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In 100 Words: FOX Philippines Finally Airs a Live WWE Pay-Per-View

For the first time since 2012’s Elimination Chamber, a WWE pay-per-view was aired live on Philippine cable TV.

FOX Philippines, rightsholders to WWE programs since 2012, aired the Extreme Rules pay-per-view live last Monday morning. This marked the first time that FOX PH has ever aired a live WWE pay-per-view since taking over the broadcast rights from Solar Entertainment’s Jack TV (2012) and later from ABS-CBN Sports+Action (2014).

Previously, all WWE pay-per-views on FOX PH were aired on a 13-hour delay, an aspect carried over from another previous rightsholder in ABS-CBN Sports.

This should be good news for wrestling fanatics, who have been clamoring for live WWE pay-per-views since Solar dropped WWE programs from Jack TV a few years ago. If FOX PH can continue its new-found approach starting with the next pay-per-view Payback, the better for fans to enjoy the action.


12 thoughts on “In 100 Words: FOX Philippines Finally Airs a Live WWE Pay-Per-View

      • dy/dx says:

        Couldn’t agree more. The WWE already have their own network and this is the reason why the ABS-CBN Sports + Action dropped the WWE because of expensive TV rights.

      • By the way, the next time you comment, please stop changing your name on the comments? It’s very confusing when you use different names but you have the same email and IP address. I’ve already warned some who keep changing their names on the comments box. Better keep your name Believe That as is. Thanks.

        Regarding your comment, yes. The WWE Network became too unbearable for Sports+Action, that’s why they dropped it. Now it’s FOX who’s getting the burden.

  1. Jose Tiamson says:

    Now that Fox PH is airing pay-per-view events live, they should also consider airing WWE Network live events like NXT Takeover, and other live specials. And air both Raw and Smackdown live on tuesdays and wednesday mornings.

  2. Jason says:

    I hope TV5 gets WWE back to free TV. WWE is sports entertainment as the Mcmahons perceives it to be and TV5 is a sports entertainment channel (right now).

    • That’s impossible. Considering that WWE is a scripted sport, TV5 won’t gamble on it. Besides, there’s already UFC so no need for a fake combat sport to invade the Kapatid network.

      The most logical destination could be the embattled ‘News TV’ of GMA. After all, GMA management are like the WWE these days: plenty of dysfunction.

  3. Jose Tiamson says:

    And now Fox Sports Philippines will air Raw and Smackdown Live every morning at 8 AM (8 PM US Time) starting on the Nov. 8 and 9 (Nov 7 & 8) episodes of the said show. Primetime replays will air in the same day on Fox.

    • Problem is, will they be more committed to air Smackdown-exclusive pay-per-views with this move? As far as we know right now, they’re only airing Raw and multi-brand PPVs live, with the Raw and Smackdown live airings coming next week. So any full commitment by FOX PH in their WWE content remains doubtful at best.

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