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‘ABClassics’ is a Hoax: A Message to Mr. Carlo Abellanosa

The old ABC-5 logo during the mid-to-late 90s. (Logo courtesy of ABC Development Corporation via Wikia Logos)

Disclaimer: This article is written in response to Mr. Carlo Abellanosa’s absurd and preposterous comments regarding TV5’s current state of programming. The views and opinions of this article are those of the author and do not reflect the views of TV5, Manny V. Pangilinan, or the MVP Group of companies.

Since 2010, TV5 has been the property of media and telecommunications mogul Manny V. Pangilinan. The station has had some glimpses of success, but they still cannot escape their standing as the ‘No. 3 network’.

In fact, the station’s standing has remained the same since the MVP takeover, mainly due to its frequent airings of reruns and Tagalized foreign films, constant programming and timeslot changes, and big-budget signings that failed to meet expectations.

With another programming revamp set to take place in early 2015, it is clear that even with the deep pockets of the MVP Group, TV5 continues to be a work in progress. And for some, the feeling of desperation and impatience is increasingly obvious.

Just ask Mr. Carlo Abellanosa.

Carlo, a.k.a. Eririn on the From the Tube comment boards, recently made a suggestion that did not sit well with myself, fellow blogger Timow Paragas, and other readers of this blog. He suggested that classic ABC-5 programs would be re-aired on TV5 under the name ‘ABClassics’, even going as far as saying that the said block would have its own channel in the near future.

Let us clarify Carlo’s claims. First of all, ‘ABClassics’ DOES NOT EXIST. Contrary to what Carlo said in one of his posts, TV5 DID NOT make any statement, let alone announce anything with regards to ‘ABClassics’.

Second, it will be very ridiculous and unreasonable for MVP and his group if they were to bring back old ABC-5 programs from the Cojuangco years. TV5 has definitely moved on, and re-airing old programming from ABC-5 doesn’t make any sense.

And finally, it is possible that the archives from the Cojuangco regime are no longer within TV5’s grasp. This should explain why ‘Wow Mali’, a holdover from the ABC-5 era, airs only archival footage from as far back as 2011 under the ‘Wow Muli’ segment.

To the loyal readers and followers of From the Tube, this should bring a valuable lesson to all of you. If possible, write your comments that are informative, factual and logical. Never comment something that is contradicting, unrelated and deceiving.

And to Mr. Carlo Abellanosa, if you don’t have anything to say that is factual and logical, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BLOG!!! Let this be a humbling experience to a hoaxer like you.


42 thoughts on “‘ABClassics’ is a Hoax: A Message to Mr. Carlo Abellanosa

  1. A4556745 says:

    The current state and location of ABC-5’s archives is unknown. Only a few recordings of ABC-5’s shows (including the first portion of the “5 is 5” anniversary special aired in 1997 and the final few minutes of ABC-5 before switching to the TV5 launch countdown) are uploaded to YouTube.

  2. muning says:

    pero sana ibalik na lang nila ang mga shows sa tv5 shake mo tv mo tulad ng kiddie kuwela, front act, everybody hapi, yo gabba gaba, bob the builder para sa mga bata at mga anime, total meron naman sila wattpad na pang bagets at ang mga animes ay para rin sa mga bagets. sana ibalik din sa sinetanghali or movie max 5 ang mga pinoy films. habang tumatagal, nakakasawa na ang tv5 at ilan sa mga nakakasawa na dating top rated ay ang face to face or face the people, t3 , willing willie/ wiltime bigtime or wowowillie, talentadong pinoy, who wants to be a millionaire, foreign movies na paulit ulit na sana mga bago naman, disney at cn

    • Some of the shows you mentioned were during the Cojuangco years. Eh na kay MVP na ang TV5, so imposible rin na ibalik ang mga programang inere noong panahon ni Cojuangco.

      And seriously, pati ilang shows ng GMA at ABS nakakasawa rin, so it’s unfair to place the blame on TV5’s troubles with these ‘nakakasawang’ shows.

  3. James Ty III says:

    The old ABC studios in Novaliches now houses primarily a warehouse and some offices not related to the TV operations, as far as I know. Kaya nga it’s impossible to find any archives of old ABC shows.

    • muning says:

      pero sana hindi na lang nirebrand ang abc-5 kahit bago na ang management, sana binago na lang ang logo. kaya ayaw nila ibalik ang dating shows ng abc- 5.

      • Ayaw ibalik dahil either kulang o nawawala na ang mga archives nito. I presume that some of the old master tapes of previous ABC-5 shows have been reused to record TV5’s new shows.

  4. James Ty III says:

    ABC 5 was renamed TV5 because MVP wanted a fresh start for the channel after he took over the ownership from the Cojuangcos. Remember, the Cojuangcos also owned PLDT before MVP took over the telecom company.

  5. Nameless says:

    Alam niyo, hindi lang naman si “Carlo” ang alam ko/natin na mahilig mag-hoax ng ganitong false infos, lalo na sa mga ganitong topics about media. Some hoaxers are making posts about so-fictious TV or radio stations at not-so-true na programs, para kahit papaano ay mabuhay man lang sa kanilang pangarap na magkaroon ng sariling media network.

    At oo nga, sa YouTube na lang tayo makakakita ng old station ID’s ng ABC-5. Even those footages during Chino Roces’ era on this channel, nawala na rin due to Martial Law.

    • Basically si Carlo ang naging target namin sa blog since his recent comments brought our attention. There are other hoaxers from media here; example na diyan si Zachary Manahan, na nag-post ng ilang hoaxes tungkol sa IBC-13.

      It’s so sad to see these archives go. Mapapakinabagan sana ito bilang retro programming, pero as it stands, wala na talaga ito sa kamay ng TV5.

      • Jake Jacinto says:

        Still speaking of TV archives, I heard in a 2004 episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” featuring Eat Bulaga’s 25th anniversary special. Jessica Soho said that the 1979 to 1982 tapes of Eat Bulaga’s episodes on those years were reported to have been lost. This gives a proof that sometimes, a network does not know how to preserve their archives, and according to Wikipedia, the process in which TV archives are being disposed of is called “wiping.”

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      Well, thanks to a certain “sandiessss” user on YouTube, we now have the chance to view 1990’s ABC 5 station IDs (including the 2001 “Come Home to ABC” station ID).

  6. Nameless says:

    Tsk3. Hindi talaga sila nakakatulong sa pagbibigay ng tamang info, lalo na sa mga readers at netizens.

    Hmmm. Posibleng nasa kamay na rin siguro ni Cojuangco ang ilang archives, personally o nasa iilang ex- at current employee/s na siguro ng network o baka binenta na siguro sa ibang network. Wild guess ko lang ‘yan.

  7. muning says:

    pero andyan pa rin sa tv5 kapatid na napapanood dati sa Shake mo tv mo era ang who wants to be a millionaire at talentadong pinoy

  8. adrianamida says:

    About kay Zachary Maranan, na-aanoy din ako sa mga posts niya. Most of his ‘tips’ are usually from low-traffic stations like PTV, IBC, and sometimes RPN. He even mentions a bit about the major networks. I unfriended him kasi everyday nagpapalit siya ng recurring DPs na logos of the stations.,

    But I’ve noticed that Zachary has autism – a person with special needs that needs also special understanding. Upon knowing his condition, I moved another step and decided to unfriend him. It may sound selfish and pointless, but my point in unfriending him is that I don’t want to offend the boy intrapersonally; na kahit alam ko na may special needs siya, I don’t want to judge him in his contents in the back of my head.

    Call me ‘epal’ or ‘rational’ but I’m commenting here just to inform you guys that Zach is not a hoaxer in purpose. He’s also a media savvy like us, too. 🙂

    This is just my two cents; bashing and/or compliments are welcome. 🙂 God bless! 😀

    • adrianamida says:

      ERRATUM: In paragraph 2, sentence 2. It should be “I decided to take a step back…”. For clarification lamang po, lets just keep those rages easy. 🙂 B-)

  9. Jake Jacinto says:

    Fortunately, I was able to see an old TV footage of “Kada,” a teen show aired on ABC in 1993 to 1996, featuring Cebu (the date of the footage), on YouTube. Here’s the link:

    There are also some YouTube users who have uploaded some old footages of ABC-5 TV shows (from Edward Tan to Tony Boy Cojuangco), like Mystica, who uploaded some TV footages of her appearances in ABC’s “Ispup.”

    Speaking of archives, in the U.S., many YouTube users there have uploaded a lot of archives on the TV (including commercials and, most especially, the commercial breaks) because they asked permission from the TV networks, advertisers or advertising agencies, they recorded it through their old tapes (Betamax/VHS), or it’s the content owner who uploaded it mismo for the sake of posterity. In the Philippines, why only a few rarely upload their own TV archives in YouTube (although the statistics number of archives uploaded is about to be at par with the U.S.)?

  10. James Ty III says:

    In fact, Meg Imperial was under contract with Viva when she had shows on TV5. Now, she is with ABS-CBN with Viva helping her out.

  11. James Ty III says:

    Viva handles some artists who work for different networks, like Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes for ABS and Sam Pinto for GMA.

  12. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I guess the file videos for news reports are the only ABC-5 archives that remain with the current management nowadays.

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