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‘Dream Dad’ Extended, Continues to Win Despite New Rival

Not even the return of Dingdong Dantes on ‘Pari Ko’y’ can slow down the momentum of ‘Dream Dad’, whose consistently high ratings led to an extended run. (Photo credit: ABS-CBN)

The hottest teleserye in the country is now rewarded with an extension.

‘Dream Dad’, the ABS-CBN drama series starring Zanjoe Marudo and Jana Agoncillo, has been extended for an unspecified period of time. The news of an extension came shortly after ‘Dream Dad’ posted its highest rating yet.

According to the Kapamilya network’s trusted source Kantar Media, the March 12 episode of ‘Dream Dad’ posted a 34.9% rating, even though it had to contend with a new rival. ‘Pari Ko’y’, the newest GMA teleserye starring Dingdong Dantes, only earned a paltry 17.8% on that day.

Overall, the week of March 9 saw ‘Dream Dad’ average almost 35% in the Kantar ratings. Meanwhile, ‘Pari Ko’y’ was unable to even crack the 20% mark until the March 14 episode, and for the week, they were 16% at best.

The extension of ‘Dream Dad’ is definitely a reward for the series’ impressive performance. The tandem of Zanjoe Marudo and Jana Agoncillo continues to charm viewers, while at the same time Zanjoe’s blossoming on-screen relationship with Beauty Gonzales begins to earn rave reviews.

Airing since November 24, 2014, ‘Dream Dad’ will now enter its fifth month on air. Normally teleseryes have a life span of about four months, but with impressive ratings returns such as that of ‘Dream Dad’, there is no question why it deserves an extension.

That said, GMA may be hard-pressed to deliver a more impressive performance for ‘Pari Ko’y’, especially after the beating it received in its pilot week. Sure, Dingdong Dantes can still deliver, but not in the way he used to.

As for ‘Dream Dad’, the high ratings may be impressive, but the story only heats up from there.


10 thoughts on “‘Dream Dad’ Extended, Continues to Win Despite New Rival

  1. Niova says:

    With the extension of Dream Dad I think it gives the show’s writers more time to flesh out a possible story about the biological father of Baby.

    If Dread Dad would end in Q3/2H 2015 there would be a great chance that its replacement program would be a Dreamscape production.

  2. Dreamscape recently released Magical Summer Campaign which includes Nathaniel a supposedly replacement of Dream Dad. maybe they will put it in the afternoon slot. dont forget Forevermore was also extended, it was slated to end this March, but was given the green light to air up until June. Both Series are enjoying 30% ratings.

    • Extensions are definitely ABS’ rewards for high ratings, something GMA couldn’t do with their obviously low ones. Now if they can keep viewers’ interests high, the better.

  3. that’s great, i’m a fan of forevermore. gasgas na kasi ang script ng Pari Koy, nagamit na yan ng May Bukas pa, 100 days to heaven, Oh My G and then there’s Nathaniel too yung mga religious theme serye. Dreamscape also have new serye starring Julia Barretto and Inigo Pascual.

    • Don’t forget Nino, na obvious copy ng May Bukas Pa, Honesto and Budoy.

      There was also a past ABS teleserye in which the role of a priest was played by Piolo Pascual. I don’t remember what title it is, pero mukhang hinango rin ng GMA ang Pari Ko’y sa naturang ABS teleserye.

  4. Pisces says:

    I love dream dad i just can’t accept it yet if they will end soon. It’s not only about the ratings but the value and the positive vibes i got or maybe majority of the people watching it. I can’t deny how much i smiled a lot every time i am watching this teleserye it’s really simple with a huge impact to the viewers, all characters are doing great job. PLease abs-cbn not yet. 🙂

      • James Ty III says:

        Naging guest sina Zanjoe Marudo and Beauty Gonzalez sa GGV recently dahil pati si Vice Ganda, nagulat sa magandang ratings ng Dream Dad.

      • And why not? Laging taob si Dingdong Dantes sa kanya since Pari ‘Koy debuted, even though that show was endorsed by the CBCP. Chemistry between the cast and a wonderfully written script is a key to success, hence Dream Dad is pulling away.

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