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In 100 Words: ‘Pangako sa ‘Yo’ Reimagined

The teleserye that launched Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa to stardom returns with a fresh look.

Last night, a teaser for the remake of ‘Pangako sa ‘Yo’ was released during the ABS-CBN ‘Kapamilya Thank You’ trade event. This time around, the roles of Yna (Hermosa) and Angelo (Rosales) will be portrayed by Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, respectively.

In addition, Angelica Panganiban will take on Jean Garcia’s old role as Claudia Buenavista. And finally, arch-rival Amor Powers, previously played by Eula Valdes, will now be performed by Jodi Sta. Maria.

The newly-remade ‘Pangako sa ‘Yo’ is just one of several upcoming programs that will be launched on the Kapamilya network in the first half of 2015.


27 thoughts on “In 100 Words: ‘Pangako sa ‘Yo’ Reimagined

  1. KG says:

    It shows that KathNiel tandem is now more matured on their roles. Good remake for Pangako sa Iyo which is an international hit nowadays, having aired in some Asian countries (w/ english subtitiles)

    and the remake will be helmed by Rory B. Quintos, the original director of the original PSY.

  2. James says:

    Not a fan of remaking local soaps, especially ones that you know are too sacred (and in the case of a certain soap in GMA, too recent) to be remade.

    Plus, with 20 weeks or 4 months ang itatagal nito (depending if ABS orders more episodes for a good few weeks longer), they won’t be able to put 2 years of stories in a now-standard abbreviated run.

    As fat Kathniel, not feeling it.

      • That said, the shortened remake should pose a challenge for the production staff. Kung yung five years ng Mara Clara kayang i-compress ng four or five months, eto pa kaya?

        With regards to remakes, you have your point. Honestly, this is becoming a watered-down strategy for both networks, since the creativity and freshness factor is lost when making these remakes over and over. Quite frankly, teleseryes today are rearing their ugly head.

      • James says:

        I fairly remember Lauren Young’s Mula sa Puso ended right after they did the infamous bus scene where Via unknowingly faked her death compared with the original where the show spent a few more months on the air. The way the remake did it basically soften the impact of what the original did.

        I can still cite a notable example, Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin. While that one was typical of a GMA afternoon soap, I felt the leading core cast (Barbie Forteza, etc) were felt underwhelming in general. Sana ay Ikaw na Nga meanwhile would have fared better as a standalone show although it was the closest GMA did for a well-done remake doing justice with its source material.

        Something is really off now with whoever are heading the networks’ drama development at this moment.

      • Right. These watered-down remakes definitely hurt the integrity and concept of the original. Fans of the older generation teleseryes deserve some justice.

  3. Nameless says:

    One of the signs na going nowhere na ang TV drama industry dito sa ‘Pinas. Nagkakaubusan na ng ideas in making originalconcepts and novels. Tila palaging “with a twist” na lang ang trend ngayon in making remakes. Frankly speaking, “more money, less quality” na rin ang nagaganap.

    • Nagsimula talaga ito sa Kathryn-Julia version ng Mara Clara, as far as local remakes are concerned. Once pumatok ang Mara Clara version 2, the rest is history. From that point on, remake after remake na ang ginagawa sa Dos at Siyete.

  4. An iconic teleserye like this deserve to have a remake, timing is the issue. Pdeng sabihin na masyadong maaga pero kpag pinatagal nman bka dumating ung time na di na uso ung teleserye sayang lng. I rather have intelligent spinoffs of popular iconic series. Pde ring nman remake ng US series or spinoff/version like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, 24, Alias or Lost. Sana may pagkasuspense/mystery/political type of series nman puro n lng drama at romcom. Pero mangyayari lng un kung may studios similar to hollywood. To be fair the networks are doing their best with the resources they have considering na magastos tlga ang per day taping lalo na kung location shoot BCWMH for example is Php3Million per taping day dhil HD ang camerang gamit, Forevermore is at Php5Million, Dream Dad is at Php4.5M, Two Wives is at Php4M. Mostly the resources go to location rental, hotel acommodation and other physical expenses. Equipment pa, BCWMH di naman nagtaas ang rate card nila kaya they need to earn from other stuff like world tours and show related endorsements. Ung primetime nman bawing bawi sa ad loads. Syempre maraming magagandang ideas ang writer wala nga lng enough resources ang network to pull it of. Pag may studios na like the ones in hollywood ayun pde na

    • Isa rin sa mga rason to outsmart your competition is to pay a common supplier way more than your competition could afford. For example sa mga fantaserye,double ang binabayad ng dos sa common post prod, kaya kpag tga GMA at TV5 ang nagpagawa mataas na ang singil nila kaya tuloy these stations will opt to use a not so quality vendor. Others are location rentals. Yung iba mas malaki ang byad nila sa mga guests, for example, the Igorot Dance in Forevermore was taught by GForce, so the production flew Ram and Rayan sa Baguio that costs the production around Php150K. Kung tutuusin pde nmang nde sila magturo pero sila pa rin ang kinuha para kpag may kumuha sa knila mejo mahal na ang rate nila,same with the ChicoSci guesting. Maraming paraan para ma monopolize ang quality ng mga shows, di lng aware ang viewers on how the networks do it.

    • Now that should be a huge concern regarding the state of teleseryes on Philippine TV. Nagiging magastos na talaga ito, and without the giant studios that are typically seen in Hollywood (which should soften the expenses somewhat), malamang this boring and stale trend will continue.

      • Yes, masyadong expensive ang tf ng artista at other staff lalo na kpag ang location ay out of town. Tumataas ang rate nila dhil wala sa Manila. People should understand the whole picture before they react. Marami nmang ideas ang writers, marami din concepts ang director, kaso masyado lng tlgang mahal ang per day taping costs. Tpus risky pa kung bagong concept. Kaya nga Kathniel ang nilagay sa PSY kasi may fanbase na, un ang maghahatak ng viewers, they might not be the best actors of today but businesswise they are rhe only ones who could bring in the cash. Tpus compare nman sa ibang loveteams na sikat din nman tulad ng KimXi or Coco Martin mas mura ung tf nila. Mas may flexibility din na kunin sina Jodie at Angelica kung sila ang gaganap na support cast

      • That is the detriment of being an ‘exclusive’ artist, yung network’s willingness to pay big on top talents. Parang basketball team lang ito. That’s why I’m more in favor of artists who freelance; may flexibility sila at may mga choices pa.

        Paying big has its benefits, but also has some consequences to boot.

      • Pero nawawala ang premium ng artista pag free lance o palipat lipat. Syempre ang managers mas gusto nila ang exclusive kasi at least sure ang future ng talent for a number of years, mapili din ang managers when it comes to accepting projects, for example JudyAnn who works as free lance in films nawala na ung pagka premium nya dhil ung ibang materyal na binigay sa knya nde gnun kaganda, sa tv nman nde aabangan kpag kung saan saan sya nakikita. Eugene Domingo was a freelance artist before pero nagpatali na sya sa GMA kasi over exposed na sya

  5. James Ty III says:

    Aside from remaking PSY, ABS-CBN is also celebrating the 10th death anniversary of Fernando Poe Jr.’s death. It will air one of his movies, Eseng ng Tondo, tomorrow before ASAP.

    A docu on FPJ’s life will be shown on December 21 on Sunday’s Best.

  6. James Ty III says:

    “Hari: The Making of Da King” is the title of the documentary that will be aired next Sunday night on ABS-CBN after GGV. It will be hosted by Ricky Lee, the famed scriptwriter.

    • Moving on. These comments are getting out of hand. ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ tapos didivert kay FPJ at GGV? I guess you should execute more restraint in your comments. Better do that next time, please?

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