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Goodbye Jack City, Hello CT

CT, the newest channel created by Solar Entertainment, was launched yesterday. (Logo courtesy of Solar Entertainment Corporation)

After nearly three years, Jack City officially signed off for the last time.

The one-time free TV sister station of Jack TV bade farewell to its loyal viewers last Saturday. But instead of a merger between Jack City and Jack TV, Solar Entertainment decided to keep the Jack TV branding and establish a different channel instead.

Thus, on Sunday, March 22, Solar launched CT on the channel formerly occupied by Jack City. The new channel shares some of the programming of its predecessor, but added comedy programs, talk shows and reality series in its lineup.

According to Solar Entertainment, CT is described as:

the hippest channel for urban adventurers who have the thirst for thought provoking and buzz worthy shows, blended with citified unscripted series that aims to match the urbanite lifestyle of our viewers, and complimented with urban blended sitcoms and a talk show that completes the entertainment needs of these contemporary individuals.”

Solar added that CT caters to “the tasteful market who enjoy great quality entertainment – day or night – by watching first rate, smart programs, direct from the U.S.” That said, CT’s audience is expected to remain dominated by young urban males, in the same manner as Jack City, while its programming is versatile enough to attract female viewers as well.

As mentioned earlier, CT will feature a number of drama series that were previously aired on Jack City. Thus, the ongoing seasons of series such as ‘Chicago Fire’, ‘Grimm’ and ‘Bones’ will continue to air on the new channel.

In addition, classic comedy programs such as ‘Friends’, ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Will and Grace’ will be re-aired. And for fans of reality and talk shows, CT will also bring ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’, among others, to its lineup.

CT is currently available on the following channels:

  • SkyCable Channel 138
  • Destiny Cable Channel 64 (Analog) and 138 (Digital)
  • Cignal Channel 22
  • Cable Link Channel 40

Viewers can only hope that CT will stick much longer than its predecessor Jack City. If Solar can manage this channel well, the better it is for CT to thrive in the long run.


25 thoughts on “Goodbye Jack City, Hello CT

  1. I wonder that CT has a similar format of Esquire Network in the US because the channel were adding comedy and lifestyle programming dedicated to young male audience. but Meron akong AbePinion about sa “Kids Channel” which they replacing TGC for 3 years, totoo ba ‘to o hoax lang ito?

    • If there’s no confirmation about it, then hoax siya.

      Regarding CT, it’s virtually a mix of every other non-sports channel of Solar Entertainment. May halong Jack TV, ETC at 2nd Avenue, all rolled into one. Too bad hindi nila sinama yung TGC sa mix.

  2. ah… this is the reason why Jack City was retired the ” Jack” Brand and the word City was shorten as “CT” pero may meaning din as “City Television” according dun sa teaser ng network which were shown on ETC (SBN-21) and 2nd Avenue (RJTV-29). sorry, wala pong cable sa bahay ko eh… TEEHEE!

  3. JRDV says:

    regarding CT, they have dropped the MTRCB ratings, since they are no longer available on analog free TV.

    it’s a shame that we didn’t have CT on our cable operator.

    • Honestly, sobrang inconsistent lang yung MTRCB ratings implementation. Jeepney TV, despite its status as a cable channel, is still using the MTRCB ratings. IDK kung wala na rin ito sa ANC, TeleRadyo, or Jeepney TV’s archrival Fox Filipino.

    • Nameless says:

      Honestly, wala nang paki-alam ang mga viewers sa MTRCB ratings on our TV screens. Hindi naman nasusunod ng mga nanonood, eh. Even SPG programs, napapanood pa rin ng mga bata. And sometimes, mali-mali pa ang ratings in some shows. Tsk3. They must remove it na lang, para kahit papaano ay magmukhang cable channel naman ang mga free TV outlets.

      This CT channel looks like the male version of 2nd Avenue. May similarities kasi, lalo na sa talk shows. Malayong-malayo ito sa ETC na naka-market talaga for teenagers-with-style. BTW, Solar also retired TGC after 3 years on cable boob-tube. For me, nasa red alert status na naman ang Tieng company for losing such channels again.

      • Dapat nga mga around 10 seconds into the program lumalabas ang mga MTRCB ratings. As one commenter said, nagiging clunky at distracting na rin ito. MTRCB ratings still need to be enforced, kahit may ibang demographics na nanonood, para lang may ethical standards ang mga programs.

        As for CT, mukhang may pagka-fusion ng Jack TV, ETC at 2nd Avenue, with a little of the defunct Talk TV. Parang all-purpose channel siya.

  4. A745546 says:

    [Off-topic] When will Yey! and CineMO! (ABS-CBN TVplus “exclusive” channels but also available on SkyCable) get MTRCB ratings? After their period of test broadcast ends?

    [On-topic] Major changes in Solar’s stable of channels are becoming yearly (or are they?). Two years ago Jack TV’s target demographics shifted, last year Solar lost channel 9, and now this year Jack City was let go. Solar is deemphasizing free TV because of low viewership of its channels on that platform due in turn to various reasons.

    • We’ll wait and see. Yey and CineMO are not yet considered ‘free’ TV channels since they’re only available on the TVPlus platform ABS is offering. And you still need to pay for that.

      As for Solar, I agree that they seem to change a lot every year. And they’re losing money because of this.

      • Actually when they moved ETC to RPN for three years, it only started their decline. RPN had been the home of the PBA, NBA and other sporting events at the time, until ETC came along and they needed the help of ABS-CBN Sports to move those leagues. They lost a key player as a result, and both Solar Sports and BTV were never the same afterwards. Even Jack TV lost their rights to the WWE. The last four years have been very ugly for Solar Entertainment, which culminated in losing Channel 9 to Mr. Cabangon-Chua last year.

    • It only became possible because ETC was rumored at the time to move to RPN, which it did. Honestly, Solar did not benefit from it at all, and they sold RPN last year as a result.

      Bad investments are becoming a distraction to Solar, and if CT didn’t work out, sorry na lang sa kanila.

    • It only became possible because ETC was rumored at the time to move to RPN, which it did. Honestly, Solar did not benefit from it at all, and they sold RPN last year as a result.

      Bad investments are becoming a distraction to Solar, and if CT didn’t work out, sorry na lang sa kanila.

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