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News TV Continues Fall From Grace with Amaya Rerun

‘Amaya’ returned to the airwaves, this time on GMA News TV last Monday. (Photo credit: GMA Network)

It doesn’t get any worse for GMA News TV.

After defying the logic of a news channel with classic movies and reruns from their previous incarnation QTV, News TV took it one step further by re-airing an old teleserye from their parent channel. And it was led by no less than the network’s so-called ‘Queen of Primetime’.

‘Amaya’, the 2011 ‘epicserye’, started re-airing on Channel 11 last Monday. The said series, which took place in 16th century Visayas, starred Marian Rivera, with supporting roles from Rochelle Pangilinan, Glaiza de Castro, Sid Lucero, Mikael Daez, Aljur Abrenica, Diana Zubiri, Gardo Versoza, Raymond Bagatsing, Lani Mercado, Gina Alajar and Ayen Munji-Laurel.

The series originally aired on GMA from May 30, 2011 to January 13, 2012. ‘Amaya”s run coincided with the gradual decline in the network’s performance during the current decade, as ABS-CBN’s counterparts began to dominate the ratings.

Nevertheless, ‘Amaya’ received citations from the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and the Department of Education for its culturally significant story.

But that is not the real story behind News TV’s decision to re-air ‘Amaya’. Having exhausted all of their programming material to air, and having lacked the drive and the resources to produce more news programs, News TV resorted to another desperate manuever: re-airing older teleseryes from the parent Channel 7.

News TV is no stranger to airing historical and socially-significant dramas. After all, they aired GMA News-produced mini-series such as ‘Titser’, ‘Katipunan’ and ‘Bayan Ko’ to critical success, and they even re-aired the equally costly but less popular drama ‘Ilustrado’ at one point.

But ‘Amaya’ is a different animal. After all, it was a ‘true’ teleserye that GMA produced, and not a mere mini-series like the aforementioned ‘Ilustrado’.

And while ‘Amaya’ shares a similar historical significance as the other dramas, the fact that it had over 150 episodes to boot makes it an exhausting series to watch and remember. That said, re-airing ‘Amaya’ is a waste of time and space for GMA News TV.

So what’s next for the suddenly teleserye-friendly News TV? Will they re-air a Koreanovela remake like ‘Endless Love’, a fantaserye like ‘Encantadia’, or a more mature drama like ‘My Husband’s Lover’? We’ll never know, but one thing’s for sure: the worst is yet to come for GMA’s troubled little sister.


234 thoughts on “News TV Continues Fall From Grace with Amaya Rerun

  1. question: dhil sa bgong employment contract ng GMA, off camera talents doble din ba ang bayad sa knila kpag ginamit ng 2 magkaibang programa ang news materials na ginawa nila for example ang news item na napapanuod natin sa 24 oras, Saksi at State of the Nation magkakaiba ba ng bayad since ung contract ng researchers etc ay per show? if the answer is yes then valid na magpalabas sila ng pagkahaba-habang serye para ma-augment ang cost. A NewsTV without funds to produce news shows and they claim to be number 1

    • Malaking problema yan. If they keep airing movies, QTV reruns and now old teleseryes without realizing their purpose, wala nang karapatan ang News TV na maglagay ng salitang ‘News’ sa channel name nila. Pwede nga GMA ‘Balitakilyaserye’ TV or GMA Plus like our brethren would say; they are more appropriate titles than the so-called ‘News’ TV.

      Their No. 1 standing as far as news channels are concerned is definitely a joke. Kung News TV talaga sila they should have been making more news programs than rely on these reruns, movies and teleseryes. Kaso yun nga, pera ang pinaka-concern nila kaya hindi nila ma-justify ang pagiging ‘News’ channel kuno nila. They can just sell the station back to Eddie Villanueva and leave it alone.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Other sins of GMA that the network has not atoned for: Tagalized movies on Sundays, a noontime show that starts so late (2 pm).

    At least, GMA was able to salvage some of its pride by airing Heart and Chiz’ wedding on SNBO.

    • You didn’t mention repeat animes, Mr. Sunday. That’s another sin they’ve been committing; though they rate well with the bummers, nakakasawa na rin sila.

      Anyway, News TV’s sudden love for teleseryes should continue, IMO. They can’t even afford making news programs to justify themselves, so such desperate manuevers will remain the norm for them.

      • Rey says:

        so what if gma airs repeated animes? almost nobody (kapuso or non-kapuso people) cares kung nakakasawang panoorin o hindi. at least it also airs some new seasons. hence, i don’t consider it a sin (it never is a sin anyway). just my opinion, so don’t you dare judge.

      • New seasons is ok, pero nakakasawa ring ipalabas ng paulit-ulit, lalo na kung alam mo na ang mga nangyayari. Yung ABS nga, nakikibandwagon na rin sila. I consider it a sin dahil for them, eto na yung pinaka-best effort nila for a slot with little viewers whatsoever. This slot deserves BETTER PROGRAMS than what they have now.

        Consider this as another sign of deterioration in free TV programming. Again, in response, it’s just my opinion, so don’t you dare judge.

  3. Jake Jacinto says:

    This is REALLY the proof that GMA News TV is continuously declining “from grace,” with the airing of “Amaya” from GMA 7.

    It’d be better if GMA News TV will do these suggestions: (a) reformat back into “QTV” or move instead to channel 33, while ZOE or MBC can return channel 11 to either the two. (b) GMA News TV becomes GMA’s first cable channel, but they need to remove the reruns and movie blocks.

    Too much for that “Oras-oras, alam mo” slogan.

    • Suggestion A would be a better option. I doubt if GMA can create their own cable channel since they don’t have their own cable/satellite subscription service like SkyCable of ABS or Cignal of TV5. After all network wars play a role in selecting one’s channels.

  4. NewsJunkie says:

    The bosses are to be blamed for this decline of GMA News TV. If they can’t give budget to this channel, then they must close it already and focus on strengthening GMA NEWS on GMA. Sayang lang yung award winning programs nila dahil na nenegate lang ng mga walang kwentang shows and reruns. DISMAL

    • Indeed. Such a shame for Bro. Eddie Villanueva who was even responsible for letting GMA use his channel in exchange for improving ZOE’s facilities. Nagiging pabaya talaga ang GMA dahil dito. Instead of justifying ‘quality’ programming, they’re simply using News TV as a decoy.

      • NewsJunkie says:

        I didn’t get the decoy part, would be thrilled if you’ll expound on that. But anyways, the only reason I still watch GNTV is there News & Current affairs programs. Without ANC on Cignal, many are left to watch GNTV when they are looking for news. Specially when competitors like Aksyon TV and 9TV are no good.

      • Parang taga-salba na lang ang News TV sa mga programa ng Channel 7, hence the word ‘decoy’.

        GNTV’s only assets are the news programs they have left, and for those without ANC like you, that’s the only option you can get for breaking news, unless of course you watch the primetime and late night news of GMA and ABS. However, not all of the masses (a majority of GNTV’s target audience) are interested in watching lengthy Senate hearings or press conferences, kaya may drawbacks rin ang News TV.

      • JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

        At least may Balitanghali, State of the Nation, Balita Pilipinas Ngayon, News To Go, QRT at Reel Time pa rin, kasama na ang Investigative Documentaries, Brigada (the news program, not Brigada News FM) at Bawal Ang Pasaway.

        The rest, lifestyle shows, reruns, movies, and now a teleserye on News TV. OK na sa akin ang lifestyle shows, basta huwag lang yung unli rerun, movies every 6am and now with Amaya rerun.

  5. JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

    Sayang na talaga ang News TV ngayon. Who watches movies at 6am and unli reruns on a news channel anyway? WALA! Pinagmamayabang na nila ang pagiging #1 news channel, napunta lang pala sa wala. Mas maganda kung magsara na lang ang News TV at ibalik ang 11 kay Bro. Eddie.

  6. . says:

    hindi nila basta basta ibebenta ng gma ang shares nila sa zoe. marami silang tv ads kaya di rin sila basta basta aalis diyan sa 11 at kada palabas ng news tv ay may tv ads maliban lang sa light network programs.

    • Diba sinabi ko na sa’yo na kay Abetorial ka na lang umistorbo, CNOR.

      Saka mali ka. Kung marami silang TV ads as you claim, eh bakit nagkakaleche-leche na ang programming ng News TV? Pag kumikita sila ng malaki sa mga ads na yan eh di dapat sana’y ginamit nila ito para sa pagproduce ng marami pang news programs, diba? Eh hindi eh, lumalala na sila. Minority ka na lang na nagsasabing huwag ibenta ang News TV dahil wala nang pag-asa ito at mas makakabuti kung ibalik na lang ito sa ZOE at kay Eddie Villanueva.

      Walang matinong TV viewer sa bansa ang manonood ng news channel na may PELIKULA, RERUN AT NGAYO’Y TELESERYE na tulad ng News TV.

      • Sorry Ralph, hindi pwede istorbohin ang blog ko at hindi ko tatanggapin ang mga “Obvious” comments nila sa aking AbeTorial due to my perspectives about my articles (this is the reason kung bakit tinanggi ko yung mga obvious comment ni “muning”).

        In my AbePinion, mahina sila sa programming especially news and current affairs programs, pag sinabing “news channel” ang isang network all-news talaga just like ANC na puro news and current affairs ang palabas because of the format. in other word GMA News-kuno TV is always sleeping in the Panciteria. that’s all 🙂

      • Kaya ko lang sinuggest ‘to kay Muning para hindi na siya maka-istorbo. Pareho lang sila ng pinanggalingan ni Eririn na isa ring nuisance commenter.

        Yung ANC pwede pa rin magpalabas ng ABS-CBN news programs from Channel 2, as long as it satisfies the requirement. Saka there’s another aspect na wala sa mga kalaban nilang news channels: business news. Para ma-fill ang airtime ine-encourage ng ANC na mag-balita rin tungkol sa mga stock markets, palitan sa pera at iba pang isyu sa kalakalan. That’s what’s lacking on free TV news channels dahil mostly mass-centric ang approach nila.

      • JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

        pinagmamayabang na nila na #1 sila sa news category, napunta na sa wala. majority dito sa amin, malaki ang expectations sa News TV back in 2011. four years later, puro na lang unli rerun at pelikula na ang mapapanood mo sa News TV. majority sa amin, nawalan na ng ganang manood ng News TV.

        kaya nga, para sa akin, mas appropriate na isara na lang ang News TV at ibalik kay Bro. Eddie, para makapagfocus naman ang GMA sa kanilang programming problems sa 7, lalo na sa primetime at weekends.

      • that’s a best point but for me natatakot sila sa competition between AksyonTV (which they airs some programs from Radyo5 and Sports Programs) and 9TV (soon to be CNN PHL on March 16 but the anchors are fake or EMAJ kung tuusin). just Shame on Bro. Eddie kung bakit talaga unreliable ang GMA News-Kuno TV pero lahat naman free-to-air news channels (except for PTV-4) is laging silang natutulog sa pansiteria pag weekends dahil wala silang news programs kaya ang resulta… nga-nga

      • JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

        Yung Aksyon TV nga, naghihingalo na rin. Puro na lang News5 reruns, Radyo5 92.3 News FM simulcasts at mga hindi sikat na sports yung nandiyan. Wala na silang original programming. Yung Buhay OFW, blocktimer lang. Yung sumasalba na sa kanila is yung PBA simulcasts.

        Nagmistulang huge waste of money na rin ang Aksyon TV. They used to be the first Filipino-language 24-hour news channel on free TV. Ngayon, limitado na ang oras dahil sa NTC limits. IDK kung magbabago yan dahil sa napapabalitang launching ng Bloomberg Philippines.

      • In short, masses are not interested at all in free TV news channels. Since target talaga ng mga news channels ang mga niche audiences, it would have been better kung nasa cable na lang sila, like in the case of ANC. Baka makatulong pa sila rito.

        Unfortunately for GMA, they don’t have the privilege of a cable and satellite service to make their presence felt. ABS has SkyCable, TV5 has Cignal, but not the case for GMA under their current ownership structure.

      • JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

        Pagdating sa news channel battles, given the slate of problems sa GMA News TV: reruns, movies and teleseryes; Aksyon TV: lack of original programming; and 9TV (soon-to-be CNN PH): EMAJs and loss of high-caliber talents like Atty. Rod Nepomuceno, tiyak na mananalo pa rin ang ANC. Sila na ang pinakastable na news channel sa Pilipinas sa ngayon. Kahit na sila ang unang news channel sa Pilipinas at naka-cater lang sa cable at kahit na medyo may bias ang ABS-CBN News, I would rather watch ANC than the other three dahil sa mga problema nila.

      • Tama ka diyan JR, no one can’t beat ANC and it’s sister channel DZMM Teleradyo (which is seen in Free TV-Digital thru TVplus) puro mga respetadong journalist ang mga tao ng tinaguriang “The Alpha Dog in Philippine TV Indutry”. speaking of GMA News-kuno TV, yun 9TV (soon to be CNN PH) eh, you’re right puro mga EMAJ ang mga Anchors nito but for me, wala pa rin silang male anchors in every regular newscast kaya nabobore ang mga audience nila. kaya pinapanood ko ng Channel 9 eh, yung STORIES block nila. at mali pala ang prediction ko sa AbeTorial na akala ko nasa march 2 na magiging CNN ang Channel 9, March 16 pala dahil sa matagal ko ng napapa-nga-nga sa kakahintay kung malo-launch ba ang CNN PHL o hindi. ikaw na lang ang maghusga. but in GMA News-kuno TV, I’m so sick of this Goddamn movies airing on the dumb news channel.

      • GMA has their own roster of respected journalists; the awards they won are more than justifiable. Kaso may problema sa management and operations ang News TV, kaya nagiging confusing ang programming nila. Same goes to AksyonTV and 9TV/CNN, kulang sa linis at ayos ang mga ito.

  7. dapat hindi nila pinapalabas yung amaya pati yung movies & old shows ng kapuso network. bakit hindi nila gawin ng GMA NTV management na i-broadcast o ipalabas sa GMA News TV yung mga shows sa DZBB tutal news & public affairs shows naman sa DZBB, i-simulcast ba para may altenative news/public affairs shows.

  8. mylene says:

    mga ulol.. puro kayo I’m sick of this edi wag na lang kayo manood. dun na lang kayo sa channel na sa sinasabi niyo na magaganda ang programa. obvious naman na ginagawa niyo lang ito para siraan ang GMA NEWSTV..

    • I guess you don’t realize the truth, fantard. Hindi naming intensyon ang siraan ang News TV. We’re just stating the truth kung bakit nagkaka-lecheleche na ang programming ng News TV.

      Kung itatanong kita, manonood ka ba ng news channel na may PELIKULA, TELESERYE at RERUNS NA HINDI NEWS-RELATED? Siyempre hindi diba. Ang mas ulol sa mundo ay ang mga nanonood na walang pakialam sa nilalaman ng isang istasyon. Dapat mahiya naman kayo sa sarili niyo, mga fantards.

      • mylene says:

        talaga di niyo intensyong siraan? so ano pala? puro kayo buti pa sa ANC buti pa sa AKSYONTV ganito ganyan, blah blah blah.. bat di na lang kayo dun tumutok kasya puro reklamo. nirerespeto ko naman yung nakikita niyo na mali sa GMA NEWSTV pero ang pangit lang na part ay yung kinocompare niyo pa sa ibang channels with matching papuri sa ibang channels, so ano yun para iaangat ang ibang channels.. yun kc ang dating e.

      • Hindi rin namang masama ang mag-compare ng ibang channels. Ang dapat ma-realize mo ay kung paano ma-improve ang sistema ng programming ng News TV para maging at par sa ibang news channels sa mundo. Saka di lahat ng network ay perpekto; may kulang rin sa ANC at AksyonTV. Manood ka kaya ng mga channels na ito at tingnan mo kung ano ang mga mali sa kanila.

        Kaysa sa magalit ka sa amin ng walang katuturan, ay manood ka na lang at tingnan mo ang mga mali. Walang natututunan ang mga taong puro daldal lang at walang aksyon.

        Saka hindi reklamo ang ginagawa namin, kundi kritisismo lang.

    • ramones1986 says:

      Err, Mylene, his criticism of GMA News TV is logical and constructive as the channel is a BIG, BIG MESS recently, look at its programming.

      So, if you heard the news in the future that GMA will close its “News” TV on VHF-TV11, I’ll assure you that the closure will be beneficial to the network.

  9. James Ty III says:

    With the impending launch of CNN Philippines and Bloomberg Philippines, news channels like GMA News TV and Aksyon TV need to overhaul their programming completely.

    By the way, last night’s Reel Time feature was first printed in yesterday’s issue of Inquirer. Check it out

  10. GMA News TV launches the 2 new shows ‘Luv U Pet’ which hosted by Lester Zapanta & Jaime Fournier & the travel show ‘Touch Down’ which hosted by newcomer singer & actor of GMA Network Ken Alfonso which begin airing on March 21.

    Si Ken Alfonso siya yung kumanta ng themesong ng koreanovela ng GMA na ‘Secret Love’ na ang title ang song na yun ay ‘Umaasa’ noong 2014 at napapanood si Ken Alfonso blg. si Thomas sa GMA Afternoon teleserye na Kailan Ba Tama Ang Mali ngayon (sa kasalukuyan).

  11. Quo_Ako says:

    Luv U Pet is produced by Claire Delfin, who stepped down as reporter for GMA News to establish the TV production house ‘Claire Delfin Media’ na walang network na pinapanigan.

    Naalala ko pa ang paglalabas ng K-drama na ‘Big Thing’ (aired on GMA Telebabad before) sa GMA News TV kapalit ng daily showbiz program ‘Showbiz Exclusives’. Baka mag-ere pa ng so-called News TV ang mga K-drama na inere noon ng GMA 7 in the near future regarding the channel’s current situation. What a shame.

  12. James Ty III says:

    Buti na lang at umalis si Claire sa GMA News because she apparently realized that the channel is going nowhere, especially News TV.

    But it won’t be easy for GMA to shed off News TV unless it puts up an upscale cable news channel, which I’m sure they won’t afford to do. GMA is a station that is slowly succumbing to market trends and a failing economy affecting the network.

    Their mother network GMA 7 is even worse. I won’t be surprised if GMA will air a Tagalog-dubbed movie against the Bb. Pilipinas on ABS this Sunday.

    • That’s not the reason why Claire left, IMO. She left on her own terms, basta no acrimonious departure on her part. Yung mga ganyang reasons are usually a basis for not-so amicable departures.

      Yung management structure ng GMA ang talagang problema nila, kaya nalulugi with all their questionable decisions. News TV is definitely the most affected by the management’s questionable decisions.

  13. kaya ayoko sa GMA eh, masyado silang mayabang. kahit maraming problema ang mga network nila sinasabi nilang sila pa din ang No. 1. i hope they will produce more informative shows tho. sayang ang GMANEWS TV nasa free tv pa naman.

    • Indeed. They could have justified their thoughts of being No. 1. Kaso hindi eh. Hanggang sa yabang na lang sila, kahit may proof. If they claim to be No. 1, mapa GMA o News TV man ito, dapat maghanap sila ng paraan para ayusin ang programming nila. Pero I doubt that, since the management seems reluctant to overhaul both networks.

      • right, sana mag produce sila ng mga shows na may substance. sayang yung morning sched nila. sana nag produce na lang sila ng show na parang Today show yung kina Hoda and Katie. or informative shows for children like Sineskwela. yan ang ikalulugi ng GMA.

      • GMA used to have educational programs like Batibot and Sesame Street, pero hindi nila nakayanan yung mag-produce ng curricular-based educational programs that ABS did in the mid-90s. Again, they could have used their budget wisely with these informative shows, kaso nalulugi sila, kaya hindi nila ma-afford ang mga ganito.

  14. Kahit puro kayo, reklamo, suhestyon, kontra at kahit puno ng kontrobersya ang channel 11 wala kayo magagawa, at di na nila iintindihin na ganyan sila sa pagpapalabas, ang mahalaga , kumikita sila at hindi sila lugi sa kanilang paraan at hindi sila basta basta mawawala!!!

    Bakit?! , magkakapera kayo jan!!!. masyado kayong apektado sa channel 11!!!

    • Isa ka pa, fantard. Anong gusto mo, tumahimik kami?

      Yung sinasabi mong kumikita daw sila, taliwas sa pinapakita nilang programming. Kung kumikita nga sila edi dapat ginagamit nila ito sa tamang paraan, kaysa sa sayangin ito sa mga paulit-ulit na pelikula’t teleserye na labag sa pangalan nila. Kaso hindi eh, at ang mga ganitong pamamaraan ay senyales na ng pagkalugi nila, at eventually mawawala rin sila.

      Ang mga katulad niyong fantards ang dapat mahiya.

      • JRDV from Pinoy Nostalgia says:

        Tignan natin kung manonood talaga sila ng pelikula sa News TV, weekday mornings @ 6.

        Totoo lahat ng mga sinabi dito. Dati rati, papanoorin na natin ‘yan. Ngayon, anyare? May reruns na ng old QTV programs, pelikula, at ngayon teleserye rerun na.

        Mukhang sign na ito na malapit na magsara ang News TV.

      • Yung mga fantards kasi walang pakialam sa nilalaman ng isang istasyong pinapanood nila, basta daldal lang sila rito without any sense at all. Kung ide-defend nila ang paborito nilang channel dapat hindi yung sasabihing ‘sinisiraan niyo ang channel na yan’ or ‘wag na lang kayo manood’ or ‘dun na lang kayo manood kaysa puro reklamo’ or ‘masyado kayong apektado’ stuff like that. Senyales na kasi yan ng pagiging duwag.

      • Nagpapaapektado kayo sa channel 11, bakit!!! kumikita ba kayo sa ganyan mga komento??? Lahat ng problema nyo punta kayo sa GMA EDSA baka mapansin pa kayo!! wla naman mangyayari kung hanggang ganito lang kayo sa internet dahil hindi kayo basta basta mapapansin ng channel 11!!!

      • MGA DUWAG NA FANTARD!!! PURO KAYO SATSAT NG SATSAT. Wala kaming pakialam kung hindi nila ito papansinin, basta we speak kung ano talaga ang tama para sa amin. Kung may rason kayo para kumontra, dapat may basehan kayo, hindi yung mga ‘nagpapaapektado’ na excuses para lang tumahimik kami. Sa kumento mo pa lang halatang gusto mong tanggalin ang freedom of expression mula sa amin.

        Kung ganito pa rin ang sasabihin mo, TUMAHIMIK KA NA LANG AT HUWAG KANG BABALIK RITO!!

    • Bakit!! di mo lang matanggap ang sinasabi ko sa iyo, wala akong pakealam jan sa channel 11. Bakit magkakapera ba ako jan? Kayo nagkakapera ba kayo jan??? at baka kayo ang FANTARDS puro kayo panlalait sa walang kwentang usapan.

      • Kayo ang mas walang kwenta, MGA TOTOONG FANTARDS. At saka hindi kami fantards. Neutral ang pinapanigan namin. At hindi lang nagiisa ang GMA pagdating sa mga kakulangan nila. Pati ABS at TV5 may mga problema rin sila.

        Saka hindi panlalait ang ginagawa namin, kundi kritisismo lang. Kung wala kang matinong sasabihin, tumahimik ka na lang.

  15. Nameless says:

    Hay. News TV, mag-shutdown na kayo, please. Pero ang nakakapagtaka lang, mas marami pa rin ang pabor sa News TV than any other local news channels, lalo na sa medianewser.com , regardless of their programming scheme. Nakaka-irita lang.

    Sir James Ty, I saw you last Sunday at Meralco Gym. 🙂 I was there too.

    • Siyempre News TV programs still get local and international recognition, based on GMA News’ reputation for concise, fair and unbiased reporting. These outlets only report on the positives News TV has, and not on the unnecessary programs that were stated in previous articles.

    • James Ty III says:

      Nameless, thanks. The NBTC event at Meralco will be aired on BTV. I don’t know when. Regarding News TV, I don’t understand why there are people who still defend News TV and GMA despite their obvious shortcomings.

      I think, Nameless, Willie Revillame’s upcoming Sunday show on GMA just might save the Kapuso Network unless Willie acts up again. I read that Willie will be the sole producer and blocktimer like what Eat Bulaga is to the daily slot.

      Willie’s Sunday show will be aired on the 11:45 am slot currently occupied by Kapuso Movie Festival, once everything is final.

      I wonder if Iya Villania and Max Collins, who were part of Willie’s show on ABS, will be tapped as his co-hosts there. All they do on Sunday All-Stars is to show their sexy bodies in dance numbers.

      • Those fantards definitely have no idea what they’re doing. Puro sila komento, walang substance ang mga sinasabi. They defend their favorite channel for no reason at all.

      • @James Ty III – si willie revillame ang magpoproduced ng kanyang game variety show sa GMA? eh wala na kaya ang pera nun si willie r.! di ba binenta na ang mga kotse niya, yung yate niya, pati yung bahay niya im not sure pati yung will tower niya sa may mother ignacia sarado na rin! GMA Network na ang magpoproduced ng game variety show ni willie r. tapos si willie r. ang executive producer na siya ang boss sa show niya, yan ang posisyon niya sa show or pwedeng ibang production company ang magpoproduced ng show ni willie r. na malapit din ito kay willie r.

  16. enough na! huwag na kayo mag-away. sana aksyunan ng GMA Management na pagandahin masyado ang sister station nila na Ch.11. dapat mas maganda kung ilipat na lang yung diyos at bayan, adyenda, this is my story this is my song, legal forum kasi mas maganda naman yung mga shows na yon at pinapanood ko yan sa news tv tuing late nights para yan panoorin ng mga tao tuwing umaga kesa sa pelikula na pinapalabas sa news tv tuwing umaga. its a good option.

  17. James Ty III says:

    I think Bro. Eddie Villanueva should step in and get Channel 11 back from GMA. But I doubt if that will happen because of his close ties with the Kapuso Network.

  18. Jc says:

    (This is still related to GMA News TV) I hope you read this but, based from the information that I’ve got from one of the old ABS-CBN websites via web.archive.org, ANC (then known as The Sarimanok Channel/SNN) used to air Ang TV and other regional entertainment programs mostly on the weekends in early-1996. They even sign off at around 12:30am and goes back on the air at 9am for a brief period right before they formally commenced 24/7 broadcasts.

    • Back then, news on weekends is rare, if not absent on TV. It was possible that the SNN then was airing a test broadcast of sorts, since they are still on the planning stages, hence those entertainment programs. But with enough resources, not to mention a merger with the all-business Sky News, SNN became ANC.

      Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for News TV. Until now, they don’t have the resources to become a reliable news channel. In fact, they’d be better off with a different name than that redundant ‘GMA News TV’.

      • James Ty III says:

        I think News TV should rename itself as GMA Rerun TV. Better to bring that channel back to Bro. Eddie Villanueva.

      • Jc says:

        Btw the one that i said on the sign off part, they do that everyday, Speaking of which, here is one of TSC/SNN’s old daily schedules that I’ve got:
        9am-SNN Kapihan
        10am-Regional Business/Sports News
        11am-PSE Live
        12nn-Sarimanok Network News
        1-5:30pm: SNN Sports MTV/SNN Sportscenter Advisory/SNN Newscenter Manila/SNN Newscenter (Name of region)/Communities in Crisis/SNN Newscenter Report/SNN Weather Report/SNN Business Desk/SNN International Desk
        5:30pm-9pm: Dateline News
        9-9:30pm: Sarimanok Network News The Evening Cast
        9:30-10:30pm: So The People May Know
        10:30pm- The World Tonight (ABS-CBN simulcast)
        10:45pm- Current Affairs Shows
        11:30pm- TWT Regional Edition
        12am/12:30am- Sign Off

      • Even with the sign-off, they’re still miles better than News TV is now as far as content is concerned. And it was good that they filled the weekend schedules with the entertainment programs, since there was no weekend news programming yet at the time.

      • Jc says:

        I guess SNN overcome the ‘gig’ of being the ‘Sinigang News Network’ because of their entertainment programs which were gradually eliminated from the lineup and limited broadcasting hours which was also eliminated to make way for their 24/7 broadcasts (I inspired the name ‘Sinigang News Network’ from CNN’s ‘Chicken Noodle Network’ because back then, CNN also used to have problems since its launch day in 1980, which has evolved 35 years later into globally competitive news network)

      • point lng nman ni Ralph is kung bkit hindi natuto ang NewsTV sa ANC back on its earlier days. Forgivable ang ANC dhil wala pang news network noon, pero with the advent of social media, online resources big sin ang hybrid programs, reruns at old films sa NewsTV.

  19. Jc says:

    I agree with ralph’s point. Meanwhile, I know that GMA News has the ‘guts’ to be the ‘CBS News of the Philippines’ because of its award winning content. But if GMA News TV (as well as GMA Network) don’t maintain their news operation properly from top to bottom, then NOW is the time to fix everything, or like I always said, Let’s get used to it.

    • that claim is no longer relevant ever since they decided to launch NewsTV but failed to follow through. Yes they win awards but their recent labor debacle proves how their organization operates. Awards are not the heart of the organization but its the manpower. Those awards belong to the people they are trying to screw over, not to them. They might have rights on the content, question is can they repeat it? or get more awards in the coming years? we already know the answer and we are hoping that we will be proven wrong.

      • Jc says:

        They’d better focus their shows on the content that it has and better be careful in mentioning their awards. And GMA News (and News TV) should stop expressing too much pride that they are at the top. This should be a fair competition. Manalo man o matalo ang bawat isa sa kanila) But it looks like some people are literally pointing that GMA News is way more better than any organization

      • Considering their past accomplishments with their unbiased reporting and story gathering, hence those international awards. But no matter where you put it, it’s always the ones on the desk that make the stories work, and with GMA continuing to dismiss those people without warning and without concessions, talagang babagsak ang credibility nila.

      • GMA is focused now is saving enough cash for digitalization and since the news and public affairs are the least earning department they decided to cut down the dept to save cash, they also opened closed timeslots to block timers, and will soon revamped programs to save cash. Thats the real reason why NewsTV’s programming line up. Quality of the programs is not their priority of they fail to digitize then GMA is finally done. The News dept is venturing into other show format to help GMA earn more.

    • GMA is focused now is saving enough cash for digitalization and since the news and public affairs are the least earning department they decided to cut down the dept to save cash, they also opened closed timeslots to block timers, and will soon revamped programs to save cash. Thats the real reason why NewsTV’s programming line up. Quality of the programs is not their priority of they fail to digitize then GMA is finally done. The News dept is venturing into other show format to help GMA earn more. 🙂

  20. Jc says:

    I agree. Especially with their ‘News TV’ channel going ‘down the drain’ by airing Movies and a drama in the morning, and some weekend timeslots. Looks like News TV and the other news channels here in the Philippines still has a long way to go in fixing their lineup of newscasts and shows. Most of CNNPH’s schedule is predominated by HLN shows which is criticized by some netizens on Media Newser due to its presentation and irrelevance to events happening in PH and around the world (generally more on crime news, sex, and other bad stories), AksyonTV meanwhile have recently ended 24/7 operations by airing Sports programming, slightly minimizing its news content, infomercials from Shop Japan, etc. Bloomberg PH is set to begin this Sept. so let’s see if this new ‘business channel’ will be a hit. However, as early as now many folks from Media Newser say they are not going to watch Bloomberg PH because of Shawn Yao’s presence in the network due to her recent controversies. Its going to be a very crazy journey for ANC’s new competitors though.

    • suggestion will be a telethon/election special type of program for the news channels. Let a developing story rule the day to day program It can be a hostage drama in progress, high profile hearing in progress, food poisoning story in progress, even laws being passed by the congress. tpus ungibang programs like documentary, news reports or other lifestyle/news related shows will be just inserts sa 24/7 newscast. Social media could be used as well as part of the show like they can pull out stories for their newsbreak segments. Interactive din ito, kung kaya nilang gawin tuwing election yan or kpag may telethon kaya din yan ng day to day. Halimbawa ung case nung nabangga sa Taguig, pdeng tumwag at mag coordinate sa news network para ma aksyunan kaagad, taxi fraud and the like.

      • yeah pero kung matter of social interest nman i think its ok such as the landslide n nangyari khapon or kpag may bagyo, dpat nga ung torre de manila gnunung treatment. madali p man din tayo makalimut, but if we can resolve an issue a day maybe we can have a better place,

      • The netizens can just tell these stories, and then the reporters and the men at the desk can just summarize and proofread it. It’s much better now like you said, given the advanced technological state.

  21. Jc says:

    Sorry Ralph for my ‘double comment’ but hope you read this part of what I said yesterday: Looks like News TV and the other news channels here in the Philippines still has a long way to go in fixing their lineup of newscasts and shows. Most of CNNPH’s schedule is predominated by HLN shows which is criticized by some netizens on Media Newser due to its presentation and irrelevance to events happening in PH and around the world (generally more on crime news, sex, and other bad stories), AksyonTV meanwhile have recently ended 24/7 operations by airing Sports programming, slightly minimizing its news content, infomercials from Shop Japan, etc. Bloomberg PH is set to begin this Sept. so let’s see if this new ‘business channel’ will be a hit. However, as early as now many folks from Media Newser say they are not going to watch Bloomberg PH because of Shawn Yao’s presence in the network due to her recent controversies. Its going to be a very crazy journey for ANC’s new competitors though.

      • Jc says:

        I know you’re going to say that news is rare on weekends back then, but when ANC was TSC/SNN they only have 2 newscasts on Saturdays, one at noon, and one at 9:30pm. But the newscasts on TSC/SNN have gradually expanded over the years all the way through the renaming as ANC

        Speaking of news and business channels, the Philippines doesn’t have these kinds of channels:
        -weather channel (Weather Information Network was once available on livestream and Cignal but it was shutdown in 2013)
        -headline channel (a news channel that has a focus on airing more news headlines especially every half-hour, anytime of the day for people who don’t have time to watch a single 30-70 minute newscast)
        -senate/congress channel (which airs live and uninterrupted coverage of the ongoing hearings in their respective places including the SONA)

      • These things are too specific, and besides, it just too burdensome to produce. And besides, only a specific few will be interested in these channels.

        As for the weekend news, it’s still a rarity then, considering they only air on Saturdays at noon and night.

      • Jc says:

        Even a Business channel like the upcoming Bloomberg PH, which sounds and look like too burdensome to produce. I mean America and other international countries have a lot of ‘specialty news channels’ focusing on business, weather, sports, all-day headlines, and hearings in the US Congress. Too bad that the internet and Social Media is gradually becoming a useful tool to get Breaking News and so much more. Some people are now ditching TV, and Radio for new technologies to receive information faster when they are on or off the TV and Radio. I guess that is the reason why some News Organizations/Networks (including GMA News and News TV) are encouraging everyone of us to rely on the internet for more news alerts. And that’s just sad. Not even everyone can afford the internet. But what GMA News TV have done to their broadcasting schedule was definitely a ‘big sin’. Instead of airing news in the morning or other timeslots, there are dramas, movies, reruns, and everything in between. What people need is News (not these things I mentioned above) on a news channel. A News Channel should always be filled with the information we need. And understand what’s right or wrong at the heart of every headline. But how can you find out what’s going on around you if there is no one to cover it? That is what happened to GMA when the layoffs or reduction in manpower occur especially in its regional stations. Paano kung sawa na ang ibang mga taga-probinsiya sa TV Patrol? I’m not saying I’m encouraging the people in the regions to watch GMA’s regional news, but GMA should have considered their regional newscasts as an ‘alternative’ to the other regional news programs seen on other stations not as a ‘ratings-starving’ show. Kung ako nga lang ang may-ari ng GMA bubuksan ko muli ang mga regional stations na naapektuhan ng streamlining and I will comvince the affected employees to come back ASAP. But it will take more work to do than that. GMA really has to fix their attitude and everything from the groundup whether in news or other shows. And enough of showing too much pride with their (GMA’s) ratings and awards. Otherwise, if GMA Network won’t do that sooner, then the fate of the network ‘Where We Once Belong’ will remain unknown, or less likely, be in danger.

      • Even worse is that News TV is only leased to GMA by ZOE TV. So they can only do much on a station that they technically not own.

        Now here’s a thing: weather, headline updates and congressional hearings are usually things that are slow-developing and overly specific. Business and sports have wider range of topics to choose, hence they’re not as burdensome as the ones earlier. As much as we want to produce these specialized news channels, it won’t help given our impatience towards developing news stories.

      • Jc says:

        So in short ZOE Broadcasting Network Inc. still owns and operates the channel 11 frequency which means that GMA only has limited freedom in airing more newscasts/shows and continues to sign on and sign off etc.

        Meanwhile, it looks like there are so many reasons why we can only do ‘news channels’ since you said these ‘specialized news channels’ won’t solve our impatience for receiving a breaking story.

      • Exactly. That’s why ZOE programs from sister station Light Network continue to air on News TV, since GMA only leases the channel.

        The news channels that we have right now are more than enough to support our informational needs. We don’t have to overload ourselves with a lot of info regarding a variety of news stories, so leave it as it is. Unless, of course, you’re serious enough to deeply know what’s going on.

      • Jc says:

        1st paragraph: so I guess Its best for channel 11 to scrap/eliminate the news channel format and adopt back the general entertainment format in order to avoid ‘conflicts’ with the News TV Name. but they can keep the newscasts and its public affairs shows. If I were them, I’d better call ch. 11 as ‘GMA More’ (Ralph, I don’t think the ‘Balitakilyaserye’ title will work, because it sounds weird for the viewers to hear or mention it)

        2nd paragraph: Well for that, goodluck to the folks at Bloomberg PH, let’s just wait and see what’s gonna happen next for its shows and anchors.

      • Perhaps a return to the ‘QTV’ name is much better. Or, GMA can end its lease deal with ZOE so that the latter can bring Light Network to Channel 11. GMA still has another channel which is 27 (formerly Citynet) but they’ve been using it for digital TV test broadcasts. GMA should realize it’s a difficult task nowadays to operate two VHF channels at the same time.

      • Jc says:

        You might not agree with this, but most of GMA News TV’s regional relay stations are also co owned by ZOE, including its originating stations in Cebu and Davao on ch. 27 based from all the info I get from wikipedia. So I think GMA might have a hard time in bringing these stations ‘back’ to ZOE. So its best to reformat than to bring it back to its original owner unless GMA is ‘masipag’ enough to do it.

        Speaking of ZOE, Most of Solar Entertainment’s free tv channels are not owned obviously by Solar itself but they are owned by SBN (etc), and Rajah Broadcasting Network (2nd Avenue). The cable feed of these stations are on the air 24/7. I just wonder why can’t News TV have a ‘separate feed’ for cable viewers in order to be on the air 24 hours a day with more news and public affairs shows in the overnight shift? But still News TV really needs to be axed/fixed for the good of its own.

      • Don’t depend on Wikipedia. PNDG and its sister groups don’t encourage the use of Wikipedia.

        Still, it’s best for the network to cut their lease deal with ZOE in Metro Manila. Whether the provincial stations are co-owned or not, it doesn’t matter. If they are still desperate why not do the right thing.

        Regarding co-ownership, let’s not forget CNN Philippines which is also 24/7 on cable but 19/7 on free TV. GMA should have realized that, but then again, you can blame their past extravagant spending for not implementing it.

      • Jc says:

        Ok, sorry the info that I share with you in wikipedia.

        Meanwhile, in my opinion, GMA should have just waited for the Digital TV launch/transition to progress in order to put their ‘News TV’ network on one of its digital channels (much similar to DZMM Teleradyo which is available on DTV and on ABS-CBN TV Plus but also available on Cable TV). The possibilities are definitely endless with Digital TV, and GMA will have all the freedom they want on DTV. They can be on the air 24/7, add more newscasts and self-produced shows, interrupt programming when needed, and so much more.

        By the way, I doubt that the Philippines should have a 24/7 sports news channel, yet sports is also considered a slow-developing wvent at some times.

      • However, there are many topics to choose from, though not much from a local perspective. We have Fox Sports News to cover our sporting news needs at this point.

        And yes, GMA should have been patient regarding digital TV. Too bad they spent on something unnecessary years before.

      • Jc says:

        Or if they want to create a news channel that is practical and can slightly save money, then a live video simulcast of Super Radyo DZBB 594 on their digital channel will do. I mean most of DZBB’s content has more news and public affairs shows plus flash reports from its correspondents. But first, tanggalin muna nila ang kanilang takot na they will get defeated on the ratings.

        I’m ok for FOX Sports News then. They sure have a lot of news from the world sports though.

      • Jc says:

        If AksyonTV was the only ‘legitimate’ news channel you can find on free tv, they would have become no. 1 without sports coverages, infomercials, reruns, and not removing Andar Ng Mga Balita, Balitang 60, and Aksyon Breaking/Weather from the lineup. Plus minimizing Radyo5 simulcasts.

        GMA really has a lot of cleaning up to do in terms of their shows whether in news or entertainment. Better yet GMA should just have a ‘Teleradyo channel’ of DZBB just like what I said and what ABS-CBN does.

      • Right now, though, we can only depend on ANC, TeleRadyo and CNN PH for news and information 24/7. That’s it. All other stations of this caliber need to improve.

      • JRDV says:

        Obvious naman ang comment ni James. CAPTAIN OBVIOUS INDEED.

        Regarding News TV, nagmistulang QTV 2.0 na ang News TV. GMA News TV is just a huge waste of money since GMA is maintaining two VHF channels at the same time.

      • It’s just too bad na they gave up on Channel 27 a little too early back in the day. Kung napanatili nila yung Citynet 27 and transition it into a news channel later on, they would have been competitive in that regard. Kaso anong nangyari? Ginastos lahat sa mga fantaserye, kaya nagkaleche-leche na ang GMA.

  22. Jc says:

    Speaking of News TV, I don’t know if you know this but, ANC’s first competitor (which is not known by most) is First United Broadcasting Corporation’s Global News Network (GNN) when I watched it, most of the news channel’s shows are pre-maturely more on public affairs, talk shows, and hearings at the senate and congress (but not live) with news updates every hour and a 60 minute newscast called ‘Newsforce’ which airs at 5pm with replay at 10pm. With religious programming aired in most timeslots.

    Back in its post-launch days the news programs on GNN were titled as ‘GNN Newscast’ airing at 4:30pm, and 7:15pm. I don’t know back also in its post-launch this news network aired 24/7. But as of the moment they sign on and sign off everyday.

    • Gab says:

      I hope GNN will use the channel assignment that My Movie Channel formerly aired (on Channel 25) on Sky Cable. Masyadong malayo ang ch. 213.

    • When it was launched, GNN was essentially the ANC of Destiny Cable, prior to the merger of both Destiny and SkyCable. Of course, for older pre-merger SkyCable subscribers, they will always think that ANC has no opposition, and for older pre-merger Desiny subscribers, they’ll think of the same with GNN.

      Of course, that was before News TV arrived.

  23. Gab says:

    After i watched GMA News TV earlier this afternoon, i was surprised they’re on the promotional plugs of the programs. the durations are now down to 15 seconds.


      • Malungkot talaga ang realidad ng GMA News at this point. If saving costs was their way to keep their channel alive, why not just cut the lease and give it back to its original owner, kung ang hangarin lang nila’y magtipid.

  24. Jc says:

    Like what I said a few days ago, ANC’s competitors especially News TV still has a long way to go in order to watch their newscasts/shows and do everything that’s appropriate for the network. Otherwise, like I/we said as well, GMA should bring ch. 11 back to ZOE. If anything gets out of hand.

  25. Jc says:

    Speaking of Amaya, ANC aired an historical musical-drama entitled “Ang Kababihan ng Malolos” some months ago.

  26. Jc says:

    I know most of you including Ralph, may say that no news channel is perfect. But ANC too also has a share of having ‘imperfections’. As a matter of fact, ANC doesn’t have ANC Headlines at 1pm (right after Dateline Philippines), and just recently on Saturday/Sunday Nights, and Sunday/Monday early mornings. Apparently most news channels in the world including CNN has news updates right after their newscast.

    I bet GMA News TV has already become “GMA All-in-one TV” (or QTV 2.0 by some) because of its wide selection of programming worth not fitting for a news channel (from more newscasts, movies, dramas, lifestyle shows, and). Or perhaps News TV wants to follow the format of a typical AM Radio station (where it has news, dramas, and like the things mentioned above).

    • FYI, there is no need for a brief top-of-the-hour news update after a newscast. Unless it’s something urgent there’s no need for that. We have our own way of bringing news so don’t compare us to the rest of the world.

      News TV cannot be seriously compared to an AM radio station. Does an AM radio station air reruns? No. News TV has most of that, and it’s unhealthy.

  27. Jc says:

    Here’s another teleserye you should not watch on News TV aside from Amaya, and Alice Bungisngis every Saturdays at 11am: One Day, Isang Araw. It just aired today at 8am. Once again, as long as there is enough time, GMA really needs to completely reformat or better yet, shut down News TV.

    Actually in my viewpoint, Hindi cost-cutting ang dahilan Kung bakit maigsi ung mga commercials sa News TV. Pinaigsi lang talaga para kumasya ang iba pang ads.

    But if Gozon wants to be ambitious on fulfilling its plans of having GMA a news channel (instead of the already-redundant GMA News TV in the first place), then why not maki-level na lang with or create a digitally-exclusive news channel similar to DZMM Teleradyo (but on test broadcast first)? Like I’ve said, a live video feed of DZBB’s booth, anchors, and the entire radio station’s programming, will do good (yet it will be named the Super Radyo DZBB 594 Teleradyo Channel). At least doon mas cost-effective at ang kailangan mo na lang, isa o dalawang camera, broadcasting equipment, and graphics.

    • It’s actually not a teleserye, let me correct you. It is a weekly fantasy series, similar to Wansapanatym. Remember, teleseryes aired on weekdays, and are different from a weekly mini-series or anthology.

      And yes, why not an online TeleRadyo for DZBB? It may help.

      • Jc says:

        At Hindi lang magiging available online ang DZBB Teleradyo, magiging exclusively available din sa kanilang Digital TV Channel (which is ch. 27 or 27.2 in subchannel term because 27.1 is vacated for GMA) aside from cable operators. Pero dapat muna nilang tanggapin ang fact na mayroong ding limits pagdating sa pagbuo ng news or other digital channels.

  28. Jc says:

    Yeah. But if GMA is already done working on fixing their Digital TV Signal, it will definitely be a 3-way battle between DZMM, DZBB, DWFM, and DZRH in terms of Radio-TV simulcasts. Or as I like to call it, “The Battle of the Teleradyos”.

    Speaking of teleradyos, will it still be beneficial for TV5 to convert AksyonTV’s programming into an all-day simulcast of Radyo5? (hence it will be known as Radyo5 TV and all sports programming will move to TV5). And can there be a possibility that DZRH News Television should also be on SkyCable? If so, they should better occupy channel 25.

    • You’d be fooled if you still clamor for AksyonTV to become a full-time simulcast of Radyo5. Most of its content is purely sports now (hence the regular appearances of FYI and TiuTorials segments, among other Sports5 shorts). It would be best if the Radyo5 on TV simulcasts will now be carried through its Digital5 online subsidiary, and then convert AksyonTV into a sports network.

      As for DZRH, it is unlikely that their TV station will be seen on SkyCable, considering the circumstances of competition and exclusivity. GMA can’t even create their own cable channels because they don’t have a partner to join forces with.

      • Jc says:

        If we are talking about converting AksyonTV into an all sports network in order to compete ABS-CBN Sports and Action, TV5 should better call it the “Sports5 Network”

      • JRDV says:

        Mas mukhang redundant na ang Sports5 Network proposal mo. Enough na ang Aksyon TV as a channel name, which is bagay naman sa isang news and sports channel. Kahit mga sports, may aksyon din naman.

        I would like to retain Aksyon TV as a channel name.

  29. Jc says:

    (Some parts of my comment may appear slightly off-topic) but the problem is… Some critics on Media Newser say this: “Mukhang nagpapanggap na news channel lang yang AksyonTV.” So better to have a different name than that.

    On the other side, Maybe the reason why CNNPH placed all the HLN programs, and continued to air some of the programs carried over by Solar News Channel and 9TV, is that this CNN franchise is currently in the planning stages (just like you’ve said in part on SNN’s where they used to do that back then.)

    • Nearly one year later, they’re still in the planning stages. Too bad.

      Let’s move on. You can comment on AksyonTV and CNNPH just by typing it in the search column of this blog. I’m really strict towards unrelated topics so feel free to search.

  30. Jc says:

    Just watched Mar Roxas and Pnoy’s speech in Cebu on both ANC and News TV. ANC has some problems, first, ANC carried only a few minutes of Mar’s speech (then going back to regular programming) while News TV continues to carry it in full. Second, ANC seems to have a technical glitch with their live video in Cebu as they get back to that feed as it was Pnoy’s turn already to give his speech. I still cannot accept the fact why News TV sometimes wins when it comes to Live events.

    • At the time, ANC is airing The Bureau which focuses more on foreign news, hence a short snippet of the live speech. But that’s just rare for ANC to encounter technical difficulties.

      We all know how News TV operates when it comes to live events. Sometimes they do, but most of the time, they don’t. Today was a role reversal.

  31. Jc says:

    I know the damage has been done, but if GMA Network would have been smart and continuously be in better shape, financially and on camera, thus having a very ‘reliable’ News TV (but only on their digital signal and if they would have ended their ties with ZOE a lot earlier before even putting this channel up and running) This would have been their daily schedule (this is just my suggested sked if none of these bad things would have happened):

    4:30am-News TV Live (Filipino)
    5:15am-Unang Hirit hookup
    7:30am-News TV Live (English)
    8:00am-Kape at Balita (until 11:00am)
    11:00am-Balitanghali (1st edition simulcast on GMA)
    11:30am-News TV Live (30min/English)
    12:00nn-Balitanghali (2nd edition)
    1:00pm-On Call (Filipino afternoon News Program)
    2:00pm-News TV Live (1hr/English)
    3:00pm-PuntoBalita (Filipino)
    4:00pm-Balita Pilipinas (Filipino)
    5:00pm-News TV Live (30min/English)
    5:30pm-GOBalita (Filipino/an alternative title for QRT)
    6:00pm-News TV Live (30min/English)
    6:30pm-24 Oras hookup
    7:30pm-News TV Live (30min/English)
    8:00pm-News TV Public Affairs
    9:00pm-State of the Nation (Filipino)
    10:00pm-News TV Live (30min/English)
    10:30pm-English versions of GMA Public Affairs shows
    11:00pm-SAKSI hookup
    12:00am-News TV Live (English)
    12:15am-4:30am (the next day) – Newsboard (similar to what Channel NewsAsia did during sign offs)

    • One thing that’s missing though is a business, showbiz and sports news program, as well as a panel discussion and documentary-type program. These are all newscasts that may be too repetitive. There should be more diversity.

      • Jc says:

        Well they can incorporate and schedule updated business and stock market updates, showbiz, sports news, plus LIVE newsmaker interviews (especially the business sectors) during their newscasts.
        To give you some details:

        -Kape at Balita will have a panel discussion segment that tackles the biggest stories to watch in depth and in detail.
        -There will be two editions of Balitnaghali (one at 11am simulcasting with GMA and another at 12:00nn exclusively on News TV)
        -PuntoBalita is actually a semi-news, and/or commentary program
        -On Call will be a news and public service program (hence it would have been a return)
        -News TV Public Affairs will focus more on documentary-typed programming
        -Dedicated weekly (or week-in-review) programs related to showbiz, business, sports, etc. will be aired on weekends (especially in place of movies and other nuisance programming)
        -And they should really stick to not just Filipino, but also English language (most news channels (typically DW-TV) format their news bulletins in two languages)
        -Some News TV programs will be moved to or replayed on GMA in place of overloaded movies and weekend programming.

      • Now why need two editions of Balitanghali? It’s just a waste of time, seriously. A business news program may help. And besides, Channel 7 doesn’t need a noontime newscast given its programming.

        Other than that, it’s a go, provided that they air it online, on digital TV and on UHF.

      • Jc says:

        Might as well extend Kape at Balita until 11:30am (with News TV Live English following that show and Balitanghali afterwards at noon). Better if they just be available online (that should be the first thing they need to do) and on Digital TV (afterwards). Let’s skip the UHF part because that is where their digital channel is placed.

    • Jc says:

      Perhaps “NewsTV Business” at 7:50am (10min/Fil), 8:30am (15min/Fil), 9:25am (15min/Fil), 10:15am (10min/Fil), 11:50am (10min/Eng), 12:35pm (5min/Fil), 1:45pm (10min/Fil), 2:25pm (15min/Eng), 3:25pm (10min/Fil), 4:30pm (15min/Fil), 5:15pm (5min/Eng), 5:45pm (10min/Fil), 6:20pm (5min/Eng), 7:45pm (10min/Eng), 9:35pm (15min/Fil), and at 10:10pm (15min/Eng.) I guess this will fulfill NewsTV’s business commitment.

  32. Jc says:

    And GMA News should have just renovated their newsroom in order to accommodate the news programs of their supposed-to-be-news-channel instead of spending thousands of pesos for another studio.

    To summarize, GMA now has two options if they want to put up a news channel it’s either:
    GMA News TV or DZBB Teleradyo.

    If they would have been a smart money spender, then go for News TV, but if tehy are saving money, go for DZBB Teleradyo.

    For me, I’d rather choose DZBB Teleradyo, it’s more cost-effective than the other, how about you Ralph? Which one suits best?

  33. GMA News TV-11 launched their newest TV shows this august:

    1.Medical Central – hosted Dr. Manny & Pie Calayan which aired every Sundays 9:00-9:30 am 2. Hastag Pinoy – hosted by Nani Naguit which aired every Thursdays 11:59 pm after The 700 Club Asia (replacement of the travel show ‘I Love Pinas’ hosted by Carlo Lorenzo)
    3. Michael Angelo Show – hosted by Michael Angelo which aired every Saturdays 3:00 PM

    • They may add these shows, but it’s not enough. They need more than these three shows you mentioned. Until then, News TV is stuck with movies, teleseryes and reruns.

  34. Jc says:

    But if News TV will be returned to ZOE, then two scenarios may happen, first, ZOE may reuse channel 11 for their Light Network thus making their channel 33 be viable for Digital TV broadcasts, second, on the downside, it will pose a greater challenge for ZOE as they now have to manage a VHF and UHF channel which can cause concerns regarding their budget.

  35. Jc says:

    Yet the Tandang Sora transmitter is after all, a GMA property which ZOE shares it at the moment.

    By the way, ZOE is the only remaining minor network in Metro Manila that has yet to transition to DTV broadcasts. That is aside from Net 25, INC TV, and UNTV which they already did.

    • It’s not enough. Big sin na sa kanila ang pagskip ng Papal Visit coverage at SONA 2015 in favor of regular programming. No wonder why GMA News TV is now unreliable. Pinaghalong Jeepney TV, Lifestyle Network, Cinema One, Sports + Action and Light Network in one na ang GMA News TV nowadays.

      • Jc says:

        More like GMA All-in-one TV (or as Ralph calls it, Balitakilyaserye TV). Better bring channel 11 back to ZOE. Kung gusto naman magkaroon ng news channel ang GMA, bakit di na Lang live video stream ng DZBB sa digital, cable, at internet TV? At least with the faster breaking news power of radio, plus a camera in the studio as a bonus, it’s worth the use. Makakatipid ka pa.

      • Jc says:

        And don’t forget the graphics, because teleradyo channels tend to have more graphics in nature. Patok talaga ang mga teleradyo channels dito sa bansa. Dahil hindi lang mabilis ang paghahatid ng balita, kundi handang magbigay ng public service. Halos marami-rami na ang mga radio stations ang nakikigaya sa teleradyo format lalo na online. I can definitely consider a Teleradyo channel more of a poor man’s CNN as a matter of fact. Hindi masama ang manggaya, basta ang importante, ay ang maghatid ng balita at paglilingkod sa ngalan ng Serbisyong Totoo.

    • It might be because of the recent success Alden is experiencing right now that is why GMA News TV is re-airing it kahit alam natin ang TAPE ang nagbigay ng big break kay Alden at hindi sa GMA7.

      • Well Alden is still a GMA artist and not a TAPE artist unlike Maine, and matagal na ang kalakaran na dapat may GMA artist sa EB. He was doing fine on GMA, but when Aldub entered, things changed quickly. Yes, TAPE ang nagpasikat, but GMA can use his previous shows to tell the people that he is a great actor kaya may mga reruns ng mga ginawa niya dati like Magpakailanman and now Ilustrado. So this is a win-win situation, unlike what you keep on telling here that its only TAPE that is benefiting from this.

      • However, GMA is paying TAPE lots of money just to air highlights of the AlDub saga on their news programs, kaya at the end of the day, TAPE still wins and not GMA. And as far as I know, GMA is only using past shows of Alden just to make up for his lack of success prior to AlDub.

        As Marcus said in response to a previous comment of yours:

        Ever since you came here you have pushed your idealogy to GMA down on everyone’s throats. I don’t blame GMA for such behavior but I don’t think they will be proud of you either.

        You should learn this lesson the hard way, if I were you.

      • Jc says:

        But putting an Ilustrado re-run is not beneficial for GMA News TV. Since they are supposed to be a news channel running more news and business programs rather than Sports, dramas, movies, excessive lifestyle shows and re-runs.

      • And besides, Ilustrado was a critical flop when it first aired. Hindi ito matalo-talo ang Two Wives noon. Dapat naka-move on na ang GMA from that after watching Alden unexpectedly boost his career upon pairing with Yaya Dub. Yung pre-AlDub days ni Alden kailangang kalimutan na dahil it’s no longer important now that he’s more famous than ever.

      • For me, putting a pre-AlDub program featuring Alden Richards on News TV is more like a desperate move by GMA.

        I hope that it will be featured on a future article.

  36. Jc says:

    At least with News TV being sold back to ZOE (na parati na nating sinasabi dito), magkakapera rin sila ng konti. May history na nga din na nag-simulcast ang DZBB sa GMA most especially sa umaga, bakit di na lang ituloy ito full-time sa pinopropose kong seperate channel? Mas may patutunguhan pa sila.

    • Obviously. If I were you, just hope that something like this will happen. If you’re desperate enough, just go to the GMA Network Center and present your proposals to network management.

      • Jc says:

        Yeah. You and I are really dreaming and hoping that GMA will be smart and right in their overall plans and decisions especially with how they properly maintain a new channel. But it will definitely take more work than that. Unless if we are desperate enough, like you said, better go to GMA to have that fulfilled.

    • Remember SWOT analysis. For me, for the ninth time, it is a huge opportunity but a threat as well. Also their weaknesses are higher than their strengths. For it is risky move for them.

  37. Jc says:

    Just a question, is it stated in the programming rules of either kbp, ntc, or mtrcb that there should be a minimal amount of newscasts per day regardless if a free tv station is a news channel or not? If so, then this may apply o the situation of GMA News TV and other free tv news channels.

    • Go visit their websites and see for yourself. They have rules and regulations there so check that out. As far as I know, news channels should always have newscasts on different times of the day. Of course, the more they have that, the more consistent they are with it.

      • Jc says:

        How does simulcasting a VHF channel on another VHF channel become confusing. You said hat News TV cannot hookup with GMA’s Unang Hirit every morning, But how does that happen?

        I have just yet to either contact the NTC and the other organizations to answer the question about the amount of newscasts seen on a free tv station regardless if it is a news channel or not.

      • GMA has a reason why they can’t: to save costs, as well as to prevent an unfair advantage of airing the same show on two VHF channels. It may slight other networks if they do so. The confusion factor always comes to play since viewers need to have variety in TV viewing, and airing Unang Hirit on News TV reduces that variety.

      • Jc says:

        So this can apply also to coverages of live events like the SONA and the Papal Visit.

        But why is it more practical to let a UHF channel simulcast a VHF channel? ABS-CBN and TV5 used to do that.

      • You don’t understand a thing. Like I said, it’s an unfair advantage for a show to air on two VHF channels at the same time; events of national significance such as the SONA and Papal Visit are an exception.

        Simulcasting a VHF TV program on a UHF channel is different. If one channel isn’t working, they can always go to another. The UHF channel is always employed as a decoy, just in case the VHF one is cut for programming reasons.

        If you don’t believe what I’m saying, then just go to the aforementioned TV stations and ask the management.

  38. Jc says:

    I tried to contact the ntc, mtrcb, and KBP regarding my question, but the NTC says the KBP handles those rules for the amount of newscasts per day. The MTRCB said to me that I should check their website if it is stated that there should be a limited number of newscasts and if I have any further clarifications, I can email them. Meanwhile, The KBP says they cannot answer my question either only the tv stations can answer my question. That’s it.

  39. Jc says:

    We’ve been going back and forth on this, But it’s been like 5 years since the rise of free tv news channels here in the Philippines, and until now, GMA News TV and other news networks are still in big trouble programming, resource, and staff wise. These news channels, instead of providing options to the benchmark ANC and (maybe) DZMM Teleradyo, they are just there to play dirty. (Give a bit of exemption to GNN, RHTV, and Net 25 [whose programming is more on news on weekdays, hence accidentally followed what a news channel should do]).

    Meanwhile, News TV recently covered Leni Robredo’s speech today, but considering it as an event of national significance, it’s not even enough. Maybe the intention right here of GMA News is that all viewers are encouraged to ‘extensively’ use other platforms aside from News TV (which includes: GMA, DZBB, and its websites and mobile apps) hence, having more entertainment programming on News TV. Ironic though, but just saying.

  40. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Since GMA “News” TV will be premiering “Justice League: Crisis on 2 Earths” (I saw this on a promo plug and a post in the “Philippine Television” group page, what’s next? Airing Sesame Street? Batman? Tom and Jerry?

    I hope you can write about this in a future article, but if you can’t, it’s OK.

    It seems like I want to call this channel as “GMA SARI-SARI TV,” aside from “BALITAKILYA.”

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