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GMA Finally Responds to Ipaglaban Mo

A huge test awaits ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ tomorrow afternoon.

Enter ‘Karelasyon’, the upcoming GMA drama anthology hosted by Carla Abellana. The program will showcase a different side of love and relationships, with stories focusing on various ordeals that may affect one’s love for the other.

Throughout the show, various issues such as jealousy, infidelity, individual obsessions and vices, and family and work-related issues will be presented and discussed. As such, sweet and light-hearted moments will be deemphasized in ‘Karelasyon’, but rather, more hostile and confrontational scenes will be the norm.

With the impending debut of ‘Karelasyon’, it seems that GMA has found a more appropriate program to challenge ‘Ipaglaban Mo’. Since premiering on June 7, 2014, ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ has given opposing GMA programs fits, beating ‘Startalk’, ‘Wish Ko Lang’ and ‘Asian Horror Stories’ in the ratings.

The consistently high ratings of ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ posed some problems for ‘Startalk’, whose return to Saturday afternoons last year was met with little to no fanfare. Not even a change of timeslot with the newly-reformatted ‘Wish Ko Lang’ and a reduction in airtime helped matters.

‘Ipaglaban Mo’ also fared better than ‘Asian Horror Stories’ (and its alternate name ‘Tales of Horror’). As a result, GMA decided to do something drastic in hopes of arresting this skid.

Thus, ‘Karelasyon’ was conceived, in order to answer ‘Ipaglaban Mo’. The latter program may not be similar to ‘Ipaglaban Mo’ in terms of scope, but is nevertheless helpful in solving issues that are presented in each episode.

Now GMA must hope that ‘Karelasyon’ will deliver a more respectable performance than ‘Ipaglaban Mo”s previous opponents. The pilot episode of the show should be a measuring stick as to how ‘Karelasyon’ will perform in the long term. Good luck.

‘Karelasyon’ premieres tomorrow after ‘Eat Bulaga’ on GMA.


11 thoughts on “GMA Finally Responds to Ipaglaban Mo

  1. garcia says:

    New GMA anthology, new show for underused Kapuso talents.

    Airing a block full of horror movies faltered for GMA in the long run.

    • True that. Karelasyon should serve the same purpose as its rival show Ipaglaban Mo: giving underused talents a chance to show their worth.

      And yes, horror movies on GMA didn’t work out. Wala kasi silang maipalabas ng matino, that is why they were losing in the ratings even further.

    • Those horror movies totally “scared” the viewers, making them change their minds & watch other channels instead. With new shows from GMA like Karelasyon, I hope those Horror blocks will phase out soon.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Asian Horror Stories’ “sister” show Tales of Horror will still air on Sundays at 3:30 pm on GMA until Wowowin premieres on April 26.

    • But at least they got rid of one on Saturdays.

      Speaking of which, GMA now has two drama anthologies in the afternoon: Karelasyon, and the now-former public service program Wish Ko Lang. Including Magpakailanman, GMA now has three of the same kind every Saturdays.

      • James Ty III says:

        Once Wowowin premieres, then GMA will just have SNBO, Superhero Sunday and Kapuso Movie Festival as its remaining movie blocks. That will most likely be the case as GMA has obviously lost the 12 nn race to ASAP.

        But at least, ABS also has two movie blocks on Sundays with The Buzz off the air.

      • They still have four movies overall on weekends, including one between I-Witness and Walang Tulugan on Saturdays.

        Going back to Saturday afternoons, it looks like GMA was given a dose of its own medicine. During Startalk’s early years, ABS’ drama anthologies were no match to that show; now with Ipaglaban Mo, the tables seem to have turned. It will be very interesting to see how Karelasyon would fare to Ipaglaban Mo.

        You may as well get your thoughts on this if I were you. And no side comments on Sunday shows since it has nothing to do with this article.

    • Parang horror show pa rin ang peg ng Karelasyon. Kaso may Magpakailanman na, so wala ring sense na ilagay sa late night, lalo na kung ito’y favorite slot ni Kuya Germs tuwing Sabado.

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