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Is Sports Desk On the Way Out?

With the impending rebrand of 9TV to CNN Philippines, it appears that ‘Sports Desk’ is nearing its end.

Last Friday’s edition of ‘Sports Desk’ marked the final reports of host Jinno Rufino, who left the network as part of a reorganization of the said network. He made the announcement via a self-written article published on the 9News website the day before.

The departure of Jinno left Cesca Litton as the only remaining host of the revived program. Meanwhile, Jinno will continue to appear as an on-air talent for Basketball TV.

‘Sports Desk’ debuted on the then-Solar News Channel on December 3, 2012, with Jinno Rufino as the host. The program was also simulcast on SNC’s then-sister network Solar Sports, and later on, Jinno was joined by Cesca Litton as co-host.

When SNC was renamed 9TV in August of last year, ‘Sports Desk’ was one of the programs retained by the new network. As the ownership of 9TV was transferred from Solar Entertainment to Antonio Cabangon-Chua’s ALC Group, it created a conflict of interest for the show, as Jinno was a talent of Solar’s Basketball TV during the move and at the time, ‘Sports Desk’ was simulcast on Solar Sports.

But late last year, Solar Sports stopped simulcasting ‘Sports Desk’ due to its loaded sporting schedule, and as 9TV made the announcement to rebrand as CNN Philippines, the days of ‘Sports Desk’ seem to be numbered, since the possible 9TV to CNN move may include replacing ‘Sports Desk’ with a localized version of ‘World Sport’.

That said, Jinno’s departure was a huge loss for the show. ‘Sports Desk’ became successful thanks to his wealth of experience as a sports journalist, and without him, the show will have to compensate for his credibility among sports fans.

Whatever happens, viewers can only hope that ‘Sports Desk’ will hang on until the end. It will be a huge challenge for the show without Jinno, so good luck with that.


37 thoughts on “Is Sports Desk On the Way Out?

  1. Gab says:

    Mico Halili took over Jinno’s hosting duties with Sports Desk. Kapansin-pansin na medyo light lang ng delivery kaysa ng pagiging anchor ng PBA

  2. I gladly welcome the changes that will soon take place for CNN Philippines, sana lng they maintain the same standard as its international counterpart. Expected nman na mawawala ang mga dating programs to giveway for the local versions of news but sana magkaroon ng version ng A360 at Amanpour.

  3. James Ty III says:

    CNN Philippines will be a mixture of CNN International and local programming. So expect Amanpour and AC360 to also be shown on free TV.

  4. Nameless says:

    Before he became a sportscaster for this program, he then became a chief editor for UAAP Magazine ng ABS-CBN Publishing. Last year, hindi na siya ang chief editor ‘dun. But this program became a launching pad for him as a contributing writer for NBA Phils., and as a brand ambassador ng Globe. He’s one of the original SNC personalities din. Pero as of this writing, nakaka-miss din siya.

    • James Ty III says:

      Jinno was a victim of the change of 9TV to CNN Philippines, which begins airing on Monday, March 16. Baka Sports Desk will become World Sport Philippines.

      • Nameless says:

        Yes. Pero I wanna know the reason din kung bakit siya lang ang natanggal, of all the 9TV personalities since he had no negative issues. Despite the face that his GF who’s working from a near TV network along Mandaluyong is a butt of criticisms now. Kung magiging World Sports PH na ‘yan, OK na rin ‘yan, since Mico has a lot of knowledge sa NBA and other int’l sporting events pero sana don’t focus too much sa hoops.

  5. James Ty III says:

    Maybe the Cabangon-Chua and CNN groups did not like Jinno’s personality.

    The CNN International edition of World Sport is mainly geared towards football.

      • Nameless says:

        Siguro nga. Despite the fact that Tieng brothers are still acting as members of the Board of Directors ng Nine Media, kahit nasa trono na si Ambassador.

        Paano kaya kung kunin rin nila si Ronnie Nathanielsz for that possible sportscast program on CNN?

  6. Jc says:

    I hope this is the article where I should have posted my comment about our CNN franchise. Again, if you have been watching CNN Indonesia’s videos. Its more organized than ours.

    • Well, I only wrote a few articles on CNN Philippines so this is it. But my blog is not the only one where you can share your thoughts.

      Perhaps this very comment of yours should be more appropriate to this article written by our colleague Timow. You might as well place that comment on his blog. Here’s the link:

      If you said that is the ONLY place where I can express how dirty Philippine Broadcasting is, you’re sadly mistaken. My blog is not the only one where you can share your thoughts. Give Timow’s Turf a shot of it too.

    • Hey, Jc.

      Don’t worry, I’m approachable and not a vicious webmaster.

      I understand your grumbling sentiments on CNN Philippines right now. But as Ralph mentioned it, I am not going to attack your rants unlike some self-proclaimed politically-motivated social media sites that have an uncodified dogmatic hatred to certain media outlets.

      Why not give your comment to my post that he provided a go?

  7. Jc says:

    Talking about CNN Philippines, that partnership between CNN and 9Media was actually an initial 5-year brand licensing agreement that will last until 2020. Where 9media will have to pay a monthly fee for programming and expertise from CNN International and CNN USA (but some programming is supposed to be sourced from CNN USA)

    But I guess instead of relying much on CNN USA for the shows, they instead chose the highly-Americanized HLN and continued to air some 9TV and non-CNN shows (specifically 60 minutes, Undercover Boss US and Canada, Some documentaries that are not CNN produced or at least locally by CNNPH)

    • Well, it just shows how much they’re wasting time. It still looks more like 9TV than CNN per se.

      And since this article is about Sportsdesk, what do you think of the show? Let’s make it more relevant.

      • Jc says:

        You know what, they should have just stick to the “World Sport” brand or perhaps simply “CNN Philippines Sports” and maybe adopt CNN World Sport’s theme music (it’s more intense than the the other to be honest). Sports Desk may have the “Desk” word that CNN uses for the International Desk (a CNNi newscast) but the “SportsDesk” brand is already under the Solar brand since it was a standalone newscast back then on Solar Sports.

      • Jc says:

        If there are any suggested programs and names that I can do to the endangered CNN Philippines, then this is how it should work (I don’t want to include who will anchor these shows because CNNPH really needs more real journalists and hosts with good personality):

        6-9am: CNNPH Today
        9-11am: Serbisyo Matters (Public Service Program)
        11am-12nn: CNNPH Newsroom
        1-2pm: CNNPH Balita
        2-3pm: RegionalPOINT (Regional News and talk program)
        3-4pm: Inside Philippines (A talk show that discusses politics, society, culture, and lifestyle)
        4-5pm: Real Talk (This is one of the upcoming afternoon talk shows to be aired on CNNPH focusing (I guess) more on daily issues affecting Filipinos)
        5-6pm: Insight (A daily talk show discussing the breaking news stories of the day with questions from viewers on phone and social media)
        6-7pm: CNNPH Prime (the newscast format will be similar to CNN’s The Situation Room)
        7-8pm: The World This Hour (International newscast)
        8-9pm: Business Tonight (Business news and discussion show)
        9-10pm: CNNPH Tonight
        10-10:30pm: CNNPH Sports or World Sport Philippines
        10:30-11:30pm: CNNPH Presents (documentary-type show)
        11:30-12mn: In Case You Missed It (Late-night newscast that recaps the biggest stories/format will slightly be similar to HLN’s The Daily Share)

      • Jc says:

        Right now CNNPH’s 12-6am is composed of: (in order) CNNPH Nightly News Replay, Sportsdesk Replay, a tape-delayed “At This Hour” from CNN USA, The Daily Share (1st edition at 2am) Morning Express replay from 3-5am, and another edition of “The Daily Share” at 5am. Like I’ve said, they should not rely much on HLN for filling some of their airtime.

    • Jc says:

      Let me correct you with the suggested schedule that I posted:
      9-11am: Serbisyo Matters
      11am-12nn: CNNPH Current Affairs replay
      12nn-1pm: CNNPH Newsroom
      Note: Current Affairs programming will be aired on weekends.

      Yeah. But if CNN wouldn’t allow that, they should double their effort in producing more localized shows for the wee hours.

      • Jc says:

        Yet as they say, more local, more better.

        By the way, are you seriously going to get me out of this site if you think I’m still scared with what I comment on a specific topic?

      • I don’t intend to get you out. But there is a thing called discipline, and you should know that. Like I said post something more relevant. And besides, news is not the only topic covered on this blog.

        Sorry if I said something about MNP that offended you. The reason I reacted so stubbornly is that most of these comments are intended to bash News5, without looking at the good side of things. Admit it that News5 is a poor man’s GMA or ABS-CBN News, but there are some good things that cannot be ignored.

  8. Jc says:

    I know how much I love your blog, but I’m sorry if I have to clutter with this because I just want to share it:

    Suggested CNNPH schedule (pt. 2)

    12mn-12:30am: CNNPH Newscenter (replay)
    12:30-1am: CNNPH Sports Report (replay)
    1am-5am: CNNPH Rewind (compilation of stories and interviews from its newscasts and other shows)
    4am-4:30am: CNNPH Newscenter (replay)
    4:30am-5am: Replay: Mon:Profiles/Tue:Agenda/Wed:LawLife/Thu:news.PH/Fri:Vital Signs
    5am-6am: CNNPH Rewind (continuation)
    6am-9am: CNNPH Morning News with Amelyn Veloso and Claire Celdran (Traffic Center with Claudine Trillo at 6:30am)
    9am-11am: Serbisyo Matters with Gani Oro and Amelyn Veloso (public service program)
    11am-12nn: Real Talk
    12nn-1pm: CNNPH Newsroom with Mai Rodriguez and Jayvie Dizon
    1pm-2pm: CNNPH Cebuano Desk with Jun Tariman (substitute anchor: Atty. Rose Versoza)
    2pm-3pm: Inside Philippines with Chi Bocobo (Talk show discussing about Politics, Society, Lifestyle, Entertainment and more of the country’s lighter side)
    3pm-4pm: CNNPH Business Link with Claire Celdran (business news and talk program)
    4pm-5pm: CNNPH National Edition with Mike Templo (newscast)
    5pm-6pm: Insight with Mike Templo (talk show discussing the biggest stories of the day with questions on the phone and on social media)
    6pm-7pm: CNNPH Ngayon with Gani Oro (tagalog newscast)
    7pm-8pm: CNNPH Prime Line with Pia Hontiveros (newscast)
    8pm-9pm: Beyond the Caliber with Atty. Dong Puno (news commentary and debate program)
    9pm-9:30pm: CNNPH Newscenter with Mitzi Borromeo
    9:30-10pm: Mon:Agenda/Tue:LawLife with Atty. Karen Jimeno/Wed:news.PH/Thu:Vital Signs with Dr. Gary Sy (or look for other hosts who are medical experts) (health show)/Fri:Profiles
    10pm-10:30pm: CNNPH Sports Report with Mico Halili and Cesca Litton
    10:30pm-11pm: Mon:The Story of the Filipino (weekly documentary about filipinos living in ordinary lives)/Tue:Marketplace PH with Chi Bocobo (business and personal finance magazine)/Wed:Showbiz Express with Pat Fernandez/Thu:CNNPH Investigates (investigative show) with Amelyn Veloso/Fri:Global Conversations
    11pm-12mn: In Case You Missed It/Heads Up with Chi Bocobo (recap of today’s stories plus trending topics on social media)

    12mn-12:30am: CNNPH Newscenter (replay)
    12:30am-1am: Sat:CNNPH Sports Report (replay)/Sun: The Story of The Filipino (replay)
    1am-5am: Sat/Sun:CNNPH Rewind
    5am-5:30am: Sat:CNNPH Newscenter (replay)
    5:30am-6am: Sat:Profiles (replay)/Sun:Agenda (replay)
    6am-6:30am: CNNPH Newsroom with Ina Andolong
    6:30am-7am: Sat:Showbiz Express (replay)/Sun:Vital Signs (replay)
    7am-7:30am: CNNPH Newsroom with Ina Andolong
    7:30am-8am: Sat:news.PH (replay)/Sun:Leading Women (replay)
    8am-9am: Sat:Drive (replay)/Sun:What I See (replay)
    9am-10am: Sat:Inside Philippines This Week/Sun:TV Healing Mass
    10am-11am: Sat:Best of Real Talk/Sun:Insight This Week (replay)
    11am-12nn: Sat:Insight This Week/Sun:Best of Real Talk (replay)
    12nn-12:30pm: CNNPH Newsroom with Ivy Saunar
    12:30pm-1pm: Sat:MarketplacePH (replay)/Sun:CNNPH Investigates (replay)
    1pm-1:30pm: Sat:Agenda (replay)/Sun:LawLife (replay)
    1:30pm-2pm: Sat:Vital Signs (replay)/Sun:news.PH (replay)
    2pm-3pm: Sat:BackstoryPH with Mike Templo (recap of the week’s biggest stories)/Sun: Inside Sports with Mico Halili (replay)
    3pm-4pm: Sat:Marketline with Claire Celdran (a recap of the week’s business stories)/Sun:BackstoryPH (replay)
    4pm-4:30pm: CNNPH Newsroom with Miguel Ortilla
    4:30pm-5pm: Sat:CNNPH Investigates (replay)/Sun:Showbiz Express (replay)
    5pm-6pm: Sat: The Best of Beyond The Caliber/Sun: Inside Philippines This Week (replay)
    6pm-6:30pm: CNNPH Prime Link Weekend with Roanna Jamir
    6:30pm-7pm: Sat:Showbiz Express (replay)/Sun: Global Conversations (replay)
    7pm-8pm: Sat:What I See (new episode)/Sun:Culinary Journeys Philippines (stories of chefs on how food changed their lives)
    8pm-9pm: Sat:Inside Sports with Mico Halili (recap of the week’s biggest sports stories)/Sun:Marketline with Claire Celdran (replay
    9pm-9:30pm: Sat: CNNPH Newscenter with Pinky Webb
    9:30-10pm: Sat:LawLife (replay)/Sun:Profiles (replay)
    10pm-11pm: Sat:Bogart Case Files (new episode)/Sun:Drive (new episode)
    11pm-11:30pm: CNNPH Newsroom with Rex Remitio
    11:30pm-12mn: Sat:Immigration 101 with Mike Templo (immigration issues program)/Sun:Leading Women (new episode)

    *CNNPH UPDATES airs every hour (instead of every 15 minutes

    -I think it would be more better if Nine Media should provide a separate channel just to air the HLN shows plus other shows. Suggested channel name: Discourse

    I know you are going to say that I should provide my own blog just to have some changes with the schedule and some sort of things. But then again, I just want to share this.

    • Bado Ofilada has this blog where he lists down the latest schedules of some of the TV and radio stations in the country:

      You might as well check that out. That may help you create a blog where you can just list your suggested schedules. It may be better if you share your posts on a blog instead of dragging the comment boxes down with these lengthy suggested schedules. Some fellow commenters may get annoyed with comments such as this.

      Let’s keep it short yet interesting ok. After all comments are only intended to be short but informative.

      • Jc says:

        Ok. I already visited that page by the way, although I also saw a Facebook page titled “Your Dream Network”. It is a page where everyone gets to write their own suggested schedules or plans for TV Networks. But that page is already inactive at the moment. Hope you check that out too.

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