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In 100 Words: No Euroleague on BTV, Again

The Euroleague is arguably the second most widely recognized basketball league in the world, next to the NBA. But its coverage in the Philippines has been rather patchy, at best.

In the past, Basketball TV covered Euroleague matches from the eliminations all the way to the finals. But there have been two instances where BTV did not air any Euroleague games.

In the 2009-10 season, the now-defunct ESPN Star Sports group covered the Euroleague games. This season, the Euroleague was shut out of any sports-centric cable network in the country, presumably due to its lack of popularity among basketball aficionados in the country.

Nobody knows when will Euroleague basketball return to Philippine shores, but for a league so highly regarded, they surely deserve some respect, even from the PBA and Philippine basketball.


3 thoughts on “In 100 Words: No Euroleague on BTV, Again

  1. Nameless says:

    I really don’t know kung dito rin nagmula si Pau Gasol ng NBA since he’s a Spanish.

    Pero oo nga, I noticed din na we are a big country of NBA fans in Asia. I believe that a real basketball fan should have a knowledge in every scene of that sport, but however EuroLeague seems to be so unfamiliar sa panlasa ng mga Pinoy. Maybe its because most of us ay nasanay na rin na ang Europe ay isang football continent. And if we will notice, BTV’s logo colors came from NBA din naman.

    Will the Kapamilya sports network try to acquire that EuroLeague coverage?

      • That’s what Christian also told me. And yes it’s true. Euroleague is not popular in our country, even if the quality of the play and star power is second to the NBA’s.

        Perhaps the PBA need not to depend too much on American players as imports alone. Nag-propose na sila ng Asian imports for the Governor’s Cup. Baka pwede rin mga Europeans. Total fast-break and perimeter-oriented na ang European game, unlike ours na old-school short-shorts style ang laro. Time to adapt to the new style, dahil kung pisikalan pa rin tayo, chances are hindi tayo makakaabante sa mga bigatin ng ibang bansa.

        That’s also the reason why the PBA is hardly recognized at all within the rest of the world. Yung programang FIBA World Basketball nga, they don’t even show PBA highlights at all.

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