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Asianovelas on ABS-CBN To Be Affected Again By PBB

The entry of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ should cause some concern to Kapamilya Asianovela fans.

Starting next Monday, weekday editions of PBB: 737 will air twice a day, similar to prior seasons. The afternoon edition will air after ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’, and the primetime edition will air after ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’.

The two editions of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ will replace a pair of Asianovelas that are on their final week: Kapamilya Gold’s ‘Let’s Get Married’, and Primetime Bida’s ‘My Lovely Girl’.

With the Asianovelas about to be shut out in the afternoon and primetime slots, ABS-CBN will now have to find a way to maintain interest to these programs in a different timeslot. After all, they don’t want to rob Asianovela fans of their enjoyment and pleasure in watching such series.

One particular option may be the Umaganda block, where the network’s Asianovelas have enjoyed ratings success in recent years. However, the network has not broadcast an Asianovela in the morning since ‘Lovers in Paris’ re-aired from June to August of last year.

Currently the only open slot on Umaganda is ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’, which is merely a filler program. The movie block is up against GMA Asianovelas ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘Two Mothers’, and Latinovela ‘Corazon Indomable’, all of which were decent performers for the Kapuso network.

Replacing ‘Kapamilya Blockbusters’ with either one or two Asianovelas may help ABS-CBN regain some sense of respectability in the morning block. It should also make up for the presence of PBB in their timeslots, in order to satisfy the cravings of Kapamilya Asianovela fans.

If ABS-CBN decides not to air an Asianovela at all, it will definitely hurt the network’s morale. After all, they are regarded as the ‘First and True Home of Asianovelas’, having first brought one in 2003 with ‘Meteor Garden’.

That said, keeping up with GMA’s ‘Heart of Asia’ should help ABS-CBN continue its tradition of bringing quality Asianovelas to the small screen. The Asianovela-loving fanbase is growing, so ABS-CBN has to heed to their demands.


12 thoughts on “Asianovelas on ABS-CBN To Be Affected Again By PBB

  1. ABS-CBN is not good in promoting/airing Asianovelas lately. Ang bigat nila mag-cut sa mga Kdrama. Parang kapalalabas pa lang, last two weeks na. Unlike sa GMA na halos gawin ang lahat ng paraan para maextend ang Koreanovela. Ang daming sinayang na drama ng ABS-CBN such as Dream high, fated to love you, angel eyes, at marami pa.

    And another question is… Bakit wala na si John Prats sa PBB? Cool pa naman ang trio nila nina Bianca at Robi.

    • It’s presumed na nasa honeymoon si John Prats dahil newlyweds lang sila nila Isabel Oli.

      As for the Asianovelas on ABS, they definitely need some explaining. Sila pa naman ang nagintroduce nito through Meteor Garden, and now they are simply degrading its quality. Such a shame. Unless they do something about it, mawawala na talaga sa mapa ang mga Asianovelas sa Dos; they simply don’t care about them anymore, in the same manner as animes.

    • ABS has so many stars that needs work as much as I want to see Asianovelas, nakapoised na ang network to exporting seryes rather than importing series. May market p nman ang asianovelas but a strategy in my head is for ABS to accomodate such demand binibilisan nila ung story kasi di nila maoofer ung variety. mas marami ang artista sa network kesa sa dubbers kaya mas naglelean ako sa decision nila pde nman maglearn ng new skill ang dubbers to voice over and writer.

      • That relates of course to your insistent belief na nag-aadapt ang ABS sa mga bagong ideas and techniques para maging maganda ang takbo ng kumpanya sa kinabukasan. And reducing Asianovelas to none, whether the viewers like it or not, is one grand strategy of theirs.

      • ralph hindi lng nman ABS ang nagbabawas ng asianovela lhat ng network, ang at TV5 dati gnun sila pero ngaun may iba iba na silang programs. Dati sa GMA 5 times a night ang asianovela at before other primetime shows ngaun 4 times a week n lng dhil sa BG. Ung slot ng Mothers Secret Asianovela un ngaun pinoy drama na. Affected tayo kasi biggest network ang ABS. Nung nagbawas ng asianovela ang TV5 affected tayo? nung nagsara ang RPN9 may plano bang magboycott? We single out programming decisions of ABS because they are leading pero kung PTV4 yan magiiba ang opinion nati

      • Ok fine. Kung ganyan lang tayo ka-indifferent ngayon sa mga Asianovela, so be it. Perhaps there should be an Asianovela channel to suit their tastes.

    • Z10 says:


      By next week, the only Asianovela currently airing on ABS-CBN will be Taiwan’s ‘Angel Wings’ (In its home country the episode length of that drama is two hours so ABS-CBN chopped it down into 30-minute dubbed episodes and airs every Saturday morning.).

      > Ang bigat nila mag-cut sa mga Kdrama.
      For that reason there are some fans petitioning for a uncut rerun of Let’s Get Married.
      > Unlike sa GMA na halos gawin ang lahat ng paraan para maextend ang Koreanovela.
      However, some of GMA’s reruns of its existing Asianovelas lasted shorter than their respective original dubbed runs. (e.g. Temptation of Wife, My Love From The Star)

      Another related concern is that for unknown reasons K-Pop music videos no longer air on the Myx cable channel (but not on its official website), but that’s another separate topic for discussion.

      > Ung slot ng Mothers Secret Asianovela un ngaun pinoy drama na.
      Just to clarify local dramas and Asianovelas aired on the timeslot before 24 Oras at different periods of time.

      • Angel Wings is excluded here because the discussion about Asianovelas refer exclusively to those airing on weekdays. And besides, it airs in an exclusive block that spiritually succeeded the Chinese Variety Show from the 90s.

        All in all, ABS is in transition when it comes to programming. They opt to focus solely on localized series and lessen the amount of imported ones, like Marcus said.

      • yes I know that much can be said to the PBB timeslot, Asianovelas and reality shows occupy that timeslot. Im just stating the fact that we all know this will hapoen whenever PBB or any new reality show will air, ung sa GMA nga before 24Oras ang unpredictable. Atleast ang PBB may promo na last year pa

  2. Ito po yun suggestion schedule ng ABS-CBN sa umaga ng kahit magkaroon ma lang ng bagong anime at asianovela sa pagpasok ng 3rd Qtr. ng 2015 na papalitan ng Kapamilya Summer Blockbusters:

    (After Kris TV)
    9 AM – New Anime/N&CA Program (Regional Stations)
    9:30 AM – New Anime
    10 AM – New Asianovela (Or Throwback Asianovela)
    10:45 AM – New Asianovela/Funny Juan (New Show)
    11:30 AM – Oh My G/On The Wings Of Love (JaDine’s New Teleserye)

    Mukang consequences na kasi ang kapamilya network ng walang Asianovela dahil sa pagpasok ng new season ng PBB: 737, at dapat tapusin na ang Kapamilya Blockbusters na yan at palitan ng bagong Asianovelas at Funny Juan.

    • If you read Marcus’ comments, you may realize the changing landscape of ABS at this point. While I didn’t like the fact that the network had to sacrifice Asianovelas for PBB, the truth is, ABS doesn’t need an Asianovela or an anime to survive. They can just put in a lot of local programming to take advantage of their deep roster of talents.

      Kung ako sa’yo, Mr. Suggestion, take Marcus’ thoughts to heart. Kailangan na ring mag-adapt ng bagong strategies ang ABS kahit na No. 1 na sila. They can’t stick to the same formula over and over again.

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