect your (and everyone on the Turf and FTT’s) tastes and opinions but not for him.

        I summoned him for a debate to end his ignorance and to convince that he cannot be pleased to everyone on his agenda.

  2. GGG356786 says:

    Gelli de Belen’s next project is a new standalone legal advice show with Atty. Mel Sta. Maria and Arnell Ignacio. (Will this upcoming show deprive ‘Aksyon sa Tanghali’ of a segment?)

    Ogie Alcasid will host ‘Rising Stars’, an “app-based” singing competition (I mean almost all of the action may take place via an app specifically designed for the show), with Venus Raj as co-host. (Will it be placed on a weekend?)

    ‘Talentadong Pinoy’ and ‘Quiet Please’ are renewed for a new season each. ‘Wattpad Presents’ will continue into next year.

    ‘The Amazing Race Philippines Season 2’ will end this week.

    Other interesting upcoming TV5 shows are:
    – ‘Entertainment5’, a showbiz and lifestyle talk show that will present Tim Yap’s TV5 debut and KC Montero’s return to television.
    – ‘Call Me Papa Jack’, the Love Radio DJ’s first proper TV show that will feature love advice.
    – ‘Kontrabando’, a humorous news discussion show presented by Lourd de Veyra, Ramon Bautista, RA Rivera, and Jun Sabayton (late night?).
    – ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’ is more or less ‘Kumare Klub’ (sort of) but with wives of PBA players as hosts.
    – ‘Healing Galing’, the expanded televised version of Dr. Edinel Calvario’s radio show co-presented by… Hayden Kho.

    TV5’s plans for 2015 include those upcoming genre-diverse shows of varying target demographics and wooing PLDT customers into the network’s audience, as well as a proposed return to profitability in the next few years (if all of those plans work very well).

    The announcement of only one drama (?) and zero foreign franchise programs in TV5’s trade event for 2015 as well as the aforementioned genre diversity of the upcoming TV5 programs show that TV5 is veering towards an alternative TV network (read: almost not trying anymore to play follow-the-leader to the other two major PH TV networks in terms of what genres shall predominate certain timeslots).

  3. KG says:

    We also heard na ang Happy Wife, Happy Life, a morning reality show featuring the wifes of the PBA players will be possibly the replacement of the latter part.

  4. KG says:

    and a TV version of the Radyo5’s weekend program Healing Galing with Dr. Edinell Calvario together with the controversial Hayden Kho. (Healing Galing is the segment of Aksyon sa Tanghali)

  5. James Ty III says:

    Another sign that TV5 is going more alternative — Derek Ramsay is leaving TV5 after Amazing Race PH ends and is reportedly going back to ABS-CBN while also apologizing to the Kapamilya Network for his sudden transfer to TV5 two years ago.

    • Nothing wrong with it. Freelancers are always welcome to TV5, which is good for PH TV. That is always the case in the U.S.; wala silang Artist Center or Star Magic or whatever, all of the artists there are freelancers and they can work at any station they want.

      • James Ty III says:

        Jay R said in a Monster Radio interview last Monday that he prefers working as a freelancer. He had been with GMA for many years before guesting lately on ABS shows.

      • Nameless says:

        tv5 used to have a division called Talent5, headed by Audie Gemora, during the network’s early years under MVP’s leadership but I’m not sure it it’s still active. But as far as I know, Ms. Galvante’s Asian Academy of TV and Arts collaborates with tv5 since 2012. And yes, hindi OA ang tv5 sa paghawak ng mga artists nila and they have a democratic minset where they never avoid their talents from making projects with other networks. From their 1st batch of celebs like Kim Gantioqui, Randolph Staletemaky & Alex G to their current line-up of Vin Abrenica, Carl Guevara, etc.

      • Well, TV5 is not like their competitors, in a way na hindi sila overprotective. But then again, freelancers on TV are a healthier alternative than being an exclusive artist, since may sarili silang choices at walang restrictions.

    • Nameless says:

      Teka, may nabasa naman ako kanina around the social media that Derek will stick with tv5 pa rin. Medyo na-confuse naman ako dito.

    • dy/dx says:

      The question is, who will host The Amazing Race Philippines after he leaves? I mean, I liked the show because they used the current logo from the US Franchise. I think Paolo Bediones who is a former reality show for Extra Challenge can be a good host for The Amazing Race PH after Derek Ramsey.

  6. James Ty III says:

    I won’t be surprised if Tintin Babao rejoins her husband Julius on ABS. They hosted a weekend morning show on DZMM before Tintin moved to TV5. Nina Corpuz replaced her.

  7. James Ty III says:

    TV5 will have a special sked this Sunday, December 7:

    3 pm PBA: Kia vs NLEX, Ginebra vs Rain or Shine

    Starting December 14, Talentadong Pinoy will also have a Sunday edition on TV5 which will be aired after the PBA games.

  8. I Can’t wait ng mag Shop Japan Infomercials na sila kasya sa Tagalog Dubbed Movies na yan at ibalik sa 45 Minutes ang Aksyon Sa Tanghali at T3 Reload at i-simulcast na ito sa Aksyon TV at Radyo5. Parang ABS-CBN ang lalong lumalakas sa umaga lalo na ratings nito, I Hope sa tulong ng mga new shows for 2015 ay mas lalo ma-improve pa ang shows roon.

    • Mukhang hindi mo pa rin ako naintindihan. Yung Shop Japan pang-hatinggabi lang yan. What TV5 needs is a new slate of programs during daytime; they don’t want to go back to the day where they aired Venta5 in the morning and afternoon. Hindi na sila yung ABC5 ni Cojuangco.

      At hindi na mangyayari yung pino-propose mong simulcast ng Aksyon sa Tanghali at T3 sa Radyo5 at AksyonTV. Kung ako sa’yo, magtiis ka na lang kay Atty. Mel at LCV sa tanghali, dahil sa kanila talaga ang timeslot na yon. 2010 pa lang, nasa tanghali na ang Relasyon so walang sense ang iyong proposal.

      • James Ty III says:

        Radyo Singko is celebrating its 4th anniversary this year. Relasyon today is at 12 nn because there is no PBA. That show is like a daytime version of DZMM’s Usapang de Campanilla with Atty. Danny Concepcion (husband of Unang Hirit’s Gaby Concecpion, not the actor).

      • Relasyon has always been at noontime since Radyo5 was born, so there’s no way LCV and Atty. Mel will be willing to move from their most comfortable spot.

        It can be recalled that T3 was also simulcast live on both Radyo5 and AksyonTV during its first week on noontime. However, both stations decided to stop simulcasting once Aksyon sa Tanghali arrived the next week because they think it would affect Relasyon.

  9. Nameless says:

    The songwriter’s season of Let’s Ask Pilipinas seems so boring for me. Mas gusto ko pa talaga ‘yung 1st season niyan where Aga hosted the said show. Lalo na’t diyan sumikat ang kantang “Biglang Liko”. Sayang lang kasi kaya naman siyang i-air ng tv5 on a PBA-free nights like Monday and Thursday. At dahil tapos na rin ang Face The People, isa na lang ulit ang TV project ni Atty. K. Jimeno.

    • The move to mornings for Let’s Ask Pilipinas and Face the People definitely affected both shows, no question. But TV5 had to do what they have to do, since they reluctantly decided to air both PBA games after a disastrous coverage last year.

      Next year, it’s back to zero again for TV5 in the mornings.

  10. I was sick about TV5’s upcoming programs for 2015. some the upcoming programs this year, hindi nila ipinatupad due to unknown reason including the Filipino remake of a Top rated US Drama “Pretty Little Liars” na dapat ko sanang ipatupad last July or August.

  11. I was sick about TV5’s upcoming programs for 2015. some the upcoming programs this year, hindi nila ipinatupad due to unknown reason including the Filipino remake of a Top rated US Drama “Pretty Little Liars” na dapat ko sanang inaabangan last July or August.

    • Both PLL and The Gift were shelved for obvious reasons. Yung sports coverage ang pumatay sa kanilang dalawa. And besides, the projects weren’t good enough to start with. Hanggang pre-prod lang sila.

  12. muning says:

    pati nga pala ang boses ng tv5 ngayon dati pa yan noong nasa abc 5 pa sila pero sa ngayon , iba ang boses para sa sports department, news department at entertainment programs

  13. muning says:

    pero kung ako ang namumuno sa tv5, ayaw ko ng “niche ” na sinasabi mo. hindi maganda ang strategy nila sa competition, kaya hindi iniisip ng madla na kalaban ang tv5. tingnan mo ang gma, lumakas sila simula gayahin lahat ang shows ng abs cbn. at may problema talaga ang tv5 sa mega manila, malabo ang signal kaya kahit anong paganda nila sa istasyon nila, hindi talaga nila pagtatatiyagain manood sa malabong tv5.

    • If I were you, irespeto mo na lang ang desisyon ng TV5 na maging alternative station. Siyempre may problema sila sa signal, so they need to spend wisely para may pera silang pampaayos. And it starts with programs that are different from others.

  14. muning says:

    at saka nga pala , may bagong anime nanaman ang tv5 pero di galing sa japan, ang Infinity Nado, pero simula ng nag ere ang tv5 ng ncaa, h
    umina sila

  15. GGE3345 says:

    @muning ‘Infinity Nado’ is part of the ‘King of Warrior’ toy franchise (a.k.a. Chinese Beyblade; created by toy company Auldey). The first TV adaptation of that franchise, the live-action ‘King of Warrior EX’, was aired by GMA on weekend mornings some years back. ‘Infinity Nado’ the animated series is actually TV5’s latest show on weekday mornings; this week is the show’s debut week on the network as Filipino-dubbed. That’s TV5 playing around with different genres.
    “[S]imula [nang] nag[-]ere ang [TV5] ng [NCAA], humina sila” — TV5 was weakened because they started to air NCAA games? How outlandish.
    And is Jeremiah Junior TV5’s current voiceover man? If yes, does he sound like the former ABC’s most recognizable voiceover guy (I think he is Arvee Villamarzo)? Martin Andanar is News5’s voiceover man.

    @kelvinabe TV5’s current financial situation make local adaptations of foreign shows other than reality/game shows impossible.

    • Muning, a.k.a. Cnor Xr Bautista Singson on his Facebook, always has the knack of harshly criticizing and bashing TV5. He even claimed that GMA News TV is better than TV5, even though they are unrelated stations. I don’t want to call him a TV5 hater, but it looks like he’s on that path. So pardon his criticisms.

      And remember, the Filipino version of Pretty Little Liars was even planned as one of the upcoming shows on TV5. But with their current financial situation, it looks this show is out of the window.

      • James Ty III says:

        Looking at the cast kasi of PLL, mga unknowns kasi ang bida. Talo ang TV5 doon.

        On Relasyon, it’s an important program on Radyo 5 because LCV heads News5 while Atty. Mel is the legal adviser of the station.

        LCV’s pinch hitter, Gladys Lucas, is the station manager of Radyo 5.

      • Even the voiceover of Radyo5, Cherry Bayle, fills in whenever LCV and Gladys were not available. Atty. Mel’s pinch-hitter is usually Atty. Lyn Bautista.

      • muning says:

        GMA NEWS TV is solid no. 4 nationwide at 3% lang ang pagitan ng tv5 sa nutam noong oct 2014. maniwala ka sa akin o sa hindi, marami sa mga loyal viewers ng tv5 simula nag ere ng sports ay lumilipat sa panonood ng news tv pero di sila loyal viewers sa news tv. halimbawa na lang sa t3, mas marami ang nanonood ng t3 kesa sa qrt sa hapon. sa ngayon, mas marami nang nakatutok sa qrt kesa sa pba o movies nilang nakakasawa. ung pagkansela ng face the people at lets ask pilipinas, di man lang umabot ng 4 % nationwide , minsan nagtanong ako sa agb, sabi nila na mas marami ang nakatutok sa replay ng gma news tv shows at balitanghali na umabot pa nga sa 5% nationwide. pati nga aksyon sa tanghali at t3 enforce, talo rin sa balitanghali. salamat nga at naniwala ka sa akin dati na simula nag ere personalan sa hapon, saka naman ito tinapat ng face to face ng tv5 . lahat ng sinabi ko, di ko imbento, sinasabi ko lang ang nalalaman ko .

      • If I were you, mag-contribute ka na sa Philippine TV Ratings fanpage. Pwede ka rin mag-contribute sa LionHearTV. Total ang dami mong alam sa ratings ng ibang networks na hindi Dos, Singko o Siyete.

        Pero mag-contribute ka muna sa Pinoy Nostalgia Discussion Group, Cnor ‘Muning’ Xr Bautista Singson. Ok?

    • muning says:

      oo totoo yun na humina sila hindi lang sa ncaa , pati na sa mga asian games, noong july 2014, nasa double digit pa nga sila , mga 11% , sa august ,9%, september, 8% at october , 9%

  16. KG says:

    In a latest development, TV5 will be having a new year’s countdown featuring the stars of their upcoming shows this December 31 at the Quezon City Circle; they will compete against the (unannounced as of this moment) countdown party at MOA by GMA.

  17. James Ty III says:

    TV5 began airing Talentadong Pinoy on Sundays starting last night at 8 pm after Who Wants to be a Millionaire. By next Sunday, Quiet Please will be aired at 9 pm followed by Wattpad Presents Weekend Marathon. Not sure about Wow Mali though because Joey de Leon’s show did not air last night.

  18. badofilada says:

    I won’t be surprised kung magkaroon din ng sariling show sa TV5 sina Monsour del Rosario, Japoy Lizardo, Christine Jacob-Sandejas, Verniece Enciso, Michael Christian Martinez, Luis Gabriel Moreno, Patrimonio sisters, and Bea Lucero-Lhullier.

  19. James Ty III says:

    Jinno moving to Sports5 is not remote. 9TV will become CNN Philippines by January so Sports Desk will most likely be axed. Jinno also did courtside duties for the PBA when Solar still handled the pro league telecast.

    BTW, with Amazing Race 2 over, Confessions of a Torpe with Ogie Alcasid is being replayed every weeknight at 9:30 after Wattpad Presents.

      • Nameless says:

        If ever na tumawid na si Jinno sa Greenfield District (tv5’s current location; eh walking distance lang ‘yun from Shaw Blvd.), hindi kaya magkaroon ito ng conflict between moving into a PLDT-powered TV network at ang pagiging Globe ambassador niya? Kung sa bagay, Lourd also endorsed Globe during Wanderland promo. It’s impossible for him to move siguro, kasi all 9TV personalities are now doing some seminars for their transition to CNN PH.

        Oh, yes. Parang hindi ko na rin nakikita si Shawn Yao on AKSYON. Maybe it’s due to her negative comment about Tondo ‘nung last reporting stint niya. I saw a blind item about her but I won’t share it na lang.

      • AFAIK, SportsDesk is a blocktimer now of 9TV. Solar pa rin ang producer. And besides, Jinno still appears on BTV as well. In short, empleyado ng Solar si Jinno, not of 9TV.

      • KG says:

        Bumalik na nga si Shawn Yao bilang anchor ng kanilang news updates. Saw her in their coverage of Typhoon Ruby.

  20. James Ty III says:

    With CNN set to take over 9TV, I think Solar will have to pull out Sports Desk from the new channel unless CNN Phil puts up a local version of World Sport with Jinno and Cesca Litton as hosts. That’s my opinion.

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