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AbeTorial: Time Quest dominates the ratings vs. The Stupid Talk Show Kris TV

‘Kris TV’ continues its struggles over GMA animes, the latest of which was ‘Time Quest’. However, Kris Aquino’s morning show remains a defiant force, much to the dismay of Kapamilya anime fans. More on this article from Mark Kelvin Oloroso.



Mga AbeNatics, palaging nasa #1 Spot ang Time Quest dahil sa mga Kapuso natin Otaku na lagi tumatangkilik sa classic anime na ito.

Ayon sa GMA Astig Authority Facebook Page, napatunayan nila ang ratings at 7:30am timeslot ever since Ang Astig Authority Block na lagi kino-compete nila ang Kris TV at ang walang ka-kwenta-kwentang Team Animazing-kuno na puro 15 minutes pero walang matatalo ang Astig Authority kaya napapatunayan na ang Astig Authority ay tinaguriang “#1” Morning Block sa GMA.

as of April 10, 2015 from AGB Nielsen

10.5% ang ratings Time Quest habang 3.7% naman ang Kris TV

pero as of the same date from Kantar Media

13.1% ang ratings ng Time Quest habang 4.5 naman ang Kris TV

dahil mga bata at mga anime fans ang nanonood ng nasabing Classic Anime pero wala talagang ka-kwenta-kwenta ang Kris TV parang IBC-13 lang. regard sa plot ng anime, magandang throwback ito…

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24 thoughts on “AbeTorial: Time Quest dominates the ratings vs. The Stupid Talk Show Kris TV

  1. i dont get it why make a big fuss over a dead timeslot? as if the ad price and ad loads is a difference maker. 13% of MM? as if the people who are viewing such shows are money makers or big spenders. At least KrisTV is promoting businesses and Philippine Tourism and a produced show. Even with slump ratings against its competitors, ABS is continuing this show even paying Kris which is not cheap, that means they have money to spend unlike others who are filled with old anime and block timers.

    • rei says:

      beh, galita lang sa gma? Haha! The issue here is not whether abs can continue with kristv because it has enough fund.. ang issue te ay yung pangit na quality ng palabas kaya mas pinipili ng mga tao yung anime ng gma.. wag maging biased kung di naman talga maganda yung quality ng show kahit kapamilya ka! 😛

      • Also, consider how much time it occupies. With Kris taking up 90 minutes of airtime, halos wala na talagang malalagyang anime or other programs ang ABS. Too much time for Kris is detrimental to other programs, kaya nawawala ang saysay ng ABS tuwing umaga. That is why most viewers are against her despite the ‘good’ benefits Kris TV brings, parang sobra na kasi ang exposure niya.

        Again, the only reasons why ABS continues to air Kris TV is the host’s loyalty over the network and her demands stipulated in her contract. You can tell that to Kapamilya anime fans and even NBA fans, since ABS is again expected to air some playoff games this year.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        And that is because ABS-CBN has a huge “utang na loob” to the Aquinos, especially when Cory returned ABS-CBN to the Lopezes in 1986.

      • Yes it’s true. But it doesn’t mean may favoritism sila to President Noynoy, dahil kailangan pa rin nilang maging fair and unbiased pagdating sa news reporting.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        That’s true, also. However, ABS-CBN is also “balimbing,” because they support whoever is currently the President of the Philippines, IMO.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        The same can also be said for GMA. I don’t know if RPN and IBC also does the same.

      • no di ako galit sa GMA, nagtataka lng ako sa writer. Di nman dpat lhat ng station kailangan ng anime. kung issue tlga yan then dpat lhat ng station pinupuntirya nya. Why single out ABS and KrisTV? Respect lng sa choices ng network. There is no accounting for taste.

        To Ralph- Reality is most NBA fans are from class A and B and they have cable channels for that. I mean would they rather choose watching in BTV, NBA or ABS? To the anime fans di nman ganun k bago ung mga anime sa umaga. You can’t generalize all anime fans kasi may knya knyang shows din silang gusto. khit malaki ang grupo nila kpag piner show mo liit lng sila. Anime is a classification of a show similar to Teleserye. Malaki ang Teleserye Fans pero kpag piner show mo un ung batayan. Naruto Fans are not necessarily Bleach fans.

        KrisTV takes up a longer time because its a dead timeslot that needed to be filled. In short its a neccessary evil. Marami akong di rin gustong palabas sa DOS such as MKNML, RatedK, MMK, and lahat ng shows sa Kapamilya Gold and I was vocal on that in the past.

        Again ABS lng ba ( in your opinion na walang ka kwenta kwenta) ang gnun ang program sa umaga? Again there is no accounting for taste.

      • Mr. Marcus, you can ask these questions to the very man who wrote the article in the first place, Mr. Mark Kelvin Oloroso, aka KelvinAbe. Of course, may pagka-bias rin siya dahil sa pagiging anime fan niya, so it’s best if you ask these questions to him kung bakit ‘stupid’ daw ang tawag niya sa Kris TV when comparing to GMA’s animes.

        As far as I’m concerned, morning timeslot isn’t really ‘dead’. Kung ‘dead’ talaga siya eh di dapat wala nang umeereng programa, static na lang ang ipinapalabas. May mga viewers pa rin kahit papano, which is still important.

        And Mr. Marcus, may mga NBA fans rin na from the ‘masa’ groups. Siyempre popular rin sa masa ang basketball, regardless of leagues. And in the past, LIVE naman ang NBA finals, up until last year na puro delayed coverage na lang sa Channel 2. Kaya pati sila naapektuhan sa mga nangyayari, even if it only happens every June.

  2. Hi Ralph, that was my intention in my first comment to ask these questions to the writer. I understand your point on the NBA issue which you brought up but you cant cater to everyone. People who are frustrated on the delayed telecasts are from Class A and B since they are the ones who are die hard fans and subscribed to every social media coverage of the league. It doesnt mean Masa Fans deserve a lesser quality coverage but you have to agree that a free tv live coverage of every game is not possible and it will compromise ABS’ major vision of bringing pinoy entertainment to the world, not the other way around.

    When I said the morning slot is a dead time slot, what I mean was out of the time slots during the day it has the lowest ad rate and ad loads across all channels. So winning on this timeslot doesnt mean anything when you win other timeslots. When a tv network shows cartoons or animes which are cheaper than produced show you know why. Kung malaki ang pera sa timeslot n yan edi sana nanjan ung mga prime talents ng mga network. TV networks are not a goverment entities where we feel that they owe us what we want when in reality they are a business and if they will bend to every quim of every viewer the industry will collapse.

    Again no one is forcing anyone to watch what a certain tv network shows. There are other mediums now, unless these fans can make real numbers to push something, these requests will just make noise. Mas grabeng fandom pa ang pinoproblema ng networks with arrival of loveteams and to your point the politics of every contract. I just feel that we are educated enough to understand the business side of things.

    • Gab says:

      It will be replaced by a new show that Kris will be one of the host but with a new partner, Anthony Taberna.

      Kaso nga lang, part pa rin siya ng Umagang Kay Ganda. iiwanan na ba ni Ka Tunying ang UKG sa Biyernes?

      • That will be a huge problem for ABS. Parang yung sa case before ni Billy Crawford on YFSF and CP. Also, they must consider ratings as well, since Kris TV doesn’t do well against GMA’s animes despite its long run, loyal viewership and Kris’ own demands.

      • Not to mention, Kris TV is the reason why the coverage of some of ABS-CBN’s TV specials like Miss Universe, NBA Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals are delayed, which made Miss Universe and NBA fans super pissed.

        As for Ka Tunying, may UKG na, may upcoming show pa na kasama si Kris Aquino. ABS-CBN answered Vice Ganda’s back-to-back Sunday overexposure problems (PGT and GGV) with PGT airing on an earlier time slot once Dance Kids ended and I Love OPM began, then ABS must find a way to prevent Ka Tunying for being overexposed.

  3. Dodong says:

    Sa akin lang naman, kung ano ano gusto nila sa palabas sa TV , wala naman tayo magagawa, at saka saan mas maganda, yun papanoorin ko basta di masama kahit na ayaw ninyo. Ang mahalaga libangan lang at di puro away dahil lang dito. Wag po sana ninyo mamasamain ang comment ko…PEACE!!!

    • Minsan kailangan rin ng constructive criticisms at pros and cons, kaya may ganitong blog para makita ang mga tama at mali with regards to the networks’ programming and operational decisions. If you’re only watching a program dahil wala lang, gusto ko lang without any reason at maganda siya, period, it won’t help you a lot.

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