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‘Confessions of a Torpe’ Rerun a Mere Stopgap for TV5

From December 8 onwards, ‘Confessions of a Torpe’ was re-aired on TV5 during weekday primetime. (Photo credit: TV5)

Season 2 of ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’ is now in the books, and TV5 was expected to make a worthy replacement.

Instead, ‘Confessions of a Torpe’ was re-aired anew, much to the disappointment of loyal Kapatid viewers.

From December 8 onwards, the rerun of ‘Confessions of a Torpe’ took over the 9:30 p.m. slot, which is not a good place for a re-airing program in the primetime slot. Considering the amount of pressure and scrutiny surrounding it, TV5’s decision to place a re-run on primetime rather than daytime proved to be a risky decision.

In fact, it would have been better for TV5 to air a new, or better yet, a long-overdue drama series in order to keep their loyal viewers interested. Remember their shelved projects ‘The Gift’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’?

Yes, both programs have been planned by TV5 since Noel Lorenzana took over. And yet, for reasons unknown, production of both programs were halted for the time being.

The long-term postponement of ‘The Gift’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ proved to be a public relations disaster for TV5. With the announcement of new and returning programs on its 2015 agenda, Lorenzana and company now hope that the mistakes which befallen ‘The Gift’ and ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will never happen again.

Going back to ‘Confessions of a Torpe’, TV5’s intentions were clear. Rather than quickly debuting a new program, they decided to make a stopgap move with this series, all in hopes of starting 2015 with a bang.

That said, they were left with no options but to re-air ‘Confessions’, whether it’s for their own good or not.

Now viewers must hope that TV5 begins 2015 with something different. Otherwise, they would be stuck with the same old product all over again (save for their habit of airing Tagalized foreign movies, of course).


34 thoughts on “‘Confessions of a Torpe’ Rerun a Mere Stopgap for TV5

  1. And those paasang mga AniMEGA stalwarts shout like: “Blame basketball,” which is obvious that PBA has a lot of fans, thousand times than theirs.

    Unfortunately, TV5’s symptom will remain for the new year.

    Now, I set up my Christmas 2014 post earlier and tell me how is it, so far.

    P.S. I give James Ty III an authority to post the schedule of the remaining Sundays of 2014 on my Turf.

      • The true “Demolition Jobs” of TV5 is true according to my AbeTorial there’s a many reason that some upcoming programs like the PHL version of PLL and The gift which the first drama series of Ogie Alcasid as a “kapatid-kuno” were on-the-shelf status. I will post for the another TV5’s Demo Job and the AniMEGA fans’ boycotting “the UnHappy Network” next tuesday on my AbeTorial.

  2. KG says:

    Medyo corny daw at lasted yung COAT, according to some TV5 haters.

    But at least, maganda naman pang-throwback ito. Sana wag mauwi sa nangyari sa Bantatay a week ago.

    (BTW, i am one of the avid fans of COAT dahil kasama sa cast si Mr. Jojo Alejar)

    • Yung Bantatay, I presume na inedit nila yung two or three episodes para gawing isa, hence its short three-week run.

      Honestly, it’s another desperate move that backfired for GMA. Gagaya sa ABS ng throwback, sisirain pala ang integrity nito.

  3. James Ty III says:

    December is a time where there are little advertisers for the networks, so replaying old shows is what TV5 is doing.

    If there will be new shows that will impress the advertisers, these will come out in January next year. TV5 has some new shows lined up for airing so let’s see how this turns out.

    • Nameless says:

      Speaking of few advertisers & cheaper programming this December, ginagawa din ‘yan ngayon ng 9TV. They’re now airing replays of Boys Ride Out, which recently ended its pilot season, and EDSA documentary of 9news. Maybe they’re now preparing na talaga for a CNN kind of transition. Sa advertisements nila, tila puro products from San Miguel na, which is more confusing because Ramon Ang has no shares na sa 9Media.

  4. Nameless says:

    Sorry to say but, Madam Chairman na lang sana ang ni-replay, kahit wala na si Megastar sa tv5. For me kasi, Madam Chairman seems so relevant with the current situations in our society eh.

      • James Ty III says:

        Sharon Cuneta’s shows on TV5 did not click in the first place. Her The Mega and the Songwriter with Ogie Alcasid was a big flop in the ratings versus Gandang Gabi Vice. Madam Chairman was a better fit for her because of its concept na hindi ginamit nang mabuti.

      • Indeed. Kasama Mo, Kapatid failed to rekindle the success of her self-titled Sunday night talk show on ABS-CBN. Had it aired every morning to give Kris TV a run for its money, it would have lasted long. It was cancelled by management in early 2013 due to poor ratings.

      • Sharon chose TV5 for the money and it backfired. The money they gave her should’ve been used to improve their weak signal power and reach. No wonder her shows on 5 failed.

      • No longer ‘so far’ now that she returned to ABS (possibly for good) and TV5 already dissolved its entertainment division. There was also a plan for her to star in another comedy but it didn’t come to fruition.

  5. aaasa0161 says:

    James Ty III reported that ‘Quiet Please’ is airing now as reruns, but contrary to his thought that the game show would be cancelled in a short time, it has been renewed for a second season during the TV5 trade event.

    ‘Wattpad Presents’ has its timeslot changed to 9pm because of the ‘Confessions of a Torpe’ rerun.

    TV5 has been obsessed with reruns (not counting foreign TV shows) more than any other top Philippine TV network. Remember from the weekly reruns of TV5’s dramas (airing on timeslots where Tagalized movies would be placed) during the Perci Intalan era, to AksyonTV being a rerun farm (apart from simulcasts of certain Radyo5 shows) nowadays. Now, when TV5 feels that a new show of theirs assigned to a certain timeslot is not yet ready, in most cases the show which completed its assigned number of episodes currently on that timeslot would be placed on reruns. A notable example is ‘Mega and the Songwriter.’ A worst case scenario is that a show may languish in reruns before being taken off the air and replaced by Tagalized movies (not all timeslot positions are affected by this scenario); this happened with ‘Face the People’ upon its cancellation.

    Those situations imply that TV5 is slighty poor at managing the channel’s long-term schedules outside of PBA.

    Establishing first the popularity of a locally produced show through reruns rarely work nowadays.

    • Forgivable yung situation sa TV5. Pero sa AksyonTV, hindi. As you said, reruns are dominating the latter, not like years before where AksyonTV can be competitive enough with programming of their own. Their only non-rerun programs include sports events, Radyo5 programs, Aksyon newscasts (except Aksyon sa Tanghali), T3, ReAksyon, and History ni Lourd. News5 should have done a bit more, pero understandably, nagtitipid na talaga sila.

      Even with MVP’s deep pockets, TV5 is trying to be careful at best, hence the reruns and Tagalized movies. They have failed to deliver as a mainstream channel, and are now back to being a niche-oriented channel.

  6. James Ty III says:

    I think TV5 should stick to being a niche-oriented channel. They’re even tapping PBA players to star in a sitcom with Ritz Azul. Ritz confirmed this to me kahapon when we met at the Alaska-Meralco game.

  7. James Ty III says:

    Latest news on TV5 contract stars according to Rico Robles of Monster Radio RX 93.1 just this afternoon on his Live Wire radio show with Karen Bordador:

    1. Nora Aunor has decided to concentrate on doing more indie movies, which is why she did not renew her contract with the Kapatid Network.

    2. Aga Muhlach is being offered a new contract per show (per program basis) but he declined to sign so it’s a mutual decision for him to leave, according to TV5 president Noel Lorenzana.

    3. Derek Ramsay’s status with TV5 still remains uncertain.

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