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AksyonTV’s ‘Wow Mali’ Moment

Yesterday morning marked a hilarious moment for AksyonTV.

With the PBA quarterfinals scheduled to begin later that afternoon, AksyonTV’s hookup with Radyo5 92.3 News FM started much earlier at 7:30 a.m. ‘Punto Asintado’ was supposed to air on that timeslot, but with Martin Andanar ill and Erwin Tulfo arriving late, its preceding program, ‘Orly Mercado All Ready’, extended its airtime instead.

AksyonTV then made a bit of a gaffe when the title graphics for ‘Punto Asintado’ were flashed, only to see Orly Mercado and his show continue beyond schedule. Because Erwin Tulfo always arrives at 8:00 a.m. regardless of the station’s schedule, Orly decided to continue his program rather than shift to ‘Punto Asintado’, in contrast to his usual substitute Atty. Mel Sta. Maria’s practice.

Time constraints prevented ‘Punto Asintado’ from calling both the MMDA Metro Traffic Base and PAGASA for their daily traffic and weather reports, and instead, for the remainder of the show, Erwin interviewed some guests via phone and read comments from netizens with regards to the topics at hand.

It was a funny moment for the said network, but it should also teach them a valuable lesson. Let’s just hope that this minor glitch will not affect AksyonTV and TV5 in the near future.


11 thoughts on “AksyonTV’s ‘Wow Mali’ Moment

  1. Nameless says:

    So Sen. Orly’s morning radio newscast accidentally made a TV simulcast yesterday?! Because of Erwin’s late arrival? Hay. Eto ang resulta ng kanilang magulong sched. ngayon sa Ch. 41. Nasanay na rin kasi ang kanilang mga on-air staffs sa kanilang usual call time. Sad to say, every trade launch ng tv5, tila mas pinagtutuunan pa nila ng pansin ang fresh programming ng flagship station nila kaysa sa kanilang news channel.

    • True that. Puro replays na lang ng old AksyonTV programs ang ipinapalabas. And since wala na rin silang hourly news updates, parang napapabayaan na ng AksyonTV na maging competitive to the likes of News TV, ANC and 9TV, and instead devote themselves to sports ala ABS S+A.

      Laging 8:00 a.m. na dumarating si Erwin regardless of whether or not there’s a PBA game. Radyo5 should do something about it para hindi naman ma-confuse ang kanilang mga tagapakinig.

      • Nameless says:

        Oh, yes. By removing their Aksyon Breaking during their all new-Aksyon relaunch, I feel rin na totoo nga ang rumors na nagtitipid na ang news5, following the sudden exit of some of their reporters and personalities. Sayang talaga. Kaya siguro mas nag-invest sila mostly on sports muna.

        Korek, tapos may weekly medical radio show pa si Cheryl Cosim every Friday morning. Mas lalong confusing, di ba?!

      • Actually ok lang sa akin yung Healthline ni Cheryl. Kailangan rin namang magpahinga si Alex Tinsay na host ng Aksyon Solusyon at Metro Sabado. Before Cheryl’s show came along, anim na araw ang pasok ni Alex, at minsan nadadagdagan rin ang oras niya tuwing wala si Ben Tulfo sa Bitag Live. Cheryl’s show should help reduce Alex’s burden.

        What Radyo5 should do now is to tweak its current programming during PBA game days. Yung Cristy Ferminute nga, dapat isang oras na lang tuwing may PBA. That’s what I was thinking right now.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Radyo Singko adjusted its time slots for its daily programs because of its PBA coverage. DZSR Sports Radio used to air the PBA radio coverage but Sports5 decided to move to FM because it was a blocktimer on SR na government radio station at mataas ang gastos na maging blocktimer.

    • Pero they should have coordinated with Erwin about it. Knowing na 8:00 a.m. lang siya nakakapasok, dapat sana 8:00 na lang ang pasok ng Punto Asintado para tama yung pagpasok niya.

      That said, Radyo5 already made a huge mess with regards to their weekday schedules during PBA games.

  3. Puro long-blocks nanaman ng Tagalog Dubbed Movies sa TV5 at puro replays na sa AKSYONTV ang palabas nila ngayon, kasi walang PBA GAMES ngayon, tapos walang PBA Games this Tuesday, Wednesday dahil dyan 4 movies ang ipapalabas roon at 10:30 AM, 1:15 PM, 4:15 PM at 7 PM, sa AKSYON TV naman ay regular ang mga programming nila.

    Ito ang aking suggestions for TV5 and AKSYON TV for Next Year 2015:

    1. Bawas-Bawasan naman ang Tagalog Dubbed Movies ng ipinapalabas araw-araw
    2. Ibalik sa Original English nito at i-add na lang ang Filipino (Tagalog Subtitle) sa mga DIsney, Cartoon Network shows at mga hollywood movies.
    3. I Simulcast sa AKSYON TV ang Oplan Asenso, Love Idols, Aksyon Sports at lalo na ang mga Music Programs nito at bawasan naman ng mga replays sa AKSYON TV kaya lalo nabo-bore talaga.
    4. Ibalik ang AKSYON Weekend kasi matagal na walang sila Weekend newscast.
    5. Mas lalong mag strength ang mga bagong shows sa TV5 next year.

    • 1. Not possible. PBA games are unexpected to be scheduled or to be played.
      2. Pwede pero ang tamad gumawa ng subtitles and some TV sets have no capability to carry subtitles. May proposed law authored by Sen. Grace Poe pero, alam mo na, walang pakialam sa Senado.
      3. Definitely.
      4. Not possible. Again, blame the effects of saying their “yes” to sportscasting without knowing the concern of other sectors.
      5. May be, may be not. It depends on the materialization of the new shows.

      • One thing is certain: No matter how much we keep suggesting TV5 to reduce, let alone stop, airing these Tagalized movies, they’ll still keep doing it over and over again. It’s already their obsession and their so-called ‘pampalipas-gutom’. Just let them be.

        Regarding AksyonTV, it’s no secret why their programming is becoming even more inferior. Yun ang dapat na i-focus. Sa TV5, given na yan, pero sa AksyonTV, may oras pa sila para magbago.

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