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More Programming Problems on AksyonTV With Entry of Shop Japan

Shop Japan’s entry to AksyonTV only made things worse for the said network. (Logo courtesy of Shop Japan Philippines)

Shop Japan has now infiltrated AksyonTV’s programming.

The infomercial series first aired on weekends at 12:00 p.m., originally in lieu of reruns of the defunct KBO block. Nowadays it airs specifically during most vacant programming hours, replacing the reruns of defunct AksyonTV-produced programs while serving its purpose as filler programming during a lull in sports or news coverage.

Shop Japan was first introduced to TV5 last year in response to ABS-CBN’s establishment of the O Shopping block. The said program currently airs on TV5 every day as the network’s final program prior to sign-off, airing almost at the same time as rival O Shopping.

Shop Japan became the first infomercial program on TV5 since the combination of EZ Shop, Venta5 and Winner TV aired on its predecessor ABC-5.

Shop Japan also airs on BEAM Channel 31, which also happens to broadcast the infomercials of rivals O Shopping and TV Shoppe.

The entry of Shop Japan only furthers the growing gap between AksyonTV and its rival sister stations. There is nothing wrong about TV5’s decision to bring Shop Japan to its sister station, but airing them very often only provided further complications.

For instance, the PBA coverage on TV5, Radyo5 92.3 News FM and AksyonTV forced several Radyo5-simulcast programs to adjust their schedules during weekday doubleheaders. But beginning with the Governors’ Cup, only the final 60 minutes of ‘Punto Asintado’ is simulcast on AksyonTV, giving away the first 30 to Shop Japan instead.

The presence of Shop Japan simply hampered AksyonTV’s hopes of refurbishing what has been a declining product. The said network has depended a lot on Radyo5, News5 and Sports5 programs to keep it afloat, but as it stands, little to no improvement has been made on TV5’s sister station when it comes to its lineup.

Only time will tell when AksyonTV will finally come to its senses. At this point, however, the network has nowhere else to go.


18 thoughts on “More Programming Problems on AksyonTV With Entry of Shop Japan

    • This is definitely AksyonTV’s last resort. They simply got tired of replaying their old programs over and over, that is why they brought in Shop Japan to fill it up.

  1. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    Speaking about the former TV shopping blocks of ABC/TV5, you forgot “Metro TV,” one of my favorites in the early 2000’s.

    BTW, the latest development Aksyon TV is doing reminds me of what ABC-5, during the Tan admistration, did to its program slots on weekdays which used to be supplanted by programs: placing Smart TV (later EZ Shop) and Metro TV in the early 2000’s, aside from blocktimers like Ang Pangarap Kong Jackpot, Cooking With the Daza’s (Sandy), What’s Cooking at Sylvia’s Kitchen, Mommy Academy, Infochat, Chinese Variety Show, etc.

    • FYI, Metro TV stopped airing years before ABC became TV5. Better look at this sentence again.

      “Shop Japan became the first infomercial program on TV5 since the combination of EZ Shop, Venta5 and Winner TV aired on its predecessor ABC-5.”

      Which means that the latter three were the last to air before the MPB Primedia takeover in 2008. Next time, please be more careful in your comments so that there are no misinterpretations. Better read the articles over and over.

      And as far as the comparison is concerned, yes the infomercials are basically a last resort for struggling stations to survive. The problem is, AksyonTV is a network supported by a conglomerate like MVP Group, so they should have been more resourceful and critical in filling airtime.

  2. I observed that since TV5 ceased their blocktimer to IBC 13 two years ago, AksyonTV scrambled their programming trying to merge the “stray” sports programming with the existing Radyo5 simulcasts and news programs, forcing it to axe almost all of its credible programs. Adding infomercials to AksyonTV just make it lose its first title as the “News Headquarters ng Pilipinas”.

    If AksyonTV has vacant programming hours, why they can resume simulcast programs from Radyo5, revive their axed news programs, or they could tap their airtime for its sister channel Bloomberg TV Philippines, when it is launched this 3rd quarter. That’s the only hope if they want to redeem their former credibility, if there was.( And stop simulcasting!

    And just a suggestion, MediaQuest should privatize IBC 13. News5 and Sports5 deserves a separate channels. (And Channel 13 needs a desperate program revamp; MediaQuest was interested with IBC 13 once, so they should pursue it again)

    Just my opinion 🙂

    • They don’t even have a station ID. Their so-called ‘station ID’ nowadays is the promo plug for the Aksyon newscasts (all air on AksyonTV except Aksyon sa Tanghali). Gone is the original News5 multi-platform plug, and so is the AksyonTV ‘News Headquarters’ SID.

      As far as the IBC privatization is concerned, it’s no longer possible for Mediaquest to pursue it. Gone are the days of one owner operating three channels on free TV; the NTC regulations is much stricter these days. Now going back to AksyonTV, yes some of your suggestions will help the station, except that they still needed more newsmen and money to make these happen. The Radyo5 simulcasts may help for now; some programs that are radio-only may need to earn some airtime on TV.

      • James Ty III says:

        Regarding IBC, it’s ATC that’s keeping the station alive with its blocktimer agreement. PBA D League lang ang pinapanood ng ilang mga tao sa IBC.

      • Other than that, however, too many religious programs, infomercials and even reruns of past shows. And they’re not even following MTRCB ratings guidelines. AksyonTV is suffering virtually the same fate as IBC’s right now.

      • Actually, it’s not part of the norm. They’ve been there for a long time now. I only cited recent trends in the aforementioned station.

        AksyonTV sure needs more of that sports-related stuff. Huwag lang yung sabungan, just the real sports. The only problem now is the utilization of it, lalo na kapag walang sports coverage.

  3. Gab says:

    IBC 13 also suffered to this kind of dillemma, it boost programming came from 4 shopping blocks throughout the week, aside from usual news and blocktimers.

    Sana ganon din ang mangyari sa isa na “nagmamayabang kahit palugi na”. Alam mo na yun.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Speaking of the PBA D League, Barry Pascua, one of the TV analysts, just underwent surgery in a QC hospital and is currently resting. He is my sportswriting colleague for Bagong TIKTIK and HATAW Tabloids. Let’s pray for his speedy recovery.

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