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In 100 Words: The Old ZOE TV Station ID

The station ID of ZOE TV Channel 11 never gets old.

Debuting upon the said station’s launch in 1998, it later earned a reputation as one of the longest-running station IDs in Philippine television. Even as ZOE changed programming lineups for the next seven years, this station ID still ran before every program aired on the said network.

ZOE kept the SID with them when they moved to Channel 33 in the mid-2000s. But by the time Channel 33 was renamed the Light Network, the usage of this SID became increasingly rare, and by 2014, it was essentially replaced by a new SID for Light Network.

Still, there is no denying the nostalgia surrounding ZOE TV’s original station ID. It may be overlooked by the station IDs of the network giants, but it definitely belongs among the best in Philippine television.


23 thoughts on “In 100 Words: The Old ZOE TV Station ID

  1. hustisiya says:

    Who sang the song in the ZOE TV SID? (Hint: Searching for that person on the Internet is very difficult. Because of this, you can try contacting a former or current ZOE TV employee or one of the persos responsile for the SID.)

  2. Gab says:

    Reminds of my childhood. Natatakot ako dun.

    Dati pag nakikita ko ang station ID noong nasa channel 11, tinatakpan ko pa ng unan ang TV at hinihinaan ang volume. 😀

  3. Gab says:

    At that time, naabutan ko pa yung newsbreak dati ng Zoe TV 11 na nag-anchor si John Consulta at ang tambad ng mga advertisements ng Bangon Pilipinas at ang Batis Drinking Water.

    That was in 2004.

    • Oh how times have changed. ZOE’s SID was by far among the longest-running, but thankfully when Light Network came in they decided to give a fresh take, para naman hindi stale ang identity ng ZOE.

  4. Ang may ari ng Channel 11 noon si Elizalde yung may ari ng MBC tapos pinangalan MBC Channel 11 tapos nagsara noong 1972 read more details here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/sajie-mark-soliva/the-birth-or-history-of-mbc-manila-broadcasting-company/754080594625256

    tapos nang binuksan muli ang channel 11 noong 1998 at si bro. eddie villanueva na ang may ari ng channel 11 pinangalan itong Zoe TV-11 hanggang sa nung nagsanib pwersa o nag joint venture ang GMA Network at Zoe TV-11 o Zoe Broadcasting Network (nag emerge) para sa operational ng Channel 11 pinangalan itong QTV 11 noong 2005 hanggang sa naging GMA News TV-11 noong 2011 tapos nagtayo si bro. eddie / zoe broadcasting network ng sariling istasyon na sila talaga ang may ari which is yung Channel 33 na binuksan Noong 2006 at pinangalan itong UniversiTV 33 (kung naa-alala niyo ba yun) & then noong 2011 nang naging Light Network 33 or Light TV 33 na pag may ari ni bro eddie / zoe broadcasting network ang Light Network 33 or Light TV 33 or Light TV Network-33.

    tapos naa-alala ko ung Zoe TV-11 dun inere muli yung coney reyes on camera na dating palabas sa ABS-CBN.

    • There was also a time na nag-away sila Bro. Eddie at Mike Velarde ng El Shaddai regarding Channel 11, na eventually nanalo si Bro. Eddie.

      The early years of ZOE were spent airing TBN shows. Then for a brief period inere nila yung CNBC, then mixed programs from JIL and other religious organizations until they became QTV and later News TV as a result of a lease deal with GMA. Yung Light Network ngayon ineere mga News TV and GMA programs, plus the Chinese blocktimer Good TV.

    • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

      Actually, MBC was planning to revive the Ch. 11 frequency after martial law, but in the early 1990’s, the NTC said MBC was reportedly not qualified to broadcast because it was “not legally, technically and financial qualified to operate the station.” I read this in an early 1990’s article in the Manila Standard.

      • Nowadays their only TV operations is through RHTV, and it’s a cable channel. Radio may be their strength, but they haven’t tapped the TV audience since the 70s.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        It’s just sad that MBC-11 has been forgotten in history by some Manileños, even if most of us, particularly those who are now on their age of 60’s or 70’s, has mentioned it in certain Facebook groups about Philippine TV. Perhaps my fellow youngsters need to go to the National Library to check on that. There goes this past saying which states that “forgetting one’s history is like forgetting one’s history.”

        Meanwhile, I heard from blogs and Pinoy TV forums on PinoyExhange.com that it was reportedly in Zoe TV where they were able to watch reruns of “Coney Reyes on Camera.”

      • Coney Reyes on Camera was a blocktime program produced by CAN Productions, hence its run on ZOE-TV back then.

        Those who grew up in the 90s only knew of ZOE-TV, that’s why its predecessors have long been forgotten.

  5. Sana bilhin o upahan ng MTV Pinoy ng oras sa Light TV-33 para sa pag-eere Ang MTV Pinoy sa Light TV-33 para mas gaganda ang Light TV Network-33 pag inere nila ang MTV Pinoy since nagbalik sa TV ang MTV Phils. as MTV Pinoy.

    • Kung papayag si Bro. Eddie. But as it stands, it’s very unlikely dahil religious network ang Light, and they’re not in for the money. Saka there’s no need for an MTV on free TV with the changing viewer demograhpics; may YouTube naman tayo online.

  6. . says:

    Pasenya na po sa dati kong post na ako ay naniniwala sa isang hoaxer kay eririn at nagtaksil po ako sa inyo. Pasensya na po na nagbiro ako ng di maganda sa inyo. Sana din po tanggapin mo ang aking pagkakamali, dahil po di kayo naniniwala sa akin na dumidikit ang gma news tv sa tv5, sana basahin mo ang mega manila ratings sa pagitan ng gma news tv at tv5 http://www.pep.ph/guide/agb/16155/agb-nielsen-mega-manila-household-ratings-feb-9-15-2015-forevermore-tops-weekday-primetime-kailan-ba-tama-ang-mali-prevails-over-rival/1/10#focus

    • May excuse ka pa para sa sorry mo. Saka yung source mo walang proof na dumidikit ang News TV sa TV5. Tatanggapin ko lang ang sorry mo kung may ipapakita kang source material para patunayan ang mga claims mo at hindi maging hoax ang mga sinasabi mo. Kung ako sa’yo, tawagin mo ang AGB Nielsen para sa mga hinahanap mong source material.

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