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The End of TV5’s KBO, As We Know It

Since January 2015, reruns are now dominating what was once the ‘Karunungan, Balita at Opinyon’ block on TV5. The said block debuted in October 2013, but was deemphasized the following year. (Screenshot courtesy of TV5)

The ‘Karunungan, Balita at Opinyon’ block on TV5 is now a distant memory.

These days, the remnants of the KBO block, consisting of ‘Demolition Job’, ‘Numero’, ‘History with Lourd’, ‘Unang Tikim’, and ‘Astig’, air reruns of past episodes at 11:30 p.m., a far cry from the block’s early days. It is safe to say that the KBO block has run its course, and with it, comes the clear fact that the said block has become more irrelevant than ever.

Debuting in October 2013 as part of a new programming strategy of the Kapatid network, KBO is originally composed of the following programs:

  • Demolition Job – hosted by Paolo Bediones
  • Numero – hosted by Cheryl Cosim
  • History with Lourd – hosted by Lourd de Veyra
  • Dayo – hosted by Atty. Theresa Licaros
  • Astig – hosted by Paolo Bediones

Upon the departure of Atty. Licaros from the network, ‘Dayo’ was replaced by ‘Bigtime’, hosted by Twink Macaraig, in February 2014. The original incarnation of KBO aired their last episodes in May 2014.

In September 2014, a new incarnation of KBO debuted, as ‘Demolition Job’ and ‘History with Lourd’ returned for their second season. A new program, ‘Unang Tikim’, premiered on the said block, with chef Jeremy Favia as host, while ‘Numero’ and ‘Astig’ continued to air old episodes.

At this point, however, TV5 deemphasized the KBO name on air, but for reference purposes From the Tube will continue to use the KBO name when referring to TV5’s current 11:30 p.m. block.

The KBO block was also simulcast on TV5’s sister UHF network AksyonTV. But on the second incarnation of the said block, ‘Unang Tikim’ was not included on the simulcast, and ‘Bigtime’ continued to air instead.

By January 2015,  reruns are dominating the entire KBO block. The last new episodes of ‘Demolition Job’, ‘History with Lourd’ and ‘Unang Tikim’ were aired two months earlier, and upon checking the Facebook pages of each program, no mention of new episodes were posted.

What was once a very promising news block is now riddled with irrelevance, a lack of freshness and creativity, and a sense of exhaustion. The KBO block is now a shell of its former self, and News5 paid dearly for not maintaining it.

It remains to be seen if News5 finally wakes up to their senses and replace these overly repetitive programs. But in the eyes of the observers, the ‘Karunungan, Balita at Opinyon’ block is essentially over, never to be seen again.


30 thoughts on “The End of TV5’s KBO, As We Know It

  1. I’m not surprised that News5 is a “da who” for many due to the lack of new epsiodes of their KBO block. My Zeitgeist says it right, the block is functionally dead. As MC commeted, the performance of TV5 is worse when it comes to their N&CA and blame sports and entertainment for it.

    • They seem to be winning awards in some of their news programs, albeit minor ones, so they should have used that motivation to keep going. Unfortunately, they appear to have reached their creative limits, hence the lack of new episodes.

      The only News5 programs that are relevant now are Kaya and Yaman ng Bayan, as it stands. Wala na silang pakialam sa KBO, period.

  2. Efha says:

    The only new news-related show announced by TV5 at its most recent presscon is Kontrabando. However, its format (news satire) may not fit with the name of the KBO block… (Ditto with Unang Tikim.)

    How far News5’s N&CA unit has fallen. Does News5 operate on a lower budget now than last year?

    • Perhaps, if we consider Timow’s previous observations regarding TV5’s overemphasis on sports and entertainment. Also worth considering is the recent departures of some of their reporters; last year News5 lost the likes of Atty. Theresa Licaros, Carla Lim, Michelle Mediana, Gerard Garcia, Chi Bocobo, and a few others. They have yet to replace the staff that they lost this year, which definitely had a negative effect when it comes to news gathering.

      This is also the reason why AksyonTV has sunk so low in recent years. Instead of expanding the simulcasts of Radyo5 to compensate for the loss of their original programs, AksyonTV appears to have stuck in limbo, save for when they air sports events.

  3. somehow networks with news channels need to realize that instead of tasking a shared department to fuel news programs for all of their channels is a bad idea. ang daming mass com/journalist graduate sa Pinas, dhil sa pagtitipid ito ng mga networks. cant wait for CNN PHILIPPINES

    • Indeed. The news channels of TV5 and GMA aren’t taking advantage of it, mostly due to other commitments. No matter how many awards they win, if they can’t put up a more conscious effort programming-wise, their hard work will go to waste.

      • JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

        in terms of commitments, GMA News TV’s on-air presentation looks like QTV, and the only news channel airing movies. Since we don’t know much about Brigada News TV in GenSan, which also air movies in afternoon periods when they did not air news (I forgive them since they are a local station), mukhang mas malala pa sa GMA News TV. Food news, pelikula, QTV reruns and lifestyle shows.

        much better na lang sa GMA News TV na ibalik ang QTV o ibalik sa ZOE kaysa magsayang ng pera. too much for being the #1 news channel.

  4. James Ty III says:

    TV5 is concentrating so much on sports that it i s neglecting its news department. I think Luchi Cruz Valdes has to go as News5 head.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Sports5 is paying a lot more attention to the PBA. And let’s not forget, the Younghusbands will have a Saturday show on TV5 beginning this weekend.

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