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FTT Year 2014 in Review: ABS-CBN

Another year is about to end. But before the calendar flips to 2015, here is a look back at the year that was in television and radio. This article will focus on ABS-CBN, who continued to dominate television ratings this year.

The Positives

High ratings, top trending topics, and a slew of awards. Just another impressive year on Mother Ignacia.

Primetime Bida remained ABS-CBN’s strongest suit in its weekday arsenal, led by the block’s top-rated program of the year, ‘The Legal Wife’. Meanwhile, the Kapamilya network’s reality and talent shows continued to overwhelm the opposition, led by top-raters ‘The Voice Kids’, ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ and the second season of ‘The Voice of the Philippines’.

Long-running programs ‘TV Patrol’, ‘ASAP’, ‘The Buzz’ and ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’ remained at the top of their game, while ‘It’s Showtime’, ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’, and even the returning ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ became a force to be reckoned with.

ABS-CBN Sports also enjoyed an extremely successful year, starting with the launch of ABS-CBN Sports+Action in late January. High ratings during this year’s NBA Finals and the UAAP men’s basketball and women’s volleyball finals eventually led to the two leagues’ renewal of broadcast rights later this year.

The Kapamilya network’s award closet continued to grow, particularly in November’s Star Awards for Television, where ABS-CBN received a total of 34 awards. They also scored big in the Anak TV and Catholic Mass Media Awards, among other bodies.

The Negatives

Not all news is good, however. ABS-CBN also endured some missteps throughout the year, all of which made a significant impact on the network’s performance.

While Primetime Bida dominated primetime, they also had a fair share of busts. Julia Barretto’s acting debut as ‘Mirabella’ failed to impress, while the reboot of ‘Dyesebel’ and ‘Sana Bukas Pa ang Kahapon’ never lived up to expectations.

‘Be Careful with My Heart’ may have dominated the headlines in 2013, but it was a different story in 2014. The show’s ratings declined for much of the year, before rebounding on the show’s final episode on November 28.

The last two quarters of 2014 saw the decline in quality of Kapamilya Gold. The network’s last two afternoon soaps, ‘Galema: Anak ni Zuma’ and ‘Moon of Desire’, were replaced by a combination of Asianovela reruns, ‘Bet on Your Baby’, the ill-fated ‘Ana Manuela’, and ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’, a sign that ABS-CBN is letting GMA dominate the afternoon slot.

Speaking of reruns, ABS-CBN brought back the highly successful ‘Meteor Garden’ to rave reviews. Later reruns of Asianovelas and even classic Japanese cartoons such as ‘Princess Sarah’ proved unsuccessful, however.

Controversy hounded ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ from the moment the mostly celebrity cast was selected all the way to late-coming housemate Daniel Matsunaga’s victory. It also spelled doom for ‘It’s Showtime’ hosts Vhong Navarro (beaten by Cedric Lee’s group) and Billy Crawford (post-Star Magic Ball fiasco), thus continuing the infamous curse.

And finally, ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs had its own share of problems. February saw a questionable report on ‘Bandila’ regarding a ‘flesh-eating disease’ in Pangasinan, and then several months later, ‘TV Patrol’ anchor Korina Sanchez made an unnecessary remark about Typhoon Hagupit (Ruby), praying that the storm would swerve to Japan.


Fortunately for the Kapamilya network, Marc Logan kept things light and loose when his show, ‘Mga Kwento ni Marc Logan’, premiered last August. But seriously, this was another successful year for ABS-CBN, even with the problems and controversies surrounding it.

Looking ahead, a reunion between Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin looms in ‘Flordeliza’, even as ‘Pangako sa ‘Yo’ will have its own reboot with Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla. This and a lot more will come as the calendar turns to 2015.


67 thoughts on “FTT Year 2014 in Review: ABS-CBN

  1. KG says:

    But the best thing knows that ABS-CBN is still the #1 in terms of their services to the public, not just on traditional ways of TV and radio.

  2. Jake Jacinto says:

    Speaking about regional TV (but related to ABS-CBN), why ABS-CBN 3 here in our area, Cebu City, stopped airing the local Cebuano ads, and offered these instead to its Cebuano competitors, GMA-7 (Cebu) and CCTN-47? I recalled that in 2003-04, ABS-CBN Cebu, especially during their local version of “TV Patrol,” aired advertisements of sardines, feeds for chickens and pigs, veterinary products, cosmetics, pesticides, etc.

    • Maybe it’s their way of going national, at least for a bit. Yung mga commercials na pang-regional lang, maliit yung purchasing value, hence they decided to eschew those in favor of national commercials.

      And besides, they’re diverting to a more mainstream audience, that is why they are taking out these localized commercials.

  3. G7K9 says:

    [For ABS-CBN’s new shows coming in 2015]
    2007-2008 Taiwanese drama ‘Tian Shi Zhi Yi’ (dubbed as ‘Angel Wings’; has 37 2-hour episodes) will premiere on ABS-CBN on January 17, 2015 at 7:30am (too early an announcement; this may change without prior notice). ‘Honey Watch Out’ is long overdue to be removed from ABS-CBN’s schedules.
    According to a rumor, ‘Flordeliza’ may premiere in the first week of February if the remaining stories in the ‘Give Love on Christmas’ anthology are given 15 (originally 10) episodes each.
    Because the currently airing dramas on Primetime Bida all debuted in the last third of 2014, most upcoming dramas announced in ABS-CBN’s latest trade event may appear on the airwaves in Q2 (or later) 2015.

    [For ABS-CBN’s performance itself]
    ABS-CBN has given some of its second-rate talents another chance in the TV limelight with ‘Two Wives’ (the Pinoy remake) and some other dramas. ABS-CBN also successfully rejuvenated the career of Alex Gonzaga (PBB All-in ex-“housemate”) with ‘Pure Love’ (the Pinoy remake). ABS-CBN also yielded to requests from loyal ABS-CBN mobile customers with the promotion of 2012 K-drama ‘Faith’ from an exclusive to the ‘iWantTV’ service to free TV with better ratings than the drama’s predecessor in its timeslot. 2014 is a tough year for ABS-CBN’s Sunday afternoons (despite the backup Kapamilya Sunday Blockbusters) because GMA’s Tagalized movie blocks in the daytime are still formidable ratings competitors.

    Since the Lopezes sold its shares in Meralco to PLDT and Metro Pacific in 2009, the family’s main precious business is ABS-CBN now. And it shows.

    • Can’t wait for the new shows next year.

      Regarding ABS’ Sunday programs, yes it was a tough year for them, but honestly, their offerings are much, much better than GMA’s regardless of ratings.The Buzz returned last May, which really scared GMA the most, and that led to Startalk’s return to Satudays. Too bad it didn’t work out this time thanks to Ipaglaban Mo and Failon Ngayon.

      As for Faith, the move to free TV is well-deserved. They badly need those Koreanovelas on free TV. As it stands GMA is airing three, one of which is taking on Pure Love, since GMA is losing money on their local programs.

  4. James Ty III says:

    What I want to see on ABS-CBN’s Sunday time slot next year is to bring back the NBA games to Sunday mornings. More people will watch NBA on Sundays compared to a Tagalized Bratz movie.

    • The NBA schedules have been made by the league, so any request for a change must be forwarded to the NBA.

      Regarding your request, that’s not gonna happen. They made the Sunday slot virtually vacant just to accommodate Pinoy Pride and Donaire fights, which happen only on occasion. And besides, it will be the same situation on Saturdays; mas marami manonood ng NBA kaysa sa movies.

    • Damn, tagalog dubbed movie ng Bratz Movie last Sunday nakakainis talaga, dapat sana’y i keep original English Dub na lang sila kasya sa mga stupid na yan at nakakasabay pa sa GMA at TV5 ang mga Tagalized Movies.

      • Minsan lang mag-palabas ng Tagalized foreign movies ang ABS, so pagbigyan na natin sila. Still, nakakainis talaga kapag ang ABS sumasali sa bandwagon, pero wala na tayong magagawa. It’s their decision.

  5. Your “Best Points” and “Weak Points about review was totally amazing! this is why ABS-CBN become the “Alpha Dog” in Media Industry. My another Best Point is two ABS-CBN DTV sub channels CineMo and Yey are included on a program lineup of SkyCable (when I saw a flyer in SM Appliance Store in Fairview).

  6. Nakaka-bore talaga ang Kapamilya Blockbusters na lalong umaangat ang Afternoon Prime sa ratings eh, i-palabas na lang ang O Shopping or MMK Klassiks sa timeslot ng KB, habang wala pang mga bagong Teleserye at Asianovela na ipapalabas sa Kapamilya Gold next year. Kaya for me tago muna ang Kapamilya after It’s Showtime hanggang sa N&CA Program.

    • ABS’ weak spot on weekdays is and will always be the afternoon slot, specifically post-Showtime. Which is why very wise ang naging decision nila to air movies instead, dahil alam nila na hindi sila malakas kapag hapon. Total they are not always perfectly dominant.

      They can let GMA dominate the afternoons, as long as primetime, which has more viewers, belongs to them.

  7. James Ty III says:

    That’s the problem when ABS schedules a Donaire or Pinoy Pride fight. Such fights happen only once in a blue moon.

    My suggestion is for ABS-CBN to air NBA games on Sunday mornings and then move Pinoy Pride to Sunday’s Best. Let Sports+Action air Pinoy Pride first in the Sunday morning time slot.

    • Again, the NBA has already made the schedules, so we have no choice but to follow it. Better request the league, not ABS-CBN, and then proceed with your suggestion.

      Let GMA dominate some parts of the day, as long as ABS dominates the timeslots where more people watch, not just on Sundays, but everyday.

      • James Ty III says:

        The NBA is the only worthwhile show that ABS can air on a Sunday morning. It’s all right if ABS airs a Disney movie that is not dubbed, though.

  8. James Ty III says:

    GMA and TV5 kasi have pioneered in the Tagalog-dubbed movie format. It’s all right if ABS dubs in Tagalog an Asian movie that is in its original language like Chinese or Thai.

    By the way, no update yet on ABS-CBN’s News Yearender this Sunday. No title yet.

  9. James Ty III says:

    The MMFF Awards Night is set tomorrow so it’s impossible for ABS-CBN to air it on Sunday’s Best. I called ABS and they told me that it will be Trending 2014: The ABS-CBN News Yearender.

    GMA’s own news yearender is set tomorrow night.

  10. James Ty III says:

    Coco Martin will be on Gandang Gabi Vice tomorrow. Kapamilya Blockbusters will have Gnomeo and Juliet, an animated movie.

    • As for their New Year’s plans, well, they always do it the humblest of ways. No fireworks, no live bands, no screaming crowds, just a thanksgiving mass to celebrate the New Year. You can expect that again on New Year’s Eve.

    • Currently pinapalabas ngayon ang Gnomeo and Julliet ng Tagalog Dubbed, at parang sumama na rin sa GMA at Tv5 sa pag dy-dub ng movies in tagalog, talagang-talaga I hate tagalog Dubbed Movies kaya ang gagawin na any Ibalik na nila sa Original English dubbed ang mga foreign movies lalo na sa S&A, maliban lang sa mga Asian Movies na ipinapalabas din sa Cinema One

      • James Ty III says:

        That’s what’s too bad in GMA. Their news documentaries are worth watching but GMA insists on airing them on separate timeslots as those of ABS.

        It’s very disappointing when GMA airs a Tagalized Highlander movie against Kabayan’s yearender.

      • Why no frills? Because GMA has celebrities co-host a yearender with a GMA News personality. Not the case on ABS’ part though, they take it more seriously, hence the anchors and reporters are the stars in their yearender.

  11. James Ty III says:

    I watched ABS’s yearender last night and it was taken very seriously indeed — except for Ted Failon saying his radio punchilne at the end of his PNP segment and Noli de Castro singing some lines of the network’s Christmas jingle at the end. But overall, it was well-presented.

  12. Nameless says:

    2014 is definitely a banner year for Kapamilya network. More newly-transferred celebs, nag-improve sila in all aspects. Sometimes, nakaka-OA na rin sila. Pero sana naman, they should reduce their over-presence nila on social media lalo na sa Twitter. But I will give them applause for their sports channel, plus their continuing ties with UAAP & other collegiate games. Hindi na pala si J. Rufino ang humahawak ng UAAP editorial team for magazine. I’ll give this network a 4 to 6 points.

    • Their overpresence on social media is what drives their shows to high ratings over the rest, regardless of the positive or negative reception they’ll receive.

      To end the year, ABS will do it in the humblest of ways, by holding a New Year’s Mass inside their compound. At least hindi sila mayabang di katulad diyan sa karibal nilang network sa Timog na magpapaconcert pa rin kahit lugi na sila at konti to wala ang kanilang naaccomplish.

  13. Nameless says:

    Oh yes. Kapamilya tradition na rin nila na magpa-misa kapag 12mn na. For me, mas maganda pa ang ganitong gawain kahit sila ang pinaka-winner na network this year. They have to be thankful to the Lord for the year that was.

    Ang tanong, mas marami pa kaya ang manonood sa kanilang party sa MoA? Since 2013, hindi na masyadong maganda ‘yung kanilang countdown parties. Tapos ang kanilang sponsor lagi ay isang liquor brand. I guess, they have a contract din siguro sa MoA to host cowntdowns eh, kaya kahit palugi na, go pa din.

    • Well, we can’t stop what they’re doing. But sooner or later, their continued financial woes will take its toll, and eventually mawawala na ang kanilang New Year’s party due to these problems.

      • James Ty III says:

        The GMA New Year countdown has not been that watchable lately with a lot of lesser known GMA stars performing in recent years. Waste of money indeed because it’s like a “bigger” version of Sunday All-Stars.

  14. James says:

    This year’s PBB actually had more regular adults in the cast, 10 in total, compared to 5 teens and 4 celebrities.

    Iyun lang kasi, as much as the concept of a “combined” season sounded promising, it turns out that the public vote had become heavily skewed towards all the teens and several celebrities every time they were all put up for eviction every week.

    Kung hindi binago ng production ang votes to win (ginawang BB Save Minus BB Evict Equals BB Votes to Win), hindi magiging exciting at unpredictable ang kalalabasan nitong winner.

    • Indeed. Unfair talaga ang recent PBB season. The viewers cheered for the teens and celebs rather than the common people. Mula audition hanggang final vote, halatang may dayaan na ang nangyayari.

      • James says:

        As for me, okay lang si Daniel Matsunaga ang manalo, basta anyone but Jane Oineza. If any of the regulars couldn’t make it to the final four left in the house (unless you’re Boring Vickie), I’d rather he win. Him winning saved an otherwise uneventful season.

        Jane winning PBB would have been disastrous. Long-time viewers don’t like to see her win so it kinda helped that while her voters were voting against Maris in the final vote, every one else’s voters were voting against Jane.

        By bringing back BBS-BBE=BB WIN, everyone are at a level-playing field with no guaranteed landslide unless you’re the one with the most votes to evict (Sorry Jane).

      • They should bring it back next season. Saka they need to make the upcoming season evenly matched, as in no favorites and mostly ordinary people to begin with. After all they are expected to face StarStruck next year.

  15. James Ty III says:

    Gandang Gabi Vice will open the New Year with Vice Ganda’s interview with no less than President Aquino on Jan. 4 at 9:30 pm. This will be followed by the first of Sunday’s Best’s special documentaries on the visit of Pope Francis to Manila at 10:30

  16. KG says:

    Anytime this year, upon her reaching the retirment period of 60 years on her birthday, Charo Santos-Concio will be retiring as the President, COO & CEO of ABS-CBN.

    We should thank her for the contributions as the head of the premier media conglomerate.

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