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GMA Shakes Up Weekday Morning Lineup Anew

A teleneovela and a long-overdue Koreanovela makes its way to GMA this Monday morning.

First on the menu is ‘Corazon Indomable’, otherwise known as ‘Wild at Heart’. The telenovela stars Ana Brenda Contreras and Daniel Arenas as lovers with contrasting roots.

‘Corazon Indomable’ first aired in 2013 throughout Mexico, and was a remake of the hit telenovela ‘Marimar’. The latter, first shown on RPN-9 and later re-aired and locally remade on GMA, took Philippine television by storm in the mid-1990s.

The entry of ‘Corazon Indomable’ will mark the latest attempt to rekindle the fading popularity of the telenovela. The genre has endured tremendous amount of abuse from the rightsholder in the last few years, as telenovelas like GMA’s ‘Lola’, ABS-CBN’s ‘Ana Manuela’, and IBC-13/ATC’s ‘The Two Sides of Ana’ and ‘La Teniente’ were either cancelled or shortened for various reasons.

It will be foolish for GMA to once again cut short another telenovela, considering the backlash that they endured upon cancelling ‘Lola’ due to low ratings. If they keep their heads calm, then ‘Corazon Indomable’ will be able to finish in full.

Immediately following ‘Corazon Indomable’ will be the Koreanovela ‘Women in the Sun’. It will star Kim Ji-soo, Lee Ha-na, Han Jae-suk, and Jung Gyu-woon.

‘Women in the Sun’ premieres in Philippine shores nearly seven years after it first aired in its native South Korea. In its original airing, the Koreanovela received an average rating of nearly 14% and won four KBS Drama Awards.

The long gap is uncharacteristic for any Koreanovela in the country, as GMA and ABS-CBN usually air their Koreanovelas within one or two years from its original Korean broadcast. Still, for any devoted follower of Asianovelas, ‘Women in the Sun’ should be worth the wait.

Now the question is, will they have a chance to make an impact against ‘The Singing Bee’? It is highly doubtful, since ‘The Singing Bee’ has had GMA’s number for the past few months, and not even the extended running time of the Astig Authority block can rattle its confidence.

That said, the onus is on GMA to make the two series as good as advertised. This is a make or break situation for them as far as their morning lineup is concerned, so good luck.

‘Corazon Indomable’ and ‘Women in the Sun’ airs starting February 2, right after Astig Authority and before ‘The Ryzza Mae Show’.

Note: The trailer for ‘Corazon Indomable’, which is now shown on GMA, is unavailable on YouTube as of this writing.


30 thoughts on “GMA Shakes Up Weekday Morning Lineup Anew

    • Yep. It’s been awhile. The problem is that the telenovelas are no longer as popular as they were early in the decade, and they even suffer the brunt of abuse from the networks due to their low ratings. In fact, biktima sila of late ng either cancellations or heavily edited airings, which is definitely humiliating on their part.

      • He does have a point, though. Corazon Indomable and Women in the Sun debuted while The Singing Bee is still airing, and it is expected that both shows would lag behind TSB in the ratings. But last Friday, TSB had its final episode, and with Kapamilya Blockbusters taking over that slot for economical purposes, this may be an opportunity for both GMA foreign dramas to capitalize.

        Still, anything can happen, and even with a weaker opponent, there’s still a slight chance that the two dramas would lose in the ratings, especially when ABS decides to air the more recent movies on KB.

        Also, telenovelas are not as popular as they were in the late 90s, not to mention the more recent telenovelas receiving the pink slip from the networks. If Corazon Indomable suffers the same fate, then so be it.

    • GMA’s Sunday problems are a given already. It’s better if you keep that to yourself, Mr. Sunday, because we’re not talking about Sunday shows in this article.

      Anyway, don’t expect Corazon Indomable to even fare well. GMA did not seriously promote this show in the first place. Plus they didn’t post a trailer for Corazon Indomable on YouTube, and instead uploaded one for Women in the Sun.

      If things don’t go well for Corazon Indomable, it may suffer the same fate as Lola, Ana Manuela, The Two Sides of Ana, and La Teniente. Definitely not good for the dying telenovela genre.

    • Ralph, let me apologize for this rant, I know it’s not a good place but I’m referencing directly to James:

      STOP RUINING MY DAY! That Sunday film would go out of respect for the fallen 44 PNP-SAF commandos in Mamasapano. I hope you understand what really happened. Plus, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU AND YOUR REPETITIVE SUNDAY LINE-UP? You already made a pest over his site because it’s not relevant. Are you only blind because you devoted yourself every Sunday with only five channels? You can go back to Philippine TV Ratings where you are the admin there.

      I’n sorry, Ralph. I can’t hold these things on.

      • It’s ok. But we have to respect his role as a showbiz writer for a tabloid, as well as having friends with several fellow mediamen.

        Our fellow writer Bado even commented about Mr. Sunday’s tendencies in the past:

        ” John (JRDV from PN), pagpasensyahan mo na kasi kaya puro SUNDAY sked ang post nya kasi busy sya kapag weekdays and Saturdays. At saka, updated din sya sa nangyayari sa radio at TV, imbes na sports sa kanyang account. Pagpasensyahan mo na sya.”

        The second sentence from Bado’s first comment is what I really doubt about. Is he really updated about the TV industry? I know he’s updated with radio, considering he knows the industry, but TV in general? He rarely posts a thing about upcoming teleseryes and weekday programs. That’s what I doubt about.

        Bado then added,

        “Huwag nyong lalaitin masyado si “Mr. Sunday” kasi baka mamaya, may anu pang gawin nya sa atin (isa dyan ay baka i-ban nya tayo sa Facebook).”

        If that’s the case, then insults should be kept to a minimum. We can always reprimand him when things don’t go well, but insulting him won’t do us any good.

      • Mr. Ty is often busy with his Sports commitments, hence making him less updated about TV happenings. At times, he’d ask people about TV updates, so he can inform the others as well.

  1. Natutuwa ako ng may telenovela na uli sa GMA kase at least may choices. Pero I’m wondering nagpalabas ng telenovela ang GMA instead of 2 koreanovela na lang ang pinalabas. I hope tuloy tuloy na uli ang pagpapalabas ng telenovela at naway wag to matulad sa Ana Manuela at nung 2 pa sa ibc 13.

    • Let’s just hope that GMA keeps Corazon Indomable all the way to its finale. They should not commit the same mistake of cancelling a telenovela before it ended, which is what happened during the short and underwhelming run of Lola.

  2. Nakakatuwa na may telenovela na uli ang gma7 kase at least may choices sa papanoorin at may balanse. Meron kaseng gusto koreanovela at meron na man yung mga mexican telenovela. I’m just wondering kung bakit nagpalabas ang gma ng telenovela instead of 2 koreanovela o nagproduce ng ibang show? Sabagay its cheaper kung magiimport na lang ng programa. I hope di matulad ang corazon indomable sa sinapit ng ana manuela at nung 2 mexican series sa ibc 13. If ever di na talaga uso ang mga telenovela, bakit di na lang itry ng mga network dito ang turkish drama na nababasa ko eh patok sa middle east, eastern europe, central asia at nabasa ko naipalabas na rin ang mga yon sa indonesia, scandinavia particularly sweden tas nakikipagcompete na din daw to sa latin america particularly chile and colombia na tahanan ng mga telenovela.

  3. Jake Jacinto says:

    Definitely, I want to blame two factors for the demise of free TV telenovelas:

    1, The Koreanovelas – they have murdered the telenovelas since ABS-CBN aired Meteor Garden in 2003 (I remember getting free Pepsi collectibles and autographs courtesy of F4 [Meteor Garden] in 2003 at the SM City Cebu).
    2. Cable TV – let’s commend the launch of the Telenovela channel as the cause for the death of this genre (when aired on free TV).

    • On the first factor, it’s actually Asianovelas. Meteor Garden is from Taiwan, not Korea.

      The Telenovela Channel is also instrumental in writing off the telenovela from the free TV landscape. Since it launched, the more recent telenovelas on free TV were either cancelled abruptly or heavily edited due to low ratings. ABS’ Malparida and Ana Manuela were the victims of the latter, while GMA’s Lola and IBC’s The Two Sides of Ana and La Teniente were victims of the former.

  4. James Ty III says:

    I posted that comment about the Tagalized movie tomorrow as my way of supporting all other comments about GMA’s programming that really sucks on weekends, especially on Sundays.

    With this kind of weekend programming that GMA has, it’s more bearable to watch a Miss Universe replay, which ABS-CBN is doing tomorrow.

    • But why do you have to bring up GMA’s weekend programming to this conversation? It doesn’t make sense considering the article is about a pair of WEEKDAY programs. If you’re really serious and knowledgeable about this conversation it’s best that you don’t bring your SUNDAY mentality to this article, Mr. Sunday. In short, practice some restraint. Tabloid entertainment writer ka pa naman, tapos hanggang Linggo lang ang alam mo.

      It’s already been given that GMA’s programming sucks on weekends. But parts of their weekday programming also suck. For example, their Astig Authority may beat ABS’ Kris TV and Animazing block consistently, but they still suck because most of them air repeatedly. And speaking of ‘suck’, would you agree with Telebabad’s woes? Perhaps, if you consider the huge gap between Telebabad and Primetime Bida, both in ratings and in star power.

      • Rey says:

        obviously, James Ty is a gma hater. there are some good parts on that channel, yet he doesn’t see anything good there. we know he’s very busy with his commitments (he frequently watches tv), but he probably has a bad taste when it comes to tv shows.

      • Not exactly, although his fondness for Sunday programming is becoming an annoyance, that is why he rarely mentions weekday and Saturday shows due to his career as a mediaman. And besides, GMA is not the only network with weaknesses; every single network has a weakness.

  5. Nameless says:

    In short, Mexicanovelas’ reign on our local boobtube is over na rin, at parang nawala na rin ang “magic” from them. Pinoy viewers nowadays are always looking for TV series, fresh from US, Korea, Taiwan or Japan. Señora Santibañez memes are not enough (for me) to regain the popularity of Mexican series. But somehow, may influence na rin ang Mexicanovelas sa mga story plot ng ilang local dramas natin.

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