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The Impact of Pangako Sa ‘Yo on Philippine TV

The original ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’, starring Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa, will always be remembered in Philippine television lore.

Airing from 2000 to 2002, the series was considered the first teleserye in Philippine television. The popularity of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ forever changed the landscape of primetime television viewing in the country.

Before ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’, primetime on Philippine television was at its most diverse, ranging from local and foreign sitcoms, action, variety and suspense programs to even animes and cartoons. However, the mid-90s foreshadowed the eventual dominance of dramas in the primetime slot, beginning with RPN-9’s ‘MariMar’ and later with ABS-CBN’s ‘Mara Clara’.

Then on November 13, 2000, ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ premiered on what would later become the Primetime Bida slot (ABS-CBN did not dub the primetime block as such until 2002). The series quickly made an impact, and by 2001 it was the hottest program in the country viewership-wise.

The success of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ proved to be the last straw for GMA as a niche-oriented upscale network. Midway through 2001, GMA cancelled its Anime Assault (later known as Astig Authority) anime block from its primetime lineup and replaced them with their own teleseryes, a precursor of what later became GMA Telebabad.

However, GMA’s own lineup of teleseryes were no match for ABS-CBN’s, and eventually forced the network to introduce the fantaserye genre, which turned the tables in the mid-to-late 2000s. ABS-CBN stuck to their tried and tested formula of traditional teleseryes, even though they briefly flirted with fantaseryes, and later introduced sexual, social, political, value-oriented and culture-oriented themes to their teleseryes.

By the time ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ finished its run on September 20, 2002, much of the primetime scene on weeknights, if not entirely, were dominated by teleseryes. Today, with the exception of the early evening newscasts, teleseryes are aplenty in the 5:50-11:00 p.m. window, with each episode lasting for 40-45 minutes.

Fast forward to 2015, and the remake of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ will make its way onto Primetime Bida this coming Monday. The premise is virtually similar to the original, with the love story of Yna Macaspac (Kathryn Bernardo) and Angelo Buenavista (Daniel Padilla) dominating the series along with the love triangle between Amor Powers (Jodi Sta. Maria), Claudia Buenavista (Angelica Panganiban) and Eduardo Buenavista (Ian Veneracion).

But like all recent remakes, the story of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ will be shortened, revised and compressed to today’s teleserye standards, with a timetable of at least four to eight months depending on the ratings. Still, fans of the original series cannot wait to revisit the tale that first captivated the nation in the early 2000s.

The original ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo”s place in Philippine television history has been secured. Now it’s up to the new version to make a similar impact.

The remake of ‘Pangako Sa ‘Yo’ airs this Monday after ‘Nathaniel’ on ABS-CBN’s Primetime Bida.


17 thoughts on “The Impact of Pangako Sa ‘Yo on Philippine TV

  1. I have only one problem about the role of Claudia Buenavista .

    in 2000 version (portrayed by Jean Garcia) it is more on serious character but in 2015 version (portrayed by Angelica Panganiban) may pagkaka-comedy yun role.

    FUN FACT: Jodi Sta. Maria has a previously role in the 2000 version as Lia (Eduardo and Claudia’s daughter).

    • Not so much TBH. Saka sanay na rin sa pagiging kontrabida si Angelica in the past. You may remember Rubi a few years ago.

      This year’s PSY should not deviate much from the original, but there will be some changes since it’s now a four-to-eight month run as opposed to the original.

  2. ramones1986 says:

    Well, I watched the first few episodes of the Cambodian adaptation of “Pangako sa ‘Yo”, and it’s actually quite good.

  3. Jake-jake Jacinto says:

    I love watching teleseryes, but what I don’t like the most there are those whose topics talk about “kabit.” That topic is too sensitive, and is not suitable for kids like me.

    BTW, our family was one of the loyal viewers of PSY (the original version) during its original run, and I was still a baby then. I’m now planning to watch the new version. PSY was one of the best teleseryes we’ve seen in our lives.

  4. Tapos noong 2001 nagkaroon din ng GMA na pang-gabing teleserye (primetime) which is yung ikaw lang ang mamahalin nina angelika dela cruz at sunshine dizon atchaka sana ay ikaw na nga nina dingdong dantes at tanya garcia at sinundan pa ng kung mawawala ka nina sunshine dizon at cogie domingo at ang iibigin ay ikaw nina christopher de leon, alice dixon, richard gomez at lani mercado.

    • That’s because Pangako Sa ‘Yo trumped GMA’s primetime animes in the ratings, kaya napilitang maglagay ng primetime dramas ang Siyete. Dito na nagsimula ang teleserye blocks ng dalawa, na ngayo’y Primetime Bida sa ABS at Telebabad sa GMA.

      Pero noong 2004 lang naging relevant ang GMA sa primetime dahil sa mga fantaserye, like Mulawin and Encantadia.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        But I think GMA’s fantaseryes are the reasons why GMA is suffering financial constraints nowadays.

      • Yes it’s true. While it briefly overwhelmed ABS’ offerings during the mid to late 2000s, the heavy production cost of the fantaseryes eventually took its toll. And GMA never recovered, even if Mr. Gozon insists they’re in good financial shape.

        ABS stuck to traditional teleseryes even during the invasion of fantaseryes. While they did produce a few fantaseryes, they decided that it’s best to keep producing traditional series to conserve money, even if it means not winning the ratings battle.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        I have a question: What will happen if GMA continuously produced more fantaseryes until now?

      • It will only worsen their financial situation. Again, fantaseryes are very expensive to do, and GMA, with the lack of financial muscle, can no longer afford them.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        And also, I think the lack of financial muscle that’s now happening to GMA is also because of the owner’s boastfulness to be no. 1. (I’m not a network warfreak, but that’s the truth.)

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