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‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’ Premieres, Plus TV5’s Revamped Schedule

‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’ premiered last Monday, leading to some changes in TV5’s programming lineup. (Photo credit: TV5 via

A brand new weekday showbiz talk show paved the way for a revamped programming lineup on TV5.

The new show in question, ‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’, premiered last Monday morning. The show is hosted by IC Mendoza, Bianca King and MJ Marfori, and covers the latest showbiz news in a more interactive and upbeat manner through the use of social media.

With ‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’ making its debut, TV5 decided to make some changes to their programming lineup. The new weekday lineup is as follows:

5:00 am – Aksyon sa Umaga
6:30 am – Higglytown Heroes
7:30 am – Doc McStuffins
8:00 am – Teacher’s Pet
8:30 am – Hi-5
9:00 am – Transformers: Animated
9:30 am – Rockman.Exe Beast
10:00 am – Happy Wife, Happy Life
10:30 am – Healing Galing sa TV5 (M & F)/Solved na Solved (T-TH)
11:00 am – Showbiz Konek na Konek
11:30 am – Aksyon sa Tanghali
12:00 pm – Movie Max 5 (x2)
3:45 pm – Hi-5
4:15 pm – PSL/PBA/Movie Max 5
6:15 pm – Aksyon
7:00 pm – PBA/Movie Max 5
9:00 pm – Wattpad Presents
9:30 pm – The Vampire Diaries (last day tonight)/Supernatural (starting tomorrow)
10:15 pm – Extreme Series
10:45 pm – Aksyon Tonite
11:15 pm – ReAksyon
11:30 pm – KBO block reruns
12:00 am – Shop Japan

Programs written in bold were the ones whose schedules changed from last week.

Notice the absence of ‘T3: Enforced’ on the weekday lineup? It turns out that the Tulfo brothers’ public service program will now compete against ABS-CBN’s ‘Failon Ngayon’ and GMA’s ‘Imbestigador’ starting this Saturday at 4:30 p.m, and is expected to morph into an investigative documentary in the mold of prior Tulfo brothers’ programs.

As for the rest of Saturday’s lineup, here they are as follows:

4:30 am – Shop Japan
5:30 am – Family Matters
6:30 am – Kakaibang Lunas
7:00 am – Kim Possible
7:30 am – Little Einsteins
8:00 am – Powerpuff Girls
8:30 am – Ben 10 Omniverse
9:00 am – Magical Doremi
9:30 am – Sword Art Online
10:00 am – Fushigi Yuugi
10:30 am – Street Fighter
11:00 am – Movie Max 5 (x2)
2:00 pm – YHTube
2:30 pm – PSL/Movie Max 5
4:30 pm – T3: Enforced
5:00 pm – PBA/Movie Max 5
7:00 pm – Tropa Mo Ko Unli Spoof
8:00 pm – 2 1/2 Daddies
9:00 pm – Everybody Hapi
10:00 pm – Rising Stars
11:00 pm – Kaya/Yaman ng Bayan
12:00 am – Shop Japan

TV5’s Sunday lineup will remain unchanged. However, as part of a shared agreement with ABS-CBN, GMA and Solar Sports in the upcoming Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, TV5 will air a weekly special showcasing the best fights of Floyd Mayweather, Jr. at 12:30 p.m., leading up to the main bout on May 3.

As for ‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’, its entry was timely, as ABS-CBN’s ‘The Buzz’ went on hiatus the day before. Viewers can only hope that ‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’ will fill the void and attract younger and more socially conscious individuals with its fresh and upbeat approach.

‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’ airs weekdays at 11:00 a.m. on TV5.


17 thoughts on “‘Showbiz Konek na Konek’ Premieres, Plus TV5’s Revamped Schedule

  1. Blac019 says:

    Hopefully Showbiz Konek na Konek (whose working title was E5?) will further strengthen TV5’s weekday late morning lineup.

    The airing of Hi-5 on two timeslots may have something to do with very low viewership despite the recent concerts in the country or the upcoming Hi-5 Philippines. (Are there any more announcements regarding that local version?)

    And what is YHTube by the way? (That show premiered without any hype at all I think.)

    • We can only hope that Showbiz Konek na Konek is a better upgrade over prior TV5 showbiz news shows. Plus no Cristy Fermin, so that helps too.

      As of now, no updates yet on the local Hi-5 other than auditions.

      YHTube is more of a highlight show featuring sports bloopers. The Younghusband brothers host the show, hence the name itself. It premiered in late February.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Rain or Shine swept Meralco in their best-of-five semis so most likely, Movie Max 5 will be aired on the PBA time slots tomorrow and Sunday.

    • Interesting. Last time na may iisang programa ang mga Tulfo brothers tuwing Sabado ng hapon was Isumbong Mo: Tulfo Brothers on RPN-9, minus Ben at co-host noon si Kuya Mon.

  3. James Ty III says:

    TV5’s replays of the Mayweather fights are shown at 3 pm on Sundays for the whole month of April.

    As for their Sunday primetime schedule, Move It is about to hold its Grand Finals sometime this month. Once Move It ends, The Million Peso Money Drop with Vic Sotto will return and will take over Move It’s 8 pm time slot.

      • James Ty III says:

        I checked the TV5 website and it reveals that The Best of Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be aired at 12:30 pm. Sorry for the initial info about the Mayweather special being aired at 3 pm.

        Sports360 will be at 2 pm followed by two movies: Deuce Bigelow with Adam Sandler at 3 pm and Super 8 at 5 pm since there will be no PBA games due to Rain or Shine sweeping Meralco.

      • You’re stating the obvious Mr. Sunday. Pag walang PBA almost automatic na movies sila, unless another event happens. Better stop reminding me about the movies that will be shown because it’s too obvious.

      • Yep. Two weeks after I wrote this article, TV5 changed schedules again. They moved the animes to the afternoon just to avoid competing with ABS and GMA’s own, and also to provide an alternative to the afternoon dramas of its competitors. Also, they placed movies at 9 am while Healing Galing and Solved na Solved were on a season break (or were canceled altogether).

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