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Inauspicious Start for Revamped Kapamilya Gold

Despite tremendous hype surrounding the return of Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin to ABS-CBN, ‘Flordeliza’ failed to make an impact against its counterpart ‘The Half-Sisters’ on its first week. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

ABS-CBN’s new-look Kapamilya Gold is off to a slow start.

Ratings from the network’s trusted source Kantar Media showed that last Monday’s pilot episodes of ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ registered a paltry 9.7 and 8.9% figures, respectively. On the other hand, GMA Afternoon Prime counterparts ‘The Half-Sisters’ and ‘Yagit’ earned better marks of 14.9% and 11.6%.

The two shows’ ratings also failed to improve following last Tuesday’s episodes. ‘Flordeliza’ earned an 8.2% mark against ‘The Half-Sisters” 15.5%, while ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ managed a 7.9% rating opposite ‘Yagit”s 11.9%.

And following last Wednesday’s episodes, ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ garnered ratings of 9% and 8.7%, respectively. Meanwhile, ‘The Half-Sisters’ and ‘Yagit’ fared much better with 14.8% and 12.3%.

The struggle has been all too real for Kapamilya Gold. Since ‘Moon of Desire’ ended its run in August, the afternoon block has been on the decline, both in terms of quality and in viewership.

From mid-August to mid-January, ABS-CBN did not produce any local teleseryes for the said block. The vacant slot in between ‘It’s Showtime’ and the News and Current Affairs programs was first filled in by the ill-fated telenovela ‘Ana Manuela’, followed by the movie block ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’.

The lack of local teleseryes clearly took its toll on Kapamilya Gold. As a result, Afternoon Prime retook control in the ratings, led by the top-rated ‘The Half-Sisters’, and never looked back.

It is clear that both ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ have a lot more work to do in order to match, let alone surpass the ratings of their rivals. The hype surrounding the two shows is undeniable, but unless they back it up with an improved ratings performance, all that hype will go to waste.

That said, it is up to the executives at ABS-CBN to make some improvements for Kapamilya Gold. They are undoubtedly the No. 1 television network today, but it doesn’t mean they are invincible with this weakness.

Note: ‘Flordeliza’ and ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ will be bumped to earlier timeslots in order to make way for the Koreanovela ‘Fated to Love You’, starting today.


28 thoughts on “Inauspicious Start for Revamped Kapamilya Gold

  1. As expected it will be a tougher climb for the first teleseryes in KG. I said this before it will be the succeeding telseryes after Flordeliza and NKNKK who will rate. The kapamilya audience is still adjusting to the KG programming and are still glued to GMA’s afternoon Prime. Hopefully ABS will pull the plug on these two seryes as soon as their Kapuso counterparts end. I suggest they put their prime stars such as Jadine for a summer romance afternoon flick with Julia and Inigo, another heavy drama with their more seasoned stars such as Andi, Bea, Iza, Nikki Gil, Richard Yap, Gretchen, Diether or even bring back Nora Aunor. They need to put their strength in the afternoon block which is their huge rosters of popular stars.

    Pasion De Amor might stand a chance or even Inday Bote in helping KG bring back its luster.

    I expect that Flordeliza and NKNKK seryes will end by April.

    • ABS seems rusty after not doing any afternoon teleseryes the past several months. But they’ll get there eventually. For now, though, GMA is ruling the day in the afternoon block.

  2. James Ty III says:

    For me, the problem of Flordeliza is that Jolina and Marvin are just playing supporting roles here. As for NKNKK, their leads are still a bit raw to topbill a teleserye since they just came out of PBB.

      • Then again, Afternoon Prime lacked some star power, yet they are faring much better. For instance, The Half-Sisters, now the top-rated afternoon soap today, had ‘B’ stars in Barbie Forteza and Thea Tolentino to lead the way. Even Yagit’s lead stars are mostly unknowns, but they are doing well.

      • What GMA has is consistently in producing afternoon dramas, they are consistent that it produce a following that regardless of their B stars, it gains a consistent and loyal followers. ABS needs more star power to gain interest among the loyal Afternoon Prime viewers. That’s the only reason why GMA is rating well in the afternoons. They have solid followers same as their fans in the old re-run anime block. They need to reignite the interest in KG unfortunately the combo off Jolina, Marvin and NKNKK is not enough to get that. ABS just needs to be patient and consistent.

      • And to further strengthen my theory of consistency gets followers take a look at Primetimebida. Right now the teleseryes are headlined by the ABS stars that are not in the league of Coco Martin in terms of popularity. ABS strengthened their stronghold when GMA aired movies for just a few weeks. Marian who is the sole A list star didnt even make a dent with Carmela last year. Same fate will happen to KG if ABS will not be willing to relegate its A-List stars to KG. Consistency is key

      • Going back to that suggestion, GMA did use their ‘A’ talents in afternoon soaps, like Marian and Jen, and had success with it. If ABS can do the same thing, the better in balancing the reputations of their talents.

  3. Off topic but still relevant, I’m a bit concerned that there was a significant decline among Kapamilya viewers nationwide since December there was a steady decline upto now. It might be the effect of IWanTV but Im still curious the real cause of the decline. Tpus na ang holiday at Papal Visit pero mababa pa rin. This might be the cause of the decline in ratings as well for KG. From what I have heard ABS management is already talking about this since early Jan. Alarming na ito

    • It is possible that the repetitive plot ideas and stereotypes are to blame for it. Yung Two Wives nga halos similar ang formula sa The Legal Wife. If they can’t make something a little fresher, then the more their viewers will desert the network.

      • James Ty III says:

        That’s the problem when teleseryes offer the same type of story. Makakasawa din ang mga viewers. GMA is reportedly putting up a new soap about lesbian affairs na parang female version ng My Husband’s Lover and Marian Rivera is being eyed to play the lead.

      • the problem is you dont see the rise of ratings from the potential rival of ABS, which intrigues me the most. The Kapuso shows did not gain what was lost in the Primetimebida block. I think its beyond the show’s concept kung ung lahat ng primetimebida shows ay apektado. IWanTV might be one of the culprits pero like Dream Dad from 30% to 24%? pero ung MTW ay 14% pa rin. maybe di lang PrimetimeBida ang affected bka KG na rin. Masyado lng mataas ung kalaban kaya we feel na its the shows fault pero ung reason tlga is bwyond the production team’s concerned.

      • IWanTV is one but I haven’t seen enough viewing data to validate. Another theory in my mind are the panel homes in Kantar somehow are the caused of the decline. Kantar might be in the process of reassigning their data trackers to new panel homes.

  4. KG says:

    One solution to this: Is to get a better storylines na akma sa mga teleserye for the Kapamilya Gold block and get ABS-CBN talents who have starring in the dramas on the Primetime Bida.

    • That’s exactly what Marcus wanted to see. The storylines, however, need to be fresh and well-researched instead of recycled ones, otherwise viewers will grow uninterested in a hurry. Time is of the essence as far as crafting new stories are concerned.

  5. Rey says:

    with a 90s tandem back on track (after years), i expected “flordeliza” to be as successful as they used to be. with the show’s ratings, looks like it’d take some time for them to regain their success, though.

    • Indeed. Considering that the Kapamilya viewers grew apathetic during the five-month absence of local dramas on KGold, a slow start is definitely expected. But give them time, and sooner they will gain some ground.

  6. Atlas says:

    (This comment is based on the latest Kantar national TV ratings posted on the ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom today.)

    Yesterday’s episode of NKNKK is the first of the two new locally-made Kapamilya Gold dramas to garner double-digit ratings, putting the rival show Yagit in very close competition. The Korean remake of Fated To Love You immediately threatened Annasandra on its premiere episode on Philippine free TV. On the same day, Flordeliza came even closer to attaining double-digit ratings. Meanwhile ABS-CBN’s NCA programs are still in close fights with its GMA rivals, and Bet on your Baby rebounded.

    The result in the weekday afternoon ratings war still? GMA victory. However, Kapamilya Gold is slowly recovering this time around.

    • This is definitely a positive step for the Kapamilya network’s shattered confidence in the afternoons. Give them time, and soon they’ll be back to even terms with GMA on that particular period.

    • I also saw this earlier and it might be the panel homes reassignment from Kantar, but its a good sign hopefully the timeslot adjustment will work out eventually.

  7. Nameless says:

    Honestly speaking, kapag PBB (über) ang inilalagay sa afternoon block ng Kapamilya, mas malakas. Pero kapag ganito, anyare? It’s not too late yet for them to improve their Siesta shows. Pero like what I have shared na article about the current status ng teleseryes natin, marami na rin ang nakakapuna sa plots ng mga local dramas.

    • There is a thing called time, and KGold was rusty when they premiered their two new teleseryes. It was expected for them to rate so low since KGold came off a lengthy layoff without a local drama. But give them time, and soon they’ll be back on track.

  8. ramones1986 says:

    ABS-CBN’s “Fated to Love You” is actually a Korean remake of the hit Taiwanese drama of the same name, which was shown on GMA eons ago.

    • Considering that Taiwanese dramas didn’t work on the part of GMA, it’s a good bet that the Koreanovela version will fare better locally than its original Taiwanese version.

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