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‘The Amazing Race’ U.S. Returns to the Philippines

Fort Santiago (incorrectly referred to in the show as ‘Fort San Diego’) was the final pit stop of ‘The Amazing Race”s 25th season. However, no eliminations occurred and the teams were asked to continue racing. (Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Just two weeks ago, ‘The Amazing Race Philippines’ officially wrapped up its second season. A short time earlier, its American counterpart aired the first of two episodes shot in the Philippines during the spring.

This marked the first time since Season 5 (2004) that ‘The Amazing Race’ visited the Philippines. This time around, however, the teams were further immersed into Filipino culture, featuring tasks that involve building a tricycle, racing a pedicab, and tilling a rice field for a hidden clue with an ox (the latter was a ‘switchback’ task from Season 5).

At the end of last Friday’s (U.S. time) episode, four teams still remain. Unlike before where only three teams raced in the final leg, host Phil Keoghan decided that there would be no elimination, and instead, the remaining four teams would continue racing to Los Angeles, with one of them getting the boot midway through the season finale.

The four teams left are (by order of arrival):

1. Brooke & Robbie (#TheWrestlers)

2. Adam & Bethany (#SoulSurfers)

3. Misti & Jim (#TheDentists)

4. Amy & Maya (#SweetScientists)

Sadly, though, only cable subscribers were able to watch the Philippine leg of ‘The Amazing Race”s 25th season through AXN. In the past, Studio 23 (now ABS-CBN Sports+Action) aired ‘The Amazing Race’ from its maiden season, only to stop prior to its transition to the ‘IbaKabarkada’ era.

Still, the two episodes shot in the Philippines were definitely worth watching. From the teams’ reactions to the country’s standard of living to the exhausting Roadblock in the streets of Divisoria, the return of ‘The Amazing Race’ to Philippine shores was definitely a memorable one.

*The 25th season finale of ‘The Amazing Race’ will be aired Saturday, December 20, at 8:10 p.m., on AXN Philippines. Contact your local cable operator for details.


14 thoughts on “‘The Amazing Race’ U.S. Returns to the Philippines

  1. My Funniest Moment in The Amazing Race is none other than Contenstants Colin and Christie famed the phrase “My Ox is Broken” was totally frustrated becuase his can’t control the Ox in a farm field.

  2. Nameless says:

    Nakaka-proud nga naman ‘yung feeling na dito ulit sila nag-shoot for their episodes. Pero aside from those cable subscribers,. maswerte rin ‘yung mga taong nakapanood niyan during its live shoot lalo na sa mga taga-Divisoria.

    In my opinion, dahil ang tv5 lang naman ang franchisee ng show na ‘yan, why don’t they try to acquire the rights to air it? Just like what they did sa Asia’s NTM last year. Or else, dahil S&A na ang Ch. 23, the Mother Ignacia-based network should re-acquire it to air it again.

    • I doubt if S+A will ever air TAR again, since mostly sports and action dramas na ang focus nila.

      As for TV5, the main reason why they aired AsNTM ay dahil may dalawang Pinoy contestants. Yung U.S. Amazing Race, puro mga Kano yung mga contestants, so imposibleng iere ito sa free TV na mostly catered to the middle-lower class.

      • Nameless says:

        Ah. Parang GMA rin ang peg. They used to air American Idol for few years via QTV at sa mga panahong ‘yun ay medyo successful rin dahil madalas pang nakakapasok ang ilang Pinoy hopefuls sa Top 10 at dahil na rin sa Randy-Paula-Simon trio judges. But oo nga naman, parang naging more exclusive na lang ito for conyo class dahil nasa ETC na ‘to.

  3. Well, it is cool to have TAR in Manila, but its obvious that most of the places where the challenges took place were “cleaned up” for the sake of it being on TV. But still I liked the detour wherein you either play Bente-Uno street basketball or race a pedicab for 18 minutes.

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