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GMA’s Astig Authority To Be Reduced In Favor of Heart of Asia Reruns

GMA’s anime fans should expect another rude awakening next week.

Starting this Monday, GMA’s Astig Authority block will be reduced to two hours. This will give way to yet another Heart of Asia rerun in ‘Secret Garden’.

The Koreanovela first aired on the Kapuso network four years ago via the Telebabad block. It starred Hyun Bin of ‘My Name is Kim Sam Soon’ fame, and Ha Ji Won of ‘Hwang Jini’ fame.

‘Secret Garden’ will relegate ‘Knock Out’ (known in Japan as ‘Hajime no Ippo’) to an earlier timeslot, while replacing ‘Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic’ in the morning lineup.

Over the years, GMA’s animes have been able to fare well against their ABS-CBN counterparts, despite being criticized for frequently re-airing them on a seemingly annual basis. Classic animes like ‘Ghost Fighter’ (known in Japan as ‘YuYu Hakusho’), the ‘Dragon Ball’ series and ‘Slam Dunk’ remain popular with anime fans, while new titles are also attracting new viewers.

This despite the fact that GMA rarely promotes the programs of the Astig Authority block at all, in contrast to ABS-CBN’s Umaganda.

The same cannot be said for their Asianovelas, though. While Heart of Asia had some decent success and heavy promotion, it never earned quite the same following as the animes of Astig Authority, especially when they were re-aired for a second time and beyond.

That said, it was a mistake for the Kapuso network to sacrifice Astig Authority in favor of a Heart of Asia rerun, especially with ABS-CBN a non-factor in the early morning hours. GMA’s success in the early mornings is due in part to its animes, and giving way for an Asianovela will definitely hurt their loyal anime fanbase.

For now, though, they are giving their Asianovela fans a second chance. If successful, they should look forward to either another or a new Asianovela, otherwise they will need to once again extend the Astig Authority block.

‘Secret Garden’ returns this Monday after ‘Knock Out’ and before ‘Two Mothers’.


10 thoughts on “GMA’s Astig Authority To Be Reduced In Favor of Heart of Asia Reruns

  1. according to some rumors, the new episodes of Dragon Ball is currently up for grabs. GMA’s decision to shorten the anime timeslot might be an indicator of that. Baka nag peprep n sila just in case di nila makuha ang bagong broadcast rights. Also they are preparing for the upcoming finals coverage of the NBA.

    • If that’s the case then a wise counterprogramming move on GMA’s part. The NBA Finals have been rating well on 2 despite the delayed telecasts, but then again GMA’s sacrificing their success with animes just for this.

      About Dragon Ball Super, there’s a possibility that ABS would end up winning the rights. GMA, though they have the rights to the Dragon Ball franchise per se, failed to get the rights to the DB movie ‘Battle of Gods’, which ended up airing on ABS and Hero. So it’s likely that they’ll relinquish the rights to Dragon Ball in favor of ABS if that’s the case.

      • might be, it seems that from a business stand point its a cost effective move as well. since re runs almosts cost nothing to air versus a pricey NBA finals game but then again with all the re runs and replays on anime it makes me wonder na palugi n nga ang GMA.

      • If the animes are still patok with the fans kahit konti then no problem. However the teleseryes are GMA’s biggest concern, not animes.

  2. Dakchigo says:

    I’m guessing this might be in response to ABS-CBN and TV5’s recent moves to limit their anime/cartoons to 9:30 a.m. (now, they show movies around that time). We saw the same thing happen when “Kris TV” was bumped up to 7:30 a.m.–GMA followed suit even if that talk show was practically a non-entity in the ratings game (perhaps because no one likes Kris anyway).

    • Either way, anime fans are mad right now over GMA’s decision. Animes, no matter how repetitive they air, continue to be GMA’s asset in the mornings, and sacrificing that for an Asianovela rerun is definitely a slap in their face.

      And by the way, TV5 moved their animes to the afternoon in order to avoid competing with the other two networks.

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