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Deal or No Deal Returns, Plus Umaganda’s Slump Continues

‘Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal’ returns with a new format this Monday. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

‘Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal’ returns for a new season with a new twist.

The popular ABS-CBN game show will have its fifth season premiere on February 9, with Luis Manzano again taking over hosting duties. This time around, a different format will encompass KDND’s latest season.

Gone are the ’26K Girls’ that held the show’s briefcases in previous seasons. Instead, celebrity guests will be holding the briefcases containing an unknown amount of money, and will be dubbed as the ’20 Lucky Stars’.

In addition, the day’s studio player will be selected from the aforementioned 20 celebrities via a roulette. The said player has the choice of keeping or trading briefcases with the other 19 ‘Lucky Stars’.

As was the case in prior seasons, the objective of the game is for the player to open each briefcase in hopes of getting a better offer from the unnamed banker.

The new season of ‘Kapamilya, Deal or No Deal’ will replace ‘Bet on Your Baby’ beginning this Monday. The second season of the latter game show will have its final episode aired tomorrow afternoon.

Also down to its final episode tomorrow is ‘The Singing Bee’. The long-running game show was a consistent top-rater for the Kapamilya network for the majority of its run, dispatching rival GMA game show ‘Don’t Lose Your Money’ and talk show ‘Basta Every Day Happy’ in the process.

But its success paled in comparison to the rest of the shows on Umaganda, especially Team Animazing. And starting this Monday morning, expect Umaganda’s quality to get even worse with the return of ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’.

The temporary movie block will replace both ‘The Singing Bee’ and ‘Pedro Penduko’ on Umaganda. And if that was not enough, ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ will take on supposedly weaker competition in GMA’s ‘Corazon Indomable’ and ‘Women in the Sun’.

That said, the return of ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ should give ABS-CBN more problems than solutions. Unless they quickly find a replacement program or two in the soonest possible time, expect Umaganda to grow even staler while giving GMA some much-needed breathing room in the mornings.

This is definitely not a good way for ABS-CBN to cement its dominance as the No. 1 network in the country with all the moves they make these days.


30 thoughts on “Deal or No Deal Returns, Plus Umaganda’s Slump Continues

  1. KG says:

    Baka mga “underdeveloped” Kapamilya stars ang magiging lucky stars ng KOND. Or maybe, “Kalokalikes” ng It’s Showtime.

    BTW, ABS-CBN’s News programs on the 4:30pm slot will have its changes by next week.

    • Very interesting on the NCA block. Looking forward to that.

      And come this Monday makikita natin kung sinong mga celebrity ang may hawak ng mga briefcase. We’ll never know if it’s the ‘B’ celebrities or the ‘A’ ones, basta tutok ka na lang.

  2. AlphaBeta423 says:

    According to ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom, among the celebrity briefcase holders Lucky Stars (a first for the entire Deal or No Deal franchise) are “a teen heartthrob, [a] beauty queen, [a] comedian, [a] character actor, [and] a sexy actress.” These will be greatly exciting moments.

    There are currently no plans by ABS-CBN to renew its local editions of The Singing Bee and Bet On Your Baby (both franchised) for new seasons. (The latter’s host is undergoing some controversy at that moment. While the former as an international franchise is currently suffering; will the Philippine edition be the last to air by now?)

    KB vs GMA’s newest Latinovela and Koreanovela seems to be an interesting matchup.

    • Indeed. Hulaan na kung sino ang hulaan.

      It is very expensive to pay and maintain a franchised show, to be honest. Even with all the success ABS is having with this format, it still is costly to keep one.

      As for the KB vs. GMA foreign dramas, this is a definite letdown for ABS AFAIK. They had a chance to place a better show to compete against both Corazon Indomable and Women in the Sun, but they blew it. Now it’s up to GMA to make ABS pay for this decision.

  3. Contrary to the comments above, BOYB and SB is slated to be renewed. ABS placed KB in the morning to anticipate the upcoming coverage of the NBA, which is said to be more extensive than last year. ABS is also experimenting in broadcasting shows in season (Similar to the US) to provide stability among its roster of stars. Reality competition shows and game shows are the first to experience such programming line up. If successful, they intend to adopt this with their other programs

    • Kind of a good sign. However, I still dislike their decision to place KB in the mornings, since GMA had equally weaker programs competing against them. Instead of capitalizing, they seem to have admitted defeat.

      Even with the more extensive coverage of the NBA, I expect them to be delayed again like last year’s finals. Kris TV is definitely getting in the way despite the obviously low ratings, thus we have no choice since Kris always gets what she wants.

      • I get your point, but businesswise KB is the smartest choice bec its flexible enough to fit the NBA coverage scenario. Think of it na kpag regular show ang pinalabas nila mas madedelay ang NBA lalo na kung ung regular show ay mag hit. ABS is also maximizing what they have invested in all their movie production by re airing them. I just wished they air anime movies from time to time. They can also get viewers by re airing specials of foreign artists who are coming to the country lalo na kung TV partner sila.
        ABS is experimenting tohe seasonal line up which is promising since in the long run they could provide more stable jobs for everyone at maiwasan na mawalan ng seasoned artists.

      • They are sacrificing the things they can afford loosing. Its not as if the morning slot is an ad magnet nor its loads are that pricey. ABS knows they can’t win them all, but they can choose which battle to loose.

      • You definitely have a point. Not every network is dominant and perfect after all. And for ABS, it may be risky, but it seems to be a more rewarding decision than anyone can imagine.

      • ABS maybe upsetting most of us with KB, but they have to do what needed to be done to be in the top and stay in the top and that means sacrificing “pawn” airtime to make sure that there are enough resources to support primetime and KG. Wala nmang block timer ang DOS sa weekdays nde tulad ng GMA, so mas exhausting un. Although biniabayaran din nman ung rights sa movie pero di kasing mahal kung show ito or dubbed series.

      • Indeed. But here’s a thing. Why not they acquire the airing rights to the films made by GMA Films? Total GMA is no longer willing to re-air any of the movies they’ve produced over the years, and as such, nagiging worthless na rin ang kanilang film division. Cinema One may have a deep library of movie titles over the years, but if there’s one film outfit that can complement their stock, it’s GMA Films. ABS would be willing to air such films on KB, if they wish.

      • the problem there is if they do that they will promote the stars of GMA which will be counter productive sa ABS. the other gma stars has to make a movie outside gma films para mag ka chance silang makita sa KB unless these stars are no longer exclusive with GMA, ayun bka mapakita pa. There are only 2 movies na pde at eto ang GMA Films and Star Cinema co production ung movie ni KC at Richard, nevertheless wala n akong maisip. Of course Quality is another story, sa panahon ngaun ung basurang movie ng SC ay pdeng itapat sa pinaka magandang film ng GMA Films

      • Pero the glory days era of GMA Films, such as Muro-Ami and Jose Rizal, pwede pang kunin ng ABS. Hindi naman for sure makakaapekto ang ABS sa gagawin nila. They can just get the best work of GMA Films rather than their more recent crap.

      • Yes and no,ABS will not buy those movies because they don’t need them even if GMA will give it for free. ABS knows that GMA needs that publicity more than they need it. Why pay something to keep the competition alive if you can get it in bulk kpag nagsara na ung film outfit na yan. Sad but true, GMA might close its film outfit soon kpag nag reassess na si Ramon Ang to cut the loosing departments ng GMA

      • Well, we can just wait for GMA to close their film department. After that, they go into the public domain and it’s up to anyone, ABS included, to make a pitch.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Speaking of movies, ABS-CBN is airing a Bollywood movie tomorrow, 3 Idiots. That film is part of the network’s vast array of Asian movies.

    KB has been airing a lot of Asian movies on Sundays except for instances when there is Pinoy Pride boxing. Sad to say, it’s not every week that there is boxing.

    I suggest ABS-CBN brings back the NBA games to Sunday mornings and air them live. It’s better than GMA showing Tagalog-dubbed cartoon movies.

    • No chance in hell will they bring NBA games to Sundays. The NBA already made the schedules, so sorry about that.

      And Monday’s first KB offering is My Little Bossings. So ABS seems to be getting movies from virtually every outfit, save for GMA Films. If only they can acquire the rights to the latter, should Mr. Gozon no longer wants to keep the film division going, that would be better.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Here’s the new ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs block on weekdays, 4:30 pm:

    THURSDAYS: SPORTS U with DYAN CASTILLEJO (no more Sports Unlimited on Saturday nights)
    FRIDAYS: TAPATAN NI TUNYING (new time slot)

  6. James Ty III says:

    Regarding the movie 3 Idiots, ABS was supposed to air the Aliw Awards tonight but it was reset because of GMA airing a Jaya concert later.

  7. Gab says:

    May bago na palang game show ang ABS-CBN, “Game ng Bayan”, to be hosted by Robin Padilla and Alex Gonzaga. It will start on Monday at 5pm.

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