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In 100 Words: Something’s Wrong with Oggy

‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ switched networks again this year. The French silent animated comedy found a new home in Nickelodeon Asia after a two-year run on Cartoon Network Asia.

Once ‘Oggy’ premiered on Nickelodeon, however, there was one problem. The opening and closing credits were produced for the third season (2008-09), but the episodes were from the first season (1998-99).

This was not the case when Cartoon Network and even Disney Channel Asia aired ‘Oggy’ in the Philippines. The credits and episodes would always be consistent to one another when they air it.

That said, the error on ‘Oggy’ is definitely a major dilemma for Nickelodeon. What happens next once the other seasons of ‘Oggy and the Cockroaches’ were aired on Nickelodeon, especially the most recent one shot in HD television? That will only make things difficult for the orange network.


12 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Something’s Wrong with Oggy

  1. 6y5i says:

    Oggy once aired on TV5 (free TV channel), but did they cut off the closing credits from their run of that cartoon?

    CN PH (local CN feed) put the first closing credits of Oggy after recent runs containing newer episodes. CN also co-produced the fourth season of the cartoon. CN SEA started to air Oggy in mid-2012.

    Disney Channel Asia also aired the cartoon for some time (even as CN SEA/India airs that same cartoon, albeit with older episodes) until before the channel’s rebrand.

    Nick SE Asia and India’s decision to air Oggy (actually their second attempt) has to do with low viewership of that feed.

    • I think TV5 did air the closing credits of Oggy in full, if I remember.

      There were also some instances where the older and later season episodes of Oggy would be mixed during marathons on CN PH. For some reason, they usually have different opening and closing credits during these runs. Other than that, the rest of Oggy’s run on CN would see them place more appropriate opening and closing credits.

      And yes, Oggy aired at around the same time on Disney Channel and CN. DCA carried Seasons 2 and 3, while CN carried Seasons 1 and 4, and part of Season 2. Oggy and its sister show from Xilam Zig and Sharko were then replaced by the animes Ninja Hattori and Perman on DCA, while Fish & Chips replaced Oggy on CN PH.

      And the reason why Nickelodeon is having low ratings is because they rely too much on older episodes of Spongebob, The Fairy OddParents, Dora the Explorer and other shows. CN is doing well because of their newer shows, that is why the viewers are taking notice of it.

    • What if ng ipa-joint venture w/ Viva ang Nickelodeon from the AYC Group, at palitan na nila with the Southeast Asia feed, at saka alisin na lang ang Nick Jr. Block kasi may Nick Jr. Channel naman ng available sa SkyCable.

      • You just offended the fans of Dora the Explorer. Pag tinanggal mo yung Nick Jr., anong mangyayari? Puro Spongebob, Fairy OddParents at iba pa ang mapapanood. Wala nang variety.

        There is a reason why there is a Nick Jr. block, dahil mas mahal ang subscription fee ng Nick Jr. channel. This is also the same reason why there is a Disney Junior block on Disney Channel.

        Sorry, but I seriously doubt your proposal, even with these benefits. For now, I’ll leave Nickelodeon as they are now.

  2. Nameless says:

    Medyo awkward, ‘no?! It’s just like you’re using a new folder but you fastened & compiled your old elementary artworks there. I think, ginawa lang ito ng Nick para maiba lang from 2 other kiddie channels. But I love that cartoon, parang Tom and Jerry lang din.

    • Kung nanood ka ng Oggy sa Cartoon Network at Disney Channel noon alam mo na kung kailan ipinalabas ang mga naturang episodes. That is why I felt disappointed in Nick’s treatment of Oggy. They don’t do that on Spongebob, Dora and other shows.

  3. KG says:

    I am an lover of Oggy since their first airing in Asia on Disney & TV5. Pero dapat nga, ma-sort out ng Nick ang sequence ng bawat pinapalabas na episode nito.

  4. As of this time, it is observed that Nickelodeon Asia doesn’t fully acquire all the episodes of Oggy. In fact, new episodes of the series are still airing on Cartoon Network Asia, and Nickelodeon only has the pre-2009 episodes

    • The ‘new’ episodes, which was Season 4 of Oggy, were previously aired on Cartoon Network a few years ago, so they’re not technically new. Also, Nick’s airing of Oggy only covers the first season. However, they erroneously used the title cards from the third season, thus Nick did a rather inaccurate job of airing Oggy.

      Also, when CN first acquired Oggy, they didn’t have all of the episodes. At the time, Disney Channel owned the second and third seasons of Oggy, while CN got the first and fourth seasons. Disney soon stopped airing Oggy once they realized that a different network is airing one; they replaced it with Japanese animes like Perman and Ninja Hattori. But Disney still has the rights to another Xilam creation, Zig and Sharko.

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