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‘Unreliable’ News TV Strikes Again

GMA’s coverage of Pope Francis in the Philippines only utilized its main station Channel 7, and little of its sister station GMA News TV Channel 11. (Title card courtesy of GMA Network)

Once again, GMA News TV is in the hot seat.

The recent visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines was one of the most highly anticipated in recent history, and a majority of free TV and cable stations in the country were there to extensively cover the event. And yet here is News TV, who, other than a few sporadic updates on the Pope’s visit, was a virtual no-show in the event of such high magnitude.

What they aired instead were their regular programs, that of reruns and old movies. This was in contrast to rival free TV sister stations AksyonTV and ABS-CBN Sports + Action, who managed to cover the event in full even though they were simulcast from their parent networks.

The lack of involvement on the part of News TV is inexcusable. Even though News TV and its parent GMA Network are four channels apart on the VHF band, there should have been a way to give News TV a heavier role, even if it means simulcasting from the parent network.

News TV’s simulcast of Channel 7’s coverage would have benefited viewers, especially those with signal problems on the parent network. It also would have helped enhance News TV’s own reputation, which has been ruined by their radical programming decisions.

Instead, the folks at GMA News decided to use the main Channel 7 in their coverage, leaving News TV useless for the duration of the coverage except for a few minutes of news updates.

So why claim the station as ‘News TV’ when they did not even become involved in this event? And why are they still airing movies and reruns from a previous incarnation? This doesn’t make sense at all.

In the end, News TV’s inability to make their presence felt in a big event like Pope Francis’ visit will continue to haunt them. Sooner or later, GMA executives will need to make a decision regarding News TV, otherwise it will remain in limbo for the foreseeable future.


108 thoughts on “‘Unreliable’ News TV Strikes Again

  1. Nameless says:

    Everytime na nakikita ko ‘yang smile ni Pope Francis, regardless kung saan mang TV station siya pinapakita, nai-inspire ako to be more prayerful. 🙂

    Going back to your topic, I will give News TV a 4 choices: Sell it, Reformat/Rebrand it, move it to another channel or else, CLOSE IT. Nakaka-3 points na ang GMA ngayong 2015 sa kanilang mistakes. BEDH ending, the cheap countdown party and recently, the Papal Visit coverage. Dahil sa hindi pag-cover ng ganitong event, hindi natin alam kung sino ang dapat sisihin. The Kapuso execs? Light TV head? Hay. Useless rin pala ang pagbili ni Don Ramon Ang ng 30% sa network na ‘to kung hindi rin siya bibigyan ng mandate to revamp some of the network’s mistakes. News TV shall make a complete statement about this, lalo pa’t religious event na ang usapin dito, AND IT’S A MUST.

    • Rey says:

      imho, the best (and only) option for them is to move news tv to another channel, which is 27. but it may be a long process for them. first, gma needs to terminate its contract with jil, sell back 50% of channel 11 to them in favor of channel 33. then, gma can use 33 for its trials of digital tv.

      • 33 is a much better option for them. It’s cheaper to maintain than Channel 11. Maintaining two VHF channels is a waste of money, for sure.

        27 right now is being used as a testing ground for GMA’s DTV broadcasts. And as far as cutting ties with JIL are concerned, remember that GMA has been a loyal friend of that church for many years now, and I doubt if they’ll ever go their separate ways anytime soon.

  2. KG says:

    Napatunayan na ang pagiging cheap ng “news” TV na yan.

    Tanging yung Arrival ni Pope Francis galing Tacloban last Saturday ang may full coverage ng NTV since EB ang palabas sa GMA. The rest, special edition lang ng newscasts.

    Time to let go of the reruns and morning movies and rebrand completely. Alam natin na mahina na sila.

    • Or as Nameless proposed, sell, close or move to another channel. May iba’t ibang paraan ang mga GMA executives kung paano gumawa ng tamang desisyon tungkol sa News TV, kailangan ng agarang aksyon ito in the near future, otherwise walang pupuntahang maganda itong Channel 11.

      • Nameless says:

        We have 1 more year pa before we switch to digital TV viewing experience. Kaya sana naman, kumilos na sila. IDK kung pwede rin bang sisihin si Ms. Nessa Valdellon na mismong head ng News TV programming. At hindi ko rin alam kung tayo lang ba ang nakakapuna ng ganito sa “News” TV o marami-rami na rin. I guess kasi, most viewers prefer this station “kasi kilala na sila sa pagbabalita”, without noticing any messy things. Even the journo-critic portal na MediaNewser who is known for being against tv5 at 9TV, criticizes Good News show for being food-centric.

      • Blame Bea Binene for that. Pati ba naman mga artista pakikialaman pa rin sa isang news and public affairs program?

        I still think may pagka-QTV pa rin ang News TV. Little was changed as far as I’m concerned. Parang mas comparable ang News TV sa Net 25 o UNTV, without the dependence on religious programs.

  3. Jake Jacinto says:

    What if the Aboitizes or Lhuilliers, two of Cebu’s most prominent families, will buy GMA from the Gozons and Duavits?

  4. James Ty III says:

    GMA News TV should have aired the Papal coverage in full or at least simulcast with GMA 7. The latter station pre-empted Sunday All-Stars. I felt GMA should have at least aired a shortened SAS like what ABS-CBN did to ASAP last Sunday and then News TV would have aired the coverage.

    GMA also did not air an original Papal documentary unlike TV5 and ABS. GMA opted to air Manny Pacquiao’s Sport Science against ABS’s docu Ako at ang Santo Papa last Sunday.

      • Nextdoor Jetsetter says:

        I think it’s because the franchise of GMA NTV is owned by Mr. Villanueva. Di ba Jesus is Lord siya baka kinocontrol nila yung content ng news na huwag masyadong focused kay Pope.

      • Much like Net 25 and UNTV. If that’s so, then I hate to see News TV become too restricted. Hindi pala maganda ang idea na maging news channel itong News TV, kung yung owner pala nito ay isang preacher katulad niya.

      • James Ty III says:

        ABS will air another Papal documentary this Sunday on Sunday’s Best as a wrap-up to its Papal Coverage. The title is ANG MABUTING PASTOL: POPE FRANCIS SA PILIPINAS.

      • Clark says:

        I do believe the reason behind their dismal Papal coverage was the unwritten ownership rules. It is clear that Zoe is owned by a non-Catholic religious sect. Going away from the said Papal coverage, I never really did watch GMA News TV because of its being strangely un-GMA-ish. Unlike ANC, you can clearly see the mark of ABS-CBN’s newsmanship (if there was such a word). GMA News TV appears so amateurish not just in the calibre of its anchors/reporters but also in its delivery.

      • News TV still has some shows aired from sister network Light Network 33, and the fact na si Bro. Eddie pa rin ang major backer nito really affects its overall content. Like I said, News TV is more like an ‘ampon’ of GMA rather than a true sister channel.

  5. Lop says:

    Despite GMA’s coverage of the 5-day visit of Pope Francis in the Philippines being lauded as “the best” by those who care about the quality of PH TV news, some loyal fans of GMA switched between channels 7 and 11 accordingly if they want more of the Pope on their TV screens because of the shortcomings described above. GMA also aired a single movie last Sunday as part of ‘Kapuso Movie Festival’ while Balitanghali aired with its usual commercial breaks.

    That ‘Good News’ show should be axed or reformatted because it has strayed from its original format.

    And Nameless, Don’t Lose The Money ended as well (when?; I didn’t watch it; I got notice of that in a tabloid article regarding that and BEDH’s cancellation), and I agree with your comments about News TV’s problems that should be blamed on “lazy” management.

    • So much for ‘best’ coverage. As far as extensive coverage is concerned, it is ABS-CBN and its sister channels who managed to do so. Honorable mention goes to 9TV, PTV/IBC and TV5/AksyonTV. Yung GMA talaga ang nagkulang, and it’s mostly because of their owners’ Protestant influences.

      And you’re right. ‘Good News’ deserves to be axed or reformatted. Sayang lang ang pinaghirapan ng news department. And the entry of Bea Binene further hurts the show.

      News TV deserves the boot, period. It is GMA’s Achilles heel despite the news department’s accomplishments, kaya humihina ang GMA overall.

      • James Ty III says:

        GMA should also ax Idol sa Kusina. It does not deserve to be on a news channel. Rather, it should be aired on GMA 7 instead.

        And News TV replaying Illustrado on Sunday nights? This network never learns.

      • NewsJunkie says:

        GMA had the best coverage regardless with the snub News TV did to Pope Francis. 9TV and Aksyon doesn’t deserve the honorable mention you’re saying. Now its really clear that this page has anti-GMA sentiments. Its crystal clear, and explanations are not needed. The articles prove a lot.

      • Not all of them, however. ABS has their own weaknesses, as is TV5 and other stations. No station is safe.

        GMA may have the ‘best’ coverage of the Pope’s visit as some of you claim, but are they extensive enough? Not so. Remember, their coverage was interrupted by Eat Bulaga, Afternoon Prime soaps and even Kapuso Movie Festival, and News TV failed to pick up the slack because they seem to be influenced by Bro. Eddie’s JIL. ‘Best’ coverage doesn’t mean they are comprehensive and deep.

      • KG says:

        Yep. They’are good. But some of them are commendable. Dapat kahit even they rebrand, dapat i-retain lang yung may magaganda.

      • The GMA N&PA programs have to stay. Sorry Rey, but Ang Pinaka, Mars and other non-news programming don’t deserve to be on News TV. Halatang may QTV sense pa rin sila despite the so-called ‘rebrand’.

      • Rey says:

        then, they should move those non-news programs to gma & retain the informative ones, such as ang pinaka, on news tv.

      • Ang Pinaka, while informative, doesn’t make sense to air it on a news channel. In fact, it’s more of a non-news program considering the topics that don’t appear news-worthy at all. Would you consider ‘Top 10 sexiest stars today’ or ‘Top 10 rising stars in showbiz’ as news-worthy? I don’t think so.

      • James Ty III says:

        True that. Even Ang Pinaka does not deserve to be aired on a news channel. That show has been there since QTV time pa. I remember, Pia Guanio hosted Ang Pinaka during its QTV days.

      • Pang-Channel 7 rin talaga ngayon ang Ang Pinaka. Mas bagay sa morning programming nila tuwing weekend.

        There are other non-news programs on News TV that are better off airing on Channel 7. It’s a long list, but they definitely don’t belong to a pseudo-news channel like News TV.

  6. According to the preface of signing on and off on GMA NEWS TV, Channel 11 is owned by ZOE Broadcasting Network and operates also by ZOE Broadcasting Network, not by GMA Network.

    • In short, GMA is only leasing Channel 11. Kapag ganoon, hindi talaga siya sister network. More like an ‘adopted son’ network. Kaya halatang nahihirapan ang GMA ngayon dahil umuupa lang sila sa Channel 11.

      That’s different from TV5 and ABS-CBN’s sister stations, kung saan majority owners sila.

  7. KG says:

    In short, we are criticizing the channel’s description, not on the major newscasts like Balitanghali or State of the Nation who won multiple awards, local and international.

  8. James Ty III says:

    And Bettina Carlos on Idol sa Kusina. In fairness, Bettina is a good cook and she has a cake business. Plus Camille Prats on Moms which looks more fit for QTV.

  9. Supposedly we are come back to the issues referring to GMA NEWS TV’s controversies in the past 2014. Television advertisers in this station is reduced so we expected they lose money too.

    • And if they keep losing money, their programming will be affected. The way I see it, their decline started once old movies began to air around two years ago. Kaya no matter how much they brag about being the No. 1 news network, unless they reverse course in terms of programming, magiging gradual ang decline ng News TV.

  10. James Ty III says:

    GMA sacrificed Sunday All-Stars and aired a Tagalized movie while taking a break from the Papal coverage. This proves that GMA has been losing money. Christian Bautista and Iya Villania’s talents are being wasted at GMA. They got much better exposure in ASAP but when ABS started putting in those former The Voice winners, Christian and Iya were left out.

    Regarding my previous post, I’m sorry. Mars pala, hindi Moms. But both shows have the same format anyway.

  11. James Ty III says:

    GMA will air a Pope Francis documentary this Sunday on SNBO. Blessed By The Pope is the title and it will be hosted by Jessica Soho. It will be shown after KMJS.

  12. Nameless says:

    @Lop: Ay, hindi ko pala naisali ang game show ni Tom Rodriguez, but ‘yun naman kasi, medyo naging pantapat kasi siya for The Singing Bee, and its format seems to be a mash-up of Money Drop at Minute To Win It. But still, epic fail nga naman.

    It’s so sad talaga na nagmumukhang puppet ng Light Network ang GMA (thru its “News” TV), dahil sa hindi masyadong pag-cover ng Papal Visit. A major network must stand on its own. Remember the GMA News motto, “Walang kinikilingan, walang pino-protektahan, walang kasinungalingan”.

    About kay Mr. J. Ty, Ang Pinaka should be axed na rin. Masyadong awkward for me kasi na ang isang Englisherong muscular Fil-Am TV host (who came from a cable channel) is doing his job in a very inconsistent free TV channel na ang market is for masa talaga.

    Good News seem to be a reincarnation of Love Añover’s Lovely Day on GMA, with Christian Esteban.

  13. Jake Jacinto says:

    For me, I only watched the coverage of the Papal Visit exclusively on ABS-CBN and GMA. But the former’s coverage was much better than that of the latter. And when it was January 18, Sunday, I never watched any of the 2 channels, but opted instead for CCTN 47 in Cebu for the Sinulog coverage. It was a bad idea that here in Cebu, the Cebuano stations of ABS-CBN and GMA pre-empted their regional coverage about the grandest festival ever, while CCTN 47 continued the Sinulog 2015 coverage.

    I’ve been a hater of GMA News TV since 2012. BTW, remember the time when GMA News TV, then known as Q, used to air via satellite the CBS Evening News from the United States? If only Q never cancelled it, then CBS Evening News would be very ideal on GMA News TV to replace those useless movies and boring reruns.

    • Nameless says:

      Exactly. In order to counter 9TV’s NBC Nightly News. Pero ‘yun lang, “News” TV caters the deepest pang-masa nowadays tapos their budget crisis pa. Same here, I hate that network for many reasons. For now, more with alternative channels ako.

    • Sinulog this year came at an inappropriate time because of the Papal visit, hence the reason why ABS and GMA in Cebu forego those plans to cover that event.

      And yes, I remember CBS Evening News that aired on QTV. Unfortunately, it won’t fit the more ‘masa’-fied approach of News TV.

  14. James Ty III says:

    The documentary of ABS-CBN on Pope Francis tomorrow is hosted by Lynda Jumilla, who traveled with the Pope from the Vatican to Sri Lanka to here in the Philippines. I will watch this one more than the documentary of Jessica Soho about the Pope’s visit on GMA.

  15. Rey says:

    in my opinion, gma’s pope francis coverage is better than abs-cbn’s & tv5’s. however, because it wasn’t simulcast on news tv, muda*** bro. villanueva for that.

    (sorry about the last sentence. i’m kinda pissed with protestant leaders like villanueva & quiboloy at some times.)

    • Being better doesn’t mean they’re doing it extensively, which is why GMA, despite the claims of having a ‘better’ coverage, didn’t do it comprehensively because News TV didn’t step up and that programs such as Eat Bulaga, Afternoon Prime soaps and even Kapuso Movie Festival still aired in between, holes that News TV should have taken advantage of.

  16. Kung balak i-balik sa GNTV ang Dobol B sa News TV ay dapat na alisin na ang Takilya Blockbusters at mga rereun ng nmga N&PA proograms kasi wala naman nanonood lalo na ang movies ng sobrang too early ipalabas nila.

    • James Ty III says:

      It will be doubtful for News TV to bring back its simulcast with DZBB. GMA nga is losing a lot of money.

      Even DZMM aired the Papal documentary of Lynda Jumilla last night kaya doon na lang, talo na ang GMA sa ABS.

      • The best options for Channel 11 are the following:
        1. Rebrand
        2. Sell it back to ZOE TV
        3. Move to Channel 33

        Yan na lang ang options natin, sir Asher. That’s it.

    • Rey says:

      the last 2 options will work. as for the 1st one, no need to rebrand, as long as they retain the informative ones there & move then non-news to gma. imho.

      • Rebranding is still an option though. If the other two options failed, then they can go with this. The name News TV doesn’t make sense anymore, and if they want to pursue a Studio 23-like approach, then so be it. Better bring the QTV name back, or go by a different name. Simple as that.

  17. Nameless says:

    Recently, may advertisement ang GMA “News” TV every commercial break, thanking their viewers for making their coverage “successful” thru their hashtags during the Papal Visit like #BlessedByThePope na nag-trend worldwide. Hay. Eh ang ABS-CBN at tv5 nga, parang wala silang ganung advertisement eh. While 9TV was thankful to Pope Francis.

    • This shows na mayabang pa rin ang GMA. Saka that commercial contradicts the truth regarding their coverage. What gives them the right to air that commercial when News TV didn’t even make a major contribution to the Papal coverage? And why should they claim their coverage as ‘successful’ when other networks did better than them? It doesn’t make any sense.

      • James Ty III says:

        And as I said, ABS used its huge resources to deliver a good Papal coverage in DZMM Teleradyo and ANC. Teleradyo, which usually signs off at 10 pm on Sundays, extended its airtime to accommodate Lynda Jumilla’s documentary summarizing the Papal visit.

        GMA’s docu with Jessica Soho was quite inadequate because Soho was just reporting from the venues where the Pope visited unlike Jumilla who was directly behind the scenes.

      • Well said. If Kara David joined her to co-host the docu, it would have been better. But as it turned out, GMA’s obvious Protestant sensibilities dug them in.

  18. Jake Jacinto says:

    Definitely, the only time I saw a financially stable GMA was when they’re still using the slogan, “Where You Belong,” until 2002. At that time, they catered to the middle-class, rich, and elite families. They aired the most superior teleseryes before. They had the right to air NBA and NFL games, especially during the 1980’s. Almost all of their programs then were English, with a few in Filipino. They even owned Citynet 27, which catered to the same target markets as I mentioned above. Competition was fair then. And best of all, it had a lot of advertisers, including Pagoda Philippines, Belman Laboratories, SEMEXCO Marketing Corporation, among others, plus the advertisers which cater to the class AB market).

    Even GMA’s Cebu unit, through its now-defunct newscast Balitang Bisdak, had a lot of advertisers prior to the current decline. Some advertisers that I still remember on Balitang Bisdak include: Family’s Brand Sardines, Producer Feeds, Popular Feeds, Aquadox for Pigs, Warhawk Gamecock Power Feeds (and the rest of Popular Feedmill Corporation’s products), Happy Mart with Teban & Goliat, Fanbo Cosmetics, MAPECON F3D/H-I, etc. GMA Cebu even had enough funds to produce shows like Singgit Cebu and their local Cebuano dramas.

    Now, GMA is just being a worthless station. They now cater to the masses, and their advertisers are now very few. Worse, they launched GMA News TV. Why will they open such station if that’s gonna air movies? I even hated what they did to Sunday All Stars, when they pulled their “Kalerki-oke” segment (my favorite) and moved the show to 2:00 PM.

    In reality, I disagreed and regret with GMA’s rebranding as the “Kapuso” network. They should’ve sticked to their “Where You Belong” slogan and rainbow branding instead of a relaunch. Meanwhile, what if GMA did not rebrand into “Kapuso” and stayed with the old slogan and rainbow branding (although with a few modifications)?

    • Had they not rebrand into the Kapuso network that they are today, then the Rainbow would have been in the same class as the three circles and a line logo of ABS-CBN. But then again, they needed a ‘better’ slogan than ‘Where You Belong’ to tap the mass market, since ABS became the Kapamilya network on their 2000 rebrand.

      There is a reason why decided to transform into the Kapuso network: the demographics of TV viewers are changing. Cable is increasingly becoming available to upper and middle class, and with it comes the need to make the programming more adaptable to the ‘masa’.

      Unfortunately for GMA, they don’t have the financial muscle that ABS has (the latter is owned by a conglomerate that includes SkyCable and Manila Water, unlike GMA who depend on just Gozon and Duavit), and as a result, their years of competing for the top spot against ABS took its toll on them financially. Worse, they had mismanagement issues, which definitely affected them as well.

      • Jake Jacinto says:

        Therefore, if GMA cannot fix their attitude, then they’ll surely collapse financially. Remember what had happened to the Atlas Publishing Co., which published MOD Filipina and a lot of komiks?

  19. James Ty III says:

    GMA is reportedly talking with Willie Revillame for a possible show. He has two choices — a daily afternoon slot before 24 Oras or a Sunday 12 nn slot that is currently being occupied by Kapuso Movie Festival.

  20. These are the shows should be move to GMA 7 due to save money to Channel 11:
    Idol sa Kusina
    Ang Pinaka
    Motorcycle Diaries
    Takilya Blockbuster should be get rid not in early morning and should be replace by the Light Network programs. There is no significance of airing unrelated news program like movies on GMA NEWS TV.

    • Motorcycle Diaries is actually a public affairs show hosted by a GMA News personality, so there’s no reason for it to move. I Juander is also hosted by a GMA News personality, and is also a public affairs show.

      The rest of the shows I didn’t include deserve the boot.

  21. PTV-4 airing Korean Dramas while GMA NEWS TV has movies everyday, the same reason why is because para maganahan naman ang mga viewers kahit papaano sa station nila. But we blame GMA Network for that reason.

    • PTV-4 is not a news channel. They’re more of a PBS-type of channel. They can still show some entertainment programs anytime.

      GMA is doing anything in its power to perk up their falling viewership, but as it stands, they are just alienating them with these questionable decisions.

  22. James Ty III says:

    ramones and KG, I agree. But as ralphierce posted, we’ll see. Depends on the negotiations between Willie and GMA management.

  23. Jc says:

    If it would have been for my proposed platforms (on the other topic) this would have happened:
    GMA: in-depth coverage
    DZBB (on radio, Digital, Cable, and Online TV): Uninterrupted coverage with more field reports
    LifeTV (online-only channel): Live coverage similar to SKY Free View

  24. Jc says:

    GMA really has a strong relationship with Jesus Is Lord and Bro. Eddie. But I don’t want to furtherly elaborate it because some may have said there points already. Thus the only thing I can say, whether like it or not, Channel 11 should be returned to Bro. Eddie/ZOE.

  25. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    News TV may not have covered the Papal Visit and PNoy’s last SONA, but, it was a blessing in disguise that it was able to cover the APEC Summit this year, along with PTV, CNN Philippines, ANC, and Bloomberg while GMA and its rivals at Reliance and Mo. Ignacia remained stuck on steady programming, notwithstanding the provision of news breaks, breaking news and flash reports regarding the meetings. This has been announced by Kuya Timow, who remained glued on the TV in the recent days for APEC 2015.

    I hope News TV can continue their momentum of covering important events in the years to come, for a change. What’s just left is that they have to get rid of airing “not-so-important reruns” and “movies.”

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