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With NCAA Out, TV5 Focuses on International Multi-Sport Events

Coverage of the 2015 Southeast Asian Games will be held exclusively by Sports5. (Photo credit:

The loss of NCAA rights did not stop TV5 from pursuing other sporting events.

Starting today, TV5’s family of channels will have a live and exclusive coverage of the 2015 Southeast Asian Games in Singapore. The SEA Games will be aired on three different platforms: VHF channel TV5, UHF channel AksyonTV 41 and livestreaming site

A majority of the coverage will be dedicated to the Philippine national teams, with major focus on the country’s basketball, volleyball and football teams. Sports5 will also provide highlights to the country’s other teams, such as athletics, boxing and swimming.

While the opening ceremonies will take place on June 5, preliminaries of events such as football, netball and table tennis will get underway today. Both the opening and closing ceremonies will take place at the Singapore National Stadium, which will also host the athletics and football events.

In the previous SEA Games at Myanmar two years ago, the Philippines endured its worst performance of the event, finishing a paltry seventh in the medal round. Much of the blame is centered on Myanmar’s inclusion of indigenous sports in lieu of other well-known disciplines, forcing the country to send a smaller-than-expected delegation.

The poor performance of the country was further justified by the lack of extensive coverage by previous coveror ABS-CBN Sports (via Studio 23), who only covered basketball, football and boxing. The reluctance and eventual unwillingness of ABS-CBN Sports to extensively cover the event marked the low point of the SEA Games on Philippine television.

With ABS-CBN Sports now focusing more on college sports such as the UAAP and the recently-acquired NCAA, TV5 decided to further its portfolio towards international multi-sporting events. And the SEA Games became their latest coup.

The acquisition of the SEA Games, along with prior additions such as the Olympics and the Asian Games, gave Sports5 the three most important events in the calendar of the Philippine Olympic Committee. Not since the early 2000s had the rights to these three events belonged to one network.

That said, it is now up to TV5 to bring back a sense of pride and honor to the Filipino athlete. This year’s SEA Games should be a proving ground for the Philippines to regain its place among Southeast Asia’s best.

The 2015 Southeast Asian Games in Singapore will be held from June 5-16.


31 thoughts on “With NCAA Out, TV5 Focuses on International Multi-Sport Events

    • Then again, the fans of AniMega would disagree. And besides, TV5 invested big in their media center that sacrificing quality entertainment programs for purely sports and news would prove to be detrimental to what they’ve worked hard for.

      • James Ty III says:

        For TV5 to have better sports coverages and programming, time to change the format of Sports360. That show is becoming a big joke because of too much gimmicks like its guests singing with a live band. That should not happen in a sports talk show.

        Aaron Atayde’s suspension should help Sports360 in improving its image.

      • Might as well make that show even more serious. Make it a weekday show on AksyonTV instead, in the vein of Sportsdesk and The Score.

    • That’s why it could be better if it airs on AksyonTV on the timeslot after Remoto Control and the PBA games on weeknights. AksyonTV is now emphasizing more on sports programming these days (see TiuTorials, Power Tips and FYI segments that replaced Aksyon Breaking), and Sports360 should be a perfect addition to the said network.

    • JRDV says:

      as always, GGV will always win against their competitors in Timog and Reliance. As for Sports360, dapat ilagay na lang yan sa Aksyon TV, since masyadong redundant na ang nasabing TV channel, lalo na’t may Shop Japan na sa Aksyon TV at wala na silang original programming outside Buhay OFW, which is a blocktimer.

      • Make it a more serious sports updates show with serious anchors, in the same manner as Sportsdesk and The Score. Yun ang mas dapat sa Sports360. AksyonTV should welcome them, total halos napapaligiran na ng sports segments in place of Aksyon Breaking that they should consider following Sports+Action’s model of predominantly sports programming.

      • James Ty III says:

        I think Sports360 will fare even worse in Aksyon TV. No one watches that channel anyway. By the way, Aaron Atayde is part of the SEA Games coverage team. His suspension covers only PBA-related shows.

      • Who cares if they fare worse there? At least they can give something AksyonTV really lacked: a weeknight sports news show similar to The Score and Sportsdesk. Total mas emphasis na sa sports ang AksyonTV with their basketball, football and volleyball training segments replacing Aksyon Breaking.

  1. Ken Ti says:

    Just wanted to correct the impression that abscbn only wanted to air the highlight sports of the SEA games the last time, the reason we couldn’t air many sports was because the Myanmar organizers did not provide camera crews to cover most of the sports, as we only relied on their feed the coverage was thus limited to a few sports.
    Now that the SEA games are held in hi-tech Singapore, getting coverage of most of the sporting events will be no problem.

  2. James Ty III says:

    Myanmar kasi is a country na ngayon lang open sa western world. Matagal na silang naging isolated because of the military dictatorship there for many years.

  3. James Ty III says:

    The Score and SportsDesk kasi are aired on channels that are much more accessible on free TV. Aksyon TV needs to improve its signal.

  4. James Ty III says:

    Actually, there is also PTV Sports on PTV 4, but it’s more of a sports newscast in the first part and viewers comments in the second part. They invite guests occasionally.

    Snow Badua has left the show and Dennis Principe is now the lead host. Hadji Kaamino was tapped from the PTV news department to replace Snow.

      • James Ty III says:

        Aaron Atayde will give SEA Games updates from Singapore on Sports360 this Sunday. The report of his suspension on is not true, says a TV5 source.

  5. Nameless says:

    Medyo pumalpak din for me ang opening ng SEA Games last week. Dapat sa tv5 na lang siya ipinalabas and not sa AKSYONtv, since mas inaabangan din ng marami ang opening ceremonies + fireworks display. Or, sana nag-consider din ang PBA to cancel their game that day, to show their support sa national squad natin. Then the next day, which is Saturday, pinalabas din sa tv5 ang replay ng opening pero super daming cuts, unlike ‘nung ipinalabas ang replay ng Sochi opening na talagang in full replay.

    To Sir James Ty: Bakit po na-suspend si Aaron Atayde?

    Tina-try din kasi ng Kapatid network na ilapit sa masa ang mga players at athletes, just like “more than a showbiz personality” ang pag-trato nila sa mga atleta, kaya ganun na lang ang mga pakulo nila, from Sports360 to their upcoming sport-sitcom na No Harm, No Foul.

    • James Ty III says:

      Nameless, Aaron Atayde’s suspension is ONLY for PBA-related activities. He is in Singapore now to cover the SEA Games for Sports5 kaya si Junior Jock Jam Alas (pinsan ni Kevin) is taking over for him sa 10 pm to 2 am time slot sa Magic 89.9 from Monday to Thursday until the SEA Games ends. He even appeared on Sports360 last Sunday from Singapore.

      The supposed suspension stemmed from the negative feedback he got from Ginebra fans over his kangkong joke on Dylan Ababou on an episode of Sports360 last May 17.

      • Regardless, Nameless, PBA is still TV5’s priority. Saka yung schedules ng games nilalabas na yan during the preseason and finals of a preceding conference, so imposible na ang cancellation or postponement unless may masamang panahon. And TV5 needed to make some edits para lang magkasya sa time. Kaya nga highlights lang according to their schedule.

        Honestly, Sports360 isn’t taking things seriously. Kaya mas maganda kung Sportsdesk or The Score na lang ang panoorin kung seryosong usapan ang kailangan sa sports. Total mas may credibility si Mico Halili at Anton Roxas/TJ Manotoc kaysa kay Aaron Atayde.

    • Not a good thing to do, to be honest. And besides, TV5 isn’t doing a lot at all, so why bother blocking them for the sake of exclusivity? Kung ginagawa niyo ang lahat maju-justify ito. Kaso hindi eh. May iilang timeslot na libre pa rin, lalo na sa AksyonTV.

  6. James Ty III says:

    Ralph, TV5’s use of cheap gimmicks in Sports360 will not work for serious sports fans. And Aaron Atayde should stay as a radio DJ.

    • Although, he comes from a sports-loving family. His father, a Lasallian like him, is a sports fan and a one-time blogger. And his brother works for Gatorade PH. But yes, he doesn’t deserve to host the show if he keeps his antics. Someone with journalistic skills like Mico, Anton and TJ will be more than qualified to host the said show.

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