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PBB 737 Housemates Revealed Ahead of Season Premiere

Once again, ‘Pinoy Big Brother”s unpredictable nature manifests itself.

In a buildup to the premiere of ‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’, the producers decided not to wait for the premiere to reveal this season’s cast of housemates. Instead, some of the housemates were announced during various live ABS-CBN programs.

Five new housemates have been introduced so far. They are:

Ryan Bacalla, Kid Sunshine of Cebu, 14 years old.

Bailey May, Global Gwapito of U.K., 12 years old.

Jimboy Martin, Barrio Rapper of Nueva Vizcaya, 17 years old.

Ailah Antopina, Faithful Daughter of Bacolod, 13 years old.

Kamille Filoteo, Teen Mama of Manila. 16 years old.

Two other housemates will be revealed later today, with the rest of the cast following suit in tomorrow’s season premiere.

So far, the housemates revealed for PBB: 737 were in their teens, hinting at the possibility of this season being the latest ‘teen’ edition. Last year’s ‘Pinoy Big Brother: All In’ used a mix of teens, celebrities and regular housemates, a first in the ‘Big Brother’ franchise.

‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ will be aired every day at these times:

  • Weekdays after ‘Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita’ on Kapamilya Gold
  • Weeknights after ‘Aquino & Abunda Tonight’ on Primetime Bida
  • Saturday nights after ‘Maalaala Mo Kaya’
  • Sunday nights after ‘Rated K’

PBB: 737 will also be available live and on-demand via iWanTV and on livestreaming via the ABS-CBN entertainment website. Bianca Gonzalez, Toni Gonzaga and Robi Domingo will be the hosts for this season.

‘Pinoy Big Brother: 737’ will mark the 10th anniversary of the ‘Pinoy Big Brother’ franchise.


35 thoughts on “PBB 737 Housemates Revealed Ahead of Season Premiere

  1. James Ty III says:

    PBB on Sundays will be at 8:45 pm after Rated K. The Voice Kids will be aired at 7:15 pm after Wansapanataym.

    • Banana Split won’t air tomorrow as PBB premiere will be aired live. Other than that, no changes at all on the weekend schedules. Might as well keep that in mind, Mr. Sunday.

  2. heard from sources that the theme 737 was created after casting, this is to ensure that this season of housemates will be stronger. The previous seasons except for season 1, the show casted housemates after they created the theme of the season, so the producers were looking for people who will stereotypically fit in with their chosen theme, this setup gaves us forgettable casts and winners. Thankfully this year is different. They cast first and selected the housemates base on their personalities and stories, then just invented a theme to go with it. This might be a more interesting season since these group are much more determined and might give us good tv. Hopefully.

    • We can forget about the All In season where it created so much controversy with the inclusion of celebrities and the late addition of eventual winner Daniel Matsunaga. PBB should erase that enduring image ASAP so that the efforts of those who audtioned won’t be wasted.

      The advanced announcement of the housemates is akin to other reality shows in the U.S. This should be the best path for PBB at this point after the consequences of the All In season.

      • i just like the fact that they got all housemates based on personality and stories before deciding on the theme of the season. So maganda na rin na nireveal n sila before para maging interested tayo sa knila

      • That’s true. Making surprises will no longer work for them. The American reality show casting approach is better.

        Speaking of which, the two unnamed housemates have been revealed. They are:

        Barbie Imperial, Doll Along da Riles ng Pasay
        Kenzo Gutierrez, Astig Athlete ng Quezon City

        They are teen housemates, as expected. The rest of the cast will unveil themselves tomorrow.

      • i just hope that this season of cast will be interesting enough especially since their timeslot is already late night. Interestingly their market is the younger audience nde mature considering its timeslot.

      • Yes indeed. And they should also hope that they tone down the excessive suggestive remarks and immoral tasks as well so that the MTRCB can no longer reprimand them for these actions. Last year’s task involving a nude painting was definitely a thumbs down for us.

      • bka iniiba lng dos ang strategy,, since ung pasion de amor nasa early primetime nasa 20+ ang ratings, bka counter programming ang labanan.

  3. Gab says:

    First time in PBB’s history that some housemates will introduced to the viewing public, in three respective shows ahead of the first telecast.

    There’s more twist lined-up, including some scripted scenes. Hehehe.

  4. K00z says:

    @ralphierce Banana Split Extra Scoop was aired anyway yesterday.
    Before that… the first ‘7’ has been revealed as: “Wait seven weeks before something good and bad happen importantly for the first set of housemates.”

    Today: #HousematesPaMore – on ASAP 20 (in order of their reveal):
    8. Kyle , Mister Nice Guy ng San Juan
    9. Zonia, Blossoming Beauty ng Quezon City
    10. Franco, Totoy Smiley ng Albay
    11. Ylona, Daldal Darling ng Australia
    12. Enchong Dee (co-host/guest?!?), Swabeng Swimmer ng Quezon City (wait, are all the episodes of his Wansa series ‘My Kung Fu Chinito’ taped before it even airs?)


  5. Gab says:

    “Pinoy Big Brother 737” housemates Bailey May, 12, and Kenzo Gutierrez, 18, have recently been the subject of malicious posts that have gone viral on social media. These posts are made by irresponsible netizens who maliciously take screenshots from the program’s live stream and weave a narrative that is not only far from the truth, but also attempts to put the housemates in a bad light. They mislead the public by manipulating the images to put malice to otherwise innocent acts.

    ABS-CBN vehemently condemns these irresponsible social media posts that malign the reputation of the housemates. We are concerned with the welfare of our young housemates and it is our responsibility to protect them. We will not allow them to be subjected to cyberbullying. We will not tolerate the abuse of social media.

    To put a stop to this, ABS-CBN is taking a stand on the issue by shutting down the free 24/7 livestreaming of the program on cable TV and online starting tonight. We appeal to the public to stop perpetuating abuse and use social media responsibly.

    – Press Statement

    Ralph, any thoughts?

    • It’s the right thing to do. While malakas ang hatak ng ABS sa social media, minsan nagiging prone na rin sa mga bashers ang mga ganito. Plus the exposure of the private lives of the housemates is taking it too far. Ano ba sila, CCTV? That’s inexcusable.

      And by the way, do the other Big Brother franchises around the world do a 24/7 livestreaming? I doubt they do that. Protection of the housemates’ lives ang dapat ginagawa ng ABS rito, not subject them to humiliation and shame.

  6. Gab says:

    the second batch of newest housemates were unveiled this week. one of them is Richard Hwan who used to be the top placers of Eat Bulaga’s popular segment Your My Foreignoy.

    • One show is added to the list of ABS shows already in HD. Abangan na lang natin kung ang lahat ng programa ng ABS ay naibobroadcast in HD by next year.

  7. Gab says:

    Just In: Jimboy Martin, “Barrio Rapper ng Nueva Viscaya”, and Miho Nishida, “Sexy Mommy ng Japan”, both proclaimed as the big winners of PBB: 737 in the conclusion of the big night held at the Albay Astrodome tonight. Next season will be planned to air in 2016.

  8. THIS JUST IN: Dance Kids will premiere this Saturday, November 14 at 6:15pm. Dance Kids will also air this Sunday at 6pm. Expect the schedules of ABS-CBN’s Saturday and Sunday night lineup to change ngayong wala na ang PBB 737.

    I’m hoping to feature that on a future article on this blog.

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