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In 100 Words: Anticipating a PBB-StarStruck Battle

Once again, interest is heating up in ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ and ‘StarStruck’.

GMA recently posted another teaser for ‘StarStruck”s sixth season, promoting the show’s legacy as the ‘original and legitimate artista search in Philippine television’.

Not to be outdone, ABS-CBN released their own teaser for the tenth season of ‘Pinoy Big Brother’, announcing the Metro Manila audition dates on March 6 and 7.

The collision course between the two reality shows is highly anticipated. Not since the late 2000s has this rivalry reach a fever pitch.

And while ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ seem to have put ‘StarStruck’ out of commission for a while, it is now GMA’s turn to mount a fightback. In a few months, the rivalry of both shows will be a must-see event for 2015.


10 thoughts on “In 100 Words: Anticipating a PBB-StarStruck Battle

  1. It would be worth it, even though I’m not surprised if Kamuning goes chickened.

    The gap between the two editions of StarStruck is five years while PBB about less than a year. But the key point we have to aim is how to maintain their artist centers.

  2. Velt. says:

    There is a big chance that StarStruck 6 may air first before the newest season of PBB because GMA prepared for StarStruck 6 that long.

    StarStruck is really the original artista search in Philippine television; its first season was premiered in late October 2003. (ABS-CBN took MONTHS to launch Star Circle Quest and they actually did it a month after the first season of StarStruck ended.) Seasons 4 and 5 of SS did not fare as well as the earlier seasons…

    PBB was launched at a time when ABS-CBN was in a state of failing ratings.

    • We’ll still see.

      As far as StarStruck being the original artista search, yes you’re right. And when SCQ didn’t pan out for ABS, they launched PBB.

      The failing ratings of StarStruck 5, coupled with the gradual decline of the Kapuso network both financially and viewership-wise, led to its temporary cancellation. The tide then shifted to PBB and ABS-CBN, at least in the first few years, until that most recent and controversial season, which despite high ratings, was critically panned. That may have given GMA an opportunity to relaunch StarStruck, as they sense that PBB is on a decline as well given the poor reception of the ‘All-In’ season. But it remains to be seen if viewers will again be warm enough to StarStruck, given the recent problems of the GMA Artist Center.

  3. Roman Reigns says:

    I think Starstruck might get an upper hand in here. My point is PBB has always been put into controversy lately in its recent seasons. Like the PBB teen edition 4 where in we have seen teenagers flirting now a days are much different than before, and plus I remembered how a contestant was somehow tried to forced by Kuya to perform a nude art painting but in turn it was just only a teaser and that contestant declined.

    • However, GMA Artist Center has their own problems. Kung hindi magiging big star ang either one of the contestants sa StarStruck, malaking dilemma ‘to sa kanila.

      PBB may have some controversies along the way, but the viewers still flock in to see what happens next. They rate well because it’s unpredictable. You’ll never know what will happen once ‘Kuya’ takes control. Negative as it may be, but PBB may still end on top.

  4. Gab says:

    Speaking of Starstruck, their Top 35 hopefuls was unveiled to the public in a plug aired in the final minutes of EB.

    Dumaan pa sila sa mga “artista tests”, hindi yung malaya kang pumasok sa loob ng bahay.

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