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ABS-CBN, GMA Cancel Each Other’s No. 1 Claims

Once again, ABS-CBN and GMA one-up each other when it comes to television ratings.

For the month of January, both stations staked their own claims as the No. 1 television network in the country. Based on Kantar’s figures, ABS-CBN earned a 42% share over GMA’s 36%, while Nielsen’s figures say that GMA attained a 35% over ABS-CBN’s 33%.

While ABS-CBN claimed to have won the ratings battle in Balance Luzon (45% over GMA’s 36%), Visayas (56% over GMA’s 26%) and Mindanao (48% over GMA’s 31%), GMA’s regional figures showed that the station only won in Urban Luzon (39% over ABS-CBN’s 29%) and Mega Manila (41% over ABS-CBN’s 26%). GMA failed to report on the figures for Visayas and Mindanao because both areas remain a weak point for the network.

On the other hand, ABS-CBN did not report on the figures for the morning and afternoon blocks because of the network’s low ratings in both categories. ABS-CBN claimed victory in the primetime block, while in a separate statement, GMA won in the morning, afternoon and primetime blocks.

As it has been the case for the past several years, the one-upmanship between the two stations continue to be a subject of debate among television fans. But the truth is, even with their claims as the No. 1 station, that doesn’t mean they are better than the other, especially when facilities, revenue, talent and programming quality are considered.

That said, expect the game of wits between ABS-CBN and GMA to continue. At the end of the day, only one can lay claim to being the undisputed No. 1 station in the country.


10 thoughts on “ABS-CBN, GMA Cancel Each Other’s No. 1 Claims

  1. When I wrote the papal visit review, Kuya Gabby commented that PTV was able to accrue 18.41 million viewers, according to Kantar, last January 16. Since it’s difficult to convert into ratings as usually reported by both firms, I ended up calculating the number of viewers in the country based on Visayas Avenue’s publicized document; it calculated with 76.5 million and I divide 18.41 with 76.5 and I was surprised: I calculated a 24.1 rating.

    When I compare my calculation with the day’s rating found from ABS-CBN Social Media Newsroom, “Dream Dad” was 1.7 points short. Averaging the day’s results: ABS was actually dethroned for a day for an underdog.

    • It’s hard to establish estimates when it comes to viewership numbers. Kung sa U.S. nga kinukuha nila ng estimated amount of viewers in addition to ratings, sa Pilipinas pa kaya? We’ll never know how many viewers tuned in to a particular program unless Kantar and Nielsen finally publish such numbers.

      • Pretty much, and selective disclosures as well to the general public, thus building more defenses for their loved networks and use attacks parang Clash of Clans.

        Kung OK lang sana, if we persuade as critics and researchers of PH TV na ilantad ang lahat ng networks (both in percentage and figures).

  2. KG says:

    Kahit ratings-ratings lang yan o manipulations, hindi ako naniniwala. Naniniwala yung #1 TV Network sa bansa ang may maraming audience appeal, profitable at wider reach.

    Bahala na kayo magdaldal o papurihan, mga big 3 fantards. Wala sa lugar ang usapan yan.

  3. An indepedent firm should do the ratings and not based on subscriptions from the 3 networks. I think companies advertising in these three stations should commission the ratings panel since its in their best interest to know the truth. Movies are much easier to gauge since ticket sales can’t be cheated since the BIR is directly monitoring that. Any false declared sales or gross can be evidence of tax fraud. Maybe the airtime costs is a good gauge plus commercial load. It is a business afterall and cash flow will always be the best gauge of one’s success.

    • An independent firm is definitely a welcome alternative. That way, walang dayaan as far as ratings are concerned, saka mas magiging comprehensive ang pag-cover nito.

      Since ABS pulled out of Nielsen in favor of Kantar, the No. 1 slot for TV networks has become way disputed. Establishing an independent ratings firm should settle everything.

      • Or maybe a simple math. Alam nman ng executives kung number 1 sila, kasi if they truly trust their numbers then they command anything such as cash flow, but kung nde sila number 1 at press release lng edi their whole organization would feel it.

      • Also, being the No. 1 station doesn’t mean they are very productive economically. Pinagyabang pa ang GMA nito when they aired a brief 15-second spot of them being No. 1, when in fact they are in serious trouble programming-wise.

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