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In 100 Words: News5 Takes the HD Route

It’s now News5’s turn to take advantage of high definition technology.

Viewers of the Kapatid network may not realize this, but since April 6, News5 programs in both TV5 and AksyonTV are now shot with HD cameras. The end result was the presence of letterboxes throughout programs such as the ‘Aksyon’ group of newscasts, Radyo5 simulcast shows, and even public service programs such as ‘T3 Alliance’.

This latest move on the part of TV5 was part of a gradual transition to HD television, which is currently under test broadcast for the next few years. The Kapatid network started using HD cameras in several of their drama series, and was later adopted for the PBA and other Sports5 events.

News5’s full adoption of HD should pave the way for other news outlets to do the same. Definitely another huge step towards embracing HD television in the Philippines.


8 thoughts on “In 100 Words: News5 Takes the HD Route

  1. JRDV says:

    Actually, Net 25’s newscasts are in HD and were aired in HD via ISDB-T on UHF 49, that was before INC TV on UHF 49 was launched.

    • But TV5 was the first of the VHF stations to use HD on its newscasts. In essence, these are experimental stages for HD at this point; expect this technology to be utilized further in gradual fashion.

  2. Gab says:

    I observed two weeks back that News5 programs (including Reaksyon and T3) and even Sports 360 reverted back to SD format from the HD letterboxed format.

  3. Jc says:

    Speaking of the ever-criticized News5, even their “BAYAW” campaign is gaining bad reaction by some netizens most especially on MNP. Some also bashed Kontrabando, the ever popular satirical news show by Digital5. The reason: satirical reporting is their priority than serious reporting.

    • This has nothing to do with News5’s brief foray into the 16:9 HD format, though.

      I don’t care what the netizens on MNP say. Don’t bring that up.

      I’ll say this once: BAYAW is their battle cry for responsible and honest voting. Wala namang mali sa advocacy nila. Perhaps masyado lang pessimistic ang mga netizens dahil sa mga past and ongoing criticisms ng TV5. And there’s nothing wrong with Kontrabando either. Not since Wazzup Wazzup or May Tamang Balita did we have a satirical newscast, albeit online only. Kidding aside, it’s best to leave those alone and focus on News5’s other shows worth fixing.

      Now any words on their brief foray into HD? Make this article more relevant.

      • Jc says:

        Well it was a good move. But I think TV5 should better put their LIVE HD newscasts on their digital HD subchannel since TV5 is still SD or 16:9 widescreen on their main channel.

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