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2015 NBA Finals Still a Hit on ABS-CBN Despite Delayed Broadcasts

The 2015 NBA Finals, won by the Golden State Warriors in six games, earned better-than-expected ratings for ABS-CBN. (Photo credits: NBA official Facebook, Getty Images)

The delayed broadcasts of the NBA Finals on ABS-CBN failed to dampen the spirits of viewers everywhere.

The series between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers garnered good ratings for the Kapamilya network. This despite the fact that the Finals coverage was once again aired on tape delay due to various programming concerns.

The ratings for each game of the NBA Finals are as follows:

Game 1 (June 5): 16.8% (Kantar) / 11.4% (AGB Nielsen)

Game 2 (June 8): 17.0% (Kantar) / 12.4% (AGB Nielsen)

Game 3 (June 10): 16.3% (Kantar) / 11.4% (AGB Nielsen)

Game 4 (June 12): 18.7% (Kantar) / Unavailable (AGB Nielsen)

Game 5 (June 15): 18.2% (Kantar) / Unavailable (AGB Nielsen)

Game 6 (June 17): 18.5% (Kantar) / 18.3% (AGB Nielsen)

According to Kantar, the NBA Finals on ABS-CBN earned a top 10 finish for each of the games played on a particular day. Overall, the series averaged an 17.6% rating, which was better than expected.

Over at AGB Nielsen, four of the six games of the NBA Finals managed to finish among the top 20 most viewed programs. The numbers for Games 4 and 5 have yet to be released as of today.

Last year’s NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat averaged a 16.5% rating according to Kantar, while AGB Nielsen’s numbers state that the five-game series averaged a 14.6% rating. Those finals were also aired on a delayed basis, but then again, the audience didn’t mind about it.

Overall, it was another successful season for the NBA on ABS-CBN Sports. While there were still some criticisms regarding tape-delay games, use of local commentary and excessive ad placement, there was little doubt about ABS-CBN’s capabilities in delivering the NBA games to a wider audience.

That said, expect bigger things to come once the 2015-16 season begins. And ABS-CBN Sports will be armed and ready to serve NBA and basketball fans across the country.


27 thoughts on “2015 NBA Finals Still a Hit on ABS-CBN Despite Delayed Broadcasts

  1. If there is a game 7, tiyak their ratings would sky rocket up to the early to mid 20%. But the Dubs really took advantage of all the injuries the Cavs have so there is no Game 7 last friday (saturday manila time). And by the way in terms of the ratings in the US, this finals series daw is highest rating finals since 1998. Find the article about it.


      • Indeed. Halatang gustong itakpan ang mga ebidensya ukol sa paghina ng GMA. Anyhow, we need to take care of this meddling fantard.

        Again, sa susunod na mag-comment siya rito, sa spam na ang punta nito.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Maybe “detsa” could probably be high in drugs! I guess she/he (whoever “detsa” is) took shabu when she attended a pot session a long time ago.

        But a certain “Dwayne Anderson” could be more dangerous in this blog than that “detsa,” because aside from being a GMA fantard, Dwayne’s always easily accusing many people as “Noytards” (baka madamay pa tayo d’yan), most especially without further evidence. Dwayne also claims to be a wrestling fan, hence Dwayne kept using the term “Time to punt-kick that candy a** in the skull!”

        For now, I never saw Dwayne comment in any of your blog posts yet, though we’ll remain watchful and vigilant.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        TBH, I’m a loyal GMA fan, but unlike “detsa” and the other fantards out there, I also enjoy watching ABS-CBN, TV5, cable and, at times, the other minor networks, the latter 2 and TV5 being my alternate choices in case I feel bored of watching 2 and 7.

        And it’s a good thing I never heard yet of any of my fellow Cebuanos who are fantards of ABS-CBN, TV5, or GMA.

        One mission we have in goal: Keep this blog clean and green!

      • All other fantards here are not welcome in this blog. It safe to say that detsa now belongs to the FTT ‘Hall of Shame’, alongside a hoaxer in Carlo ‘Eririn’ Abellanosa, and his ‘kasabwat’ Cnor ‘Muning’ Singson. Anyone who wants to threaten and disrupt the informative conversations of this blog shall not be tolerated. Case closed.

      • Jake-jake Jacinto says:

        Duda ko, baka kasabwat ‘ata ‘yang “Detsa” na ‘yan sina Jeryl Delcastillo (dating PN admin) at Mark Anthony Madera, na kapwa ding mga GMA fantards.

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